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RF to 802.1 signal conversion (or vise-versa)
Asked by: pqmomba8-ga
30 Nov 2006   Expired
ad finder
Asked by: frankhoogland-ga , Answered by: umiat-ga
30 Nov 2006   Answered
How to use the latest skype products and technology to not need reg cell phones
Asked by: luanda-ga , Answered by: justaskscott-ga
30 Nov 2006   Answered
GMR / FRS Intercom System
Asked by: saguratus-ga , Answered by: pafalafa-ga
29 Nov 2006   Answered
1 comment
Text message server
Asked by: nickanderson26-ga
27 Nov 2006   Expired
Digital Music Setup
Asked by: florianpeter-ga
26 Nov 2006   Expired
MMS messaging penetration rates.
Asked by: feast-ga , Answered by: bobbie7-ga
21 Nov 2006   Answered
Examples of SMS (text) to Email applications pre-2002
Asked by: stratigen-ga , Answered by: pafalafa-ga 5 of 5 stars
21 Nov 2006   Answered
1 comment
Recommendation for a Wireless Media Player to connect PC to HDTV
Asked by: ericf1-ga
18 Nov 2006   Expired
Finding a Digital Camera Barcode Scanner Solution for Outdoor Use
Asked by: nysky1-ga
17 Nov 2006   Expired
A portable battery-powered word processor wanted
Asked by: samleeds85-ga
16 Nov 2006   Expired
1 comment
Please help with finding my perfect new laptop to purchase
Asked by: googdan-ga
15 Nov 2006   Expired
Mobile phones distribution world wide by regions and phone types
Asked by: netanel-ga
13 Nov 2006   Expired
Print Server compatibility
Asked by: aramex-ga , Answered by: keystroke-ga
12 Nov 2006   Answered
Wifi connection- I'm connected but the internet won't work
Asked by: joffi-ga
11 Nov 2006   Expired
1 comment
What are the solutions to add POI data into a GPS ?
Asked by: phkoech-ga
09 Nov 2006   Expired
1 comment
dial up networking disconnects when i plug in my LAN
Asked by: tresin-ga
08 Nov 2006   Expired
UK mobile phone ownership & usage
Asked by: 1979strat-ga
07 Nov 2006   Expired
Largest possible screen on a mobile device
Asked by: oliver0303-ga
05 Nov 2006   Expired
Where can I buy a Zune ?
Asked by: limoliberal-ga , Answered by: aceresearcher-ga 5 of 5 stars
02 Nov 2006   Answered
Setting up wireless network to connect to the internet and share files & printer
Asked by: bahraini-ga , Answered by: keystroke-ga 5 of 5 stars
02 Nov 2006   Answered
Bluetooth Headset profile
Asked by: ilan_srinu-ga
02 Nov 2006   Expired
"location based services" (LBS)
Asked by: dhiraj76-ga
02 Nov 2006   Expired
Synchronizing contact data between a Nokia 7610 phone and an Imate Jamin
Asked by: sheet_cutter-ga
30 Oct 2006   Expired
Shipments of Cingular Samsung D807 and Motorola SLVR in 2005/6
Asked by: mmmonaco-ga
30 Oct 2006   Expired
Cingular/HTC 2125 Windows Mobile Smartphone Shipmetns
Asked by: mmmonaco-ga
30 Oct 2006   Expired
transfer voicemails to PC
Asked by: intelseeker-ga
28 Oct 2006   Expired
wireless EVDO- PCI-Express mini card for cell-phone network(BellMobility-Canada)
Asked by: xpert747-ga
22 Oct 2006   Expired
Mobile phone and organizer
Asked by: esher1-ga
20 Oct 2006   Expired
Blackberry Redirector with an IMAP account
Asked by: captainmark-ga
20 Oct 2006   Expired
Use a touchscreen display as a touchpad!?
Asked by: lucavilla-ga
20 Oct 2006   Expired
Sirius radio on Samsung i600 / running MS Smartphone 2003 software
Asked by: pakdog-ga
14 Oct 2006   Expired
1 comment
Blackberry Connect Software for US Cellular PDA/Smartphone (VZW or T-Mobile)
Asked by: pakdog-ga
14 Oct 2006   Expired
Stats on Mobile markets
Asked by: shwets-ga
14 Oct 2006   Expired
Improving wireless internet connection
Asked by: top19-ga
13 Oct 2006   Expired
cell phone mic
Asked by: einodmilvado-ga
09 Oct 2006   Expired
synchronizing nokia 6021 to a calendar
Asked by: lopa-ga
03 Oct 2006   Expired
1 comment
cell phones
Asked by: greysquirrel-ga
30 Sep 2006   Expired
1 comment
VOIP / Telephony service to log phone number of incoming calls & pass to web API
Asked by: holmesworcester-ga
29 Sep 2006   Expired
1 comment
FON Router with Noxon Internet Radio - URGEND
Asked by: joho123-ga
29 Sep 2006   Expired
1 comment
Compatibility of 4GB SD cards in Treo 650
Asked by: thefunnyguy-ga
26 Sep 2006   Expired
link to live streaming NPR radio on a nokia e61 using mobile real player
Asked by: secretbenjamin-ga
24 Sep 2006   Expired
1 comment
Tech options for trans-Atlantic communication
Asked by: dipps-ga
19 Sep 2006   Expired
Any surveys about the trends and issues that affect the use of headsets
Asked by: kbwdick-ga
19 Sep 2006   Expired
Wirelessly connecting laptop to stereo
Asked by: ettamommy-ga
16 Sep 2006   Expired
QR Barcode Reader for K610 mobile
Asked by: msc3001-ga
16 Sep 2006   Expired
Computers - Windows Mobile 5.x devices or Similar
Asked by: jeanluc33ster-ga
15 Sep 2006   Expired
Long range wireless.
Asked by: pr2005-ga
14 Sep 2006   Expired
Setting up a wireless network
Asked by: hipdoc-ga
14 Sep 2006   Expired
setting up a wireless lan over an area 1 mile X 700 feet
Asked by: benunsworth-ga , Answered by: keystroke-ga
12 Sep 2006   Answered
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