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Mystery Portrait by Delapierre, 1785
Asked by: joebaroque-ga
30 Nov 2006   Expired
Information on Painting "Winter Woods II"- Pix Included
Asked by: almostmike-ga
26 Nov 2006   Expired
limited collection
Asked by: jetblack2-ga
25 Nov 2006   Expired
Judaic copper art ( Arieh Merzer)
Asked by: tiedo-ga
23 Nov 2006   Expired
Where is this picture from?
Asked by: assimil8or-ga , Answered by: pinkfreud-ga
21 Nov 2006   Answered
Looking for an Art rental program in Washington DC (to furnish a home)
Asked by: johnb1969-ga , Answered by: sublime1-ga
19 Nov 2006   Answered
Name and Painter of Specific Painting Described Below
Asked by: clearair43-ga
13 Nov 2006   Expired
Portraits by Charles Wilson Peale
Asked by: tr1752-ga
11 Nov 2006   Expired
identifying the type of camera.
Asked by: mollyv-ga
08 Nov 2006   Expired
Illustrator/Graphic Designer Michael English
Asked by: jkrasinski-ga , Answered by: rainbow-ga 5 of 5 stars
07 Nov 2006   Answered
1 comment
Looking for a large canvas print of Snowy from the cartoon tintin
Asked by: spricot-ga
07 Nov 2006   Expired
Please tell me the name of this painting, and the name of its artist.
Asked by: grechuti-ga
27 Oct 2006   Expired
Where Can I find Tim Gunn (Project Runway Mentor) Original Artwork
Asked by: nkamom-ga
19 Oct 2006   Expired
1 comment
Ricerca immagini testimonial Asja, Fendi, 1992
Asked by: haleandro-ga
15 Oct 2006   Expired
San Francisco / Bay Area - Art Gallery - Event Rental Space? (Pop the Question!)
Asked by: danausch-ga
11 Oct 2006   Expired
1 comment
painting in love jones
Asked by: pmitchell60-ga
10 Oct 2006   Expired
1 comment
Looking for bio on an artist "bernd or bernard fenke or funke"
Asked by: mastergardener-ga , Answered by: scriptor-ga
08 Oct 2006   Answered
1 comment
Length moulding- framestock distributor
Asked by: fechin-ga
06 Oct 2006   Expired
Who is the artist & what's the name/year of the print?
Asked by: kaycole-ga
02 Oct 2006   Expired
"Think Different" Apple ad -- colors and font used?
Asked by: adhgfsf-ga
29 Sep 2006   Expired
painting done by richard
Asked by: bera248-ga
29 Sep 2006   Expired
WWII Propaganda Posters
Asked by: jon_wayne-ga
18 Sep 2006   Expired
"Circle of Lely" Portrait
Asked by: joebaroque-ga
18 Sep 2006   Expired
Old video game involving a music video of Backstreet Boys
Asked by: jim2003-ga , Answered by: umiat-ga
16 Sep 2006   Answered
name of the artist that took this michael stipe photograph
Asked by: loci-ga
15 Sep 2006   Expired
name of artist that took this michael stipe photograph
Asked by: loci-ga
15 Sep 2006   Expired
Identify title and artist of this landscape painting - Constable?
Asked by: mjrmjr-ga , Answered by: answerfinder-ga 5 of 5 stars
14 Sep 2006   Answered
Decorative "art glass" bowl
Asked by: protog-ga
12 Sep 2006   Expired
I have a Lithograph stamped by Franz Hanfstaengl , Where do I find its Value?
Asked by: dkrikac-ga
12 Sep 2006   Expired
1 comment
Nurse artwork requested
Asked by: gaaden-ga
12 Sep 2006   Expired
1 comment
Auction Catalogs
Asked by: jan2862-ga
09 Sep 2006   Expired
Master Art Exhibition Calendar
Asked by: cameronj-ga , Answered by: pafalafa-ga
07 Sep 2006   Answered
British printmakers -- bios (1980s)
Asked by: cellhunter-ga
02 Sep 2006   Expired
Roderick McRae. Illustrator of Arabian Nights. Any info
Asked by: panglemacdang-ga
31 Aug 2006   Expired
Painting at the Home Office London
Asked by: kaiservonbraun-ga , Answered by: pafalafa-ga 4 of 5 stars
31 Aug 2006   Answered
currier and ives/ winter in the country/getting ice
Asked by: callyc-ga
23 Aug 2006   Expired
identify this painting
Asked by: greenwom-ga
21 Aug 2006   Expired
Peter Bianchi (Recling nude of ballerina in red ballet shoe)
Asked by: greagorburbaunt-ga
21 Aug 2006   Expired
Ilford ICP IWD 42
Asked by: jrog-ga
13 Aug 2006   Expired
Bulk image sources for photomossaics
Asked by: brandenads-ga
11 Aug 2006   Expired
Tree painting - only horizonal/vertical lines
Asked by: wswyter-ga
11 Aug 2006   Expired
E John Robinson oil painting
Asked by: corvallis-ga , Answered by: bobbie7-ga 5 of 5 stars
10 Aug 2006   Answered
Identify this classical painting of 2 lovers?
Asked by: idiotprogrammer-ga
10 Aug 2006   Expired
Billiken Painting
Asked by: trentdogyo-ga
08 Aug 2006   Expired
German (?) artist's name and value of his art
Asked by: leighleonardo-ga
08 Aug 2006   Expired
1 comment
Motivational, inspirational and empowering video clips
Asked by: inspire2go-ga
07 Aug 2006   Expired
Painters In Korea
Asked by: aaronqwerty-ga , Answered by: bobbie7-ga
02 Aug 2006   Answered
Chagall print
Asked by: jennifer10-ga
01 Aug 2006   Expired
I need to find this poster!
Asked by: mreyland-ga
01 Aug 2006   Expired
Caravaggio's 'Taking of Christ' Print
Asked by: qualish-ga
27 Jul 2006   Expired
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