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Q: Drinking safely ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Drinking safely
Category: Health
Asked by: jashnimal-ga
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Posted: 26 Aug 2003 15:14 PDT
Expires: 25 Sep 2003 15:14 PDT
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I am not sure if there is such a thing and i will know many people
will say that drinking is alwas bad. I want to know how much is it
safe for someone to drink without effecting is health, i am intrested
in the rang of 18-25 yeras.

I would like something like this:
18-20    3 beers a day, 3 days a week
20-25    3-10 beers a day 2 days a week and so on.
I need numbers witch is easy to releate to.
Subject: Re: Drinking safely
Answered By: bobbie7-ga on 26 Aug 2003 18:56 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello again Jashnimal, 

I located a number of guidelines regarding the amount of alcohol you
consume relating to health risks. All the information that I was able
to locate was organized by gender not by age. Please note that there’s
no amount of alcohol consumption that is absolutely safe for all
people, or any person, under all circumstances.


From Consumer Education:

Alcohol can be measured in units. 

The basic measurements are: 

1 Unit = half a pint of ordinary strength beer or lager,
1 Unit = a small glass of wine
1 Unit = a pub measure of spirit. 

But all beers, wines and spirits have different strengths, for

Strong beer or lager   4.6 - 6.0%     = 1 pint =     4 units
Ordinary beer and lager      3.0%     = 1 pint =     2 units
Spirits                       38%   Single measure   1 unit
Table wine                    11%         1 GLASS    1 unit

So how much can we safely drink: 


4 or more units of alcohol a day –> health risk

 “If you regularly drink 4 or more units a day there is an increasing
risk to your health. If you drink between 3 and 4 units a day or less
there are no significant risks to your health.”


3 or more units of alcohol a day –> health risk

“If you regularly drink 3 or more units a day there is an increasing
risk to your health. If you drink between 2 and 3 units a day or less
there are no significant risks to your health.”

Source: Consumer Education


The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)provides the
following definitions:

Low risk drinking  = 4 four standard drinks a day with at least two
alcohol free days a week.

Hazardous drinking = 6 standard drinks a day


Low risk drinking  =  2 standard drinks a day with at least two
alcohol free days a week.

Hazardous drinking =  4 standard drinks a day 

                   Scale of Risk
Standard Drink/ Per Day 
Scale of Risk    Low   Hazardous     Harmful 
Female           2     4             anything over 4 
Male             4     6             anything over 6

Note: “A standard drink contains 10 grams of alcohol.” 

Here are the equivalents for one standard drink.

Beer Light         Strength 2-2.9%   = 425ml
Beer Mid Strength  Strength 3-3.9%   = 375ml
Beer Heavy         Strength 4-5%     = 285 
Table Wine         Strength 12%      = 60ml or 1 small glass
Fortified Wine     Strength 20.5%    = 60ml or 1 liqueur glass 
Spirits            Strength 40%      = 30ml 

Author: Pat Ritter


From Beer and Health:

“The safe limit for harmful health effects from beer consumption is
estimated at 25 glasses per week for men, rather less for women. The
expression “a glass of beer” here means an ordinary 250 ml glass of
lager. Alcohol kills the brain cells and disrupts the mutual
connections between the cells. Moderate drinkers will have fewer
problems: we have some tens of thousands of millions of brain cells,
so we’re not going to miss a couple of hundred. If, however, you drink
more and over many years, then there’s a higher risk of brain damage,
such as loss of memory and slower thinking. Some slight recovery of
the mental functions is possible if you stop drinking. Drinking about
20 glasses of beer over two of the three days, and an average daily
consumption of 5 glasses of beer takes you a fair distance past the
safe limit. Research has in any case shown that it’s better for your
health to spread alcohol consumption over the whole week than to drink
the same amount over the weekend.”

Source: Beer and Health


“According to experts, anyone who regularly drinks more than 3 or 4
units of alcohol a day is placing an increased risk to her health.”

“Current alcohol recommendations in the UK are up to 4 units a day for
men and up to 3 units per day for women, regardless of body weight.
One unit contains 8g or 10ml of alcohol and is equivalent to:

- 1/2 pint ordinary beer, lager or cider
- 1 single measure of spirits
- 1 small glass of wine

Source: iVillage,,252_173900-1,00.html


Here is an excellent test: 

If you consume alcoholic beverages, it's important to know whether
your drinking patterns are safe, risky or harmful. This site can help
you find out. You can assess your own drinking and learn about alcohol
and health issues.

Alcohol Screening Questions

“Answering these twelve questions will take only a few minutes, and
will generate personalized results based on your age, gender and
drinking patterns. Your responses are completely confidential and

Take the test here:


Search Criteria:

Alcohol and your health
Chart alcohol health risks
Beer consumption +health

I hope this helps. If a link does not function, please let me know and
I’ll be glad to offer further assistance.

Best Regards,
jashnimal-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Another great answer by bobbie7. This researcher is truly a great one.

Subject: Re: Drinking safely
From: twood-ga on 31 Aug 2003 15:28 PDT
I'm pretty suprised by those recommendations.  The American Medical
Association recommendation leans more toward 1-2 drinks per day.

It is also important to consider multiple factors such as the
individuals weight, how quickly the drinks are being consumed, etc. 
In addition to direct health problems, addiction should be considered.
 If someone has a predisposition toward alcoholism 4 drinks a day may
be a bad idea.
Subject: Re: Drinking safely
From: dave26572-ga on 09 Mar 2005 19:54 PST
Most countries define moderate drinking at much higher levels than
does the U.S. A description of the U.S. standard can be found at
"Alcohol and Health"

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