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Q: WW II History in Poland ( Answered,   4 Comments )
Subject: WW II History in Poland
Category: Reference, Education and News > Teaching and Research
Asked by: rockifivethree-ga
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Posted: 31 Jan 2003 20:57 PST
Expires: 02 Mar 2003 20:57 PST
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There were many times when POLISH lands and bounderies were changed to
suit those in power.  Some people in the Deutch parts of Poland were
considered Deutch if they were born during the Deutch occupation. 
When the German occupation was removed these people became Polish...
If commuting, to Germany from the new Poland they were often stopped
for various reasons.  The Russians
closed the borders to Germany to aid there security plan.  When did
the Russians finally close the borders and take the German passports
to restrict travel?
  (month ,day , year)

Clarification of Question by rockifivethree-ga on 31 Jan 2003 21:19 PST
After Germany was defeated in WWII they were kicked out of Poland. Russians
controlled some parts. When did the Russians close their boarders to Germany?

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 01 Feb 2003 05:14 PST
Hello rockifivethree-ga,

I answered your question about "German Brown Babies" so I was
intrigued when I saw your other three questions. Are all the questions
related? I would love to help you with the search. tutuzdad-ga gave
you a lot of information about how to find someone born in Poland in
1931 (2003-72) and covered some of the ground about the shifting
Polish borders.

I’d like to clarify your question about the date the border closed
between Poland and East Germany. My preliminary research suggests it
happened after the elections in 1947. Can you tell me more about the
situation? From your question it sounds like you’re trying to find
something based on someone else’s sketchy memories. Can you give me
any additional details? I’m a Hungarian refugee and researching your
questions has stirred up my memories too. I’d love to help you find
what you’re looking for. I’ll be able to do a more effective search if
you can share more details about what you already know. I look forward
to your clarification.


Clarification of Question by rockifivethree-ga on 01 Feb 2003 21:11 PST
Dear czh-ga,
    Your feelings are correct. However there are no "sketchy memories'
from others  only sketchy memories encoded in German and lost in part
due to pressures imposed to accept English as "MY" operant language. 
Yes, my inquirey is mostly about myself in search and research to
aquire all the knowledge about the only person who could give me a
clue about myself, may mother.  I am looking for my mother.
    In December 1979 I was a graduate schoolstudent doing a  research
paper on minority education in the U.S.  One of my stratagies was to
identify  all minorites in he U.S.  While searching the periodicals on
microfish I found somthing written on "Brown Babies" in America.  As I
looked futher I came across a cluster of photographs in the Afro
American Magazine Oct.6,1953. The entire article was on  eight "Brown
Babies" arrival in the U.S. for adoption  and seemed  to be written
with focus on one child. That child I recognized to be me.  I knew
that I had been adopted but I did not know all of this. Immediately I
wanted to know who I was.  They had me listed with a different
surname.  I copied the article and showed it to a german Professor
from Lipsig. he was so interested that he took me to Germany with him
in hopes to find my mother.  We went to Berlin Records in 1982 and
could not find anything.  When I returned to the U.S. I asked my
adoptive parents and they will not speak a word of it.  I went to the
Social Security Administration and they  told me how I was the person
that the card was made for, a "Naturalized Citizen." I went to the
District Court where I found  the  corect spelling of my  old surname
although records were not available so I continued to the (INS)
Immigration Naturalization Service where I got my Allien Registration
Number then my Immigration file. As soo sa I got a copy of my file
waited to show it to the German Proffesor who was on travel and soon
died in a plane crash.     By now it was 1989 and I was in the U.S.
stationed in Puerto Rico and was selected to attend  training in
Belgium.  While in Belgium/NATO I got leave to drive to Marburg,
Germany.  I visited the Police registries and found my last address in
Marburg which was a special
Orphanage run by the Lutheren Mutterhaus of Hebron a.d.Lahn.  The
orphanage had become a senior rest home for the Lutheren Deconises who
had devoted her life to the care of War Babies but were sworn to
secrecy. Back to the Police registries I got evidence of my birth
which revieled my Mother's name.
Hedwig Gertrude Paprocki and found that the date I left his orphanage
was not close to he date that I left germany to arrive to America. I
returned to the U.S., got married had a female child who looks a lot
like me.  April 2000 I retutned to Germany with another Brown Baby
born in Nurmburg.  This time I found out that was another orphanage
where I was assigned in Kerfetal, at Manheim.  St. Joseph's
Kinderhime, while willing to give records had no records back that
far.  They still operate as an orphanage.  I saw 2 mixed childern and
felt a chill... I returned to Germany in Spring 2002 with a German
Speaking lady and restaced everything from Marburg to Manheim only to
find that my mother's name was different. It was now Jadwiga Paprocka
on a record of work permit in Giebsen in 1949 near an old U.S. ARMY
supply depot.(still in operation) There is no Police registry of her
after 1953 residing in Lollar, Germany near Marburg other than that
she worked or lived at a hospital (krankenhaus) at Cappella Strab 98,
which is now a mental hospital. I visited the hospital and there is no
record of her being apatient there.  Since 1994 I got in touch with
Geborener Deutscher who assigned me to Leonie D. Boehmer, an
independent search consultant on Germany, of New Mexico, who wrote
letters to find my mother and quit her search in 1997 when she
discovered this address was a mental hospital.  I contacted Jim
Paprocki in New York, an expert on the world Paprocki family name.  He
advised that my mother was a Polish refugee who may have gotten back
into Poland and was not able to return or did not want to return.

I am sorry to have taken your time. I have not told you everything.  I
am 52 years old and I have been searching for my mother for 25years. 
My adoptive parents will not say  a thing about the adoption to this
day.  There were five Brown Babies in my Family. Four are living one
committed suicide... I am the youngest boy.
I am okay but I have questions about my genetic history. 
I am growing older and still carry a burning passion to find my
I must try to think as she would have in 1950-53 a young lady caught
up in a post war tragedy with a will to survive in any way possible.

These are the facts:

Mother: as of 30.juli 1953  --Hedwig Gertrud Paprocki, ohne Beruf,
-evangelisch-,-wohnaft in Marburg a.d.Lahn, Cappeler Strabe 98.
  geborene; 8.7.30  Wilden/Posen -lebt-XX     

Well you asked, now you have it.  The real reason for my passion.
I am writing a book and I want it to have a happy ending.
The real question.  How do I find Hedwig Gertrud Paprocki AKA Jadwiga
Paprocka  AKA Yadwiga Paprocka in Germany or Poland?

I thought that this was too personal a question to ask.  Thank you!
i was taken by your request for clarifcation and responce to act.

Request for Question Clarification by czh-ga on 01 Feb 2003 21:37 PST

rocki, I knew there was a story in those questions! I visited my
family in Hungary this summer and I felt the same urgency about
finding out about the missing pieces or the pieces that never made
sense. Your writing is powerful and I know your book will be gripping.

I wish I could help with the search but it sounds like one of our
researchers who lives in Germany would be better able to move forward
with all the facts you’ve spelled out.  I hope someone else will pitch
in with this question. I am eager to help with any other questions you
post. I’ll buy your book when you're done. :-)

I wish you success with finding your mother and completing this quest.
Your story is amazing.


Request for Question Clarification by pmrozik-ga on 03 Feb 2003 15:20 PST

I've read everything you had posted related to this question and all I
can say is - quite a story! I'm having a little difficulty
interpreting your question though. Do you want to know exactly when
the Iron Curtain was created? Remember that two Germanys where created
after the Second World War. I would have to do a little research to
find out about the border conditions between Poland and East Germany
at the time, but I assume that you mean the border of West Germany and
East Germany, which in turn also translates to the strict division of
East and West Berlin. If you can confirm this, I'll try to locate the
information for you.

I should mention that I currently reside in Poland and speak Polish
fluently, and I'll try to help you out in any way I can.



Request for Question Clarification by pmrozik-ga on 03 Feb 2003 15:21 PST
I apologize for the spelling error, "where" should be "were."


Clarification of Question by rockifivethree-ga on 03 Feb 2003 19:54 PST
     Sorry, yes of coarse it would be the border between the two
Germanys but as near to the geographic area that I discussed in the
last clarification as possible in 1953; or did anything happen in 1953
at that border that would make it unatteactive for refugee traffic
from the west to east?
Thank you!
Subject: Re: WW II History in Poland
Answered By: czh-ga on 04 Feb 2003 10:22 PST
Hello again rocki,

Your last clarification stating you were looking for an event in 1953
that would have led to the closing of the East German border with
Poland led me back to my memories of living in Eastern Europe in the
1950s and the succession of uprisings starting with East Germany in
1953, Poland in the summer of 1956 and Hungary on October 23, 1956.

I think the date you’re looking for is June 17, 1953. Until fairly
recently not much was know or written about it but it’s been more
actively examined since the fall of the Berlin wall and German
unification. With its 50th anniversary coming up, I think there will
be more information getting published.

Here are some articles to tell you about it. If you know German, there
are many more. I hope this will help.

Good luck on your quest.

17. Juni 1953 
People's uprising in the former GDR 
This is the official webpage of Mr. Karl-Heinz Pahling, a local leader
of the people's uprising of 17th June 1953 in the former GDR (German
Democratic Republic).
East-German Uprising of 1953
Christian F. Ostermann. Uprising in East Germany 1953: The Cold War,
The German Question, and The First Major Upheaval Behind the Iron
Curtain. National Security Archive Cold War Readers. Budapest and New
York: Central European University Press, 2001. xxxvii + 451 pp. Index.
$63.95 (cloth), ISBN 963-9241-17-2.
Uprising in East Germany, 1953
Shedding Light on a Major Cold War Flashpoint
The National Security Archive
Uprising in the GDR: June 17th, 1953, the Cold War and the
International Relations
International Conference
vom 27. bis 29. September 2002
The Uprising of June 17, 1953

GDR 1953
Subject: Re: WW II History in Poland
From: knowledge_seeker-ga on 04 Feb 2003 04:53 PST

I've been following your questions and answers with absolute
facination! You've got the makings for an incredible book here. Keep
researching and writing it all down! Really, yours is a tale that
needs to be told.

Subject: Re: WW II History in Poland
From: journalist-ga on 04 Feb 2003 08:24 PST
Rockifivethree, thank you *so* much for sharing part of your story.  I
believe it will make a fascinating book and I wish you luck in your
quest to find the answers.  I am not learned in this the of research
you require but I will be sending positive energy your way that the
truth will come to light.
Subject: Re: WW II History in Poland
From: fp-ga on 13 Apr 2004 07:44 PDT
Dear rockifivethree-ga,

It may interest you that I happen to know Marburg quite well. So it
would be fairly easy for me to ask the office concerned what to do to
find out more about your mother.

Subject: Re: WW II History in Poland
From: fp-ga on 13 Apr 2004 08:48 PDT
Did you try this website?

Just enter "Paprocki" in the "Name/Suchwort" field.

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