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Q: What Is The Secret of Women ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   14 Comments )
Subject: What Is The Secret of Women
Category: Relationships and Society > Romance
Asked by: achilles-ga
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Posted: 27 May 2002 22:06 PDT
Expires: 27 May 2003 22:06 PDT
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What is the secret of women? I asked someone in my taxicab if he knew,
and he said he was gay and had no idea. "Don't even ask me about women," he
said. "That's why I'm gay." I've asked other people, too. One guy sort
of smirked and said he has no problem with women at all. Yet he
couldn't (or wouldn't) say any more. The thing is, human beings have
been around more than half a million years, and I'm just wondering if
comedies, such as "There's Something About Mary," are the best we can
do? At the other extreme we have Shakespeare's love sonnets. Yet
seeing such movies, or reading those poems, don't really help a person
in day-to-day life, when we actually meet women. It's as if they have
some kind of radar attuned to something, yet you just can't tell what
it is. Maybe the San Francisco Bay area simply isn't such a good place
to hit it off with women. You'd think it would be a lot easier. And
please, don't start thinking there's something wrong with me, because
there isn't. I've had girlfriends I've been crazy about, and who have
been crazy about me, yet even then, I could not tell you in words,
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
Answered By: robertskelton-ga on 28 May 2002 00:56 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi there,

Thanks for such a well-written and interesting question. This may well
have been the "original question" if Adam and Eve once existed.
Obviously this has been debated throughout history and if a definitive
answer had been found, we would have been taught it in high school. I
shall now provide you with a variety of answers to this age-old

Savvy Male has a very good, concise summary of women, with such
nuggets as:
- They have the ultimate biological multitasking operating system
known to man
- Compliment a woman about her dress/hair/perfume in the first 5
minutes of a date.
- Women don't need to be fixed.  They were born with all working
parts, and all put together. Just listen.

The secret is to make women happy:

Women like confident men (this is a cosmic secret!):

Women like to be cherished, respected, loved, and most of all,
showered with attention:

According to a survey, women's favorite romantic moment is "cuddling
on the sofa and watching a movie together":

Women are available in many varieties: 

Russian women "...are much more patient and can tolerate things that
Western women will never be able to bear."

French women are "sophisticated, beautiful, sexy, voluptuous... and
yet so gullible":

Australian women like to play rugby:

There are more physical differences between men and women than just
the obvious attributes:

Men and women "use different sides of their brains to process and
store long-term memories of emotional experiences":

Women can multi-task because they use both sides of the brain:

Although they have smaller brains, women's have "more nerve cells in
their frontal lobes":

Elaine Morgan has explained how evolution has shaped women in her book
"The Descent of Women":

One thing to keep in mind is that women get more pleasure from sex
than men do, according to Tiresias who spent seven years as a woman in
a Greek myth. Divulging this information cost him his eyesight.

They speak a different language:

Women of the Yao ethnic group in Hunan province, China, have their own

Even when they use English, some deciphering is required:

The secret of women's language: Keywords and their meanings - FINE:
This is a word a woman uses at the end of any argument that she feels
she is in the right about but needs to shut you up. NEVER use fine to
describe how a woman looks. This will cause you to have one of those

An understanding of body language will enable you to know when a woman
wants you to approach her and when she wants you to go away:

And of course there are books available on the topic:

You may have heard that "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus":
and it has also been said that "...Men Don't Listen : And Women Can't
Read Maps":

"Women are like golf courses...Even though you may have played a
course a hundred times, chances are your approach shot rarely lands in
the same place on the green." according to the book "How to Give Her
Absolute Pleasure: Totally Explicit Techniques Every Woman Wants Her
Man to Know"

How To Pick Up Beautiful Women In Nightclubs or Any Other Place:
Secrets Every Man Should Know:

More advice:

Mojo10 - the men's guide to women:

Getting the first date you want:

Consultagirl has advice for men, written by women:

How to find the right person:

Doctor Casanova's Seduction Clinic:

You can learn how to Seduce Women Now! for only $97:

Where to meet women:

Places in San Francisco to take her:

In your area you could try The Meeting Game Salon, and 10-Minute


Did you hear about the guy who finally figured out women?
He died laughing before he could tell anybody.

I trust that this answers your query. Feel free to request
clarifications on any aspect of my response.

Thanks for using Google Answers, and best wishes,
from robertskelton-ga
achilles-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
It's sort of a miracle. I ask a question, go to bed, wake up, and
wander around after taking a shower. I felt kind of frightened. Then,
BOOM! Thank you, robertskelton-ga, and thank you, world!

Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: araminty-ga on 28 May 2002 01:09 PDT
From an Australian woman.... pthhhh!

Lol, great question, great answer.  There's no secret, achilles.  Be a
good person.  And patient.

Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: bitmaven-ga on 28 May 2002 01:27 PDT
first off, robertskelton-ga DEFINITELY earned his $25 :-)  that was a
far more thorough answer than I would have given :)  And definitely
worth following up on the links for.

Secondly, I offer only one suggestion in your quest to understand the
secret of women.  Being one, I find that the great Harry Belafonte
summed it up quite nicely.

'Man Smart(Woman Smarter)' -- I urge everyone to go listen.   
Harry Belafonte, Island in the Sun, Disc 1.

Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: smile-ga on 28 May 2002 03:19 PDT
Women also want to understand men:

How to communicate with the opposite sex:
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: dr_chung-ga on 28 May 2002 03:20 PDT
Hey everybody,

I think it is a question too difficult to get a total
solution.Theoretically, it is more difficult than inventing the theory
of relativity.Otherwise, Einstein would not have made a mess of his
relationship with women.But he did admire those who could do it well.
For example, in a letter of condolence to the family of his lifelong
friend,Michele Besso who just passed away, Einstein said"What I
admired most in him as a human being is that he managed to live for so
many years not only in peace but also in lasting harmony with a
woman-an undertaking in which I twice failed rather disgracefully( see
"The Quotable Einstein" edited by Alice Calaprice Princeton University
Press1996).So you don't have to feel you are the lone failure,first of

When it comes to the causes behind, I think you have to read a bit
about the myths of Greece. Open any book on this topic and you will
get the answer.Everybody knows Prometheus incurred the thundering
wrath of Zeus by stealing fire from heaven and offering it as a gift
to humankind.But fewer remember how then Zeus punished humankind for
their accepting the fire.According to an authority on Greek myths ,H.
A.Guerber,among others,"Jupiter(Zeus)...was greatly displeased,and try
to devise some means to punish mankind for the acceptence of the
heavenly fire.With this purpose in view,he assembled the gods on Mount
Olympus,where,in solemn council,they decided to create woman(i.e.
Pandora)." He went on to say,"...and as soon as she had been artfully
fashioned,each one endowed her with some special charm,to make her
more attractive."(See P.17 "Myths and Legends of Greece and Rome" H.
A.Guerber 1907 George G. Harrap & Co.)

I wish it might help ease your bafflement as to your present
situation, which finds its origin in the creation of women and defies
any solution even by the cleverest guy on earth.

Good luck.
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: chromedome-ga on 28 May 2002 03:38 PDT
A genie offered a man one wish.  The man said, "Well, I've always
wanted to go to Hawaii, but I get seasick so boats are out of the
question, and I'm afraid of flying.  Could you build me a highway
across the water to Hawaii?"

The genie said, "What, you think because it's magic, it's easy?  Do
you know how much work that is?  How many environmental impact studies
are involved?  How many governments I need clearance from to mess with
the shipping lanes?  You've gotta think of a different wish!"

The man ponders.  "Okay," he says, "I've got it.  Here's something I
was never good at.  I want to understand women.  How their minds work,
how they think, how they feel, what makes them tick.  Can you do

The genie considers this new request for a moment.  "So," he says,
"Did you want two lanes, or four?"
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: afunkymom-ga on 29 May 2002 15:51 PDT
I think it wouldn't hurt for you to read some romance novels. There IS
a reason so many womnen find them enjoyable. You might get a clue
about women would like from men after reading a few. Try Nora Roberts,
Julie Garwood or Jude Devereaux. For example, try the "Born in Fire,"
"Born in Ice," and "Born in Shame" series by Nora Roberts.
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: achilles-ga on 29 May 2002 22:49 PDT
I slept and dreamt, found my heart where I lost it, and wrote an essay
back at my website, «»
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: achilles-ga on 29 May 2002 23:05 PDT
Correction: The URL is this, without the little mark at the end:
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: wandalust56-ga on 13 Jun 2002 08:05 PDT
the secret is...there isn't one.  We just like you to think there is,
because without mystery there is curiosity (or should that be the
other way round?) and therefore Men wouldn't really be interested. 
Mystery is Woman!
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: alasdairm-ga on 14 Jun 2002 16:35 PDT
i think the secret is knowing that there is no secret.

it is impossible to generalise about something as subjective as
attraction and the second you assume there is some silver bullet
solution to the 'problem' of your relationships with women, i think
it's over.

I read recently "Some people spend their lives looking for the right
person instead of becoming the right person"

I hear men and women both complain how hard it is to find women and
men in the Bay Area - San Francisco is an inanimate object so, again,
i don't think one can generalise.

i found somebody to love here, hopefully you can too.


Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: heinrich-ga on 24 Jun 2002 20:59 PDT
If you are trying to figure out how to please a woman, then you are
not a man.

If you are a man, women will try to figure out how to please you.

P.S. Women will discount this as chauvinism. It is, but it works.

P.P.S I have been in the prostitution / modelling business for 10 years.
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: johnfrommelbourne-ga on 16 Sep 2002 09:07 PDT
I thought Robert Skelton the answerer was an Australian which, 
according to some,  disqualifies him from knowing anything of
substance about women or how to please them
Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: ylena-ga on 18 Nov 2003 15:58 PST
From Russian woman :)

Great answer! Thanks!

I know this sound like a clishé BUT
I still think there're no secrets, just keep your heart and mind open, 
DO NOT afraid to be honest and be yourself
I'm in Bay Area too you know :)

Good luck!

Subject: Re: What Is The Secret of Women
From: augusta-ga on 14 Jul 2004 08:18 PDT
The answer to what, in general, women find attractive in men is
knowable. It's unfortuante that this topic is clouded by so much
wink-wink nudge-nudge discussion, and reactionary female anger. The
application of serious research and analysis can lead to genuinely
helpful results.

For example, it is known that the fact that woman bear children and
are for the most part stuck with them until they are independant, is a
great driver in determining choice of partner. For this reason,
succesful, established, confident men are more attractive to women as
these men are more likely to provide good help through the pregnancy
and rasing of the child. This is not a conscious decision but deeply
rooted from evolutionary history.

I think also, because of this, woman are more attracted to a man if
they know that other women are attracted to him. This is generally not
the case in the other direction.

Men, on the other hand with their billions of sperm, are looking for
healhty fertile hosts for their half of the chromosome contribution.
That's why it is less complicated and more physical for a man.

There is probably so much more that could be revealed by a
clear-minded scientific approach to the question.

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