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Subject: Collecting unemployment
Category: Business and Money > Employment
Rating and comments by: gregoryew-ga
4 stars
Category: Family and Home > Seniors
Rating and comments by: burton-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: company that digitizes text books
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: modular-ga
5 stars
thanks for your detailed answer! 

though i found out this solution to be too expensive... i need to do
it by myself (page by page) after all :(
Subject: What you give Nikes competiors a competive edge over nike into day global marke
Category: Business and Money > Advertising and Marketing
Rating and comments by: bren-ga
5 stars
The Clarification was great thank you
Subject: Loading Cassettes Onto CDs
Category: Computers > Hardware
Rating and comments by: unicow-ga
2 stars
While the response is adequate, I think that mother911-ga did a much
better job in answering the complete question in a context that I
could understand.
Subject: bollywood sountracks on vinyl
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Rating and comments by: teticio-ga
4 stars
thanks for the prompt reply... i already knew about dusty groove and
ebay. i guess i was hoping for some undiscovered website with cheap
bollywood vinyl for sale but that probably doesn't exist! so pretty
good answer in that you found out everything i'd discovered in much
less time, but one star less because there wasn't anything i didn't
know already unfortunately.... will come back!
Subject: Aluminum Corosion near the Ocean.!?
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: dasa1044-ga
4 stars
Thanks, for your help, it was very thourough. Although, I probably
need some more answers.
Subject: Locating a restaurant reservations company based in the United States
Category: Business and Money
Rating and comments by: rudester-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Interactive Toys / Gaming and Market Research Related
Category: Reference, Education and News > Teaching and Research
Rating and comments by: candoman888-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Category: Computers
Rating and comments by: joel1357-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Changing the "file as" listing in Outlook
Category: Computers > Software
Rating and comments by: ellen-ga
1 stars
The response did not tell me how to do what I need to do!
Subject: Suicidal Chipmunk?
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: missy-ga
5 stars
If it's cannabis induced behavior, I'm going to have a few words with
the neighbors about their gardening habits!  I think I'm going to have
to check up on the cat, too.

Thank you, libronaut, for a well done and entertaining answer!
Subject: Programming language comparison
Category: Computers > Programming
Rating and comments by: lizardnation-ga
5 stars
Great answer! Thanks for the comments which do play a big role in
summerizing and attracting ones attention to the content. :-)
Subject: Training on Finanacial /Consultative Selling
Category: Business and Money
Rating and comments by: sellinggeek-ga
This answer has not been rated.

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