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Category: Computers
Rating and comments by: tonybony-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Some new and recent music
Category: Arts and Entertainment
Rating and comments by: cece2005-ga
5 stars
Subject: potted olive tree in distress$
Category: Family and Home > Gardening
Rating and comments by: aussies-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Mechanical design software usability (seeking researcher #3)
Category: Business and Money > eCommerce
Rating and comments by: swisscheese-ga
5 stars
Subject: Fire Extinguishers - what are the best types for car and home?
Category: Family and Home > Home
Rating and comments by: dogbreath-ga
5 stars
Excellent and accurate summary of the issues and some good sites to
buy from.  Many thanks indeed.
Subject: DVD Compatibility - UK situation & outlook
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Movies and Film
Rating and comments by: probonopublico-ga
5 stars
Hi, Cobrien

Many thanks for your informative and timely answer: it was just what I
needed before I took my daughter, Samantha, to Richer Sounds to buy
her a Christmas present.

Before you provided the insight, I was unaware of RCE but the
assistant-manager who served me did, and she also convinced me of the
merits of buying a multi-region player.

I now have complete peace of mind as well as a very happy daughter.

Kindest regards

Subject: assult/stalker prevention gadgets
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: davli-ga
4 stars
good resources - you helped me a lot, placed an order for the key-chain alarm!
Subject: Battling the flu
Category: Health
Rating and comments by: soccermom-ga
5 stars
very useful--would just have liked a list of possible products to look
for at the pharmacy to give me a head start before hitting the
Subject: What should I eat?
Category: Health > Fitness and Nutrition
Rating and comments by: adrianv-ga
5 stars
Subject: Minimizing Scars
Category: Health > Beauty
Rating and comments by: jcorroon-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: NY City Thai Restaurants
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Restaurants and City Guides
Rating and comments by: jriesenb-ga
3 stars
A good selection of responses, although I'd hope to find some more
professional restaurant reviews or choices ... Zagat and Epinions are
both ratings by the public, not professionals.  If NY Times, NY
Magazine or others have good reviews and choices, it would add much
value to this response.  Thanks
Subject: Erasing cookies
Category: Computers > Software
Rating and comments by: grandma2002-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: The smell in my living room
Category: Family and Home > Home
Rating and comments by: adam-ga
4 stars
Subject: Drugs
Category: Health
Rating and comments by: mmee-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: tongue cancer
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Rating and comments by: cin-ga
3 stars
short informative answer.
Subject: Buy prescription drugs with no prescription
Category: Health > Medicine
Rating and comments by: rt2001-ga
5 stars
Subject: Holiday Cottage in Ireland
Category: Sports and Recreation > Travel
Rating and comments by: draco-ga
2 stars
I compliment the researchers on all their efforts to provide me with
an answer. The final suggestion was not to my taste, so ultimately
while I enjoyed the experience of this Google Answer thread it did not
provide me with a solution - maybe thats just a facet of the
difference between asking a question that has a definitive answer to
one that has a subjective element. So I reluctantly feel I have no
choice than to rate the answer as only 2 stars as it did not solve my
requirement. Thank you all for your comments.
Subject: New Trading Arrangements for Electricity (England and Wales)
Category: Business and Money > Economics
Rating and comments by: worldstrider57-ga
4 stars
I thought the answer was comprehensive, logically structured and well
answered. You also found a good deal of useful information in just a
couple of hours. Overall, a very good response.
Subject: My three year old is quite a big girl. Should I worry??
Category: Family and Home > Parenting
Rating and comments by: johnfrommelbourne-ga
5 stars
In regards answer I say I could  not have expected any better(and in
fact did not expect as much) as answer was more than comprehensive and
gave me a lot of different options to follow up at different websites.
Certainly a credit to the searchers abilities, who obviously put a
decent amount of time and effort in.  Also I should add that some
beautiful comments were added first of all by  Weisstho which was very
uplifting(thanks Weisstho) then, on a similar theme,  by other notable
GA people such as Missy the Domestic Engineer and Chromedome both of
whom continued with their trademark quality respones
again with touching and uplifting comments.  Once again special thanks
to cobrien for terrific job
Subject: September 11th new York City terrorist disaster
Category: Reference, Education and News > Consumer Information
Rating and comments by: 8083-ga
3 stars
Subject: getting rid of rats
Category: Family and Home > Home
Rating and comments by: fritzie-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: new technology/gadgets
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: billbryson-ga
5 stars
Fantastic. Some useful fast!
Subject: Digital video to VHS
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: jmhines123-ga
5 stars
Great information.  Saved me a ton of time.
Subject: marketing analysis
Category: Business and Money > Advertising and Marketing
Rating and comments by: mxgale-ga
This answer has not been rated.

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