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Subject: Birth date versus estimated due date statistics
Category: Family and Home > Parenting
Rating and comments by: jifl2-ga
5 stars
A brilliant answer. I feel like I can't give the full 5 because there
there isn't the granularity I was after, but it seems that if there is
any study out on the web it all, it may not be google-able.
Nevertheless the answer was very complete, thank you!
Subject: Sarah Elizabeth Martin was Rogers Hornsby's 1st wife. Need her death date.
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: bluestreak-ga
5 stars
Good afternoon, austin_trill,                                         
         It's a pleasure to meet you.  Where have you been hiding?  I
had seen this before but couldn't link it to her.  But I think that it
is her.  I'm going to continue to try to link her death date to the
birth date luciaphile found.  But in the meantime, I think you have
found her, since she IS the only one listed as dying in 1978 in
Grayson county.  Good digging austin_trill!! Teamwork is so important
in this kind of work.  I've got others to peruse if you're in the
mood.  Thanks again so much. Looking forward to working with you. 
Subject: Atari Centipede cover painting
Category: Computers > Games
Rating and comments by: skaven252-ga
5 stars
I found out everything I needed to know and what was possible to find
out given the circumstances. Excellent work.
Subject: Cranium the Game - Wrong Answer?
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: floundation-ga
5 stars
great job :0)
Subject: Screencap from conan the barbarian required
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Movies and Film
Rating and comments by: chronocide-ga
5 stars
Subject: Hard to find CD / Tape: "Trembles"
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Rating and comments by: amw157-ga
5 stars
Couldn't ask for anything better!
Subject: chubby clothing for girls 9-13
Category: Family and Home > Families
Rating and comments by: george13-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: SF, CA who is responsible for returning deposit: Master Tenant, or Landord?
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: la2sf2002-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Girl's dress shoes
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: juliadx-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Grantland Rice, Graduation Address
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: von-ga
4 stars
Both the original answer (austin_trill-ga) and the additional comment
(mara-ga) were VERY helpful.  I appreciate the efforts of both
respondents and, moreover, the results they produced.
It seems highly likely that their research will hold up under careful
scrutiny although I do have one more avenue to explore before being
completely confident this is the case.
Whatever the end result is, the two respondents have done a very good
job; and I feel as though their work is well worth the fee I am

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