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Subject: Mechanics of migraine
Category: Health > Conditions and Diseases
Rating and comments by: yreka-ga
5 stars
THANK YOU SO MUCH! As my headaches have been relatively infrequent in
the past couple of years, I really needed a refresher on the subject
and just couldn't face it this weekend.  Thank you for your
intelligent comments linking the general facts you found to my
observations.  I have been looking for a new doctor since this one
listened to my desperate questions about the Burger King meal, looked
at me like I was crazy, and said..."hmmmmm. That's funny.  Well, I can
always put you on something."  Unfortunately there's a shortage of
doctors in my community, and signing on with a new one is difficult,
much less being able to choose based on something like interest in
helping solve migraine mysteries.  At least when I make the rounds
I'll have it fresh in my mind what the issues are.  This was just what
I was looking for, and I appreciate your spending the better part of
your Sunday working on it. THANK YOU.
Subject: Lyrics: Slinky inky octopus?
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Rating and comments by: vdentata-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Finding an unusual watering can
Category: Family and Home > Gardening
Rating and comments by: arnicae-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Sports Injury
Category: Health > Men's Health
Rating and comments by: efuseler-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Recycling.
Category: Reference, Education and News > Consumer Information
Rating and comments by: papoose-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: information about creating a music label in the United kingdom
Category: Business and Money > Consulting
Rating and comments by: albertito-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: interpretation of Michael Pupin's quotes
Category: Science
Rating and comments by: karina1102-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Other answer services on the Web
Category: Reference, Education and News > General Reference
Rating and comments by: luxem-ga
4 stars
Subject: Unauthorized use of a person's likeness
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Movies and Film
Rating and comments by: dman-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Calculation of distance in feet
Category: Science > Math
Rating and comments by: lingcod-ga
5 stars
great answer
Subject: anodized whistling teakettle
Category: Family and Home > Food and Cooking
Rating and comments by: theorangecats-ga
This answer has not been rated.

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