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Questions Answered: 54
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Subject: "Syracuse, New York, Inner Harbor Project"
Category: Business and Money > Consulting
Rating and comments by: lazytiger5-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: examples of famous architectural works/designs
Category: Arts and Entertainment
Rating and comments by: emmalee-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Inmate Rights
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: jfh2-ga
5 stars
Subject: Jazz Improvisation on piano
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Rating and comments by: yeoldescribe-ga
4 stars
Thanx, scribe, for tips on the jazz books.  I've ordered both, with
Buddy Rich & piano player...The teacher I have is competent.  However,
always looking for new instructors and ideas on playing, besides
reading music books...yeoldescribe
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