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Subject: Specific materials used in creating "The Game" college hats during the mid 90's
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: outchy-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Red light violation - definition - Cambridge, MA
Category: Relationships and Society > Law
Rating and comments by: laban-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Books and Literature
Rating and comments by: humbugxf-ga
5 stars
Subject: What's the real management for an IT manager?
Category: Computers
Rating and comments by: allengoogle-ga
5 stars
Very Helpful and Useful! THX
Subject: High-lighting of searched for words in Google
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: wmmwm-ga
5 stars
Thanks for your prompt,accurate and useful answer.

Subject: add fund to my e-gold through paypal?
Category: Business and Money > eCommerce
Rating and comments by: rienlove-ga
3 stars
strigth to the point. Great answers. Thank you
Subject: Nested loop/if...then TABLE display problem (ASP)
Category: Computers > Programming
Rating and comments by: krickles-ga
5 stars
Beautiful.  I worked on this for days, asked several people, and
submitted on another forum.  I had someone print your answer out for
me before I left LA yesterday.  While in route home I attempted to
type in the code, but still couldn’t get it to work as requested.  I
looked for typos for hours and even re-entered the code.  I shouldn’t
have been doing so at the end of a long week, because, invariably, I
was too tired to focus.  Anyway, I just copied & pasted your code into
my app and it worked exactly as requested.  Thanks so much for the
help.  Regards,  Krickles
Subject: Locate an old flame
Category: Relationships and Society > Romance
Rating and comments by: tomzrx-ga
This answer has not been rated.
Subject: Microsoft Outlook:Adding a 2nd User & Separate In/Out Box
Category: Computers > Software
Rating and comments by: fogcity-ga
This answer has not been rated.

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