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Subject: General info req'd re employment under UK CIS
Category: Business and Money > Employment
Rating and comments by: gan-ga
5 stars
Very happy with the info supplied thanks jeeagle-ga; much appreciated :)
Subject: Simple Windows 2000 question regarding user profiles
Category: Computers > Operating Systems
Rating and comments by: lizardking-ga
5 stars
Subject: A Toy I Had When I Was A Boy
Category: Sports and Recreation > Toys
Rating and comments by: the_rabbi-ga
5 stars
Even though i just needed a name, more info than i needed was given -
bringing back more memories, the price i put was high because it was
getting on my nerves trying to figure out what it was!!
Subject: "Active X" technology
Category: Computers > Internet
Rating and comments by: superone-ga
5 stars
Subject: web site that unjumbles letters?
Category: Miscellaneous
Rating and comments by: r2-ga
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