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Q: General Canadian Retail Statistics ( Answered,   1 Comment )
Subject: General Canadian Retail Statistics
Category: Business and Money > Advertising and Marketing
Asked by: dotceo-ga
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Posted: 10 Nov 2002 15:27 PST
Expires: 10 Dec 2002 15:27 PST
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I require data / statistics on Retail chains & stores operating within
Specifically how many major retail stores and chains are in canada per

Answer should include, total number of retail chains operating, total
number of stores per chain. Listing of total retail stores per
province (example of acceptable stores would be Sears, Business Depot,
The Bay, etc).
In addition, which retail outlets account for 60% or greater of the
revenues generated in Canada and / or general retail revenues
generated per province and overall.

Happy November,


Clarification of Question by dotceo-ga on 11 Nov 2002 15:04 PST
Will tip large for great answer.

Request for Question Clarification by knowledge_seeker-ga on 02 Dec 2002 08:10 PST
Hi dotceo,

I see your question has been sitting here unanswered for several
weeks. There are a couple of reasons that have probably contributed to
this  --

#1 - Price too low. 

The market research you are asking a researcher to do would take days
(or even weeks) to compile. Much more effort than $20 would cover.


#2 - Vast amount of data wanted. 

There are hundreds, maybe thousands of retail chains in Canada -- Many
of them quite substantial. Imagine just one mall having 200 stores.
Every one of those is a retail chain. Now add major carpet stores,
food stores, pet stores, book stores, smoke shops, convenience stores,
furniture stores, and all of the other myriad specialty stores.

To look at each one of those and break it into Provincial data and
provide total number of stores for each one .. well, you can see the
quantity of data would fill a book.

#3 - Multiple Questions grouped together. 

Where a researcher might be able to answer part of your question (say
for a 5 retail chains for one province) the inability to answer the
whole thing makes the entire question unanswerable. We can't post
partial answers.

We'd really like to help you out, but I think you need to narrow your
question, break it into several separate questions, and reconsider
your pricing if you really want an answer.

Or, if you're willing to pay for a full market study from a market
research firm, indicate that and I'm sure someone can help you find a
place to purchase it. However note that a full market report on retail
sales in Canada (which is what you are essentially asking for) will
probably run several thousand dollars.

Please let us know what you'd like to do or how we can help you.



Clarification of Question by dotceo-ga on 02 Dec 2002 13:16 PST
Sure I'd be happy to focus and most importantly simplify the question.

What are the top 5 retail stores (by most number of franchises) for
the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba

END Question.

Extra Stuff: I am guessing they would be something like, Walmart,
Business Depot, Sears, etc...

ASIDE NOTE: If you could post links with details of canadian retailer
information and general statistical data, that would
also make me happy in addition to the above answered question.

Happy December.
Subject: Re: General Canadian Retail Statistics
Answered By: knowledge_seeker-ga on 02 Dec 2002 18:31 PST
Hi dotceo,

Ok, this has been quite the learning experience!  I’ve got what you
asked for, though not quite as cleanly as I would have preferred.
Here’s how it breaks out – most data is by specific retail sector (or
retail product). So, much of what I found included things like, “Top
retail vision outlets” and “Top men’s underwear sales” and other
narrow-spectrum data like that.

I also learned that most sources don’t rank chains in order of number
of stores, but in amount of money earned or percent of market share.
This makes sense, because a variety store may have 500 small outlets,
but not have a great deal of overall impact on the market.

What I did end up finding is that most of the world leaders in retail
have locations in Canada, and I’m confident that we can say, for
example, if Walmart has an appreciable  presence in Canada, it is
going to be Number One in retail no matter how you count it. They just
plain outsell everyone!

And finally, breaking down data by province was completely out of the
question. I did find one site that focused on Alberta, but other than
that, figures were all nationwide.

So let’s look at some of the data and see what we can make of it  ---

First, we have:

(Country of origin in parentheses)

Wal-Mart (U.S.) 
Carrefour/Promodes (France) 
Metro AG (Germany) 
Sears Roebuck (U.S.) 
KMart Corp. (U.S.) 
Dayton-Hudson (U.S.)  
J.C.Penney (U.S.) 
Home Depot Inc. (U.S.)  
Ito-Yokado (Japan) 
Kroger (U.S.) 

Foreign Retailers in Canada: Survey Results, Including a Special
Feature on Wal-Mart International

Next we have roughly the same list, but the ones with locations in
Canada are marked.

The chart shows world-wide retail leaders, with those that have stores
in Canada marked with a Canadian flag. The website is a “slide” show
in pdf format -- maddening to try to negotiate -- so I’ll give you the
data here --

It shows the following as the top retailers in Canada –

Ito Yokado
Husdon Bay

If this link doesn’t take you right to the correct slide, just keep
clicking to page 7 and you’ll see the chart:

You probably recognize the Top 4 with no problem. The fifth one, Ito
Yokado is referred to by Fortune Magazine as the “The Biggest Grocer
You've Never Heard Of”


“Wal-Mart has made impressive inroads into the Canadian market and
currently is the number one retailer with 38-percent share, based on
revenues nearing $9 billion Cdn.”

Wal-Mart set to feast on Canadian food?


Then we take into consideration a purely Canadian company that won’t
show up on any international rating list, but is certainly the leader
in Canada –

Canadian Tire Limited 

Canadian Tire Retail (CTR) is Canada's leading hard goods retailer.
That combined with its other holdings, Canadian Tire Petroleum,
Canada's largest independent retailer of gasoline and Marks Work
Warehouse, one of Canada's largest specialty footwear and apparel
retailers, and you’ve got yourself the number one CANADIAN retailer in

Canadian Tire reports continued earnings and sales momentum in second
quarter, net income up 9.7%

Then, if we break down the stats into retail sectors we get these
lists –


Top 5 Canadian Department Stores (1999) 

The Bay
Eatons (*gone now)

Canadian retail: What lies ahead after the downfall of the Eaton’s
empire, one of Canada’s largest?


The top 10 apparel retailers (by percentage of market share) in Canada

Sears (14.5%), 
The Bay (8.3%), 
Zellers (6.9%), 
Wal-Mart (5.4%), 
Moores (1.9%), 
The Gap (1.7%), 
Winners (1.7%),
 Reitman's (1.5%), 
Costco/ Price Club (1.4%)
Laura (1.3%).

“Here is a remarkable retail forecast. Old Navy, a division of Gap
Incorporated, which is yet to enter the Canadian market, is expected
to lead the retail industry there by the year 2006....”

MARKET WATCH - Canadian Retail


This incredibly in-depth report will provide you with statistics and
demographic of all of the major players in the small food retailer
sector. The report is long, but I’ve highlighted a few points below
with page numbers to help you find the data.

Canada - Retail Food Sector
Convenience and Non-Traditional Grocery Outlets Report – 2002

Demographics of major players (PP 32 – 41) Listed by company, chain
ownership, national or regional chain, number of stores, and sales


“National Grocers is Canada's largest supermarket chain

“A&P is one of the oldest food retail companies in North America,
founded in 1859. Our annual sales of $11 billion put us among the top
10 supermarket retailers in North America. We operate approximately
700 stores in 16 states and the Province of Ontario in Canada. Our
major markets are the metropolitan New York, Detroit, Philadelphia,
Baltimore, Madison (Wisconsin), Milwaukee and New Orleans areas in the
US, and the Greater Toronto area in Ontario, Canada.”

CEO discusses the competitive landscape for The Great Atlantic &
Pacific Tea Company


Chart includes countries where stores are located.



“Major retailers have started to consolidate their holdings in
different regions. The consolidation activity has resulted in a fewer
number of players controlling the majority of the market share. If we
compare Canada and US with respect to the market share of the top 3
retailers, we see that Canada has 62 percent concentration while US's
top 3 account only for 22 percent.”

Retailing Sector ( Case Study Series )


Canadian Sporting Goods Retail Market – includes chart by Store


Retail Council of Canada (RCC)


Industry Canada

Industry Canada – researching markets


So, I’d say that should give you a good idea of what’s happening in
Canadian retail. If anything I’ve said isn’t clear, please feel free
to ask for clarification and I’ll be happy to explain further.

Thanks so much for your question –


Search terms

Market research retail Canada
“Top 10 retailers” Canada
“Top 10 retail stores” Canada
“Top 10 retail chains” Canada
“Top 10 grocery chains” Canada

... same terms as above but used “Top 5” and “Top 3”
... same terms as above but used Province names
Subject: Re: General Canadian Retail Statistics
From: tolja-ga on 24 Feb 2005 15:02 PST
Some boring statistics here, temporarily:

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