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Q: Audio File Bookmarking and Highlighting with Text Links ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: Audio File Bookmarking and Highlighting with Text Links
Category: Computers > Software
Asked by: bxm-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 11 Nov 2002 03:03 PST
Expires: 11 Dec 2002 03:03 PST
Question ID: 105116
What program will let me quickly create a text link from a document to
a specific portion of a MP3 or Windows Media file, play the linked
section, and then stop without having to chop the audio file into a
bunch of little files (the equivilent of bookmarking and highlighting
a passage in the book - you want to quickly move to and read a
specific piece of information without having to cut the book up into a
bunch of pieces)?
For example, I have a audio lecture recorded and downloaded to my
computer that I want to link portions of to the notes from the
- I want to be able to QUICKLY link the text from my notes to specific
portions of the lecture that is related to the notes.
- Once the link is setup, it should lead to a specific
place/"bookmark" in the lecture/audio file, play the "highlighted"
audio, and then stop.
- The original audio will remain in tact - not need to be chopped into
a bunch of little files.
- The bookmarking, highlighting, and linking has to be quick and
Subject: Re: Audio File Bookmarking and Highlighting with Text Links
Answered By: kyrie26-ga on 11 Nov 2002 08:28 PST
Hello ,

Thank you for your question. After some research I have found you a
solution. Dictation Buddy is a software application that does exactly
what you requested - insert bookmarks and annotation to an audio file,
without modifying the original audio file. There are two kinds of
bookmarks - positional and interval, perfect for your needs. There is
even a feature to include a foot pedal for hands-free use. The
interface is easy to use, quick and intuitive. Please have a look at
it :


Text Annotations With Dictation Buddy

"Dictation Buddy supports imbedded bookmarks, associated text notes
and file notes. Using the Dictation Buddy Bookmark Window, users can
place bookmarks within a standard .wav file. Any amount of descriptive
text may be associated with the bookmark. The bookmark and text are
then saved, within the .wav file format. All of the bookmarks, their
associated text and the file notes information, may be reviewed at any
time, by opening the Dictation Buddy Bookmark Window or the file notes

.wav files with bookmarks and imbedded text may be played using
Dictation Buddy or any other standard .wav player. "

Download Dictation Buddy for no cost Evaluation

"For ongoing use, you must register this product. The registration fee
is $32.95 US or $48.95 Canadian."


Since Dictation Buddy only accepts .wav files, you will need to
convert your MP3s to WAVs. This can be done easily with the following
freeware. Since MP3 is a "lossy" format, your WAV file will not "gain"
in size after conversion.

ZDNet Downloads - Download Easy MP3-to-WAV Maker 2.0 here

Downloads: 38,245 
Publisher: KnoWare, Inc.  
Date added: February 1, 2001 
File size: 1.12MB; Clock this download  
License: Free 
Uninstaller included?: Yes 

"Easy MP3-To-WAV converts MP3 files to WAV format on the fly. Once
Easy MP3-To-WAV Maker is installed, right-click on any MP3 file and
select "Make WAVs". Easy MP3-To-WAV launches, adds an icon to your
tray, and quickly converts your MP3 file to a WAV file. Easy
MP3-To-WAV Maker is multithreaded for faster conversion speed. This
update features bug fixes and performance enhancements. "


Google Search Terms :

bookmark OR bookmarking audio

I hope this is the solution that you are looking for. If you need more
help or have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask for a
Request For Clarification. Thank you for using Google Answers and have
a great day!

Best regards,


Request for Answer Clarification by bxm-ga on 26 Nov 2002 01:33 PST
Your solution does not meet any of the requirements I identified.
Please read the question.

Clarification of Answer by kyrie26-ga on 26 Nov 2002 16:33 PST
Hi bxm-ga,

I just realized that you may have meant "hypertext links" from a
document (ie. text or Word) that link directly to specific segments in
an audio clip. Is this what you mean? I overlooked this possibility in
my earlier search because something on this scale requires software
that integrates the full document with the audio clip. Such software
may be hard to find, and may require changing your document to a
proprietary format.

I have used Dictation Buddy before, and it seems to fulfil the
requirements you specified - designation of segments, and annotation
of such segments, along with relevant visual highlighting. The way I
visualized you using it was to add numbered reference labels to the
relevant sections in your document (ie. a superscript) and then number
these clips the same way in Dictation Buddy (plus a short text
description if desired). Please note though, that the bookmarking
feature will only work with WAV files. Note also that you need to have
the Bookmarks window open to use the bookmarking feature.

As far as the best solution in feasibility, price and ease of use, my
research has brought me to this conclusion. In any case, I have
embarked on another search, but so far have not found anything better
(please view my search strategy below). I suspect that most word
processors focus on being good word processors and not many venture
into the area of audio integration, particularly audio bookmarking. I
will continue searching - there may be a 3rd party solution out there
- but in the meantime, please let me know your feedback in light of
this information. Particularly, how does Dictation Buddy fall short? I
have identified that it does the following : 1) designate and label
specific portions of your lecture audio in relation to your notes; 2)
bookmarked segment plays "highlighted" audio and then stops; 3)
original audio remains intact; 4) bookmarking & highlighting are quick
and intuitive.

I will let you know if I find anything. In the meantime, your feedback
is welcome, and please let me know what price range is acceptable for
a software solution.

Google Search Terms :

Unsuccessful :

hyperlink OR link annotate audio

annotate audio

document annotate audio

bookmark OR bookmarking audio clip annotate

hypertext audio clip

document hypertext audio clip OR segment

Other search (unsuccessful) : 
"annotate audio"
"audio bookmark"
"annotate audio" - too many hits



Clarification of Answer by kyrie26-ga on 27 Nov 2002 12:04 PST
Hi bxm-ga,

I have found some software which may be closer to what you're looking
for from the following company :

VoiceIQ a World Leader in Voice Recognition Technology CDNX Listed

In particular, I have identified CourtABLE LT as being suitable for
your needs. Have a look at it (PDF brochure) :

CourtABLE LT B&W Brochure

"CourtABLE LT offers an elegant, integrated solution for digitally
recording meetings and making annotations. Using a familiar
Windows-based interface, an annotator can select the specific speakers
or pre-defined events with the click of a button. Each annotation is
linked by an electronic "bookmark" to the exact position in the audio
recording. Annotations can be listed in sequence, effortlessly browsed
and searched, and printed at the press of a key. Similarly, a specific
section of case audio can be found and played back with the ability to
fast forward, rewind and search through the annotation list. Although
the original audio record cannot be altered, post annotations can be
made after the fact."

"Ability to make annotations after the fact (the audio record itself
can never be altered)"

"Annotated links of audio to log notes, photos, video, and scanned in

Contact information :

VoiceIQ Inc.
240 Riviera Drive
Markham, Ontario
L3R 5M1
Tel: (905) 948-8266
Fax: (905) 948-8276

Sales contacts :

Jamie Wall
T: (905) 948-8266 Ext. 241

Leo Halpern
Court Sales
T: (905) 948-8266 Ext. 217

Let me know if this is suitable, if not I will continue searching.


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