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Q: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90 ( Answered,   7 Comments )
Subject: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
Category: Computers > Programming
Asked by: marco8055-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 18 Nov 2002 08:58 PST
Expires: 18 Dec 2002 08:58 PST
Question ID: 109938
I have been investigating the world of consumer dialogue, so far I 
have over 50 different methods of innovative communication and 
identification. You will find them listed below, I need another 9! 
I'm proposing to pay per answer so there is the potential for $90 -
but first I'd like to see whether my request is clear by the type of 
answer I receive - so if they're good and don't fit within the 
categories I already have (listed below - please check them 
carefully), I will happily pay out for your answers - so for example 
where I have biometrics - the method of validating an individual 
through their physical characteristics, I don't need answers such as
printing, retinal scanner, etc. Another example would be SMS mvouchers
- these are both text and picture barcode vouchers. 
The answer should consist of a title and a brief description of what 
it is. 
I look forward to seeing what comes back. 

ps. i've now seen what comes back and it's varied. Responses have been
interesting though many fall within the categories below, but if it
was easy I wouldn't be asking for your help.
pps. if anyone is interested in any of the below please let me know
I'll happily share what I have with you.
SMS Text Messaging 
SMS Data Collection 
SMS Quizzes and Competitions 
SMS Games 
Events - exhibitions/conferences/clubs/parties 
Mobile Instant Messaging - message from pc to mobile phone 
Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS) 
Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) 
Website Data Collection 
SMS - IVR - voice message / text message via sms  
Hand Held Computers 
Enterprise Marketing Automation 
SMS Loyalty Campaign 
SMS Vouchers 
Email Marketing 
Rich Email 
Interactive Voice Response 
Advergames - internet games which involve a companies brand/product 
Interactive Vending Machines 
Interactive Kiosks 
E-motional Technology (recognises a consumers emotions) 
One-to-One Dialogue Automation and Management 
Speech Recognition Technology 
Interactive Agents / bots 
Targeted Microsites 
Walled Gardens 
Interactive Points of Purchase Devices 
Interactive Online Sweeptakes and Contests 
Online Communities 
Instant messaging 
Online Games 
Online Coupons 
Interactive/smart Card Based Systems 
Mobile interactive Marketing 
Biometrics - recognition 
Interactive Systems at Petrol Stations - internet enhanced video 
Digital / internet / satellite radio 
Radio frequency identity tags (rfi tags) including radio receivers and
Banner / Exchange advertising
Subject: Re: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
Answered By: mosquitohawk-ga on 18 Nov 2002 09:50 PST
What a fascinating list marco8055-ga,

Here are two of my additions, if you like them and want to pay for
more, post another question and I'll add some more, just be sure you
mention in the question that you're specifically interested in me

.::. Inserting Hidden Messages into Graphic Files

It is possible to add textual messages to the code of graphic files
thereby turning an innocuous picture of grandma (or anything else)
into a secretive form of communication, hidden from public perception.

Check out:

.::. Quantum Cryptography

In experiments, messages have been securely encrypted and transmitted
via a stream of polarized photons.

Check out:

Thanks, this was a real interesting question!


Request for Answer Clarification by marco8055-ga on 19 Nov 2002 08:00 PST
hi mosquitohawk-ga,

I buy the concept of cryptography - secure communication. The first
example of it is pretty weak, (really it's covert and code) but the
second could be very interesting if I understood how it works.

Please could you explain the second one - it went straight over my
head. how and why would i use this to communicate to consumers in
every day life?  - what technology is required?

Do you have any idea of how insecure other comms are? email very!
though you can use secure comms channels. phone?

Interested in your feedback.


Clarification of Answer by mosquitohawk-ga on 19 Nov 2002 09:47 PST
Hello again marco8055-ga,

You don't think that hidden messages influence consumer communication?
I own a webhosting company that tailors itself to 'tech-savvy'
consumers. One of my marketing strategies is to challenge the inate
curiousity of these folks by imbedding discount coupons in hidden
places on my website. If they find one and can identify it, I give
them the discount! So in that way, consumer dialogue works via code!

My second example is a little more complicated than the previous.
Quantum Cryptography is at this point, so far as the non-military
world goes, experimental. Of course, we have no idea how or if the
military uses it. The basic gist of it is this, imagine a 'telephone
line' with someone eavesdropping on it. There are not very reliable
ways to pick up on this eavesdropping without highly specialized
equipment, and even that may be unreliable if the eavesdropper is
motivated and knows what they're doing. The great thing about Quantum
Cryptography communication is this, the inherent nature of the
transmission allows immediate detection of an insecure channel. So by
attempting to eavesdrop on a quantum communiqué, the communicators
immediately become aware of the snoop.

Another interesting aspect of this is that the communication need not
take place over a traditional fibre line, but may be transmitted in
open air making it somewhat more difficult to pick up. Either way, the
eavesdropper is deterred because the conversation or transmission is
encrypted, and they can not 'listen' in without being immediately

The future applications of this technology would be allowing more
secure channels of communication amongst the populace, but to also
allow you to securely communicate with your banker, lawyer, broker or
whoever without fear of someone eavesdropping and finding out your
credit card number or other sensitive information. Its applications
also could be considered in business to business consumer settings,
where sensitive corporate negotiations are necessary, particularly in
discussions of propietary or other technologies.

The military uses should be obvious ;)

You've also asked how insecure I think other forms of communication
are? Well, it depends on who you're trying to keep out I guess. The
security is only as strong as the opponent is weak. If you're trying
to hide an email from the average individual, then use PGP, GPG,
openPGP or some other key-based encryption utility. Will this hide
information from a knowledgeable individual? Arguably. Telephone
conversations are completely insecure, cordless and cellular
conversations are even worse. Letter writing...forget it ;) We live in
a world where a motivated individual would not have a hard time
recovering communications between others, mostly because of a
non-concern amongst the general populace.

Secure connections are only as strong as the encryption or scrambling
that's protecting them. Unfortunately, these technologies are
developed by people who are notorious for mistakes or silly ommissions
that can be exploited. I recently read an article concerning wireless
networks (802.11 technologies) where a group of 'hackers' out of
curiousity drove around a city with a laptop and wireless network card
attempting to access networks. It was shameful how many they gained
access to simply because system admins never turned on the security or
changed default passwords! Good grief :)

Anyway, hope this helps, I'll be glad to clarify more if necessary!


Request for Answer Clarification by marco8055-ga on 20 Nov 2002 02:35 PST
Thank you Mosquito

this becomes more interesting by the day. The first I would question
is an online game, but you have used the method of code to acheive it.
i.e. find this and get this. ;-)

The second, do you know of any companies that are working on this. Is
it really viable? Or does it fit into the realms of holodecks and

hopefully last question.
Many thanks M :-)

Clarification of Answer by mosquitohawk-ga on 26 Nov 2002 11:09 PST
Hello again,

I've searched and as of right now, Quantum Cryptography seems to be an
actively researched, experimental technology.

I have emailed two prominent researchers at Los Alamos National
Laboratory for their insight as to whether anyone is actively
implementing this technology. I'll let you know what response I get.

Here's a link to the info at Los Alamos:

Subject: Re: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
From: studboy-ga on 18 Nov 2002 10:55 PST
OK, how about these?  If you like these post another question
and specifically mention me so I can get compensated:

3G/CDMA2000 1xEV/DO - next generation high bandwidth cellular phone network
i-mode - next generation internet phones (
802.11 - wireless LAN
P2P - peer to peer computing
Subject: Re: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
From: studboy-ga on 18 Nov 2002 11:00 PST
Oh, and don't forget interactive TV--the big boys are pushing this really hard.
Subject: Re: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
From: studboy-ga on 18 Nov 2002 11:03 PST
Also along the line of P2P computing, there's 

web services.

Although personally I think this one is a lot of hype given
the current economic conditions.
Subject: Re: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
From: studboy-ga on 18 Nov 2002 11:51 PST
Also NAS/SAN (storage area networks) - transport for moving large amount 
od data over the internet.

And IBM's latest "on-demand" utility model initiative -,10801,75601,00.html
Subject: Re: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
From: marco8055-ga on 19 Nov 2002 08:08 PST
Sorry Stud boy

These are not really what I'm looking for, the 3g along with all
mobile phones i'm already dealing with and the others are network
facilities, not my thing. I'm looking for content delivery not ways to
deliver the carrier. I hope that makes sense.

interactive digital tv comes under walled gardens.

Sorry but if you have any others please let me know.

Subject: Re: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
From: studboy-ga on 19 Nov 2002 10:14 PST
How about interactive online voting/polling/survey?
Subject: Re: Innovative forms of communication $10 - 90
From: marco8055-ga on 20 Nov 2002 02:24 PST
Hi studboy-ga

do you have any good examples of a community and commercial nature?


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