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Q: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   6 Comments )
Subject: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway
Category: Computers > Hardware
Asked by: modus-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 02 May 2002 15:29 PDT
Expires: 09 May 2002 15:29 PDT
Question ID: 11188
Gateway Computer sold me an AMD-based system that has a case that is
almost entirely screwless.  3.5" and 5.25" drives are held in with a
sliding lock that uses a pressure fit to hold the drive snugly. 
Similarily, expansion cards are held in with a bar, no screws
I would like to know if this case is commercially available in
quantity one in the USA.  The case is described here:
<a href=",2000023504,20259918-6,00.htm+%22sliding+locks%22+pc+case&amp;hl=en">,2000023504,20259918-6,00.htm+%22sliding+locks%22+pc+case&amp;hl=en</a>
By ZDNet Australia. 
I do not want contact numbers for Gateway sales or customer support. 
Please only answer if you know the OEM of this case and possible
resellers in the USA. 

Clarification of Question by modus-ga on 02 May 2002 15:32 PDT
The case is also described and pictured here: 
<a href=""></a> 

Request for Question Clarification by jessamyn-ga on 02 May 2002 19:47 PDT
do you want that specific case [aesthetic features and everything] or
would you be happy with a case that just has the features as you
described them, without the same exact look? 

Clarification of Question by modus-ga on 03 May 2002 06:39 PDT
While the general form factor (ATX mini-tower) should be the same, the
look of the case is otherwise not important.  The required features
are the screwless, pressure-fit drive mounts, screwless expansion card
rentention and screwless case entry.
I can provide photos of the interior of the case, if someone wants

Clarification of Question by modus-ga on 03 May 2002 10:06 PDT
Poking around inside the case, I have found that it is stamped
'Axxion-LFE China'.  I have reviewed Axxion's website and have not
found any case with similar features, but it is another clue for those
on the hunt.

Request for Question Clarification by nishka-ga on 04 May 2002 10:49 PDT
Must it be limited to a Micro-ATX design?

I have found a case that will meet your requirements (totally
screwless design including expansion cards) with the exception of the
case footprint.

It's a mini-tower as opposed to meeting the MATX design, so it will be
slightly larger than the Gateway case.  Let me know if this is
acceptable and I will be able to answer your question with what looks
like a suitable alternative.

Clarification of Question by modus-ga on 04 May 2002 13:58 PDT
MicroATX is not a requirement, as long as the general minitower
footprint is similar.
Subject: Re: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway
Answered By: nishka-ga on 04 May 2002 14:56 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello modus-ga!

You asked to find the source of a case identical or similar to a
Gateway PC you purchased recently.  The requirements you listed were:

1.  Screwless case entry
2.  Screwless drive rails
3.  Screwless expansion cards

I think I may have finally found something close to what you're
looking for.  Although this case is a mid-tower unit (perhaps slightly
larger than the Gateway you're looking for), it does meet all of the
requirements you're looking for and should fit comfortably under your
disk.  In addition to finding the case I'm about to mention, I also
managed to track down the telephone number of the facility in Virginia
that supplies these cases to Gateway.  Please note that Gateway is the
only customer for this location, but perhaps they can work out a
special arrangement for you.

Chenbro Microm is a Taiwan based company who produces what looks like
the only totally screwless case I could find.  It's called the PC610,
and is a mid-tower model with a completely screwless design.  Drive
rails work similar to how you described (with no screws), and
expansion slots are held in with individual retention systems.  These
are not like the bar you described in the Gateway case, but adequate
to meet your requirements and should be slightly easier to work with. ran an extensive review of this case, which should give
you the opportunity to ensure this case will meet your requirements. 
The reviewer says 'I honestly can't find a single negative thing to
say about this case.'  About the only negative comment was that the
case has slightly fewer drive bays over similar mid-tower models.  He
was also impressed with the front panel USB and audio connectors.  You
can check out the entire review (with pictures) here:

[ ]

Chenbro's website can be found at:

[ ] 

Here is their US Contact info: (I'd inquire about quantity orders):
909-947-3200 was the only vendor on that stocks this
item, although they are currently out of stock.  Price is $65 + $18
Fedex saver shipping as of today.  The Newegg site also has some nice
close-up images of the case:

[ ] 

Now onto the Gateway case.  

Axxiom does indeed manufacture the Gateway case that you're looking
for.  According to a Newport News economic development website
(located at, Axxiom purchased a
building in the former Newport News shipyard in order to stock product
for Gateway.  I am uncertain whether they are manufacturing there or
not.  You can reach this facility at the following phone number
(pulled from the Yahoo yellow pages at

Axxion Group Virginia Inc   
815 Middle Ground Blvd
Newport News,VA 23606 
Phone: (757) 873-2928

You mentioned earlier that you found Axxion's webpage.  I wasn't sure
if you found the US division or the headquarters overseas.  Just in
'case' (sorry) you were looking at the Asian site, the US site is
located at:

[ ] 

The Axxion group's US facilities are headquartered in El Paso, Texas,
and have been in the PC Chassis business for 10 years.  They work with
their own designs or can customize the design for a particular
customer.  From the front page it appears as though the El Paso
location can do some low volume manufacturing, so it's possible you
can work out an arrangement for a similar case if you are planning to
purchase in quantity.  Larger volume orders are handled by their Asian

From the website, here is the contact information for the
US division offices:

Axxion Group Corporation
1855 Northwestern Drive
El Paso, TX 79912
800/828-6475 | 915/225-8888 | FAX: 915/225-8800

I have to say that I really enjoyed hunting this question down. 
Thanks for the challenging set of requirements!  I hope the PC 610
case will meet your needs, but if it doesn't, Axxion looks like a
company that can customize a quantity order for you that should come
close to what they are supplying to Gateway.

Good luck!
modus-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Well researched, found a solution that was very close to what was
requested.  Very good detective work!

Subject: Re: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway
From: sprigit-ga on 02 May 2002 23:14 PDT
I have not found a case that is manufactured by Gateway that fits your
description, so this is not a precise answer to your question. This is
simply an alternative case you may want to consider if you do not find
the exact one you are looking for.

I have found a computer case sold by Gateway that seems to have the
exact features you are asking for. This case is available for sale in
America by quantity of one. Gateway's Item number for this case is
1828872. The model number is EN-7233, manufactured by Enlight

Here is a detailed description of the case:
Enlight's popular ATX sized case line includes all the easy assembly
features you have come to expect. These feature include a huge
selection of snap-on interchangeable front bezels, slide guides for
quicker FDD/HDD installation, virtually screwless case assembly,
universal I/O shields, more drive bay options than other cases on the
market and more. Don't forget the '3-piece top cover' that is
available with some models that can be used with or without screws.
Like all Enlight cases, the ATX case line is available with ultra
reliable Enlight power supplies. There really are no substitutes.

This case is being sold at Gateway's site for $64.95 at
Subject: Re: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway
From: modus-ga on 03 May 2002 06:37 PDT
Ya, that's not the case I'm looking for, but maybe there are some
useful clues in there.  It looks like both Enlight and Antec
manufacture cases for Gateway.  I've looked through their sites and
can't find a case that has these screwless features, but perhaps I'm
not looking hard enough.
Subject: Re: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway
From: peartree-ga on 03 May 2002 08:10 PDT
I've found one that seems to do what you want. It's the A-Top AT900
case. It might be the kind of thing you want, but the internal system
for holding expansion cards is impossible to dtermine from any web
pages I've come across. Take a look at or to see it.You might also want to
check out the Silver Pro Gamer case at Their
solution to the expansion card issue is to use thumbscrews as the
method of keeping them in place.
Otherwise, both cases would seem to be candidates for your system.
The search term used to get hits was "toolless case". Frankly that
Silver Pro case looked awfully good and I'm going to be keeping that
in mind for a future system build.
Subject: Re: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway
From: modus-ga on 03 May 2002 09:54 PDT

Neither of the cases that you highlight meet the requirements,
unfortuntately.  The A-TOP case uses quick release drive rails, that
you have to screw onto each drive.  The case that I am describing
takes both 5.25" (CD-ROMs etc.) and 3.5" drives (hard drives,
floppies, etc.) bare, and uses a pressure fit sliding lock mechanism
to secure them.

The Silver Pro Gamer 2 case doesn't mention the drive locking at all
in the description, so I assume it's a standard screw-in type setup. 
Thumbscrews for the cards is nice, but could be done on any case just
by substituing thumbscrews for the normal phillips head screws.
Subject: Re: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway
From: biba-ga on 04 May 2002 06:40 PDT
Is this the sort of case you are looking for?

"Tooless screwless drive bays have an easy to use latch system to hold
the drives in place."

"Expansion cards are held in place with an easy to use screwless
retainer  eliminating the chance of dropping a screw on the
Subject: Re: Where to find the totally screwless computer case used by Gateway
From: biba-ga on 04 May 2002 06:49 PDT
Forgot to add, a pic of the inside:

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