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Q: [gear._] Functional wizard's robes ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: [gear._] Functional wizard's robes
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: tez-ga
List Price: $3.40
Posted: 22 Nov 2002 00:30 PST
Expires: 22 Dec 2002 00:30 PST
Question ID: 112430
(prompted by a previous question) 
What kinds of multi-pocketed, heavy use robes/cloaks are made, and by
I'm thinking of robe and cloak designs, with both inside and outside
pockets -- 30+ pockets of varying sizes, the larger ones designed to
carry a few pounds apiece.

Clarification of Question by tez-ga on 24 Nov 2002 13:13 PST
Note that one can find professionally-dsigned vests with 20 or so
pockets; an ankle-length garment of similar design, designed for
further pockets to be accessible to comfortable arm-movements, would
be perfect.
Subject: Re: [gear._] Functional wizard's robes
Answered By: peggy_bill-ga on 25 Nov 2002 07:59 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello tez,

I didn’t find anything already designed like what you described.  But,
I did find several places that custom design robes and cloaks.  Many
don’t mention pockets, but they will let you design your own robe.

This page has custom designed robes.  It mentions hidden pockets are
their specialty.
Robes and Gowns

These can be custom designed.  They don’t list pockets.  But, you can
custom design what you want.
Cloaks and Wraps

You can custom design your cloak.  But, they don't specifically
mention pockets.
Kloogle wear fantasy cloaks

This site has cloaks with pockets.  Although there are not as many as
you want.
Lightweight Cloak

Keywords Used: 
robe cloak cape renaissance festival

robe cape cloak

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cloak  pocket

I hope this helps you find what you are looking for.

Request for Answer Clarification by tez-ga on 25 Nov 2002 11:13 PST
Hi, peggy_bill, thanks for your answer.

I'm really looking for use and functionality, not appearance; the
'custom-designed' robes dealers don't know much about supporting 20#
of weight from their pockets, so I would have to supply them with a
well-conceived pattern in order to simply get a quote from them; I
don't know that any of these places would trust themselves to carry
out such an elaborate structural design.

For instance, the following vest implements the necessary design
concepts, but the manufacturer doesn't make any longer clothes:

In response to a similar question of mine, denco-ga suggested that the
best places to look were in the wardrobes of fans who had designed
their own; info about a person who had designed such a garment would
be acceptable.

Request for Answer Clarification by tez-ga on 25 Nov 2002 11:16 PST
To be clear - I appreciate the links you posted, but they didn't
answer my question.  Could you find information about people making or
designing heavy-use robes, cloaks, or other long outer-garments?  (If
they say they tend to use satin or velvet for their robes, they
probably only make robes for show)

Clarification of Answer by peggy_bill-ga on 28 Nov 2002 06:26 PST
Dear tez,

I am still working on your problem.  That pocket filled shirt is
really cool.  I might need to get one.

But, I am still working on your problem.


Clarification of Answer by peggy_bill-ga on 28 Nov 2002 11:03 PST
Dear tez,

I am really interested in your search.  When I first traveled to
Europe, my husband teased me that I spent a month sewing pockets.  I
made my own travel vest that has 10 pockets it in.  I recognize the
value of pockets.

I below I have listed websites where you can buy patterns that I think
are similar to what you are looking for.  I have also listed sites of
in home tailors.  Anyone who has done much sewing will be able to add
as many pockets as you would like to a garment.  If you find one of
these patterns of interest to you, you could take it to a local
clothier (You can probably find one by asking at a local fabric
store).  Otherwise, I suggest that you look through the lists of the
online clothiers below.  Individuals who done much sewing will be able
to tell you if they can create what you would like, and if they would
need a pattern for it.  If they need a pattern, the ones at
Saf-t-pockets will probably fit your needs.  Otherwise, you may just
want to pick out a cloak pattern that appeals to you, and ask the
tailor you have chosen how many pockets do they feel they can safely

Patterns that may interest you.
Saf-t-pockets patterns

Professional on line clothiers.

Member Referral Service for The Professional Association for Custom

Half way down on the right side of this page is the Professional
Custom Sewing guide
The Sewing resource guide

Perfect fit

Also, if you are more interested in length than the actual garment
style, there is a travel coat sold by Travelsmith, with nine pockets
that you might be interested in.
Microfiber Travel Coat Fits in Any Setting

Do you think this will help you find what you are looking for?
tez-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Dear pba -

  Thank you so much for your extra help; it really hit the spot!  I
was at that cusp of searching where I needed to ask a different
question, and couldn't put my finger on it -- you caught my vibe. 
saf-t-pockets and the PACC site should be everything I need (the long
journey jacket makes a good base pattern, and I've found a few
recommended clothiers near me).
  I also take extra care before setting out on a trip; many years ago
I bought a similar Travelsmith coat for a long journey, but since then
it has worn thin; replacing it led me to ask this question.

Thanks again, and many happy travels!

Subject: Re: [gear._] Functional wizard's robes
From: ericynot-ga on 24 Nov 2002 15:05 PST
This sounds like a question for funkywizard-ga.
Subject: Re: [gear._] Functional wizard's robes
From: funkywizard-ga on 24 Nov 2002 23:14 PST
although it would seem like a perfect question for me, I am unfamiliar
with this type of garment. The closest I came was when I had been
looking for a cape, which didn't really lead me to anything
satisfactory, nor anything like what is being requested
(unfortunately). Best of luck in your search.
Subject: Re: [gear._] Functional wizard's robes
From: tez-ga on 26 Nov 2002 23:37 PST
Hi funkywizard, thanks for your comment.  Do you have other functional
clothes you are proud of?

It is surprisingly hard to find pictures or descriptions of
custom-made things.  One can always go straight to the top and find an
expert (carpenter, clothier, blacksmith, architect) to design a (piece
of furniture, outfit, tool, building) to detailed specs -- or even to
vague specs, helping you fill in the details.  But this is expensive
and time-consuming.
   If your design is particularly specific or complex, requiring
precision and a fast turnaround (within a year or two), this may be
your only option -- you cannot hope to learn enough to carry it out
yourself.  If you have more time or require less precision, you can do
it yourself (with the help of books and expert advice).  But if you
have just a few unusual requirements, and don't care about anything
else, you simply want to find someone who is set up to produce
*something* meeting your needs [In fact, a product designed to meet
some other need would be best, as it would probably have useful design
features that you hadn't yet considered].

   Locating an amateur who has created something unusual, and
requesting details on that construction -- or offering to purchase a
similar item -- is surprisingly difficult.  Some extreme creations
inspire webpages devoted to their glory (e.g.,
), and some prolific creators are driven to present their efforts to
the world, for completeness (e.g., ).
   But aside from these exceptions, amateur efforts are disseminated
mainly by word-of-mouth; focused hobbyist groups,
newsgroups/discussion boards, and conventions; and small-circulation
publications -- with minimal aggregation or formal archiving of these
efforts.  The vast majority of skilled amateur efforts are probably
never known to anyone but the creator and a few close circles of

   I hope that services like Google Answers will help to broaden these
circles of knowledge and bridge this gap!

Subject: Re: [gear._] Functional wizard's robes
From: tez-ga on 29 Nov 2002 14:07 PST
...and are the rivets in jeans still functional?  they were a big deal
back when the patent came out, but don't see much use nowadays.

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