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Q: nutritional value of bone marrow ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: nutritional value of bone marrow
Category: Health > Fitness and Nutrition
Asked by: wadboo-ga
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Posted: 22 Nov 2002 17:14 PST
Expires: 22 Dec 2002 17:14 PST
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For the first time, I saw "bone marrow" on the menu in a restaurant. 
When I ordered it, I got some hot beef bones sitting upright (like
stumps) with a tiny spoon to scoop out the marrow.  (It was quite
good).  My question is:  What is the nutritional value to humans in
eating beef bone marrow?  The reason I prefaced this question with my
dining story is because I wanted to make sure you understood what I'm
asking.  When I google this question, I get all kinds of websites
about bone marrow transplants or how humans can have healthy bone
marrow or the function of human bone marrow.  (This is after
eliminating answers that have to do with pets eating bone marrow.)   I
want to know what the nutritional value of eating beef bone marrow is
for humans . . . because somebody told me it was healthy and high in
protein, and possibly used to ward off colds like chicken soup, and I
want to evaluate that.  I'm interested in things like is it high in
cholesterol or fat?  If fat, is it the good fat or the bad fat?  Is it
rich in nutrients?  and so forth.
Thank you!
Subject: Re: nutritional value of bone marrow
Answered By: googlenut-ga on 23 Nov 2002 17:59 PST
Hello wadboo-ga,

It was somewhat difficult digging through the websites related to dog
food, bone marrow transplants and recipes containing bone marrow
(which happen to be quite a few); however, I was able to dig up some
information on the nutritional value of beef bone marrow to humans.

It seems that bone marrow was very important in the diet of earlier

According to a study presented at the Indiana University website

“Historically, native American hunters would pass up a thin bison
carcass, rather than eat lean muscle... or just eat the fatty bits.
This is also one reason why BONE MARROW is a very popular food among
foragers -- a great source of lipids & kcal. We will read, later,
about the implications of this type of behavior for interpreting the
patterns of meat eating among early human hunters and scavengers.”

In a report titled, “The Evolution Of Human Nutrition”, by Barry
Bogin, which appears at the website of the Center for Instructional
Technology Development at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus
(, the author
states the following:

“Subsequent analysis shows that hominids may have been collecting
bones for their marrow and brain tissue rather than for any meat still
remaining on the surface of the bone (Binford 1987). Marrow and brain
are high in fat and protein, but few carnivores have the morphology
necessary to break open large long bones.”

In an article listed at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)
website titled, “Ape-Man; Adventures in Human Evolution”,
(, the
following is stated:

“As Prof. Leslie Aiello (University College London) points out, bone
marrow is highly nutritious, and contains many important elements for
brain growth and development. It also takes much less energy to digest
than plant food. Scientists have shown that brain size was beginning
to increase in the later australopithecines, and it could all be down
to bone marrow as brain food.”

At a website called, I found an article titled
“Meat Eating More Healthy in Prehistoric Times”, dated 28-Mar-2002.
(, in which the author

“This rules out farmed foods such as dairy products, refined cereals,
added fats and salt. Instead, we should eat lean meat, fish, fresh
fruit and vegetables. The best parts of the meat are the oily brain
and bone marrow, since these are rich in healthy fats.”

It was more difficult to find discussion of the nutritional value of
bone marrow to modern humans.  I did find many websites selling
nutritional supplements containing bone marrow as well as many

Louis Arkson Inc., a manufacturer of Health Food Supplements and Skin
Care products, sells a product called Vita-Bone Marrow ( ).  They state the following:

“Bone Marrow is the essence of all vertebralis. It contains all of the
necessary nutrients to the human body, such as proteins, vitamins,
complex B, minerals (calcium , magnesium, zinc ). Bone Marrow also
contains Lecithin and Methionine.

The result is a formula displaying the following properties: 

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol level
Promotes a strong immune system”

I did find one or two comments describing beef bone marrow as a high
cholesterol food.  At, a Chicago entertainment website, I
found the following stated in a restaurant review,

“For a touch of indulgence, try the beef tenderloin, a wonderful piece
of meat served with beef marrow -- that high-cholesterol no-no -- and
some hollowed baked potatoes filled with horseradish cream.”
Published on July 3, 1998)

I also ran across several comments relating beef bone marrow with Mad
Cow disease.  I decided not to try to go into that here in
consideration of time and space.  It also seemed a bit off of the

I hope you find this information helpful.  Please ask for
clarification if you need more information.


Google Search Terms:

delicacies marrow nutrition

bone marrow beef protein -pet -transplant –donate
(this excludes the words “pet”, “transplant” and “donate” from the

"eating bone marrow"
(the quotes ensure that the exact phrase “eating bone marrow” will be

marrow -dog -recipe cholesterol (excluding the words “dog”, “recipe”
and “cholesterol”)
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