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Q: Native German speaker ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Native German speaker
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: robknows-ga
List Price: $5.00
Posted: 02 Dec 2002 14:30 PST
Expires: 01 Jan 2003 14:30 PST
Question ID: 117986
Please review the language used on our German website

For native German speakers only!

Is the used language correct? 
Can you understand the instructions?
Please give suggetions on how to improve/adjust the information/text.
Subject: Re: Native German speaker
Answered By: gwagner-ga on 02 Dec 2002 14:58 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi robknows,

Thanks for your question. I am a German native speaker, so please
excuse my English. The instructions are definitely clear, but there
are some phrases that could be put in better idiomatic wording. I'll
go through the entire site, adding my 3 cents here and there.

Title: good, although I'd add spaces every after comma.

Meta tag "Keywords": I'd put everything in capital letters; i.e.
'Preisvergleich, Flug, Fluege, Flüge, Reisen, Reise, billig, billiger,
Flugreisen, Linienflüge, Reisebüro, Reisebüros, Fliegen, Urlaub,
Vergleich, Suchmaschine, Flugsuche, Meta, Buchen, Info, Information,
Informationen, Infos, Länder, Ferien, günstig, guenstig, opodo, KLM'>

Meta tag "Description, improved wording: 'Sehr schnell und
unkomplizierte Preisvergleiche fuer alle Flugangebote.'

Top (date): Should be in the form "2. Dezember" instead of "Dezember

Instructions: "1.Waehlen Sie den Zielflughafen  2.Guenstigste
Flugpreise werden automatisch angezeigt  3.Klicken Sie das Logo fuer
mehr Fluginformationen"

"mehr Zielorte" instead of "mehr Zielorten"

Bottom of page (I added all corrections within the text):

"Ueber GefundenesFliegen

Sie moechten die besten Flug Angebote einfach online finden? 
Gefundenes fliegen nimmt Ihnen dabei die Arbeit ab, indem es fuer Sie
taeglich alle Internetseiten mit Sonderangeboten besucht und alle
Angebote uebersichtlich auf einer Seite zusammenbringt.

Waehlen Sie einfach den Zielflughafen und der Flugpreis zeigt zich
sofort automatisch!

Klicken Sie auf das Logo und Sie werden gleich zu den
Fluginformationen weitergeleitet.

Haben wir eine gute Webseite vergessen? 
Bitte informieren Sie uns auf, und wir
werden es uns ueberlegen."

I'd also replace every "ue", "ae" and "oe" on your page with the
corresponding "Umlaute" (u with two dots, a with two dots, and o with
two dots). The HTML tags would be "ü" for "ue", "Ü" for
"Ue", "ä" for "ae", etc. Germans tend to be picky about seeing
their favorite Characters with the appropriate dots over them.

I also checked Everything
on there is okay.

By the way, this is an absolutely fantastic service! One info you
might add though is which airport(s) the flights will depart from. I
assume it's from anywhere in Germany, but it might still make sense to
make that clear on the page.

Hope that helps. Please let me know if I can be of any further

Bis bald,

Request for Answer Clarification by robknows-ga on 03 Dec 2002 00:59 PST
Dear G Wagner,

Thanks very much for your help, I love this kind of service!

By the way, any comments on the name "Gefundenes Fliegen" (does it

The adjustments have been made, can you give it a final check? Should
you have any suggestions or comments in the future, please send an
email(adress on website) to me.

Dank für ihren hilfe,

Robert van den Berg

Clarification of Answer by gwagner-ga on 03 Dec 2002 01:36 PST
Dear Robert,

Thanks for your note. Looks great! Only a few more things:
It'd be great if you could add a dot after the day in the date on top;
i.e. "3. Dezember" instead of "3 Dezember".
"Flug Angebote" should be "Flugangebote" (gotta love these German
compound words...). It appears both in bold towards the top and in the
first line of your short paragraph on the bottom.
In the very last line of the page change ""
to "" and change the "Wir" and "Es" to "wir"
and "es", respectively.
I'd also create a "mailto:" tag for your email address in the last
line. If you are afraid of too much spam from robots visiting your
site, you could use the trick of "hiding" your mailto tag by using
AscII numbers instead of actual letters. E.g. Instead of simply
writing "<a href=""></a>"
you could use "<a href="&#109;ailto&#58;info&#64;&#103;efundenesfliegen&#46;de"></a>".
I'm actually not sure how effective this is, but it's better than
nothing and it doesn't make a difference to your (human) visitors.
One more remark on the site design: For some reason, Internet Explorer
5.2 for Mac (running on Mac OS 10.2.1) makes the page about twice as
long as it should be by adding a lot of empty space on the bottom.
It's not really an issue, but in case you know a quick workaround for
this, it'd probably be worth it.
As for the name "Gefundenes Fliegen", I think it is pretty clever. I'm
really not much of a branding expert, but I guess pages that tend to
stick often have the oddest names. For example, I wouldn't even be
able to tell you what is, but everybody seems to know The same with travel sites. Ever heard of So how about I would rank along the same lines of travelocity. It's not the
kind of URL you would simply guess and immediately type in (like
perhaps, but having it seen somewhere once
should definitely be enough to remember. That said, I'd definitely
invest in,, and perhaps even and No need to advertise all these different URLs,
but it usually doesn't take long for certain pages to appear and it's
usually pretty tough to get rid of them again ( probably
being the best example).
Oops, just saw one more thing: I'd change "Rückflug" on top of the
edit fields spitting out prices to "Rundflug". "Rückflug" means
"flight back", "Rundflug" means "flight there and back". I think
that'd make it even clearer.
Okay, that'd be it. Good luck with your site! I'll make sure to use it
next time I try to book a plane ticket.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,

Clarification of Answer by gwagner-ga on 03 Dec 2002 01:47 PST
Just checked the pulldown menus as well. "Boedapest" should be
"Budapest" and "Boekarest" should be "Bukarest". "Graz" is currently
listed in the North America category; it's actually in Austria.
"Koewait" should be "Kuwait". "Dominikaanse Republiek" should be
"Domonikanische Republik". "Turijn" should be "Turin". I believe
that's all of them.

Best wishes,

Clarification of Answer by gwagner-ga on 05 Dec 2002 17:21 PST
Hi Robknows,
me again. Somebody just pointed out to me a mistake in my last
clarification. "Dominikaanse Republiek" should not be "Domonikanische
Republik," but rather "Dominikanische Republik."
Thanks for the tip and your kind feedback!
robknows-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00
My first encounter with Google Answers is a great experience.
I have been helped by a researcher who understands my needs and is
really involved in getting a good solution. Furthermore the service is
fast an very affordable, worthy of tipping!

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