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Q: Finding datasafe dvd-r discs ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Finding datasafe dvd-r discs
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: gregoryew-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 07 Dec 2002 18:19 PST
Expires: 06 Jan 2003 18:19 PST
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Where in the US can I order datasafe dvd-r discs online in quantities
of around 100 for the lowest price? Thanks.

Request for Question Clarification by lot-ga on 07 Dec 2002 20:32 PST
Presumably you are after 2x speed 4.7gb disks.
I found other brands for around 69 cents each, and this was a target I
was setting for lowest price, did you have any figure in mind?
Datasafe does not appear to be popular in the U.S. (very common in the
UK though).
kind regards

Clarification of Question by gregoryew-ga on 07 Dec 2002 20:50 PST
Are they as reliable as the datasafe?  I have heard that datasafe is
very reliable.  I would be interested in the 2x speeds.  I was hoping
for around 85 cents a disc.  Thanks for your help.

Request for Question Clarification by lot-ga on 07 Dec 2002 21:07 PST
Hello gregoryew-ga
I don't think there have been tests to verify they are more/less
reliable as datasafe, another issue is compatibility with drives. If
you are happy with datasafe, let's stick with datasafe.
I forgot to mention, are you looking for jewel cases as the majority
of the cheap prices for the other brands I think are supplied on
kind regards

Clarification of Question by gregoryew-ga on 07 Dec 2002 21:24 PST
I would like the ones on the spindle.  Can you also tell me about the
ones you found for 69 cents.  I am concerned about quality because I
found this brand called Princo which had some bad discs in it.  But
the ones which did burn correctly seem to work in my dvd player just
fine.  Thanks for your help.

Clarification of Question by gregoryew-ga on 07 Dec 2002 21:26 PST
Please note that I have a never tried Datasafe only heard that they
were inexpensive and very reliable.

Request for Question Clarification by lot-ga on 08 Dec 2002 03:45 PST
OK, I will try to locate a dvd-r review too (if there is one), and
list some options for you. Can you tell me your drive model, to ensure
kind regards

Clarification of Question by gregoryew-ga on 08 Dec 2002 08:26 PST
Thanks, the model of the drive I use to burn the dvds is a Sony
DRU-500A.  The DVD player I have is a JVC XV-S500.  Thanks for your
Subject: Re: Finding datasafe dvd-r discs
Answered By: lot-ga on 08 Dec 2002 14:14 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello gregoryew-ga

The cheapest price I could find for datasafe DVD-R was $2.55 each.
datasafe in the States is very rare indeed, no one seems to carry it.
For a pack of 100 $255 (no cases)

I found out from this store wcwmedia, that datasafe is now know as
(ignore price as this is a UK store)

Here is a review of the 'datasafe' dvd-r disk at
but bear in mind these are only comments on the disk and most users
are using Pioneer drives not Sony.

Excerpt from news homepage
"No More Ritek G03 Discs?
Our resident DVD Guru Flash has been hearing rumours in chatrooms and
forums all over the net that Ritek have stopped producing the much
loved G03 DVD disc. This disc is the basis for many leading brands of
DVD-R including the new Datasafe disc that was reviewed here" [above].
Published Dec 07, 2002 - 04:27 PM 

So rumours suggest the datasafe 'is' Ritek, though there is no
confirmation from any official sources. Anyhow the main issue is
compatibility and the Sony DRU-500A is particularly fussy, depending
on burning software used and the firmware.... it just so happens that
the Ritek is reported to work quite happily with the Sony drive..
coincidence or does Ritek = datasafe ? ... read on!

Excerpts from 'The DVD Writers and Recorders feature and
user comments list' - Sony DRU500A :
"The NEC and Sony are both currently * less media friendly (due to
their 'dual DVD' burning capability) than other DVD-R/+R drives, so
check compatibility before buying media in bulk... "
Comments posted by Josh Tennison who rated this Writer 9 of 10 -
November 03 2002

The following are excerpts from the same thread to highlighting the
compatibility issue:

"Here's a small summary of my findings: 
No problems with: 
- Verbatim DVD-R 2x. 10+ burnt, no coasters (This surprised me since
even Verbatim says they will not work).
- Verbatim DVD-R 1x. 3 burnt, no coasters 
- Memorex DVD-R 1x. 6 burnt, no coasters 
- Ritek DVD-R 2x. 3 burnt, no coaters (yes everyone, go out and buy $1
Ritek media. It works with the sony!!)
- Sony DVD-R 2x. Just 1 burnt, no coasters. 
- Sony DVD-RW 2x. Just 1 burnt, no coasters. 
- Sony DVD+RW. Just 1 burnt, no coasters. 
- Fuji DVD+RW. 2 burnt, no coasters. 
Problems with: 
- HP DVD+R 2.5x. 1 coaster. 
- Memorex DVD+R 2.5x. 3 coasters"
Comments posted by Ponsui who rated this Writer 10 of 10 - October 31

"For all you movie people out there. I used ULEAD DVD Workshop and
DVD-IT to burn DVD's every time no problem. I use TDK +/-R / RW, call
Sony or look on the support web site for TYPES OF BLANK DVD's
supported. This is the reason for most of your problems. IT IS THE WAY
into the same situations with Imation brand, and Sony told me not to
use it. Now it works with TDK, as they recommended."
Comments posted by Mark who rated this Writer No rating - November 26

"Received this unit on Friday, have used with the following DVD-R: 
7 DVD's burned with no coasters. 
Reconized by Pinnacle Studio version 8.3 will only burn at 1x. 
The unit installed easily in my Dell Dimension 8200 with no clearance
This is a very good unit and will only get better as software /
firmware is updated.
Comments posted by Badu who rated this Writer 10 of 10 - November 24

".. I was given 3 Disks to test. A +and-R Inifiniti and a -R
Diskplanet from
All disks burned and finalised without problem and all played in my
Samsung DVD S-224 player. Programs were a 12 minute promo and a 45
minute documentary, made by me.
I also played all the disks in a JVC XV-522 without problem, but a
Sanyo DVD 7201 would not play either of the -R disks. I suspect that
this is a trait of the player not the disks."
Ray who rated this Writer 9 of 10 - November 21 2002 

"I am running test burns on the Media TEST PACK available at
This pack includes: 2pcs Ritek DVD-R, 2pcs SUPERMEDIA DVD-R, 2pcs
DVDPRO DVD-R, 2pcs Optodisc DVD-R, and 2pcs Optodisc DVD-RW, Each in a
Jewel Case. ALL of these disks are 1X.
I have already confirmed the RITEK works WITHOUT ISSUE. 
I will run a test with 1 DVD-R of each make with the current original
firmware, and then I will run the exact same tests with the firmware
I will post the results here and on the forum. 
Also, a co-worker also bought the 500A and has a 100-spindle of DVDPRO
2X media and he reports 32 successful burns AT DOUBLE SPEED!"
Comments posted by Resdog70 who rated this Writer No rating - November
13 2002

*I highly recommend you read the whole thread above.. it's packed with

From the extensive feedback of owners on that long thread, my (very)
generalized conclusion of DVD-R compatibility with the Sony DRU-500A
is as follows,

(Ritek offering by far the better value - see prices below)


Please be aware although the Ritek's are rated at 2x it appears that
only certain recorders can write at that speed and only with certain
firmware 1.0F ( )
seems to be the latest.

Prices I sourced for the Ritek disks:

Ritek 2x speed 4.7gb with case and free delivery $113

Ritek 2x speed 4.7gb with case and free delivery $112

TDK 2X DVD-R Media 4.7GB General Use in Jewel Case (DVD-R47A) 100 Pack
$3.19 Each

Sony DVDR Recordable DVD blank media Discs Sale price: $5.90 each

The following are prices without cases

Ritek 2x speed 4.7gb 100 pcs  $89
( )
Shipping rates
( )

Ritek 2x speed 4.7gb 100 pcs  $82

Ritek 2x speed 4.7gb 100 pcs  $82

TDK 80 Pack 4.7GB DVD-R 2X Media for General Use in Cake Box $2.89

I did not source any documented issues for your JVC XV-S500, though it
is always wise to order a handful of disks for testing before you
place a bulk order.

Search Strategy:
"dvd-r" media test OR review OR comparison
reliable "dvd-r" media test OR review OR comparison
datawrite "dvd-r" -uk
datasafe "dvd-r" -uk

I hope that helps, if you need any clarification of the answer just

kind regards

Clarification of Answer by lot-ga on 08 Dec 2002 14:29 PST
Sorry, I forgot to mention the 69 cent disks
4.7GB DvdPro DVDR, (DVD-R Blank Media) 100pack dvdr
100pack dvdr from $0.69 each 

Though they may not be compatible, however one person in the forum
says it worked for them, maybe try the odd one as a test? I would tend
to stick to Ridata as there is more documented feedback. Sony is the
best (Sony media, Sony drive) but doesn't come cheap.

gregoryew-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Great response. very through and informative. thanks for all the help.

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