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Q: Digitize Super-8 Films ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   5 Comments )
Subject: Digitize Super-8 Films
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Movies and Film
Asked by: subwave-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 20 Dec 2002 04:32 PST
Expires: 19 Jan 2003 04:32 PST
Question ID: 127266
Where can I buy a machine to scan Super-8 films (automatically) to an
AVI or mpeg Video? Can also only be 100s of numbered jpgs. Film must
be transported with a motor. Recognition of each image.. Cannot be
such a complex machine. Who would be able to build one if not
available on the market ?

Request for Question Clarification by scriptor-ga on 20 Dec 2002 05:33 PST
Dear subwave,

I have found first traces of the necessary equipment. However, it is
very, very expensive. Do you, despite this, want an answer?


Request for Question Clarification by vinods-ga on 20 Dec 2002 06:09 PST
Hi subwave, 

I have found for you the following: 

1. Realtime 15fps - Uses standard video camera - No computer needed -
Dual 8mm
2. 20fps - Uses standard video camera - No computer needed - Dual 8mm
3. Realtime 24fps - Uses standard video camera - No computer needed -
Dual 8mm
 --- $695.00 (any of the above)

4. Single speed auto frame transfer - Dual 8mm - Computer required 
PAL Compatible 
 --- $995

5. Multi-speed auto frame transfer - Dual 8mm - Computer required 
PAL Compatible 
 --- $1295

6. Dual 8mm - 15, 18, 24, 30fps Auto pulldown - Built in camera 
 --- $9,995.00 

All exclude S&H. 

"This is a serious transfer unit for both the commercial telecine
business or the home 8mm enthusiast. The end result is a flicker free
image that is sharp corner to corner with no hot spot and a clarity
once reserved for only the finest professional transfer houses."

This apart, if you have a specific requirement that may not be on
these machines, this person would be able to re-design or construct
another machine for you. How does this sound to you?

warm regards

Clarification of Question by subwave-ga on 20 Dec 2002 07:46 PST
thanks very much for all your very interesting comments so far. 
maybe an other aspect : Some of my parents films are in a rather bad
shape. I would not dare to put them in the projector anymore. So it
would be needed that i can take single filmstrips au maybe 4m and feed
them into the machine.
Therefore vinods propostions 1 to 3 are probably not so interesting..
4. Single speed auto frame transfer - Dual 8mm - Computer required  
PAL Compatible  
 --- $995 
sounds most interesting. Price is high but OK if makes the process
really easy. Also I prefer to do it with a computer as we have many
standing around here (I have a webdesign company).

Some of the filrolls of my parants are now digitized (have not seen
quality yet) and they payed at least $70 per roll. So maybe also the
service of that company could be interesting for the rest of the

Thanks very much - great service !!!!
Subject: Re: Digitize Super-8 Films
Answered By: vinods-ga on 20 Dec 2002 08:47 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Subwave, 

I take it from your recent 'clarification' that you are interested in
my answer. So, here it is!

[ ]

The Video WorkPrinter - Single speed auto frame transfer - Dual 8mm -
Computer required PAL Compatible
[ ]

Shipping and Handling : For international orders please contact Roger

"Each unit is hand built when an order comes in. There is no back
stock. Due to the overwhelming response we've encountered with these
products, please allow 45-60 days for delivery from date funds clear
your bank. Though every effort will be made to accommodate this
delivery schedule, specific turn-around time is not guaranteed unless
rush charges are in effect.
Rush orders will incur a 50% premium added to the overall purchase
-- from [ ]

"When you order something from me, know that there is no back stock.
Each unit is produced on demand and it will be hand crafted and not
stamped out in a factory by an uncaring worker that doesn't know your
-- from [ ]

email : 
contact person : Roger Evans 
tel : toll free 1-8MM-TEL-CINE, 7 days a week (Houston on Central
Standard Time)

Please do get back to me if you need any more information. 

warm regards

search strategy: 
Super-8 telecine
8mm telecine
subwave-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
very good - solved many questions i had since years in 10 minutes

Subject: Re: Digitize Super-8 Films
From: arimathea-ga on 20 Dec 2002 05:02 PST
It seems like services exist to do this, but I couldn't find any
equipment manufacturers.  Would a service suffice?
Subject: Re: Digitize Super-8 Films
From: subwave-ga on 20 Dec 2002 06:08 PST
no thanks, i heard about VERY expensive equipment, but in my opinion
such a machine is quite simple to construct and its price should not
be more tahn maybe $500
Subject: Re: Digitize Super-8 Films
From: subwave-ga on 20 Dec 2002 06:11 PST
to arimathea-ga : 

no, I know alraedy a service here in switzerland and it's also very
expensive. I'm interested to digitize for my parent's Super8 movies
and when that works fine I'd like to offer the service myself.
Subject: Re: Digitize Super-8 Films
From: smudgy-ga on 20 Dec 2002 07:25 PST
The same company that vinods refers to in his request for
clarification also offers film transfers at $15-18 per 50-foot roll. I
know you have already stated that you are not interested in transfer
services, but I thought I would mention the price of this particular
service (which seems relatively cheap to me); also since I don't know
how much film transfer services are charging in Switzerland--the price
might be quite different there. The company mentioned in vinods' RFC
is in the US, so you would have to pay shipping for the film transfer.

Also, regarding the construction of film transfer machines: in
principle they are very simple (especially realtime transfers):
Project the film, and then have a camera record the projection.
However, there are several technical aspects which make a specialized
(and therefore somewhat expensive) machine important. The shutter
speeds and timing of the camera and the projector have to be perfectly
in sync, otherwise the camera will record a flickering image (think
about how a computer screen appears on the television). Also,
alignment of the camera and projection are critical. The quality and
resolution of the camera is important as well, to insure proper
capturing of the film's distinctive look. This explains the somewhat
high prices of even the realtime transfer machines.
Subject: Re: Digitize Super-8 Films
From: vinods-ga on 20 Dec 2002 07:44 PST
Hi smudgy, 

while you are right about these expensive machines, the main issue out
here is not the shutter speeds but the 'head' in these machines. The
head refers to that part that houses the film gate and the CCD device.
More advanced telecine machines like Cintel Ursa [ ] have extended facilities to reduce jittery
movement, and also offer colour correction, gamma and advanced
exposure control. These devices use CCD devices directly and have
video circuitry built in to provide Component Y, Cr, Cb or RGB out to
video recorders. Moreover, they also have burn-in Timecode facilities.

I was at film school for 6 years and work in the same field. :)

warm regards

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