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Q: MP3 players ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: MP3 players
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: siliconvalleychic-ga
List Price: $5.50
Posted: 05 May 2002 09:14 PDT
Expires: 07 Jun 2002 23:07 PDT
Question ID: 13212
I am interested in buying an MP3 player. I want a product comparison
that will tell me what the different features are for the major brands
and what an increase in price will offer me (is it just more memory?)
I am particularly interested in which player is best for using during
my workouts / training.
Pointing me just to sites like CNET or Epinions is not satisfactory --
i want the information put into one answer.

Request for Question Clarification by answerguru-ga on 05 May 2002 11:39 PDT
Hi there. 
Just curious what exactly you're looking for you want the
comparison to be typed into the answer? You are aware that anyone who
does this is almost certain to simply take this information from a
site like CNET of Epinions right?
In addition, I'm not sure if you're aware just how many MP3 players
are actually on the market...remember that a $4 question will get a $4
answer :0)

Clarification of Question by siliconvalleychic-ga on 05 May 2002 12:01 PDT
Here's what i am looking for: Information on the top MP3 players and
how to choose between them. Yes, I realize that there are sites out
there i said in my question... that provide comparisons, what I
am looking for is a recommendation on what to buy (and why) or/and how
to choose between the numerous players out there. so, just a mere
"comparison" of a hundred MP3 players won't do. ***I want reviews and
information compiled in an answer.*** In particular I am looking for a
player that works well for someone who is active (i.e. can i run with
this player?). I think that because much of this information is
readily available, and what I am mostly asking for is for this
information to be COLLATED into one answer...this is an ideal $4
question (esp compared to other $4 questions).  

Request for Question Clarification by ldcdc-ga on 11 May 2002 18:31 PDT

Uhh... What you're asking for would take hours - if I would do it for
me. But to select and decide the best choices for you is something
that I just can't do. There are also things that I don't know the
answer to, like how much money you'd have to spend.

Anyway, here's what I found for you: a guide to better understand MP3
player selection + technical information on each MP3 player + customer
ratings and testimonials. Would this information answer your question?



Request for Question Clarification by ldcdc-ga on 11 May 2002 18:35 PDT
I will provide you the links to find that information, but you will
have to take time and further select the right MP3 player for you.

Clarification of Question by siliconvalleychic-ga on 12 May 2002 02:56 PDT
Hi. All i'm looking for is the list of MP3 players narrowed down to
one's that (a) have a good reputation & come from a major brand, (b)
can play music for over 45 minutes  and (c) work well for someone who
is going to be using the player primarily when working out -- i.e.
those bulky ones don't work. I don't think this is a particularly hard
question. I want a list of the 5 top choices considering my needs.
Cost does not matter. If you want to point me to a site with
information, that's fine -- but quote the material -- i want to know
why visiting that site is relevent and what it is going to tell me.
That's why i didn't want to be pointed to just epinions, i don't want
to have to filter things, i am asking for you to filter things for
me....i would also like basic product information -- which i think you
can probably quote as i've seen on other answers.

Clarification of Question by siliconvalleychic-ga on 12 May 2002 02:58 PDT
if all you have is a guide that has been posted on the net, i would
think that would be a great comment, but not really an answer to my
question. I would appreciate that information though.

Request for Question Clarification by ldcdc-ga on 12 May 2002 07:29 PDT
I just can't do that. It would take a lot of time to sort the best
product for your need. I spent about 2 hours surfing arround and
reading about MP3 players.
For a 5$ fee only a salesman at some electronics shop would give you
the right answer. Sorry, but that's the way it is.

I suggets you search at  and
for more testimonials on MP3 players. Or try to get an answer to your
question from sales person at a regular electronics shop.


Subject: Re: MP3 players
Answered By: penguin-ga on 12 May 2002 16:20 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi SiliconValleyChic!

I have located five MP3 players with a great reputation that will play
music for more that 45 minutes and will be inconspicuous during your
workouts. The list only took about 15 minutes to find, while
organizing the data in a comprehensive format was the most lenghty
process of this answer. As mentioned in the comments, there are some
great sites filled with customer reviews on-line, and Google Answers
is a great place to put this information on one page for our

1. Digitalway MPIO-DMK (128 MB) . This a small and very useful MP3
player. I think its light weight (1.05 ounces excluding battery) and
its small 3.5 x 1.14 x 0.91 inch size will be perfect for use while
you train. It offers 10-15 hours of playing time with a single AAA
battery. You also get 128 MB built-in flash memory, USB data transfer
port, and graphic multi-language LCD with back light. Included with
your new DMK MP3 player is an installation CD, USB cable, necklace
earphones, belt clip, armband, and user’s guide. The unit is available
in silver and blue. The latest independent review calls the DMK
"EXCELLENT" and gives it a 10 out of 10 rating: 
You can get all this for about $209.
DGN Depot

2.  The Rio Riot by SonicBlue. This is a 10 ounce portable player that
measures 5 3/8" x 3 5/8" x 1 /3/8". This player comes with a manual,
an AC adaptor for home or work use, a carrying case, a rechargeable
ionic battery, and headphones for easy portable playing. The software
includes Real Jukebox 2.0 (PC), MoodLogic (PC, license key), Apple
iTunes (Mac).  The key features that make this such a great player are
the 20 GB drive that stores over 400 complete albums at high-quality,
Built-in FM Tuner with custom presets, extra-large backlit LCD,
exclusive Rio LogiTrack interface makes it incredibly easy to find,
sort and play your favorite songs, Rio DJ remembers your favorite
songs and creates custom mixes. Cnet reviewers seem to like the Rio
Riots huge storage capacity, but feel it is too bulky to fit in your
While the list price is closer to $400, you can buy the Rio Riot for
$328.95 at

3.   Panasonic SV-SD05 . This is a practical hands-free MP3 player
without the wires of other players. It comes with a sleek carrying
case, 64MB SD memory card with storage case, CD-ROM (PC software
including SD Jukebox), USB reader/writer, Rechargeable battery and
charger. It folds for convenient storage, and will not skip during
your workouts.  Software includes RealJukebox, SD Jukebox. One
disadvantage to this product is its one size fits all. If the
headphones are too heavy (3.2 ounces), or if the fit isn’t perfect, it
could fall off your head while working out.
ZDNet Reviews,12071,454253,00.html$259.95
is the going price at Planet
( ). 

4.  Intel Pocket Concert.  This light weight (3.2 ounces) and small
(3.8” X 2.4” X 0.9”) portable MP3 player with digital tuner with
10-station preset may be just what you need.  This unit has been
reviewed by its users to have very high sound quality. With 128 MB
memory will play two hours of your favorite songs. Software includes
Intel Audio Manager, Intel Audio Sampler , and MusicMatch Jukebox 5.2.
 It comes with headphones, belt clip and a PC connection kit. The
variety of playback modes including program play, skip playback,
repeat all, random play, and one track repeat makes this player one of
the most versatile in its class.  And check out these other features:
Battery level indication, hold button, jog dial, bass & treble
control, pause function, digital volume control. These extra features
are a value at the list price of $279.95. Amazon also
offers alternate headphones if the stock pair does not work out for
5. Sony MC-P10 Music Clip.  This 64MB MP3 player weighs only 1.7
ounces and runs on just one AA battery.  It comes with headphones, USB
cable, and a neck strap. Next tag sells this pen-sized product for
$300. Its very small, but does not have some of the features that
other players have.

6. S2 Sports™ MP3 CD WalkmanŽ.  This player is the most ideal for your
needs. What makes this player stand out from the competition is its
water resistant! It has the Skip Free G-Protection Technology that
reduces skipping in many new Sony products. There are 9 playback modes
to adjust while listening to 24 hours of continuous playback!  It has
a joystick that fits in the palm of your hand for control while
running, biking, skating, or walking! All this for the low price of
$149.95 from Sony Style!

Search Terms Used: 

portable MP3 player sports –apple

I hope this helps!


Clarification of Answer by penguin-ga on 12 May 2002 17:13 PDT
Hello again, SiliconValleyChic!

I forgot to add the protable MP3 player that is made for sport use,
the Nike PSA120 Portable Sport Audio MP3 Player.It is lightweight (
2.7 ounces) and small ( 0.9” X 2.75” X 3.1 “ ) which makes it perfect
for your workouts. It has a wearable remote control, a nice oval shape
that can fit in a pocket, and small headphones.

PC911 sells this produce for $147.85, which makes it the best deal for
the features it provides.

I really think you will like this one!
siliconvalleychic-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Thank you Penguin!!! That was exactly what i was looking for. AWESOME!
I'm going to test out that teeny little Digital MPIO -- how cool is
that? and the Nike and the intel pocket concert. this is great. I'm
printing out your answer and taking it to the store with me tomorrow.
This is excellent! yeah!

Subject: Re: MP3 players
From: joey-ga on 05 May 2002 10:52 PDT
Haha, this is in direct contradiction with your request (which is why
I'm not posting this as an answer), but c|net has a tool that lets you
directly compare between any number of players, showing the range of
prices for each, the features, the memory, the weight, etc.

Go to the following page:,10126,0-6342420-1302-0,00.html?tag=dir

Click the checkboxes adjacent to the models you'd like to compare, and
then click the "compare" button at the bottom left.

I really don't think that anyone could offer you any more
comprehensive of details than this across all of these models.
Subject: Personal Experience
From: seedy-ga on 05 May 2002 15:18 PDT
Do you want to run to music or make music to run.....You can spend an
awful lot of time downloading, preparing, and transferring when you
want to be running.  Assuming you have made that decision already and
are interested in PC technology (the Apple IPOD works the best with
the best memory and size)....I'll provide three reviews from personal

1.	High End:   	Intel Pocket Concert  about $274
	Great machine, easy to use software, great sound quality.  I've had
no problem with the headphone jack but some problems have been
reported.  128meg memory internal. Very compact size no skips. 
Problem is that you load the thing up with 30 songs or so.  When you
want to change them, you get rid of one and load the new one which
loads at the end of the set.  No ability to shuffle the mix once
you've loaded them up.
2.	Medium End:	Compaq iPaq PA-1  about $99 to $249 (shop this one)
	Easy to use. Lousy headphones (I hate ear buds) Software has some
issues. Since you can load extra Smart Media cards, you can load the
card and use it to augment without replacing the whole memory.
3.	Low End:	iRok 520	about $99 available at Radio Shack its not full of features..It's small, good sound, I threw the
ear buds away and you can change the music on smart media cards you
have to give it versatility....I use this one all the time and figure
I'll throw it away if it breaks.
Subject: Re: MP3 players
From: joelpt-ga on 06 May 2002 05:49 PDT
Try  This site is dedicated solely to
compiling product rankings/reviews (from real users) and
specifications and making them available in categories.  Look for
those players which (1) have a large number of user reviews, and (2)
have a high overall ranking.  Once you narrow it down to a few popular
choices, read the user reviews -- you'll quickly find out what
problems people are persistently having (or avoiding) with that

Another good source for consumer as well as pro reviews is

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