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Q: Increasing Images' Dimensions, Batch processing (techtor, easterangle, feilong) ( Answered 3 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: Increasing Images' Dimensions, Batch processing (techtor, easterangle, feilong)
Category: Computers > Software
Asked by: octopia-ga
List Price: $8.00
Posted: 06 Jan 2003 20:50 PST
Expires: 05 Feb 2003 20:50 PST
Question ID: 138613
Hi all…

I am trying to increase the size a couple of thousand images, but
going manually would not be very practical.  Is there a software that
could enlarge the size/dimensions of a group of images as a batch?

Request for Question Clarification by hailstorm-ga on 06 Jan 2003 21:27 PST

Are you doing this for the purpose of posting the images on the web?
If so, you don't necessarily have to change the images at all, just
increase the HEIGHT and WIDTH attributes in the IMG tag used to
display them.

Request for Question Clarification by webadept-ga on 06 Jan 2003 21:36 PST
Are they all increasing by the same amount, and is this a percentage
or a fixed amout? I can put together a fast program that can do this
for you if this is a one shot deal, and no one else can find something
that will do it in batch for you.


Request for Question Clarification by ragingacademic-ga on 06 Jan 2003 21:45 PST
octopia -

I have a program that does this, I think it cost $20 or $30 - I could
direct you to the companies' site.  A free trial should also be

But - are you interested in responses from researchers other than
techtor, easterangle and feilong?


Clarification of Question by octopia-ga on 06 Jan 2003 23:29 PST
Thanks hailstorm, webdept, & ragingacademic for your prompt reply, 

Here are answers to the points that you have raised: 
	Using for web: Not the case, they are not intended for the web. It
is an offline image processing task that requires me to increase the
dimension of each image and save under a different name.
	Sizes of Enlarged Images: Yes, each batch will be using images of
the same size, and requires changing the dimensions equally by the
same amount, e.g., doubling the sizes of all images.
	Custom-development of software: Sure, that would be useful, please
send me more details.
	Ready-solution: That could also do that job. If you are sure that it
can do job according the requirements mention above, please let me
	Answer Sources: Not at all, I am not locking answers to techtor,
easterangle and feilong. It was meant as recognition to their quality
efforts over the last period.

Hope that answers your inquiries. If you need additional information,
please let me know.

Thanks to you all….

Request for Question Clarification by feilong-ga on 07 Jan 2003 00:03 PST
Hi Octopia,

Thanks for the recognition. In case I don't find a software that is
specifically useful for this requirement, I suggest you coordinate
with Webadept-ga. Webby is a highly experienced programmer and he can
help you on this matter. For the meantime, I'll look into your query
and get back to you as soon as possible.


Request for Question Clarification by joseleon-ga on 07 Jan 2003 00:12 PST
Hello, octopia:
  Just a quick question, do you have a license of Adobe Photoshop?, if
you have it you can use it's batch processing capabilities to resize
that images.

Subject: Re: Increasing Images' Dimensions, Batch processing (techtor, easterangle, feilo
Answered By: seizer-ga on 07 Jan 2003 03:59 PST
Rated:3 out of 5 stars
Hi there octopia! I believe I have the perfect program for you. It's
called ImageMagick, and it's completely free. It's available for
pretty much any computer system and can do simple or complex batch
conversions from most image formats to most image formats. It can even
process the image along the way, or add borders or watermarks.
Furthermore, it runs from the command line, which should make the
image processing as fast as possible - a real concern if you're
working with this many images.

For the purposes of this example, I'll assume you're using a recent
version of Microsoft Windows. If this is not the case, I'd be happy to
assist you with using this program on other computer systems.

Firstly, get a hold of the following file, and unzip it into C:\ It
creates everything in a directory called VisualMagick.

(If you don't have a ZIP program, have a look at

Once this is accomplished, you're ready to go! Click Start --> Run,
type "command", and press ENTER. You're now using the command line.

Type "cd \VisualMagick\bin" (without the quotes).

You're in the binary directory, where the actual programs we're
interested in reside. Now let me show you an example:

Say that I have some JPEG pictures located in the c:\pictures
directory. I want to resize them all to be 640x480. From the command
prompt, I type:

for %x in (c:\pictures\*.jpg) do convert -size 640x480 %x -resize
640x480 %x.resized.jpg

This means to run the program "convert" on all the JPEGs in
c:\pictures, and resize them to 640x480, while renaming the output
file appropriately (for instance, google.jpg becomes

There are many, many options available with the "convert" program. You
can find some examples and explanations at the link below - if you
wish for further information on them, just ask.

I hope this is the kind of program you're looking for. If anything's
unclear in my explanation, or the links don't function as you'd
expect, then please request clarification before rating this answer.

Good luck, and thanks!


Search strategy: none, as I had previous knowledge of ImageMagick.
octopia-ga rated this answer:3 out of 5 stars
Thanks to all of you, especially cipher17, lot, seizer, joseleon,
webadept; and thanks for your recommendations, fielong.

I really appreciate your efforts, and here are answers to your
1.	IrfanView: The best for sure. It does the job, very flexible, and
also handles compressed tiff formats which is another feature that
helped. It took sometime to get a hang of it, but eventually it
provided the features that I am looking for. Best of all, it’s free.
2.	CrayonSoft: Not bad. User friendly. Allows for assigning new names
to the processed files. Downside is that new image are store at a high
file size, which is not suitable for processing big number (i.e.,
batches of thousands of images)
3.	VisualMagick: Somewhat basic. Limited options. Suitable for smaller
4.	Photoshop: Has this feature, but with very limited options for
output formats and naming schemes. Would say it also suitable for
smaller batches.

Thanks and wishing you all the best….

Subject: Re: Increasing Images' Dimensions, Batch processing (techtor, easterangle, feilong)
From: cipher17-ga on 07 Jan 2003 00:16 PST
Hi Octopia,
I can recommend a free software for the task you seek. Its called
irfanview I have been using it for last 3-4
years and haven't found a better image viewing and basic processing
For your task, after installing it you can go to File->Batch
Conversion and select:
1. All the files to be converted
2. Output format including JPEG2000 and lossless JPEG.
3. resize (percentage and measured amnt(inches, cm and pixels)
4. Quality of the output picture
5. Any particular conversion algorithm other than the default.

Its very easy to use, small in size and extremely fast.
Other convenient features includes slideshows, thumnail generation,
webpage (photo) generation, combining pictures to generate panaromic
pics, viewing videos in standard format. There are tons of other
features which i dont use much.

The best thing is that if their is some issues or good suggestions
Irfan acknowledges himself.

I would recommend it for your purpose.

Subject: Re: Increasing Images' Dimensions, Batch processing (techtor, easterangle, feilo
From: lot-ga on 07 Jan 2003 00:19 PST
Try this Crayonsoft
"Batch convert size, color depth, or file type"
Subject: Re: Increasing Images' Dimensions, Batch processing (techtor, easterangle, feilong)
From: owain-ga on 07 Jan 2003 15:10 PST
I second the recommendation for Irfanview.

Subject: Custom Design Sources: Webdept
From: octopia-ga on 08 Jan 2003 02:52 PST
Hi webdept,

Regarding the custom-made scripts for design software. I am looking
for some development sources for CorelDraw scripts. Please let me know
if you can handle that. If so, how should we communicate? Thanks.

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