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Q: Nursing Home Costs Across Canada ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Nursing Home Costs Across Canada
Category: Health > Seniors
Asked by: brudenell-ga
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Posted: 09 Jan 2003 06:05 PST
Expires: 08 Feb 2003 06:05 PST
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I am seeking two lists in CAN $ 1) Maximum & minimum daily rates of nursing
home costs in each province of Canada 2) Maximum paid by each
provincial government for a resident in a nursing home.

Please note: This question may be difficult to research by the web only. It may
require emails to each provincial Minister of Health and then their
respective department staff responsible for the aged will answer.

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 09 Jan 2003 13:03 PST
Hi again brudenell,

We have been working on your questions, and have a few questions of
our own.

1. Please define "nursing home".  Are you primarily interested in long
term care for seniors?

2. Costs depend greatly on the level of care (is the client
ambulatory, can they take their own meds, etc).  Do you want
comparitive costs for the lowest level of care facilities (live-in
nurse, but that's about it), or?

3. Include Quebec?

We've emailed all provinces (except Quebec), and have received one
answer back that they will "coordinate a response" in about a week! 
It looks as though phone calls are in order, but before we do that, we
should have a better idea of what exactly your needs are.

Thank you, brudenell. 


Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 10 Jan 2003 05:44 PST
Good morning Hummer-ga!

Nice to see you again 

To clarify: 1) the nursing homes that I am referring to provide
'medical' care with registered nurses on duty 24 hours per day. The
RNs are solely responsible for the passing of medications 2) It is not
necessary to include the intermediate levels of care such as 'assisted
living' where residents can take their own pills. 3) I would
appreciate costs from Quebec too. 4) An urgent reply is not required
so try the email process first. I'll wait.

I thank you for your interest in my question

Regards, Brudenell

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 10 Jan 2003 08:47 PST
Good morning Brudenell,

I'm glad you are not in a hurry, because getting the information you
seek from all ten provincial governments will take time (plus probably
a small miracle!). We have heard back from a few more of our enquiries
and all have directed us elsewhere.

1. Is this a good description of what you have in mind?
"Nursing home services are intended for those individuals who are
medically stable and who need regular nursing care and/or supervision,
or who need extensive non-nursing care. Services in a nursing home
setting emphasize the resident’s physical, social, and psychological
independence... Most nursing homes are non-profit organizations which
are privately owned and operated by a volunteer board of directors."
New Brunswick: Long Term Care Services:

If not, could you please try to be as specific as possible as to what
kind of care you are talking about (seniors only, rehab, acute care,
etc). You can use as many medical terms as you like (in fact, that is
preferred), as I have a medical background.

2. Also, are you interested in the northern regions (NWT, Yukon,

Finally, please excuse my spelling of "comparative" in my last post. 

I'll try to keep you posted as to our progress - if you don't hear
from me, it only means I have no news.  With a little luck, we will
have this wrapped up in time for my birthday (Feb 8, the same day this
question expires!).

Have patience. In time, even grass becomes milk. 
Maharaj Ji Charan Singh (1916-1990) Indian mystic.

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 10 Jan 2003 17:18 PST
Good evening Hummer-ga
The nursing home description you've provided is fine except that
across Canada the following is not always the case:" Most nursing
homes are non-profit organizations which are privately owned and
operated by a volunteer board of directors.". Most provinces have a
mix of government owned and operated, private non-profit and private
for profit. My question simply seeks answers including 1) the maximum
& minimum per diems being charged in the province regardless of the
ownership of the facility. 2) Maximum paid by each provincial
government for a resident in a nursing home. Thank you for the inquiry
about the territories. The information about the 10 provinces is
sufficient. Let's not take up too much of your time. I presume now the
trick is to find some email trigger request to move some government
bureaucrats to respond in a timely manner. It would be so easy if all
the information were available on the web- but even after 20 years the
internet library of a modern country such as Canada still can't be
surpassed by appropriately chosen personal requests. I'll bet that
there is a kindly health official in one or two of the provinces that
may have all the information I seek in a manually collected file.
Please just keep me posted on your progress from time to time. Again I
appreciate your interest in this question.

Best regards

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 13 Jan 2003 07:24 PST
Good morning Brudenell,

Just a note to let you know that we're making progress - New Brunswick
is in the bag, thanks to a response from the Department of Family and
Community Services, Nursing Home Services Branch.

Onward - thank you for your patience,

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 13 Jan 2003 17:23 PST
Hello Hummer

Good ol' New Brunswick! It will be interesting to see the sequence of
responses. Thanks for the update.


Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 14 Jan 2003 06:54 PST
Hi again brudenell,

Number two checks in: British Columbia - very nice long email.
However, to be fair, Ontario did respond quickly last week. They're
not on our "unofficial list" because I don't have the Ontario rates

I found August 2002 figures for Nova Scotia online - is that ok?

I spent quite a bit of time over the weekend searching Statistics
Canada, but came up empty handed. I was so sure the info had to be
there somewhere, I called StatsCan yesterday, but they weren't any

That's it for now - 

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 16 Jan 2003 05:11 PST
Hello Hummer
Good to see the information flowing in. Yes, on line info from Nova Scotia is fine.

Best regards

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 16 Jan 2003 08:26 PST
Hi brudenell -

I just reached the half-way mark! Here they are, in order:
NB-BC-ON-NS-QC. I ended up calling Ontario and had a nice chat with
Irv who gave me everything I needed. I've tried emailing the remaining
five provinces again after searching for different government
departments & email addresses. I'll start phoning them next week if I
still haven't heard back from them - the trick is hooking up with the
right person (Irv!).

Till next time -

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 17 Jan 2003 04:25 PST
Good morning Hummer
My guess is that there is an 'Irv' out there who could give you a list
of peers in the other provinces. Glad to see that you are at the half
way mark!

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 19 Jan 2003 12:18 PST
Hi brudenell,

Number six is in - SK. 

PEI, NF, MB & AB will hear from me again tomorrow - hopefully you'll
have your answer before too long. I agree, that there must be a list
of Irvs out there, but given the fact that not only are "nursing
homes" called something different in every province and that the
various departments who handle them are different animals from coast
to coast, it is not surprising that, by the time I'm finished, I may
end up being the only person on the planet with such a referral list!

Fingers crossed that my next post will be what you have been waiting
so patiently for -

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 20 Jan 2003 09:12 PST
Good day Hummer!
Thanks for the update. This is proving to be quite an educational
process. I very much look forward to your answer. I'm sure it'll be
worth the wait. Please take whatever time you feel is necessary.
Best regards

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 22 Jan 2003 07:46 PST
Hello brudenell,

PEI is in - had a nice chat on the phone yesterday.

Brudenell, (I have an urge to put brudie, or nellie, or somesuch -
I've written more to you this year than my own sister!), I was
wondering what happened with the Murder One CD - did you try ordering
it from Australia?

Three provinces to go - 

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 23 Jan 2003 13:42 PST
Hi brudenell,

Number eight: Manitoba.

I'll try my best to finish before the weekend - I'll need some luck, though.


Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 24 Jan 2003 06:19 PST
Good morning brudenell,

Number nine: Alberta

I'm afraid Newfoundland is going to keep us on the edge of our seats a
bit longer. Several phone calls have produced a promise that someone
will get back to me Monday - apparently the person who has the figures
we are seeking won't be available until then and that is why all my
emails, faxes and phone messages have gone unanswered.

Have a good weekend - 

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 25 Jan 2003 05:39 PST
Good Morning Hummer

Thanks for the updates. Sorry I could not get back to you earlier. I
am on the road and away from my computer until next Wednesday so there
is no need to hurry. About the CD- the information was being gathered
for someone else and it was passed along. I will inquire whether he
snapped up the one in Australia.

Best regards

Request for Question Clarification by hummer-ga on 27 Jan 2003 13:05 PST
Hi brudenell,

I hope the roads are clear of snow and ice where you are so you can
have a safe journey.  I thought I'd better send one last (I hope!)
update in case you check in hoping to find your answer. I called
Newfoundland this afternoon and was assured that they would call me
Tuesday with the figures.

And so it goes...

Clarification of Question by brudenell-ga on 28 Jan 2003 17:21 PST
Good evening Hummer
I'm home. 
Have patience with the Newfoundlanders...especially those in St.
John's. They are still digging out from three major snowfalls in a
Thanks for the update.
Subject: Re: Nursing Home Costs Across Canada
Answered By: hummer-ga on 29 Jan 2003 09:39 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Dear brudenell,

Here, finally, is the list you have been waiting for and with nine
days to spare! Québec's are the only figures that you can view online
as far as I know. Nova Scotia has August 2002 figures online, but I
was able to update them via email. As you can see, it isn't simply a
matter of comparing figures - each province has their own way of doing
things. I've tried to include contact info for each province in case
you need further explanation.

Thank you for your patience and encouragement, it has been an
interesting project. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate
to ask.

January 2003
Nursing home rates/day and maximum provincial government funding:

_____________Min____________Max_____________Gov max
NF.........$ 00.00*.......$ 92.00*..........$180.00 *
NS.........$110.00*.......$204.06*..........$204.06 *
PEI........$105.00*.......$150.00*..........$105.00 *(+ some extra
care costs)
PEI government homes, all inclusive.........$117.00 *
NB.........$111.00*.......$169.00*..........$169.00 *
QC.........$ 29.07........$ 46.78...........$ 30.15
ON.........$ 44.41........$ 62.51...........$ 44.41 **
MB.........$ 26.30........$ 61.40...........$125.00 ****
SK.........$ 27.58........$ 52.04...........$ n/a   ***
AB.........$ 28.22........$ 32.60...........$ n/a   *** 
AB: the average operating cost..............$125.00
BC.........$ 27.10........$ 50.00...........$150.00 ****
*    includes accomodation and care costs
**   plus unlimited medical expenses
***  the province funds special care homes through district/regional
health boards, each with different funding methodologies
**** approximate government maximum.
A note about Newfoundland/Labrador: if you need clarification or more
information, please call the number I've listed below. The average
resident pays $940 per month ($31/day), but it can range from $0.00
and up to a maximum of $2800 per month ($92/day). The rates are based
on a resident's income - if a resident pays $0.00, the government will
pay from $5,000 to $5500 per month to the nursing home.

Links by province:

Dept. of Health and Community Services: Phone (709)729-0624

N.S. Department of Health: Phone (902)424-5701
Continuing Care Services, Department of Health
Nova Scotia: How Nursing Home Daily Rates are Set:

Health and Social Services: Phone (902)-368 6506

Department of Family and Community Services, 
Nursing Home Services Branch: Phone 453-3030
Department of Health and Wellness

Le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux a délégué la Régie de
l'assurance maladie

phone (416) 327 7366
Ontario Ministry of Health

Private Care Home Rates: Phone (204) 786 7150
Manitoba Health – Urban Regional Support Services Continuing Care

Community Care Branch
Saskatchewan Health: Phone (306) 787 1538

Health and Wellness Ministry
phone (780) 415 2850

Home and Community Care 
Ministry of Health Services Phone (250) 952 2784

Additional Links:

Health Canada Search:

The Canadian Seniors Policies and Programs Database

Canadian Social Research Links:

Health Care Insurance Plan by province:

The Care Guide:

Health Canada Division of Aging and Seniors:

Statistics Canada
1 800 263-1136 - Toll-free general enquiries line

Canadian Institute for Health Information:

SSPD THESAURUS: Homes for the Aged:

Adult residential facility
Community care facilities
Continuing care centres
Continuing care facilities
Extended care
Health centres
Homes for the aged
Long term care facilities
Long term care hospital
Long term residential care
Multi-level care facilities
Nursing homes
Personal care homes
Residential care facilities
Retirement home
Special care homes
Congregate housing 
Continuing care 
Extended care 
Homes for the aged 
Long term care 
Nursing homes 
Personal care homes 
Reception centres 
Residential care 
Retirement homes 
Supported living 
Supportive housing

Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 31 Jan 2003 05:03 PST
Good morning Hummer

The compilation is obviously the result of a great deal of work. The
information from  NS,  NB, PEI is in line with what  I have also found
. Those provinces seem to have the lowest nursing home costs in Canada
and maybe in all of North America (but that would be a separate

Nursing homes, i.e. facilities that provide skilled nursing services
by registered nurses+ accommodations, usually cost a minimum between
$100 to $150/ day. A nursing home may not hold a license unless a
registered nurse is on duty 24/7/365.

Special care homes, personal care homes, assisted living facilities
etc. provide care below the levels of licensed nursing homes. They
provide accommodation and services usually without the expensive costs
of registered nurses on duty around the clock.
If someone were to move from their home province to another, or from
outside the country into Canada, the provincial government subsidy
does not kick in until a qualifying residency status is obtained. Some
provinces do not subsize until personal resources are depleted.

The comparative table of info that I am trying to obtain would contain
maximum & minimum daily rates of nursing home costs in each province
of Canada before possible subsidization. Also on the table would be a
column showing maximum paid by each provincial government (or
responsible agency) for a qualifying resident in a nursing home.  "Now
you tell me" you are probably thinking. The table presented is in the
format that I seek. This is a confusing subject- especially since
there are different terminologies from province to province. Imagine
how hard it is for families or individuals to understand who are under
duress to find a home for a loved one.

Shall I repost this question? You have spent considerable time
researching & learning about this subject. I accept that, in
hindsight, the question could have been clearer.

Best regards


Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 31 Jan 2003 06:37 PST
Good morning brudenell,

I hope you will allow me a little time before I respond to your
request for clarification. I will be out all day today and rather than
write a rushed reply now, I would appreciate it if I could get back to
you Saturday. However, quickly, I'm puzzled at your statement, "Also
on the table would be a
column showing maximum paid by each provincial government". In order
to avoid my chart doing a strange "wrap around", I shortened my
headings. You will find the maximum paid by each provincial government
under the heading of "max gov".

I'm really sorry that I won't be here today, I wish it could be
Talk to you Saturday -

Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 01 Feb 2003 03:33 PST
Good Morning Hummer

I didn't mean to confuse you. My apologies. I am quite satisfied with
the Gov Max table as presented in column number three. Please don't
feel compelled to respond to my request for clarification immediately-
I do realize the complexity of this question (although when I posted
the question initially, that wasn't the case). My goal is to have a
trans Canada list of the high-low range of self pay/ private pay
licensed nursing home costs and also on the list the maximum that
government/ health agency would pay in the event that a person
qualified but had insufficient funds. The reason for the latter is
that I would expect that there might be a ceiling in government etc.
contributed dollars towards subsidized beds. Having now learned how I
should have worded the question, thanks to your efforts and research,
I am willing to post a refined version 'new' question.

Best regards


Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 01 Feb 2003 14:48 PST
Dear brudenell,

I have had time to consider your clarifications and have decided to
send you more details, province by province. I've left out NS, NB and
PEI because you sound satisfied with those results. Please keep in
mind that provision of long term care is not covered by the Canada
Health Act, it is a provincial responsibility and so it varies widely
from province to province. Also, there is a fuzzy line between private
and provincial long term care facilities as they are often operating

I'm not sure what you mean by "I am willing to post a refined version
'new' question."  Please let me know after you review the information

Will look forward to hearing from you -

More details by province:

Alberta Health and Wellness provides funding regionally (RHAs) which
in turn fund the nursing home operators. Most RHAs use a "case mix
index funding system", which is reviewed once per year. Residents with
higher level of care receive more funding. The average operating cost
for long term care facilities in Alberta is $125 a day, residents pay
a portion of this through the accommodation charge ($28.22 standard,
$29.93 semi-private, $32.60 private), the remaining amount is picked
up by the public funding (a maximum amount is not available because of
the different funding methodologies used by each region).

Health and Wellness Ministry
phone (780) 415 2850


Saskatchewan does not charge per diem rates for residents in nursing
homes. The minimum charge is currently $839.00 per month and the
maximum is $1,583.00, based on income. The minimum charge is tied to
the amount of Federal Old Age Security (OAS), Guaranteed Income
Supplement (GIS) and Saskatchewan Income Plan (SIP), adjusted
quarterly, which combined provide all seniors with a minimum of $944.
Residents at this level pay $797, retaining $147 per month for drugs,
supplies and personal expenses.

Community Care Branch / Saskatchewan Health
Phone  (306) 787-1538

The minimum and maximum daily rates in Manitoba refer to the
residential/authorized charges which are the residents' portion of the
cost of care.  These rates are generally adjusted annually to reflect
changes in income and the cost of living.  The minimum rate is $26.30
per day and the maximum rate is $61.40 per day.

After a resident is assessed for their need of accommodation, basic
nursing care, assistance with daily living, physiotherapy, supplies,
etc, they are then assessed on their abiblity to pay. The maximum paid
by the Manitoba government for a resident in a personal care home is
$125 (I received a second figure of $200 per day from a different

Regional Support Services, Manitoba Health
Phone  (204) 788-6644

Private Care Home Rates: 
Phone (204) 786 7150


The fee structure is the same throughout Ontario and is regulated by
the province. The program is the responsibility of the Ministry of
Health and Long Term Care. This involves two linked major programs
known as Community Services and Long Term Care. All long-term care
facilities must provide basic accommodation for at least 40% of all
the residents, the remaining 60% may be accommodated at private and
semi-private rates. Financial assistance is available to those
residents in basic accommodation who cannot afford to pay the basic
accommodation rate.

Ontario has a total of 43 Community Care Access Centres (CCACs) across
the province. These centres are governed by independent, incorporated,
non-profit, boards of directors. The boards are accountable, through
service agreements, to the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Ontario Ministry of Health
phone (416) 327 7366 

The actual cost to the province for a resident in Long Term Care is
between $5000 to $5500 per month. The maximum that a resident would
to pay is $2800 per month.  Residents are assessed on their ability to
pay which will be anywhere from $0 to a maximum of $2800 per month.
The average resident pays about $940.00 per month, meaning the
province pays the difference, up to $5500 per month ($4000 and $4500).

Dept. of Health and Community Services 
Phone (709)729-0624


Le ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux a délégué la Régie de
l'assurance maladie: 


The minimum amount a client pays for a residential care facility is
$27.10/day and the maximum is $50.00/day. The Ministry of Health
Services provides funding to six health authorities, who in turn
provide the service directly or contract with service providers to
provide the service. The exact maximum amount paid by a health
authority for a residential care is not readily available.

Home and Community Care
Ministry of Health Services
Phone: (250) 952-2784

Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 01 Feb 2003 15:07 PST
Good evening Hummer
Thank you for the additional information. I will get back to you late Monday.

Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 01 Feb 2003 15:49 PST
Hi Brudenell,

Thank you for letting me know - I will look forward to hearing from you.


Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 03 Feb 2003 14:18 PST
Good Evening Hummer

I've called the phone numbers of the various provinces. As expected,
discounting all the voice mail, this information is proving a
challenge. At best, much of the information are approximations. Few
health department/ health agency officials  knew the provincial high
and low per diem costs. Amazingly Ontario had to have any information
clear their Access to Information Officer!  There are associations
such as the BC Care Providers Association  that had better general
information. By the way BC's range was from a high without special
services $175/day to a low of $110/day. I think the route to get each
of the other provinces will be through their respective associations
representing long term care facilities. The time is late and many of
the provinces end their day at 4:00 and 4:30pm.


Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 03 Feb 2003 19:19 PST
Hello Brudenell,

I'm assuming you are asking specifically for private nursing home
figures?  That is why you are running into estimates and privacy

Brudenell, where do we go from here?  As you can appreciate, I spent
hours on this, surfing the internet, emailing, phoning and faxing.
Alot of waiting too, and keeping the phone line open to make sure I
didn't miss a call. You said you wanted to post a revised new question
- please let me know what you have in mind for this one.


Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 04 Feb 2003 10:07 PST
Hello Hummer

My question was not only regarding the private homes. As for the
privacy issue (Ontario) I simply do not understand why this type of
information is 'private' etc. Such information is usually freely given
to the public by calling an individual facility. One would think that
a civil servant in the health system or applicable agency would know
costs. Within those systems there are social worker 'placement
officers' who deal with individuals requiring care. If a person were
to choose to relacate to another province to obtain care in the
'skilled' nursing home environment it now appears to be very, very
difficult to obtain a national spectrum list of per diem rates and
amount of provincial subsidy available (subject to residency

Where do we go from here? I sincerely appreciate the work that you
have done. At the outset I thought that this was going to be far more
straightforward. You have provided very good information and taken me
to a point where I can finish the task. I do not expect any more.
Thank you for tackling this challenge.

Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 04 Feb 2003 10:09 PST
Ooops! I meant-  relocate.

Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 04 Feb 2003 11:02 PST
Dear Brudenell,

Thank you so much for your kind words, fine rating, and generous tip
(so unexpected!). I am speechless - how is it possible to convey to
you my personal feelings via such an impersonal, public vehicle?  I'm
sorry that my efforts didn't result in exactly what you were hoping
for but I hope you are well on your way. There were times when I was
feeling very frustrated (trying to track someone down or waiting for a
return call), but that feeling was always balanced with your calm,
friendly manner. I enjoyed our little chats.

Take care, Brudenell
Very sincerely,

Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 04 Feb 2003 11:44 PST
Good Afternoon Hummer

You are most welcome! I am learning that this is not always a simple
process. It is a shame that back & forth communications, especially on
what turned into a complicated subject, are what they are. Since this
process is still in 'Beta' maybe someday in a more advanced Q & A
forum there may be a way to communication in a more direct fashion. In
the meantime I look forward to working with you again.


PS: How did you get that handle?

Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 04 Feb 2003 12:23 PST
Hi Brudenell,

"Hummer" is near and dear to my heart for two reasons. My summers just
wouldn't be the same without our little Hummingbirds - truly, watching
them is more enjoyable than television.  They have to be the funniest
creatures on this earth. We have six feeders, one on every side of the
house plus two extra. I can highly recommend the flat type feeder
(sort of like a covered dish). They come with suction cups - we have
one stuck to our kitchen window and can really watch them close up.
Anyway, I count the days till my little hummers return (we had one
male return at least six years. We know that for a fact because he had
been used to coming onto the back porch to a feeder we had there. One
year we moved the feeder to the back yard and every year thereafter,
when first he arrived in spring, he would come to the back porch,
right to the very spot the feeder used to be, looking this way and
that way for it) - if you go to
you'll be able to track the hummers on a map as they move north. It's
great fun, hoping to be the first in your area to see a hummer in the
spring and getting him registered on the map.

My other hummer was my mother. My mother hummed her way through my
childhood - she was always humming no matter what she was doing, the
dishes, the laundry or just driving the car.  At the time, I swore
that I would never hum when I got older, but I guess it's in me
because I do hum (not as much as she did) and I never stop myself when
I realize I'm doing it because it always makes me think of her.

So now I will be waiting to hear all about "Brudenell". I think of you
as "broody" in my mind, which is a compliment (really!).


Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 04 Feb 2003 16:12 PST
Good Evening Hummer

Hmmm, you'll never believe this. Brudenell is from Brudenell River,
Prince Edward Island where I live. Home is in a yearround cottage on
the shore of this tranquil area looking west towards Brudenell Island
& some of the most majestic sunsets ever seen in this province. The
cottage is named 'Hummingbird Haven'. Over half a dozen feeders keep
me busy all summer long (actually early May to mid September).Thank
you for the hummingbird tracking website!


Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 05 Feb 2003 07:23 PST
Hi B!

Hummingbird Haven sounds heavenly - we're in a rolling hills/mountains
region, and although beautiful, I do miss the sea. Even just the smell
of it - on a trip to the coast, I'm intensely aware as we draw nearer
and I can't keep back the tears when I finally get a whiff of it.
We've visited PEI once and what I remember most is the air - the first
time we stepped out of the car, we felt such a sense of calmness and
serenity. And so I'm not surprised you are from PEI!

Take a deep breath for me -

Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 08 Feb 2003 14:30 PST
Hope you are having a hummmmmdinger Happy Birthday!

Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 09 Feb 2003 09:51 PST
Hi B!

If the truth be known, I've arrived at that time of life when I'd
rather forget about birthdays then celebrate them! So it was quiet -
homemade pizza for dinner, no birthday cake.

The 2003 migration map is up - no sightings yet, but soon!

Thanks, B -

Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 25 Feb 2003 09:59 PST
Your welcome!!!!! A five star Researcher with great answers deserves great tips.



Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 25 Feb 2003 10:31 PST
Hi B!

Ha!  You have me in stitches (the cross-stitch kind). You had me going
there for a while. Gosh, I wish we could laugh together over it - it's
really funny. I give you five stars for a great riddle!

Check the Hummingbird map - the first sighting has been made in
Louisiana - now it's just a matter of waiting.

Thanks for everything, B,

Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 06 Apr 2005 10:59 PDT
Hi B!

I thought of you when I found these so thought I'd post it. I'm sure
there are more links regarding these publications.

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence: Abuse of Older Adults

National Clearinghouse on Family Violence 
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The little fellows have made it to New Jersey! I wish they would slow
down a bit - what's the rush?


Request for Answer Clarification by brudenell-ga on 07 Apr 2005 06:34 PDT
Good Morning Hummer

So nice to hear from you! I am away from the Island and just now got on line.

I appreciate the info & the links.

Wow- the little ones are 3 - 4 days ahead of previous years. Do they
know something? Hot summer!!!!!!


PS: Have you ever thought of the possible tourism marketing angle that
has been overlooked by cccoooollld Canada? Just think about what all
the birds & the bees are doing heading to the Great White North.
There's romance & more...

Clarification of Answer by hummer-ga on 07 Apr 2005 07:38 PDT
They have arrived in NY! I doubt if they know something we don't,
actually, quite the opposite. I think it's the macho male teenagers
who think they're pretty hot stuff. I wish their parents could rein
them in.

Do bees migrate? It sounds like an excellent idea, though, for some clever person.

Have a safe trip home.
brudenell-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $100.00
Well appreciated research by a dedicated Researcher! Sincere thanks.

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