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Q: an artist who did illustrations in the 60's ( Answered,   0 Comments )
Subject: an artist who did illustrations in the 60's
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Visual Arts
Asked by: bruin70-ga
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Posted: 17 Jan 2003 09:24 PST
Expires: 16 Feb 2003 09:24 PST
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i need to know the issue dates of a couple of magazines in which
appeared some illustrations by an artist.

here's all the info i can give you. his name is daniel bennett
schwartz. in the 60's(though it MIGHT be early 70's) he did some
accompanying artwork for ESQUIRE and LOOK magazines(it might be life
magazine, but i'm sure it's LOOK). i can't give you the exact title of
the articles, but i can describe them. 1.....was a painting of gene
"big daddy" lipscomb and i'm sure it was done for ESQUIRE.
2.....another painting was called "the death on manolete", and it was
one of several paintings about men who faced danger(and perished, i
believe). 3.....the third was a painting of roger bannister's sub-4
minute mile, and that painting was one of several about moments in
sports. i think paintings 2 and 3 were done for LOOK, but maybe LIFE

i need to know the issue date and magazine that these three painting
appeared in. i tried the library, and funny thing is, that in the old
days when they had those book compendiums, i would have found them.
but with the libraries online resources, i couldn't. thanks

Request for Question Clarification by luciaphile-ga on 17 Jan 2003 12:42 PST
I've located the first painting. Have a good idea about #2, but will
need to check that out. The Roger Bannister painting--how sure are you
about the time frame? Could the illustration been done in the 1950s?


Clarification of Question by bruin70-ga on 17 Jan 2003 19:13 PST
all paintings were definitely done in the 60's, early 70's at the
latest. the article with the roger bannister painting also include a
muhhamed ali painting and a don larsen painting.

Clarification of Question by bruin70-ga on 18 Jan 2003 02:58 PST
ps...i am pretty positive that the paintings were in look or
esquire,,,,maybe life but probably not.

Request for Question Clarification by luciaphile-ga on 18 Jan 2003 08:05 PST
Hi bruin70-ga,

I've definitely found the first painting. The second one, I'm
reasonably sure about, but I don't have access to the periodical in
question. I **may** be able to check it out through another source
(although it's kind of iffy), but the third one is a no go, at least
for me. I've been through Readers Guide to Peridodical Literature from
the late 50s to the mid 70s and although there were some possibles,
none of them checked out.

For what it's worth, "Look" ceased publication in late 1971. Schwartz
also worked for Life, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, and Fortune.

As you've already surmised, this is the kind of question that requires
offline searching. Because of that, you may want to raise the price
and perhaps another researcher can help you.


Clarification of Question by bruin70-ga on 18 Jan 2003 12:26 PST
if i raise the price, what happens with a partial answer? say,,,you
answer two, another researcher tries and gives me a wrong answer.

the second two paintings especially are part of a themed article. i am
perplexed about your source not showing the third bannister painting,
because the only thing i lack is the issue info. those paintings most
definitely were done then. i recall a fourth painting in that sports
series. i believe it was the baltimore colts football game that
everyone refers to as the game of the century. the format of the
sports paintings was large,,,,LIKE and LOOK magazine size. the "death
of manolete",,,,,i don't recall the size, but i think it was large as
well. another painting in THAT series was printed black and white,,,,
and it was of some guy who lost his life climbing mt.everest.

i will raise the $ amount to 10. thanks

Request for Question Clarification by luciaphile-ga on 18 Jan 2003 12:48 PST
Hi bruin70-ga,

If you really want a partial answer, I'll post what I have, but I hate
to do that to you since you want all three pictures. I'd also rather
confirm the second picture for you first.

My point about raising the price was that to do this kind of research
you really have to go to offline sources. I have easy access to a
complete run of Reader's Guide and a large collection of periodicals
so it wasn't difficult for me (plus I really got interested in
Schwartz). Usually researchers factor in their time, what it's going
to cost them to get to the library, etc.

Hopefully another researcher can get you all three references.

The index I used (Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature) has plenty
of articles for Roger Bannister (also Ali--indexed then as Cassius
Clay and a couple on Don Larsen. I also looked for articles that might
fit a generic sort of "great moments/milestones in sports" heading,
but didn't come up with anything there. This might be because the
article from where the picture originates has some kind of weird
subject heading (Reader's Guide is notorious for that).

I took all the likely Roger Bannister articles and went to the bound
periodicals--no paintings. Photos only. There are quite a few articles
on Schwartz himself. He did several series' for Fortune Magazine of
all things and I found a great interview he did for American Artist,
but nothing on the Bannister painting.

Hope that helps and good luck!


Clarification of Question by bruin70-ga on 18 Jan 2003 13:30 PST
i can wait. remember,,,,the bannister painting is not from an article
about bannister. it was an article about great sports moments. in the
old days, when libraries had those catalog compendiums, i could just
pull a year and look under and author/artist's name. it was easy then.
i think i should submit this to yahoo internet magazine,,,,"easy then
or easier now". :):):)

Clarification of Question by bruin70-ga on 19 Jan 2003 12:14 PST
what is a good price to raise to? i've raised it to $10 already.

Clarification of Question by bruin70-ga on 22 Jan 2003 00:33 PST
luciaphile...... thank you very much for your time and trouble. i
found the answer to bannister and manolete. i only need the issue date
for big daddy lipscomb, which you have found. can you post please,
thank you.

i am sure you have been giving the two missing answers your attention.
so i will leave it up to you to determine the dollar amount for the
partial answer. what do you think it should be? thanks again

Request for Question Clarification by luciaphile-ga on 22 Jan 2003 05:47 PST
Hi bruin70-ga,

If you want to change the dollar amount back, that's up to you :) I'll
be happy to post what I have for you.


Clarification of Question by bruin70-ga on 22 Jan 2003 09:23 PST
aaa,,,too much of a pain. i'll leave the amount. thx
Subject: Re: an artist who did illustrations in the 60's
Answered By: luciaphile-ga on 22 Jan 2003 10:20 PST
Hi bruin70-ga,

Thanks for the question. I just wish I could have found all three of
the citations for you.

The portrait of Big Daddy Lipscomb is from Esquire Magazine. After
finding the citation, I checked it out via microfilm and verified that
it is indeed by Schwartz.

"Requiem for Big Daddy." Esquire vol. 60, pp. 88-89, September 1963.

The painting appears on p. 88 and is credited to Daniel Schwartz.

You are right in that the web is not the best place to look for this
sort of information. I did find a couple of sites that might be of

Society of Illustrators/Daniel Bennett Schwartz

Ask Art/Daniel Bennett Schwartz

Search strategy:

I went to a library and browsed "Reader's Guide to Periodical
Literature." Although Schwartz's illustrations were not indexed,
articles about Lipscomb were. I wrote down cites for likely articles
and then checked them against the magazines themselves.

I hope this answers your question. I'm sorry for all the back and
forth :( If you need additional information, please ask for
clarification and I'll do my best to assist you.

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