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Q: Local News Source ( No Answer,   0 Comments )
Subject: Local News Source
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: x2zzz-ga
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Posted: 22 Jan 2003 05:36 PST
Expires: 07 Feb 2003 13:55 PST
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I want to start a local internet portal that provides local news in
the Fort Wayne, Indiana region.  I need a source for local news.  I
want the same news that is on, except on my site.  The
problem is, is a competitor.  Could I possibly get these
stories from AP?  What are some other online sources of LOCAL news?

There is no answer at this time.

The following answer was rejected by the asker (they received a refund for the question).
Subject: Re: Local News Source
Answered By: tutuzdad-ga on 22 Jan 2003 07:21 PST
Dear x2zzz-ga;

Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to answer your interesting

There are actually a number of places where you can get news related
to Ft. Wayne.

This search is from GOOGLE NEWS:

You can use any of the zip codes found on
And input them into INTELLICAST.COM
to get current weather reports, warnings, radar and forecasts for
anywhere in Indiana.

YAHOO also allows you to select
regional news, or alternatively, if you have a YAHOO account (free
registration) you can specify particular areas or particular news
topics that will be automatically uploaded throughout the day to a MY
YAHOO page for you
This allows you to choose which items to report and which to ignore.

NEWSDAY is a news source the Associated Press that offers searchable
news. Here you can recreate a search I did for Ft Wayne
And another that I did for Indiana as a whole:

You can also get “news tickers” and “stock tickers” that bring the
latest breaking news and financial news to your computer
automatically. You define where and what kind of news you’d like to
read and the spider goes out and finds the news for you. They update
automatically. There are many of them out there, some of which come in
to your computer and some are applets than can be placed directly on a
web page. Here are some successful searches I did for news and stock
tickers. You can take a look and decide which one is best for you:


BRAVENET offers good tickers and news options that you can put right
on your web page without having to do it yourself:

Then there are “breaking news alerts” that you can specify and have
the emailed to you as they become available or in some instances you
can download a little program that will present current events to you
from regions that you specify:

TUCOWS is a freeware/shareware site that
offers many of these programs I mentioned above for download.

Then there are “streaming news” and “live feeds” options. Here is a
successful search I did on GOOGLE for those:

Of course, there is always the DRUDGE REPORT Though some people view this site as
somewhat of a tabloid, I actually read it daily because of this guy’s
ability to be the first to break news events when they happen. Not
only that, he hosts a fantastic index of news sources on his site,
many of which provide news to other broadcast sources.

I hope you find that that my research exceeds your expectations. If
you have any questions about my research please post a clarification
request prior to rating the answer. I welcome your rating and your
final comments and I look forward to working with you again in the
near future. Thank you for bringing your question to us.

Best regards;










Google ://









Request for Answer Clarification by x2zzz-ga on 24 Jan 2003 06:15 PST

I'm not sure your understood my question.  I'm looking for a source of
LOCAL news.  None of the links you gave actually provides me with a
accurate source of reliable news.  Intellicast, does give local
weather, but that's not what I asked.
Secondly, I want to provide local news on MY website.  I don't want to
just read about the news, but I want to provide the news on my
website.  A news "ticker" will only provide the headlines to the news
and then link to another website for the actual news article.  I want
the article and headline both on my website.  I want to be able to
link and format the links any way I want, not use someone else ticket.
I'm looking for a SOURCE for local news to publish on my website. 
Does this make more sense now?  Thanks.


Request for Answer Clarification by x2zzz-ga on 24 Jan 2003 06:17 PST
Correction: "None of the links you gave actually provides me with a
accurate source of *local* news."

Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 24 Jan 2003 08:58 PST
Dear x2zzz:

Yes, I thought I understood what you are needs are when I provided the
"sources" for news. The "tickers" and other options are merely a means
of reading information off the direct source, such as breaking news
events. You see, FT WAYNE.COM is not a news source; it is a new
outlet. It gleans news bites from news sources and the information is
reviewed for interest, content and regional pertinence before being
manually written into the site on a day-to-day basis. They doubt that
they have any single source that exclusively imports local news to
them either; in fact, in many instances news outlets actually PAY for
the news they print, other than the news they are actually scooping
and reporting themselves. Normally, news stories on a local level pass
onto news sources, which in turn filter back down to local outlets,
like radio TV and newspapers. This allows outlets in areas other than
whree the news occured to have access and decide whether or not the
information is pertinent and newsworthy for the consumption of their
subscribing/viewing/listening audience. In order to get the
local/regional news in the same way that they do, you will likley have
to glran your own news; using sources such as AP, UPI, REUTERS and so
forth as your sources of information.

On the other hand, if you want EXACTLY what FT WAYNE.COM has on their
site and be at their mercy as to what the format and content is, you
can write their page into your html as a frame (with their permission
of course) and people on your site will see exactly what visitors to
FT WAYNE.COM are seeing without ever having to actually go to their
site. Suffice it to say that this will also require credit on your
site to FT WAYNE.COM (and possibly a limited user fee, since their
content is copyrighted) and you could never claim onwership rights to
it as you would had the information come from sources that you have
compiled and published youself.

News is such a fluid and demanding endeavor, especially in today's
world, that if you plan to start your own news site, using your own
sources, it will be a VERY time consuming project indeed. As
automation goes, there are some options that will allow you to
automatically glean information without having to pick through it.


(For $9.95 a month is searches news that you specify and send it to

(You can also subscribe to Reuters and get regular news updates that
you specify)

(Another subscription based customizable news scanner)

(is another - $8.95 per month)

(Allows you to put the news directly on your site, offers a
customizable ticker and news content that you specify delivered to you
via email)

You can recreate this search for find many more of these:

As you can see, such a news page will require a lot of work on your
part, and very little (short of framing the FT WAYNE site) can be done
automatically for you. I hope this provides some clarification. If you
need more please let me know prior to rating the answer.


Request for Answer Clarification by x2zzz-ga on 24 Jan 2003 09:22 PST
tutuzad, is ran by the local newspapers.  They are the source for
the local news, the website is one of their outlets.
Again, the links you gave do not provide local news, but just general
news.  They may provide local news for cities such as Chicago or New
York, but not for Fort Wayne.
I realize my question is a very difficult one to answer and there may
be no answer.  There may be no such source for local news.  I thought
I would try this service though.


Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 24 Jan 2003 10:11 PST
Dear x2zzz:

Have you approached FT WAYNE.COM to see if they will allow you to
frame their page on your site as a means of distributing the news?
This in itself is an option. Who knows, maybe they need the exposure
and will gladly agree to it. Email their editor or webmaster and seek

Otherwise, the subscription services DO allow you to customize the
news you recieve each day using keywords like "FT WAYNE", "INDIANA"
etc. You WILL have control over what you get and you don't have to
recieve news from Chicago and New York unless you specify that. In
fact, many of the options I have outlined allow you to do this, but in
these instances you will have to copy, format and upload your own news
to your page - in much the same way that FT WAYNE.COM undoubtedly does
for it's own site.

Don't give up too quickly on your great idea. I will continue to look
for a "shake-and-bake" version of web page news for you. If one exists
I'll pass it on to you.


Request for Answer Clarification by x2zzz-ga on 24 Jan 2003 11:08 PST
I'm not interested in using a frame.  Thanks for the suggestion though
and please continue to look for alternatives.

Clarification of Answer by tutuzdad-ga on 03 Feb 2003 17:56 PST
I haven't forgotten about you. Here are some excellent tools for
directly extracting raw breaking news!


Reason this answer was rejected by x2zzz-ga:
The researcher did not answer my question for a LOCAL news "source"
that would provide news ARTICLES (not just headlines) on my website. 
My question is a very difficult one and the researcher worked very
hard and did good research, but ultimately did not answer the question

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