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Q: Why Should I Use Interactive CD-ROM for Sales and Marketing? ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Why Should I Use Interactive CD-ROM for Sales and Marketing?
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: mr4698-ga
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Posted: 26 Jan 2003 15:56 PST
Expires: 25 Feb 2003 15:56 PST
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I own a multimedia company that authors and designs CD-ROM.  I am 
trying to write some copy about the advantages of using custom 
interactive CD-ROM as a sales and marketing tool.  I would like your 
research to help me answer these questions that I believe could help 
me write this copy.  What are the advantages of using a custom 
interactive CD-ROM as a sales and marketing tool?  Is an interactive 
CD-ROM more effective than print material?  Why should I consider 
using CD-ROM for my sales piece over print material or in addition to
print material? What if any is the price advantage over print
material? I am not talking about very static or powerpoint
driven CD-ROM's I am 
talking about custom built CD-ROM that uses Macromedia Director to 
create the content.  I know it can be used as push marketing to a web
site and that would be interesting for our clients but I want to know
is there are any other reasons why my customers should consider
interactive CD-ROM for marketing their product/service.

While looking at other custom CD-ROM makers and how they benefit their
clients through their products would be helpful it would only be half
of the answer.  I would love to know if there were any independent
studies or survey's or articles that talk about the
advantages/benefits of CD-ROM as a sales and marketing tool. I would
like to show how CD-ROM is more cost
effective than print and should be used in place of or in conjunction
with print material.  Again, I am talking about robust CD-ROM's. 
CD-ROM's that are highly interactive and enable the user to "talk" to
the disc.  Basic question again is "why should my customers consider
interactive CD-ROM for marketing their product.
Subject: Re: Why Should I Use Interactive CD-ROM for Sales and Marketing?
Answered By: rico-ga on 28 Jan 2003 13:10 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi mr4698,

Here's some basic points in answer to your question...

With a multimedia presentation, your client can...

- Tailor each presentation to the specific audience through
interactive paths. You (or the audience user) selects only the
information your audience wants to see. Executives can review the
so-called "15-second elevator speech" overview whicle engineers can
study complex technical information through the same CD.  This is one
of the primary advantages of multimedia over print.

- Make consistent presentations. Ensure your sales force is delivering
consistent corporate messages using approved corporate branding and

- Tell your story with power. In a paper titled "Why Interactive
Multimedia Language Learning," author Brian A. Victoria of the
University of Auckland's Multimedia Laboratory at Tamaki reports that
"studies have shown that people remember 20% of what they hear, 40% of
what they see and hear, but 70% of what they see, hear, and do." In
other words, combining media to communicate information is good, but
incorporating interactivity is even better.

- Interact with the prospects and customers before and after, as well
as during, the sale. Among other uses, multimedia CDs can be used as
trade show handouts, qualifiers, and fulfillment.

- Decrease your sales cycle time. When you educate prospects faster,
they decide faster. When you present a compelling message they gain
confidence faster. They buy faster.

- Simplify complex products and services. Multimedia will show how
easy it is to understand, use, and own what your client is trying to
sell. If your customer is selling software, a demo or example version
of the product can be included on the CD.

- Reduce a sales kit to one CD.  No need for a sales force to lug
around print collateral, brochures, information sheets, price
catalogs, video testimonals, et al; Everything they need to make a
close the sale can be put on one interactive CD.

- Leverage the power of the internet and your customer's Web site.
Include a "For More Information" section on the CD and with one click
a prospect can send email or go directly to the Web.

-Present live testimonials. Either audio or full video, there's
nothing like hearing testimonials from real customers to convince

The above was adapted from a 1997 article published in the South
Florida Business Journal.

As you'll see, I modified some of the writer's points based on my own
experience as a creative director of interactive media for a marketing
communications firm. Even though the article is six years old, I feel
the points are still quite valid.

I also suggest you take a look at an eTimes article by Traci Hukill,
"Why Corporations Are Using Interactive Multimedia for Sales,
Marketing and Training" which you'll find at ...

...which will also give you a variety of proof points that you can use
in your copy.  In the "Sales, Marketing and Training"  of that
article, Hukill notes,

"Multimedia makes a powerful marketing tool as well, not only because
of its ability to make an impact and convey information but because of
its potential for wide distribution at low cost. A point-of-purchase
kiosk  in a busy store can reach hundreds of people each day for the
initial cost of installation. A direct mailing of CD-ROMs — a method
many successful marketing specialists have already discovered —
presents a distinct and interesting message to thousands of people for
a small cost.

Paul Cegielski, Program Manager for 3Com's Remote & Mobile Products
division, appreciates the powerful impression multimedia can make.
Marketing for the 3ComImpactTM IQ ISDN modem included
point-of-purchase kiosks and promotional CD-ROMs distributed via
direct mail and at trade shows (see 3Com's The Impact of ISDN Case
Study for more information). 'It gets our point across," says
Cegielski. "It puts 3Com in the audience's face, and it's enjoyable to
watch. It's a very powerful way to get the message across.'"

As noted in the article, the link to the case study noted is here...

Some other resources...

Macromedia is a good site for case study information on Director
projects.  See...

You also might find useful an article by a friend of mine that
discusses how to make a business case for multimedia, "Guidelines for
your Dog and Pony Show" ...

Search strategy personal experience plus search terms "multimedia;
"business case"; "business justification"



Request for Answer Clarification by mr4698-ga on 29 Jan 2003 07:14 PST
Your answer was terrific however before I rate the answer officially I
do have one clarification to ask you about.  I tried to access the
Macromedia site from the link you provided and I got a message that
said, "We're sorry. Either the URL you requested is not available, or
your user session has ended because of inactivity".  That was the only
link I could not access but I really would love to see that page - is
it possible that you can send me a different link to that same

Thank you very much for your comprehensive response to my question.  

Clarification of Answer by rico-ga on 29 Jan 2003 08:09 PST
Thank you for your kind words, and my apologies for the broken link. 
I'm going to give you another URL...

...and if that doesn't work, you can get to Macromedia's Director
showcase through the following path...

go to Macromedia's site at  

Please note that you may need the latest version of their Flash
plug-in to properly navigate the site.  You should see an advisory
message if you need the Flash plug-in.

Click on "Site Map" (upper right of page) which should bring you to...

Click on "Director MX" to go to...

Click on "Showcase" on the right which should open a sub-menu to
"Inspiration" and "Case Studies." Both are worthy to explore, but I
think you'll find the "Case Studies" of particular interest. As you'll
see, many of the case studies deal with the so-called "Shockwave
Studio" but note the case studies for Nissan and Gerling Global Life
Reinsurance (items 16 and 17 on Page 2), both of which specifically
deal with high-tech/high-touch CDs.

Best of luck with your work, and thank you again. If you're satisfied
with my clarification, please feel to rate my answer.


mr4698-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
I apologize for the delay in this rating.  Your answer was terrific
and it was exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks very much

Subject: Re: Why Should I Use Interactive CD-ROM for Sales and Marketing?
From: syedpeer-ga on 26 Jan 2003 21:18 PST
Interactive CD-ROMs present numerous sales
advantages for today’s businesses. Whether in the
hands of trained salespeople or customers, CD-ROMs
communicate the company's message in a convincing
manner. Combining text, audio, video, and graphic
animations, each sales presentation will become a
complete multimedia experience, with the viewer getting
a detailed look into the benefits of working with that

In today's marketplace, there are competitors from every
direction. A powerful sales tool, such as an
interactive business card CD-ROM, allows businesses
to separate from the competition, positioning themselves
as a top company in their industry. At the same time
educating and entertaining the viewer, enabling them
to interact with the business, and the products or
services they offer.
Subject: Re: Why Should I Use Interactive CD-ROM for Sales and Marketing?
From: mr4698-ga on 27 Jan 2003 06:51 PST
Thanks for the comment.  I will use some of it for the text on our web
site if you will permit me to do that.  I still am looking for the
comparison of price point between print and CD-ROM as well as why some
businesses are using the CD-ROM and how effective they find it for
I truly appreciate your comments.  Please give me permission to use
them on my web site.

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