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Q: immigration to New Zealand ? ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   8 Comments )
Subject: immigration to New Zealand ?
Category: Family and Home > Relationships
Asked by: hellmaker77-ga
List Price: $150.00
Posted: 01 Feb 2003 17:33 PST
Expires: 03 Mar 2003 17:33 PST
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     what is the easiest and the finist way to immigrate to NZ with
let u knowing that :
1-Im from Egypt
2 male 29
3 poor 
4 i want to marry from NZ
Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
Answered By: sycophant-ga on 01 Feb 2003 18:50 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars

Immigrating to New Zealand can be a complicated process but seems
quite fair. First of all, I will point you at the following website
for the New Zealand Immigration Service:

Most New Zealand government departments have quite comprehensive
website, which can be accessed and searched from the NZ Government
Portal at

Now, let look at some basics of immigration to New Zealand.

For migration to New Zealand, you would need to obtain a “Residence
Permit” which allows you to reside in NZ for an indefinite period of
time, but expires if you leave the country, however once you are an NZ
resident you can apply for a Returning Residence Visa that allows you
to return to NZ if you leave the country temporarily.

There are four main categories under which your can apply for New
Zealand residence, they are:
General Skills
Family Quota

Now, as you said you are poor, you are probably not going to be an
investor or entrepreneur, which may qualify you under the Business
categories. You do not have a New Zealand spouse, so you cannot enter
under the Family category, and you have not mentioned any family
members in New Zealand, so I assume the Family Quota category will not
be any help to you.

This leaves the General Skills category, which is a points based

To start with, to qualify as an applicant for the general skills
category you have to be in good health for the purpose of entry, and
not a danger to public health or likely to be a burden on the health
services. You also need to be of good character, meaning you have not
been sentenced to imprisonment for great than five years, ever, and
have not been sentenced for 12 months or more in the last 10 years.
Also, you must not have ever been deported from New Zealand or any
other country.

There is also an English language requirement, although the
requirements in that respect can be somewhat complex. However you
ability to communicate a question clearly here would indicate to me
that you should not have much trouble in that respect

From there it is a matter of points, which are determined by a number
of factors, including your age, qualifications and work experience –
you can calculate these, to some degree, on the following page:

I can't estimate myself how you may do in that respect, as you have
not provided very much information on your educational or work
background, however you are within a desirable age group, which is to
your benefit.

The current passmark is 29 points. You get 10 for your age, so you
need to get the other 19 from experience and qualifications. Obviously
being a professional would be the most help to you in this respect.

You can also be awarded points for having a relevant work offer within
New Zealand, that is an offer of work that is relevant to your
qualifications. However, even a non-relevant offer (unrelated to your
qualifications or work experience) will qualify you for some points.

You will be expected to have sufficient resources to support yourself
in New Zealand for your first 24 months of being a resident, you can
find more information about that here:

More Information:
Health requirements:
Character requirements:
Residence categories:

The Immigration Service provides a number of resources to help
potential migrants determine what they need to do to proceed with
their applications – you should find the following resources helpful
in this respect:
Self-Assessment Guide for Residence in New Zealand

Guide for Residence in New Zealand

Another avenue for some potential residents is the 'Work to Residence'
program, however this will likely require a suitably qualified job
application or specialist artistic talent. More details about this
program can be found here:

Egypt has no Visa-waiver agreement with New Zealand, so to come to New
Zealand at all you will require a Visa, if you are coming with the
intention of applying for residency you can apply for a resident visa,
although this can be complicated.

To seriously pursue immigration, an initial contact with a New Zealand
immigration consultant is probably a very good ideas, as they have
knowledge and experience far beyond that which is simply detailed on
the Immigration Service website. Here are a number of consultants:

Instant Immigration Services

Global Visas

Malcolm Pacific

Migrate New Zeland

Migration Bureau (New Zealand)

Many of these consultants will offer a free initial assessment, which
will let you know what problems you may face, or what more you can do
to increase your chances of a successful application.

As far as marrying in New Zealand, I don't know what you might do to
achieve that successfully, as I am not married myself, and I have
lived here all my life, however, you could always try online dating
services in New Zealand – either of the following sites may provide a

NZ Dating

Find Someone

I hope this provides you with the information you were seeking, please
let me know if I can clarify the details I have provided at all, or if
there is other pertinent information that was not taken into account.

Search Methods:

“Immigration” at
“Immigration Consultants” at


Request for Answer Clarification by hellmaker77-ga on 01 Feb 2003 19:27 PST
Hello sycopant
             thanku for ur fast answer 
but website i killed it searching and
all the details u gave me now i already knew it.
all what i want is a backdoor or a hideway to reach the residence
permit in NZ.

may i get it by marriage
or fake papers
if that is possible so drive me the way to do it and ill be thankfull

Clarification of Answer by sycophant-ga on 01 Feb 2003 20:05 PST

Well, you could become an illegal immigrant, however that would make
life very difficult, I am sure - you would not qualify for any state
social services, and finding employment would be very difficult.

So, ways to shortcut the process - yes, marriage is a viable option,
as detailed here (,
in fact even an established de facto relationship (hetrosexual or
same-sex) may qualify. You can find a New Zealand citizen, or an
Australian citizen who has made New Zealand their home, or even a
non-NZ citizen who holds a residence permit. Unlike the process
depicted in the US comedy 'Greencard', I believe the process in New
Zealand is fairly straight forward.

Ideally you would have to develop a relationship with a qualifying
person, and then come to New Zealand, marry and apply for a residence
permit once you were married and living together in a stable

Obviously there are no resources readily available detailing how you
might obtain residency in New Zealand with fake papers, however
knowing the documentation requirements I am sure you could determine
what maybe required to do so. This is, of course, a very unwise
approach, as the result of discovery would be deportation and/or
possible imprisonment.

I am not aware of any services in operation which would be able to
help you directly with either of these approaches, for obvious
reasons. The internet is a fine place to meet eligable New Zealand
women, however actually getting them to marry you is something that is
very much in your own hands.

Let me know if this is any more help, otherwise, if I am still
completely off target, I am happy to have my answer withdrawn, however
I would suggest that you modify your question to more accurately
reflect your actual needs and situation.

hellmaker77-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
From: bwl02kc-ga on 01 Feb 2003 20:14 PST
why would you offer $150.00 if you are poor?
Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
From: hellmaker77-ga on 01 Feb 2003 20:23 PST
bcuz i need to immigrate immediatly to NZ 
and need immediat information that can help me
and this is the first time i use google answer 
plus i already did a misstake b4 wiz google answer
u understand now?
Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
From: joedangler-ga on 01 Feb 2003 21:33 PST
You're from Egypt and you're poor...and you want to "immediately"
immigrate to NZ (even willing to pay $150 for a "back door" approach
to get in).  Don't you think that in this day and age, with 9/11 in
mind...this is a "Red Flag"?  Just curious...

Same question to Google representative?  Or does it matter?
Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
From: hellmaker77-ga on 01 Feb 2003 21:49 PST
i hate stupid ppl
what the relation bteween what i need and 9/11 ?
is anyone wants to immigrate to nz as fast as it possible then it
means he linked to 9/11??
what a stupid thinking  u have here.
just dont read my Q and dont put a comments there anymore.
Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
From: joedangler-ga on 03 Feb 2003 21:37 PST
Why did I ask the question?  To ask me this question is like "the pot 
calling the kettle black" (errr... do you know what that means?)

   And yet the question still remains.
   Why would a young, ARAB male, "Laden" with little money ("I poor"),
want to enter a country and use illegal means, if necessary, to gain
citzenship. Is it roam the streets of NZ and grow "Osama" plants?
PS  Perhaps you should have this question forwarded to the Dept.
Immig. and Nat., probably not, huh?
    As far as "don't read my ? and don't write here anymore"?  Okay, I
won''ve frightened me off.  I'm leaving now................
Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
From: fireangel-ga on 07 Apr 2004 10:10 PDT
Its directly linked to 9/11. Especially NZ which offered Citizen
Status to qualified americans who wanted a Safe retreat.  Any Poor
arab male will be discriminated agianst by the unfortinate world we
live in. Especailly looking for a backdoor into New Zealand which is
struggling for an identity in the post 9/11 world
Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
From: 1412796533375073794-ga on 20 Apr 2004 05:43 PDT
Ok Mr. Poor Egyptian Boy,

I am a born NZ'er while my parents are both from Cairo, Egypt. People
like you are a let down to our community. Always wanting a backdoor
entry to places around the world. Ofcourse, NZ just changed the laws
so they do not allow any pooor buggers into the country. Only if your
seeking Asylum ;).
Subject: Re: immigration to New Zealand ?
From: mamduh-ga on 20 May 2004 13:45 PDT
You know what guys? I really hate it whenever I hear/read/see someone
say that EGYPTIANS are ARABS! This is by all means not true. In Egypt
we are suffering from stupid Arabists always trying to relate Egypt to
the "Arab world"!

Sometime in the 1950s, an Arabist managed to gain power and become
president of Egypt (Nasser, if you know him). He was the RUDEST person
on Earth that for a period of time he removed the name of Egypt from
the map, and called it the "United Arab Republic (UAR)". UAR MY ASS!

In Egypt and most of our neighboring countries (except Israel), we
suffer from some of the worst dictatorships on earth. So guess what
would happen to new generations learning in school that their country
is now "arab" and it's not called Egypt anymore, rather the "United
Arab Republic".

As we say in Egypt, "we created a lie and blieved it!" And the lie
began to spread (because that's what the dictatorship wanted then, you
can't say no to what the dictatorship wants), and new generations
thougt of their country as an Arab one, and consequently they
identified as Arabs. This is unlike older generations of the 40s, 30s
and 20s when Egypt was never called an Arab country (we're just
Arabic-speaking Egyptians, just like in Spanish-speaking Mexico), and
Egypt used to be the MOST TOLERANT country to religious and racial
diversity. Egypt also was a secular country, i'd like to mention.
Muslims, Christians, Jews, Baha'is, along with other religious groups
practiced their religions in Egypt without problems.

Not only was Arabic spoken then, French was also an almost-first
language in Egypt. Now there's only a "Francophone community" in

All this was until ARABISTS, rude low ARABISTS gained power!

Some facts: 99% of Egyptians are racially classified as "Eastern
HAMITIC Stock", and that's pretty much enough to prove that they
cannot be Arabs; Arabs are SEMITIC, not HAMITIC.

That's enough for now.

Please use logic next time you say that Egypt is ARAB!

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