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Q: How to ask google questions ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: How to ask google questions
Category: Computers > Algorithms
Asked by: tonymast-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 04 Feb 2003 21:03 PST
Expires: 06 Mar 2003 21:03 PST
Question ID: 157487
I have a small new web site to sell products.
I use Visual Basic Dot Net (via Visual Studio 7.0).
I’m not an expert programmer but I can program.
I need help with creating secure web pages and passing information
back and forth.
I need the following questions answered.

1). I’m looking at a SSL certificate from They
have a package for $69 per year.
	A).	is this a good company to choose.
B).	what do I do with the 	certificate (I assume I give it to my ISP
and he handles the rest to secure my website.
2). I need to know the best credit card processor to use (most

3). I need VB .net snippets (code) to securely interact with them to
complete a transaction payment.
	A). send Information to them.
	B). receive information from them.

My question is, can these questions be answered on Google answers.
What is the best way to ask the above?  Should it be 3 different
questions or one question? I think question 2 and 3 may have to go
together. What is a fair bid for the questions?
Subject: Re: How to ask google questions
Answered By: tar_heel_v-ga on 05 Feb 2003 10:51 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars

Thanks for your question and welcom to Google Answers!.  I have to say
yours is the first question I have answered that is asking about
asking quesiton.  That being said, I think it is a very good idea to
get a feel for how to go about getting your needs met instead of
wasting time and posting questions that won't get answered.  Having
answered over 300 questions here, I feel I can give you a good idea of
where to start and how to go about getting the best bang for your
dollar.  I won't, however, give you specific prices you should pay for
your questions.  I can give you guidance and ranges, however, it is
ultimately up to you to determine how much your questions are worth.

Let's start with your first question: Can these questions be aksed on
Google Answers?  In a word: Absolutely!  There really isn't much you
can't ask at Google Answers.  According the Google Answer FAQ:
"What questions can I ask?

You can ask any question that can be answered with words or numbers.
And you can revise your question or edit it at any time as long as it
is not 'locked' because it is being worked on by a Researcher. Most
askers are looking for a specific piece of information like, "How much
tea was sold in China last year?" or "Why is the sky blue?". Our
Researchers are not necessarily experts in the field related to your
question, but they are experts in locating hard to find information on
the web. If the answer to your question is online, chances are pretty
good they'll find it. Keep in mind that Google Answers is not a
substitute for professional advice or services, nor will we knowingly
provide answers to assist in illegal activities. We reserve the right
to delete questions on a case-by-case basis if they do not comply with
our editorial policy and guidelines for "Proper Use," as specified in
our Terms of Service.

Google Answers discourages and may remove questions that: 
request private information about individuals 
want assistance in conducting illegal activities 
are meant to sell or advertise products 
refer or relate to adult content 
are homework or exam questions 
seek specific information about Google or Google Answers"
Google Answers: Frequently Asked Questions

None of your questions fit within the discouraged questions
guidelines, so, yes, your questions are very appropriate for Google

Your next question: Should it be three different questions or one
question.  Based upon the content of the questions, I would recommend
you set up several questions.  Remember, you are not charged for your
question (outside of the $0.50 listing fee) unless it is answered. 
Your questions, I would think, would have no problem getting answered.

Here is how I would break down the questions.  The wording I am using
are simply examples and you can word them anyway you like:

"I’m looking at a SSL certificate from They
have a package for $69 per year. Is this a good company to choose?"

There have been several questions asked regarding the reliability of
companies and their reputations in certain fields.  You could place
this question in the Reference, Education, News -> Consumer
Information category.  Typically, these types of questions, depending
on how much detail you want, run in the $8-$10 range.  You will
receive a great deal of information about the company and how they
compare to others in the field.

2.  "I am purchasing an SSL Certificate from (whatever company you go
with upon receiving your answer from question What do I do with the 
certificate (I assume I give it to my ISP and he handles the rest to
secure my website).  My webhost is (your webhost)"

There are many, many web experts within the ranks of the Google
Researchers.  They will be able to provide you with a step-by-step
process for implementing your certificate.  I would price this one in
the $5-$8 range as the research require will not be extremely in depth
and you should receive an answer fairly quickly.

3.  The third question would have to do with credit card processing
companies.  In this question, I would explain as much as possible as
to what you want from a CC company (fees, etc), what you are selling
(a product, a service, etc), the number of transactions you are
anticipating per month, total revenue per month, etc.  The chances are
good that there will be some clarification requests from Researchers
on this question to learn as much as possible regarding your business
and your needs as there are literally 100's of credit card processing
companies out there that have a wide and varying range of programs and
plans.  This question, due to the amount of research that may be
needed, should be priced in the $20-$30 range for a thorough and
complete answer.  Steer away from a question such as "What is the best
credit card processing company?" as your definition of "best" and a
researchers will probably be different.  Provide as much detail as
possible in your question. Mention if there is a need for .VB scripts
and how transactions are handled.

4.  If .VB scripts are needed for your CC company, then you can ask"I
am planning on using (whatever company from question 3) for credit
card processing of orders from my website.  I will need some .VB
scripts to send and recieve data from them.  My host is (yourhost), my
CC company is (CC company) and my website is (your website)"

Now, these types of questions are the most difficult to effectively
price in that the amount of time required to learn the basics about
the interactions between your site and the CC company.  Then, the
Researcher will have to write the code snippets and explain how to
implement them on your site.  There will, I have no doubt, be a good
amount of clarification requests from Researchers in order to get all
the details worked out.  Pricing on this type of question, in order to
receive a thorough answer, should be in the $75-$150 range.  This is
my opinion and being that I do not do any programming or answer these
types of questions, I am not 110% sure as to where to price it other
than from seeing other questions requiring development of code, this
is where they fall.  If you do not provide a high enough fee, a
Researcher who is an expert in this field will let you know where the
price should be in order to provide an answer.

You can see more abour pricing guidelines for Google Answers at  Another site I
recommend to get an idea of how the process at Google Answers works
would be which is a great
resource that was set up as an answer to a question here.

Thanks again for your question.  I hope the above information is
helpful.  If you need any additional clarification, please let me know
prior to rating my anywer.


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