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Q: Commercial Properties Listing with owner info ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Commercial Properties Listing with owner info
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: td22ma-ga
List Price: $25.00
Posted: 06 Feb 2003 11:05 PST
Expires: 08 Mar 2003 11:05 PST
Question ID: 158114
I am looking for listings of Commercial Properties in the following
Massachusetts towns, Dedham, Norwood, Newton, Natick, Needham,
Milford.  I am  looking for listings that include, building size,
owner information or property manager info.  This must be a
comprehensive list with at least 100 properties full address and
owners name with mailing address if different.  Good Luck and God

Request for Question Clarification by acorn-ga on 06 Feb 2003 11:55 PST
Are you looking for a listing of all such properties or just those
properties currently for sale/lease/rent?  It sounds like the former,
but I wanted to check.  Thanks.

Clarification of Question by td22ma-ga on 06 Feb 2003 12:53 PST
I am looking for ALL PROPERTIES both for sale and occupied.  Tips for
additional information like Square footage of building, or any
mangement company information for the properties.

Request for Question Clarification by acorn-ga on 06 Feb 2003 16:41 PST
Would you take lists by town even if you don't get all of them?

Clarification of Question by td22ma-ga on 06 Feb 2003 17:36 PST
YEs, if you were able to get either 4 towns or approximately 300
listings, whichever is easier.  But rememember Property address,
owners name, and mailing address, bonus points for Property managers

Request for Question Clarification by acorn-ga on 07 Feb 2003 19:08 PST
Well, I have heard from 2 of the cities in question...Milford charges
$25 for their list (pulled on request from their databse) while Newton
charges $160 for their set of CDs that includes the info.  Obviously
this list isn't going to be something I can provide to you for $25. 
Perhaps some other Researcher already has access to this info.  Or is
there some variation you'd be interested in?  Sorry.

Clarification of Question by td22ma-ga on 07 Feb 2003 19:34 PST
Your research has intrigued me, I would be willing to pay the $25 for
a detailed report of how you attempted to attain the information and
what the town said that it could provide.  The only addition I would
ask is that you research contact information for the towns listed
previously and a general set of instructions of how I can obtain the
information, I would make those payments to the town.  We got a deal?

Request for Question Clarification by acorn-ga on 07 Feb 2003 22:02 PST
We got a deal :-)
Subject: Re: Commercial Properties Listing with owner info
Answered By: acorn-ga on 09 Feb 2003 16:37 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
If you’re like me, you’re gonna kick yourself when you find out how
simple it turned out to be. BUT it took me a while to figure it out,
so don’t feel bad ;-)

The reason I asked my original question (re: all properties vs.
available properties) was to determine whether or not I needed to go a
real estate route.  When you said ‘all’ commercial properties, that
was out.

I decided to go online to the various towns’ websites (assuming they
had them) to see what resources were available.  I went to the Needham
website first, simply by serendipity.  I checked “Publications” first,
to see if there might be a listing that could be used.  No such luck. 
So I looked under ‘Departments” and the first department listed was
Assessors.  Eureka!

Where I live now, this office is called the Appraisers.  But I
originally come from Massachusetts (that, and the fact I like real
estate questions is why I looked at your question in the first
place)…and knew that the Assessors Office was the same as the
Appraisers Office.

Got it now?  

What one thing utilizes a property address, whether it’s commercial or
residential, is calculated (often solely) on square footage, will have
a contact name, and is public record?  You got it.  Property taxes!

I decided to email who I could to see what I could get.  (I was not
surprised to fnd that there was a charge for the lists.)  Not all
assessors had email addresses, so I emailed people the town manager in
one instance.

I simply asked if a list of commercial properties with square footage
and owner contact info were available.  As I told you earlier, only
Milton and Newton have responded so far.  Their messages are included
at the bottom.  I expect to hear from at least 1-2 more towns and will
pass that info on ASAP.

Here is a complete listing of the websites and the assessor’s contact

Needham: < >
     James Weidenfeller
     Assessors' Office, Needham Town Hall, 
     1471 Highland Ave.
     Needham, MA 02492
     < >     

Dedham < >
     Joseph Briggs,
     Town Administration Building
     26 Bryant Street, 
     Dedham, MA 02026-0306
     < >

Norwood < >

     781-762-1240  Ext. 143
     Town Hall, 566 Washington Street 
     Norwood Ma 02062

Newton < >
     (617) 796-1160
     Elizabeth Dromey,
     Assessment Administration, Room 116, City Hall, 
     1000 Commonwealth Avenue
     Newton Centre, MA 02459

Natick < >	

     (508) 647-6420
     William Chenard, 
     13 East Central Street, Natick, MA 01760
       NatickMA_Assessor/index >

Milford  < >

     Priscilla Hogan,
     52 Main St., Milford, MA 01757
     < >

Here's some additional information you might find useful:

***  here’s a listing of links to Massachusetts city and town
< >

***  “The Assessor is required under Massachusetts General laws:
Chapter 59, to list and value all real and personal property.
Valuation is subject to ad valorem taxation on an assessment roll each
year. The "ad valorem" bases for taxation means that all property
should be taxed "according to value" which is the definition. Assessed
values in Massachusetts are based on full and fair cash value, or 100
percent of market value. ”


Responses to my queries:

From Milford, Priscilla Hogan, 

“We do not have a report of this nature.  You can request one in
writing along with a check for $25.00 for a deposit to create this
report.  If there is an additional charge we would notify you prior to
releasing the report. I hope this is helpful.”

[Note: I have to apologize to you as I misread this originally and
reported that the Milford list would cost $25.  On the other hand, it
still may only cost $25.]


From Newton,

Good Morning
I am responding to your e-mail we received regarding commercial 
properties in Newton, MA.

We have a CD available that lists all the properties in the City of 
Newton, with the attributes of each parcel. A sample of the data 
may be had on our web site. 

When you enter the site, you will see "Assessors Data" in the frame 
on the left. "Click" on that and you will be in the database search 
screen.   For an example of the data available, enter California 
(only California, not St) in the street search box.  Hit "search" and
list of parcels on California St will come up.  Select No. 137-139. 
When that property comes up click on "scroll option" at the bottom 
of the page and you will then be able to scroll down and see the 
available info for that parcel.

If this satisfies your needs, you can order the CD. The cost is 
$160.00. (Includes mailing) The data on the disc is in four formats, 
Excel, Paradox, Access and ASCII.  Check to be made out to the 
City of Newton. Mail to Assessors Office, 1000 Commonwealth 
Avenue, Newton, MA  02459

Our web site may answer most of your questions,  but call me if 
you would like to discuss this further.....I should be in my office
until 5:00.

Ruane Crummett
Deputy Director
Assessment Administration

I've enjoyed working on this question.  Looking at the websites
reminds me of home :-)

Thanks for using Google Answers.  Needless to say, if you need any
clarification of anything, please don't hesitate to ask.  And, as I
mentioned earlier, I will forward on any other responses I get ASAP.

Best regards,


Clarification of Answer by acorn-ga on 16 Feb 2003 15:13 PST
Just wanted to let you know that a week has gone by and I have heard
nothing from any of the other towns.  Sorry 'bout that.  Thanks for
the rating, by the way.  Much appreciated! I look forward to helping
you in the future.

Request for Answer Clarification by td22ma-ga on 12 Nov 2003 12:15 PST
You helped me out with this question last year, now it is time to go a
step futher, look at my latest question and see if it is something you
would be interested in.
Thank Tommy

Clarification of Answer by acorn-ga on 12 Nov 2003 20:19 PST
Hi Tommy,

I would love to have done it, but someone beat me to the punch.  I was
away from email till this evening, or would have snapped it right up!

I'm sure you'll have good luck with the researcher who's doing it, though.

By the way, if you ever do want to reserve a question for a specific
researcher if they are available, you can specify that in your
question and other researchers are really good about respecting it. 
Thanks for thinking of me, though!

td22ma-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Very Thorough and well thought out explanation, Look forward to coming
up with more questions for my new Real Estate Guru

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