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Q: 16y/o guy looking to learn the ropes & maybe even earn some money in the process ( No Answer,   2 Comments )
Subject: 16y/o guy looking to learn the ropes & maybe even earn some money in the process
Category: Business and Money
Asked by: igabe-ga
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Posted: 07 Feb 2003 23:39 PST
Expires: 08 Feb 2003 11:21 PST
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Over the last 4 years I have had 5 jobs.  I worked with and repaired
computers, was employed at a child development/care center, and ran my
own small web/graphic design company.  I greatly enjoyed doing all
these things, and I made a decent amount of spending money which kept
me happy and content... but that was then.

Now things have changed.  One week ago I graduated from high school,
two years earlier than usual.  I have considering jumping straight
into college, but have decided based on a number of reasons that it is
probably best for me to take at least one year off from school.  It
has only been a week and I am already bored out of my mind.  Friends
are in school, and I have been at home designing small web sites and
making way less than I think I have the potential to in other venues.

My first thought as boredom hit me was to start making some real
money.  To get a job, "find" a mentor... anything but stay home at my
computer.  I did simple things like look in the Classifieds for job
oppertunities, search online job sites, and ask a few friends and
family if they know anyone hiring.  The problem is that the only real
stuff I can find at my age is filing papers and maybe answering
phones.  Of course I could go around my neighborhood and mow peoples
lawns, but I feel that I am better than this.  When I tell people this
their first reaction is that I am a know-it-all teenager who dares to
think he could actually do a real job.  I think otherwise.

Based on college references, teachers comments, and employers remarks,
I would describe myself as well spoken, motivated, mature,
presentable, intelligent, and a good listener.  Let me emphasize that
I am very good talking with people, and have gone as far as becoming
friends with teachers(which I believe is not exactly the norm).  I
feel that I would rather spent time learning from people who have
lived their lives than go to a party every other night and come home
bent over a toilet.

I realize that some people would say that I am a kid who should just
take some time and enjoy life.  They say I should not worry about
jobs, which I will have plenty of time to worry about for the rest of
my life.  This is just not who I am though.  I like learning outside
of a school environment, I really do.  I get enjoyment out of trying
new things and finding things I like to do... making money is just an
added bonus.

In a Google question I posted earlier I asked for ways I could get
rich quick.  I should of known that I was making myself flame-bait. 
What I will now ask instead is for simple ideas as to how I can find a
place I would like to work with people I could learn a lot from. 
While I am mainly just looking for ideas, any names and locations
would also be welcome.  I am willing to work worldwide, and I have the
full support of my parents.  I currently live in Washington, DC
though, in case you are curious.

Note that I have tried going around the D.C. business districts asking
for jobs in person without appointment or etc.  While it might be
interesting, it has been a waste of time full of secretaries promising
calls back and then most likely giggling about it as I left the room. 
Maybe I am a know-it-all teen going into law offices asking to do
anything other than be a paper pusher.  Do I have any chances or
possibilities, or am I just creating false hopes for myself?

I would like to thank martinjay-ga for a comment to a question related
to this I asked earlier.  He said the following:
"Thousands of dollars a month should be an easy goal for someone like
yourself, and you will find that the market will reward you for:
Doing what others prefer not to - like work in mortuaries 
Skills which are in higher demand then supply 
Hard work 
Doing something to create value or move products (sales) 
Talent or ability to garner an audience"

My favorite idea here is the talent or ability to garner an audience. 
I do not want to work in a mortuary, and I am aiming for something
that is at least somewhat mentally stimulating.  I realize that the
lack of a college degree... or college at all, along with my age,
greatly lowers my number of opportunities.

I guess that the only real question left from this is actual ideas of
what type of people or types of companies that I should contact.

Let me say that I know that I have written what is probably way more
than is necessary to answer my question.  Nonetheless, _PLEASE_ feel
free to ask me other questions, as I know that I have a tendency to
leave out important details.

Great answers will keep in mind that I am a 16 year old guy who is
willing to work hard.  It would be a plus if the researcher has
personal experience which he can reference.  Remember that I am going
to act on your ideas, so they have to be concrete, reasonable,
possible.  Thank you for your help and wisdom!
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: 16y/o guy looking to learn the ropes & maybe even earn some money in the process
From: martinjay-ga on 08 Feb 2003 11:09 PST
Back again.  I too grew up by you, and when I was
your age worked at Roy Roger's.

I find your case interesting, and will make some comments
then wait for others.
1) I read the comment after mine on your first try, he was
not trying to flame you, just giving you the advice you don't
want to hear, which is 'go to college no matter what.'
2) The problem you will have with a mentor is that no
good mentor will disagree with the advice above, and
that without college or real skills, you are of questionable
value to anyone except to do grunt work, no matter how
smart you are.  Someone, somewhere and sometime 
the investment to provide you with those skills will need
to be made, until then you are 'raw material, undeveloped.'
3) The garner an audience comment was my way of saying
that either through real talent, such as singing or athletics,
or from luck, actors/models, you can acheive great success.
The rewards are high, but the chances are low, so this is not
usually a path to bet all your eggs on.

Now enough of the 'adult' advice.  Question is 'what can you 
do'.  I have many friends in the D.C. area, and none who would
give you a 'chance' without going to college.  I am a huge believer
that everyone not need to go or even finish, but that is because
in some cases tradesman or military or other options are the
right thing for these people at their stage in life.  In your case,
I feel that you are averse to college, and I am still not sure why.
When I was getting out of high school, I wanted to go into the
Marine Corp.  Was ADD pretty-bad, never liked school nor cared.
Parents were on me hard, and I was glad.  As far as I can see it,
you have three choices to pursue your objectives:
1) Go to college and decide it is not for you but have 'something'
to do instead
2) Have something 'other' then college - a business idea, invention
ala Michael Dell, Bill Gates and Dan Snyder (someone said he did
not finish)
3) Get luck (not being facetious, just it is the third option)

Good luck, please anyone else who reads this, make good comments.
Subject: Re: 16y/o guy looking to learn the ropes & maybe even earn some money in the process
From: igabe-ga on 08 Feb 2003 11:18 PST
This is becoming an interesting pattern.  I write questions, and get
replies which seem almost too right.

The question I've asked people I know were if it is best for a 16 year
old to go to college right away.  A majority of them said to wait
until I am a little older.  I am not sure if this is a mark  on my
character, with them not thinking I am ready, or if they just think I
need some time off for a break.  The fact right now is that if I am
going to go to college, I just missed most college application
deadlines by about a month.  This is my fault, not trying to make an
excuse for not going to college(or I am, but I'll try to anyway).  I
know that if I really am as good as I say I am I should be able to get
into a college, maybe even past the deadlines.  Hmm, interesting
thought here.

Actually just had an idea.  Do you think it would be appropriote to
ask Google researchers for college suggestions?

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