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Q: Synthesizing a name ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   5 Comments )
Subject: Synthesizing a name
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Visual Arts
Asked by: gasoline-ga
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Posted: 10 Feb 2003 15:42 PST
Expires: 12 Mar 2003 15:42 PST
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I am attempting to name my arts research group and have hit a brick
wall.  I can't look at words anymore - I can't even properly process
the meaning of some words when I look at them now, and I've spent more
time at that I would care to admit.

I am a visual designer doing cutting edge urban interventions,
electronic and sculptural in nature, primarily in Los Angeles.  We
seek a name that is hip but not kistchy, that describes our activity,
makes a bold statement about the nature of our work, and supports our
basic ideology.  The name can be nonsensical, so long as it sounds and
looks good, and is evocative of some of the right concepts.  In this
case, more "arty" than "cool" is also preferable, eg: "electrosite" is
preferable to "redrocket."

Current words/concepts I am working with:


Can you help me?  I need an avid wordsmith to train their mind in this
direction and spend 20 minutes brainstorming other words/roots to work

Clarification of Question by gasoline-ga on 10 Feb 2003 15:44 PST
Also, this is not important to the form of the name, but it may help
to know that we are not a design firm, and that many of these
activities are unfunded, guerrilla, etc.
Subject: Re: Synthesizing a name
Answered By: guillermo-ga on 10 Feb 2003 22:44 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
Hello, Gasoline. First, the words. After them, some explanations.

1.	Ars Urbandi
2.	Ars Urbani
3.	Ars Electra
4.	Ars Pax
5.	Ars Mega
6.	Ars Ultra
7.	Urbano Poe
8.	Urbando Poe
9.	Urban Doe
10.	Urbano Pope
11.	Urbano Pop
12.	Electrospin
13.	Spiropop
14.	Spirotronic
15.	Megaview
16.	Sphereview
17.	Spherepoint
18.	Zahirview
19.	Electroinfinity
20.	Electrobodies
21.	Electrobody
22.	Electrosolid
23.	Electrovolume
24.	Electrospace
25.	Electrosphere
26.	Electroshot
27.	Electrospot
28.	Electropoint
29.	Innerpax
30.	Paxplosion
31.	Megastuff
32.	Megastaff
33.	Megatronic Stuff
34.	Megatronic Staff
35.	Megaminded
36.	Megalon
37.	Superplot
38.	Supernaut
39.	Meganaut
40.	Electronaut
41.	Vibesite
42.	Stereosite
43.	Stereopax
44.	Electropax
45.	Paxsite
46.	Electroskin
47.	Ultraskin
48.	Ultraspace
49.	Ultranaut
50.	Ultrasphere

First of all, I must tell you that I’m a native Spanish speaker,
living in another country, far away from California. Thus, I may not
realize of certain connotations due to which my ideas may sound
meaningless or just stupid. Sorry about that. On the other hand, my
language distance encouraged me to accept the challenge, since it
might give me some mental freedom to play with the sounds and
meanings, which could lead me to interesting ideas.

Second, you will not find in my answer any link to websites, or any
other source of information, since I understood you didn’t want a
research but a brainstorming to refresh your own thinking to find an
appropriate name for your arts group.

All that said, let me tell you a couple of comments about some of the
words of the list above.

As you probably expected, I started to play with the ideas you had
been working on.

The first series (Ars…) is an obvious Latin evoking use of the concept
of art related to some of the concepts you’ve been working on. I
didn’t care about being accurate in the use of the actual Latin
grammar, there’s some invention in it, privileging the way it sounds,
and also playing with the nonsensical.

The series beginning with words referring to the concept Urban, plays
with the idea of an abstract character with a name and a last name,
incarnating your artistic proposal. The reference to E. A. Poe (I like
his work, may be you don’t, or don’t think it fits your artistic line)
might bring up connotations of daring to advance in unexplored
creative fields. The reference to Doe obviously evokes the urban
anyone. Pope is like guru, and then derives to Pop that is another of
the concepts you’d been working on.

Electrospin just came as a sound, and spin suggested me spiral, an
idea that may be interesting to explore: it holds the idea of space
(volume, sculpture) and also infinite, innovation, undetermined

The first idea I associated to mega was view. What I understand that
you produce is to be viewed. Then, always having in mind the
sculptural aspect you talked about, I though of a sphere (space,
volume). Here I remembered a tale by Jorge Luis Borges (an Argentine
writer, if you don’t know him, I strongly recommend you to read him,
his complete work is available in English), “El Zahir”. The Zahir is
an object (say, a coin, a medal) that provokes in the unfortunate who
accidentally happens to get it, a gradually increasing obsession to
the thing. The person eventually can’t think of anything else, up to
the point when h. mind develops a spherical viewpoint as if the eye
was the inner face of the sphere, and the zahir was in the center of
it, regarded from infinite spots converging to that center. This is
where sphereview, spherepoint and zahirview come from.

With the idea of infinity in my mind, electroinfinity showed up. From
electrobodies to electrosphere, the “electronic and sculptural in
nature” concept is what I tried to express. Electroshot is a may be
too obvious pun that came as a sound, I couldn’t help it. Electroshot
triggered electrospot, and this one electropoint.

Innerpax, well, you had worked with pax, and the first I though of was
inner peace. I like paxplosion better, due to the oxymoron implied in
the obvious contraction of pax and explosion.

The mega series is not my favorite, but you might like it, I don’t
know. I tried to associate it with the stuff you produce, and then the
staff you make with your group, and also combining it with the suffix
–tronic. Megalon is like a private joke: it may sound kind of heroic,
but it just comes from leaving “mega alone”.

The stereo concept goes back to the idea of space and volume with
another sound.

The skin idea is one I like. It involves body –volume, sculpture, but
also sensitiveness. Particularly ultraskin, remarking ultra in its
sense of “beyond”. “Beyond skin” attracts me when thinking of
electronic sculptural, although I’ve never seen what you actually
produce. All the ultra (beyond) concept, I find it attractive.

Well, that’s it. I hope to have been helpful. Please feel free to ask
for any clarification you need. Thanks for this very stimulating
question, and good luck!


gasoline-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars
While I would have preferred the inclusion of more new word roots, I
did appreciate the combination of existing roots with new words in
some innovative configurations.  I did not find a name herein that I
will use as-is, but the inspiration is of great benefit.

Subject: Re: Synthesizing a name
From: pinkfreud-ga on 10 Feb 2003 16:46 PST
Here are a dozen names for starters:












Wired Open Spaces
Subject: Re: Synthesizing a name
From: denco-ga on 10 Feb 2003 17:26 PST
Subject: Re: Synthesizing a name
From: blanketpower-ga on 10 Feb 2003 17:32 PST
Ten mix-and-match prefixes and suffixes:

Urbanscape or Urbancraft
Metrovista or Metrolux
Panopolis or Panographic
Metavision or Metelectric
Citiform, Iconoform or Megaform
Neoclastic or Neocentric
Electroptic or Electrosculpture
Electrosaurus Rex (hahahaha)

Good luck!
Subject: Re: Synthesizing a name
From: inquiring-ga on 10 Feb 2003 19:35 PST
grass roots gorillas
Subject: Re: Synthesizing a name
From: guillermo-ga on 16 Feb 2003 16:22 PST
Hi, Gasoline. Thanks a lot for the rating you gave me despite I
misunderstood a little what you exactly wanted. Hope you’ve already
found the name (or will do soon) with my little help. Guillermo.

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