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Q: I am missing a file on my computer. 'Tab32x30.ocx' ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: I am missing a file on my computer. 'Tab32x30.ocx'
Category: Computers
Asked by: smileygal-ga
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Posted: 26 Feb 2003 13:43 PST
Expires: 28 Mar 2003 13:43 PST
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I need to download the file component Tab32x30.00x, where do I go to do that?
Subject: Re: I am missing a file on my computer. 'Tab32x30.ocx'
Answered By: arcadesdude-ga on 27 Feb 2003 17:11 PST

I found it! It was your comment that lead me to it too. Originally I
thought it was only part of TabPro (and went on a wild goose chase
looking for it) but it is also used in EmotiPad. Here is how you can
get this file.

Download the EmotiPad Demo here:

EmotiPad II Demo

Double click the file when it is done downloading.
Open that folder that was unzipped. (Double click on it).
In that folder double click on the setup program.
Click Next

Now since you probably (might) already have EmotiPad we don't want to
change anything with that program you already have installed. So do

Click Browse
Double click C:\ (first folder there)
Scroll down to windows
Double click that folder (windows)
Scroll down to temp
Double click that folder (temp)
Click OK

That will make this demo install into a temporary directory
C:\windows\temp where it will not interfere with your current
installation (if you have EmotiPad already).

Click Next
Click Next again (because it doesn't matter if we back up files in
this temporary directory since we just want one file out of all this
Click Next (yet again)
Click Next (again)

It will now unpack the files. Click Finish. Tab32x30.ocx will be in:


If there is a program that needs it, it will find it there (assuming
c:\windows\system is in your computers "path").

If it is not there then do a find file for it. (Start, Find, Files or
Folders, type the name tab32x30.ocx and hit enter). It should be found

We're not done yet. We need to clean up the other files the demo
program left. Go to
C:\windows\temp and delete the folder called EmotiPad (and all the
files in it). The file you wanted tab32x30.ocx is not in that
directory and will not be deleted. The only files that will be deleted
are those extra files used for the EmotiPad Demo.

Also Click Start
Scroll down to EmotiPad II (Should be the last entry since it was just
created) and delete the shortcuts to the EmotiPad Demo by
right-clicking on "EmotiPad II" and choosing delete. Then click Yes.

One more thing: 
Click Start
Click Settings
Click Control Panel
Click Add/Remove Programs
Scroll down and find EmotiPad II in the list. (That's EmotiPad 2. If
you already have EmotiPad II and then DO NOT remove it. That is
because you might have an entry for the version of EmotiPad that you
have and it might delete the files for your EmotiPad. We only want to
remove the left-over demo files from the EmotiPad II Demo.)
If EmotiPad II is in the list and you did NOT have EmotiPad TWO (2 not
1) before then that is the entry for the demo and is safe to delete.
Click on it EmotiPad II (it will be hilighted (turned blue)) and then
Click Add/Remove and then YES when it asks if you want to remove the
entry from the list.

That's it! You now have Tab32x30.ocx.

About acadadi.dll, just ignore that. You don't need that now because
you (should) have tab32x30.ocx and that file is only for installing
TabPro with AutoCAD which might have had the file you are looking for.

I hope this helps you and if anything is unclear then please "Request
Answer Clarification" before you "Rate this Answer" and I will do my
best to assist you further.

Google Answers Researcher


EmotiPad Website

Search Strategy:

tab32x30.ocx download
EmotiPad download

Request for Answer Clarification by smileygal-ga on 27 Feb 2003 18:04 PST
Ok, I did everything you told me to do step by step, and it's still
telling me the file is missing or invalid. I know I have it, because I
went to find, under files, and folders and it did come up. Hope you
can figure this one out!!!

Clarification of Answer by arcadesdude-ga on 27 Feb 2003 20:14 PST
This error message that you have is probably because the file needs to
be in the directory where the program that you ran gave the error. In
other words, you have the file, you just have to move it. So we have
to figure out where to move it.

You should move it to the directory of the program that gave the error
message. Whatever program is giving you the "not found" message is
where it needs to go. Most programs are in Program Files in a folder
of the same name as the program. So you need to know what the program
you're running is called and then you can find it's folder.

From there just drag the file Tab32x30.ocx into that folder and then
reboot (just in case the programming is still running) and try once

That should allow the program to find the file (since it would be in
the same location as the program).
Subject: Re: I am missing a file on my computer. 'Tab32x30.ocx'
From: arcadesdude-ga on 26 Feb 2003 14:48 PST

I'm not sure this will help because I couldn't open it (I was missing
a [different] file needed to install this) but it may be useful to

I think the file you want is actually: tab32x30.ocx
This file was part of Tab Pro which is a shareware program.
It's description is:

TabPro v2.4 AutoCAD interface to
spreadsheet data. Paste tables and
other tabular text and numerical
data into your AutoCAD drawing.
TabPro reads Lotus,Excel,and Quattro
files directly, as well as databases
and runs from  within the AutoCAD
drawing editor.

You can download it here:

TabPro 2.4

Then extract the zip file.

In the unzipped folder click on the TABPRO.EXE file. This is where I
got stuck. Apparently it needs a file called acadadi.dll to install
TabPro (which I'm reasonably sure contains tab32x30.ocx which is the
file you're looking for). AutoCAD is the program that uses acadadi.dll
(in an older version only apparently) and I could not find this file
to install TabPro. It may be that you have this program and file
already and can use the file from TabPro to get tab32x30.ocx. (TabPro
is just a 'plugin' interface to AutoCAD). It seems that this is a
problem not easily solved (unless you already have AutoCAD).

It may be that another researcher can solve your problem and help you
find this file (which is part of the shareware application TabPro).
Good luck!

Google Answers Researcher
Subject: Re: I am missing a file on my computer. 'Tab32x30.ocx'
From: smileygal-ga on 27 Feb 2003 07:11 PST
That file that I am missing comes from a program that I used to have
called emotipad. Apparently, I had a corrupted file when I had it, but
ever since I had the file fixed, it wiped it out and I'm not able to
open the program now. I will give your solution a try. Thank you!!
Subject: Re: I am missing a file on my computer. 'Tab32x30.ocx'
From: smileygal-ga on 27 Feb 2003 13:31 PST
I downloaded the file and it is also telling me that I need that
acadadi.dll file. Now what do I do?

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