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Q: XML-based digital video library ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: XML-based digital video library
Category: Computers
Asked by: tvchalam4444-ga
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Posted: 05 Mar 2003 02:01 PST
Expires: 04 Apr 2003 02:01 PST
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Relevant list of topics on:   white papers,  thesis 
   simple design and implementation xml-based searching on digitl-video-library 
      even if it is ordinary digital-library is also okay 
thank you,
Subject: Re: XML-based digital video library
Answered By: sycophant-ga on 05 Mar 2003 04:10 PST
Rated:4 out of 5 stars

If I understand your question correctly, you are looking for resources
to help in the planning and creation of an XML-based digital video

There are many resources around about the creation of XML digital
libraries. Here are some of the better references I have been able to

“A Digital Library Framework based on XML”
An online paper, available through CiteSeer – an online digital
library itself. This details the implementation of a digital library
within an educational institution. While quite specific, many of the
principles are very adaptable.

The following citations from that paper also seem very applicable:
“Metadata for Digital Libraries: Architecture and Design Rationale”

“Key Concepts in the Architecture of the Digital Library”

“XVIP: An XML-Based Video Information Processing System”
This paper describes a project to create “an XML-based video
information processing system, which extracts information from video
and stores the information in a multimedia digital video library.”

“Design and Implementation of XML-Based Digital Video Library System”
From the same author, describes “an XML-Based Digital Video Library
(XDVL) System. The system includes automatic processes from video
creation through video delivery, which involves storing, searching,
indexing and retrieval of video contents.”

Also, this link at the Vassar College Library provides links to a
number of related projects and resources.

There is also D-Lib Magazine, a publication devoted to digital library
research. - check their reference links section especially,
it features links to many papers and resources

Another resource is Digital-Libraries.Net
( It seems like it may not have
been updated for a while, but it does have a very extensive collection
of links (

There are also more resources available here, from the International
Federation of Library Associations and Institutions

Also worth reviewing is the Informedia project at Carnegie Mellon

I hope these resources are what you were looking for. I have tried to
provide a range of aspects from specifically video libraries to more
general themes such as metadata. Also there is a huge amount of
information available from the resource links I provided.

If there is anything you need me clarify, I am happy to do so,
although I am keeping strange hours at the moment so my response may
be a little delayed.

Primary Search Terms:
XML-based library
XML-based video library
Digital Video Library XML
Designing Digital Library XML


Request for Answer Clarification by tvchalam4444-ga on 05 Mar 2003 04:47 PST
i am specificly looking for any MSc thesis or projects from any University courses

Clarification of Answer by sycophant-ga on 05 Mar 2003 20:50 PST

Many of the links I have provided are university projects. A great
deal of the work done in this area is coming out of computer science
programs worldwide. For example, the work of <a
href="">Dr. Michael Lyu</a> from the
Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is an author of two of the
documents I have linked to, and seems to be quite an authority of the

CMU's Informedia projects that I linked to are also ongoing university

If these links really don't seem to be what you are looking for, them
please let me know. With a little more information on what you are
looking for, and perhaps how you indeed to use it (are you doing
research yourself in this area and looking for citations, or do you
want to develop somthing like this) I maybe able to find some better
suited resources.


Request for Answer Clarification by tvchalam4444-ga on 08 Mar 2003 15:40 PST
    I am student from University of Luton, England.
I have come from India and joined a conversion course in the
University in computing.
some how i passed all the subjects in the course but when coming to
the project
 the real problem started for me.
  I have selected the thesis on XML assuming that this might be easy
to do because that it is not difficult(simple readable format) when
comparing with another languages like C++ or Java
I could able to see many articles on the web which i believe excerpts
from one and only source Dr.Michael Lyu's project Chinese Hong Kong
Project No.  CUHK4193/00E
  I am looking for the above citation so that it might be helpful in
The real problem is that i want to know how to use(implement) XML  and
extract the videos on the text-based searching.
finally i am really grateful for answering the questions,
thank you,
Lakshmana Rao Tummala

Clarification of Answer by sycophant-ga on 08 Mar 2003 21:11 PST
Thanks you for the four-star rating, and good luck with your studies.

Some other links I have found that may be of some interest to you,
they are not academic studies as such, but do provide some practical
insights into working with XML.

Exist-DB: Open source XML Database tools

Programmers Haven: XML and Database (links and resources)

tvchalam4444-ga rated this answer:4 out of 5 stars

Subject: Re: XML-based digital video library
From: mathtalk-ga on 08 Mar 2003 20:11 PST
Hi, Lakshmana (tvchalam4444-ga):

I think sycophant-ga has answered the question you originally asked,
locating some papers on the Web relating to the use of XML for
cataloguing, etc. of digital video libraries.

However to carry your definition of your thesis to the next stage will
require some input on your part.  While it might seem to you that XML
is a simpler language to work with than C++ or Java, this is only a
superficial truth.  XML is more a standard for data representation,
and while there are "functional" components to the emerging
XML-related standards (such as XPath & XSLT), the delivery of cutting
edge technologies like VoiceXML still involve "low-level" procedural

In this sense you need to have a clearer idea of what is worth
researching and what is required to accomplish that goal, rather than
basing your strategy around what to avoid.  By all means read up on
the references that sycophant-ga has provided, if only to learn from
the trials of others what has been done and what has proven difficult.
 But at the end of the day err on the side of ambition and set your
sights high.  As a friend once told me, you never learn what you are
capable of until you really push yourself.

regards, mathtalk

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