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Q: Can someone please answer these questions. Thanks. ( No Answer,   6 Comments )
Subject: Can someone please answer these questions. Thanks.
Category: Health
Asked by: viv2-ga
List Price: $20.00
Posted: 06 Mar 2003 03:57 PST
Expires: 06 Mar 2003 22:40 PST
Question ID: 172608
1. Discuss briefly (1-2 sentences) the effect of clothes on: 
(i) Conduction of heat from the body to air 
(ii) Convection of heat from the body to air 
(iii) Radiation of heat from the body to air 
2. Why is gel used in ultrasound 
3. Briefly describe the process of dialysis 
4. Briefly discuss the physics involved in the process of entrainment,
and what it is primarily used for in health care.
5. Name a  vector quantity and its corresponding scalar quantity. 
Electricity and the human body 
1. Describe the differences between macroshock and microshock, with
mention of the current at which fibrilliation occurs.
2. After the first section of a nerve cell is initially stimulated by
an impulse potential of >15mV, briefly describe how the process
continues along the length of the cell.

Clarification of Question by viv2-ga on 06 Mar 2003 17:32 PST
Thank you for answering most of my question zarqi. I'm not sure what
the right thing to do here is (sure you don't want to have a go at the
remaining 2 for the full $30.00). If not, would the payment reduction
from $30.00 to $20.00 be acceptable to you for your answer of 5 of the
7 questions (I thought I'd then repost the remainding 2 at $4.00 each.

Request for Question Clarification by pinkfreud-ga on 06 Mar 2003 17:42 PST
Note that xarqi-ga is not a Google Answers Researcher, and therefore
cannot receive payment for his or her assistance.

You can tell an authorized Researcher from a Commenter by noting
whether or not the individual's screen name is highlighted in blue (as
is the name of chromedome-ga, below, and my name at the top of this
post.) Researchers' usernames are highlighted, and clicking on the
name of a Researcher will take you to that Researcher's Google Answers
profile. Commenters' usernames are not highlighted, and their names
are not "clickable."

Posting your two remaining questions at $4.00 each, as you mention,
sounds like a fine idea to me. It is always easier to get rapid,
accurate answers when posting one question at a time.

~pinkfreud-ga, Google Answers Researcher
There is no answer at this time.

Subject: Re: Can someone please answer these questions. Thanks.
From: xarqi-ga on 06 Mar 2003 04:17 PST
I'll tackle these and see how far I get:
1i: Clothes, unless theyare made of metal (!) will decrease conduction
of heat from the body to the air, and vice versa.
1ii: Convection will also be reduced, but a lot of heat is lost from
the head - indeed the Ancient Greeks thought that the brain was an
organ for cooling the blood.  A hat would reduce convective loss here.
1iii: Likewise, radiation will be reduced - quite substantially,
unless you clothing is made of material transparent to infrared - like
-um- salt I guess.
2: Gel is iused to improve the conduction of the ultrasound energy to
the skin surface.
3: Dialysis involves the pasage of water across a semi-permeable
membrane from a region of low solute (salt or protein etc)
colcentration, to one of higher concentration.
4: - No idea sorry
5: speed is a scalar; velocity a vector (it combines speed with
1.  No idea
2.  A pulse of membrane depolarisation propagates along the length of
the axon.  That is - the membrane becomes leaky to a charged ion
(sodium I think).  When the pulse hits the end of the axon it causes
the release of neurotransmitters into the synapse, or stimulates a
muscle to contract.
Subject: Re: Can someone please answer these questions. Thanks.
From: chromedome-ga on 06 Mar 2003 08:36 PST
Hi, Viv2...

Just a quick line, here.  Researchers at GA have various strengths,
and corresponding weaknesses.  For such a broad-ranging group of
questions, you may want to break down your inquiry into several
individual questions, at lower price points.  As it stands, a
researcher who could answer (say) four of your questions, would NOT do
so...unless they could answer the others.

Chances are, you will get faster and better answers by breaking them
up.  The listing fee for each question is only 50 cents, and need not
be a serious factor in your thinking.


Subject: Re: Can someone please answer these questions. Thanks.
From: xarqi-ga on 06 Mar 2003 18:05 PST
pinkfreud is quite right - my responses are freebies - I tend just to
answer "off the top of my head" as it were, on subjects that I am
confident about.  I like to be helpful, but maybe this is the wrong
forum since I may be denying bona fide researchers the opportunity to
earn a crust.  My option is just to comment on posted answers that I
disagree with, but that to me seems to be too negative.  Also,
sometimes I can answer immediately, and a fast partial answer may be
useful to the questioner while awaiting the full "bells and whistles"
"official" answer.

Maybe I should post a question asking what to do?  :-)
Subject: Re: Can someone please answer these questions. Thanks.
From: pinkfreud-ga on 06 Mar 2003 18:09 PST

I didn't intend, in my remark to the customer, to sound as if I were
being critical of your comments. Useful information is often found in
the "Comments" section. In fact, I made nearly 200 comments on GA
before I became a Researcher.

Subject: Re: Can someone please answer these questions. Thanks.
From: xarqi-ga on 06 Mar 2003 18:25 PST
No offence taken!  I just don't want to tread on toes.
Subject: Re: Can someone please answer these questions. Thanks.
From: aceresearcher-ga on 06 Mar 2003 19:29 PST

While it is true that good Comments posted by non-Researchers
sometimes preclude a Researcher from earning the fee with a
non-duplicative Answer, such Comments can result in a quicker response
to, and a higher satisfaction for, the Customer, which are the main
goals of Google Answers. Like pinkfreud, I too started as a Commenter.
I can assure you that Researchers much prefer good Comments by
intelligent, articulate non-Researchers to any other kind. ;-)



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