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Q: What to do in Melbourne for 3dys&2nights for girlfriends birthday ( Answered,   4 Comments )
Subject: What to do in Melbourne for 3dys&2nights for girlfriends birthday
Category: Relationships and Society > Romance
Asked by: tnargak-ga
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Posted: 14 Mar 2003 00:04 PST
Expires: 13 Apr 2003 01:04 PDT
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My girlfriend and i have been going out for 8months. On the 24th of
March 2003 is her 18th birthday. For her birthday i have bought her 18
small diamonds becasuse she likes to design jewelery.

I also bought a trip for both her and myself to go to Melboune
city for 3 days and 2 nights. 24th, 25th and 26th of March.

I want to have an iteniary created from March 24th 11am to March 26th

Basically what im after is the best things a couple 18yrs and 19yrs
old can do for 3 days and 2 nights in melbourne day and night.

To help out with ideas, we both like romantic things like sunset
cruises, but also like fun stuff like hot air ballon trips, jet skiing
etc and definately eating out at nice resturants!!

A list of things to do in Melbourne would be excellent. Also maybe a
special thing i can do when she get on or off the plane to let her
know how much i love her and how much i care for her.

Thankyou so much for your time,

I hope to hear from you all!!!

Best of luck!

Subject: Re: What to do in Melbourne for 3dys&2nights for girlfriends birthday
Answered By: england_ali-ga on 14 Mar 2003 07:17 PST
Hi Brad and thanks for your question,

Firstly, may I say how lucky your girlfriend is to have an old
romantic such as yourself!!

I have outlined a number of ideas below in the format of an itinerary
(assuming that you arrive in Melbourne at 11am on the 24th March

Before/during your flight:
A few days before you leave you could contact the airline and request
for a bottle of champagne  (hey 18yrs is the legal drinking age in
most places other than USA!!) and some chocolates and/or flowers to be
brought to your girlfriend after take-off.

You can often pay in advance for tickets to one of the Airport Lounges
(if you are travelling First or Business Class this will already be
included) so that you can relax in style before your long flight.  
This can be arranged by contacting Airport Customer Services or a
company which can arrange this for you such as Priority Pass
( ).

If you’re flying Economy class (and have some spare cash!) see if you
can afford to finance an upgrade on the flight.  If you don’t have any
spare cash, then dress smartly, swallow your pride and ask for one
when you check-in at the airport.

Ask the Cabin Crew if they could pass on a message to the pilot to
read out during the flight from you to your girlfriend.

Hide little romantic notes in her luggage and provide her with clues
to your itinerary without letting her know exactly what you’re doing
during the trip – us women love surprises!


11am: 	Arrival  
You could hire a flash car at the airport to drive around in.  Avis
could hire you a Convertible for around 300 Australian dollars for the
duration of your stay, see their website: .
There is also Budget ( , Hertz
( ) and Thrifty (  )
car hire available from the airport.

Or you could book a chauffeur driven car from: Australian Chauffeur
Drive (
), Brindley Limos (
) or Limo Scene ( ).

You will, no doubt, be tired after you flight so it would be advisable
to allow a few hours to rest before embarking on anything too
exhilarating! A soak in a hot bath with a few candles etc...!


Take a relaxing River Cruise on the Yarra River, where you can
wind-down whilst soaking up the sights and sounds of Melbourne.  There
are a number of different cruises to choose from which explore
different aspects of the city and depart regularly.  The cruises last
from 50mins to 2 ˝ hours and prices range from 17AUD – 30AUD per
person.  You can find out more information about and book the
different cruises available at the Melbourne River Cruises website:

You say that your girlfriend is interested in jewellery, so another
suggestion for the afternoon would be to take your girlfriend to
Altman & Chemy at 120 Exhibition St.  This is a prestigious jewellery
shop, which boasts the largest precious-gem opal in the world, the
‘Olympic Australia’ that is valued at $1.6million US.  And maybe even
splash out on a 19th diamond for her!
For more information, see Frommers Travel website:

You may have time for another activity before the evening, why not
take a trip up to the top of the Rialto Towers Building to the
Observation Deck to watch the sun set?
‘The 253-metre-high Rialto Towers Building is the tallest office
building in the southern hemisphere and one of the most recognised
icons in Melbourne. Take the high-speed lift to Level 55 for the
Melbourne Observation Deck, which boasts spectacular 360-degree views
of Melbourne and the surrounding area.’
There is a licensed Café bar at the observation deck and a theatre
which shows a film detailing the highlights of Melbourne.
Further information can be found at the following websites: 
Observation Deck Services:
City Search:


Melbourne rates as one of the world’s top cities for food and wine and
there is an abundance of good restaurants serving all different types
of food.  Some suggestions for some of the best restaurants to dine in

Flower Drum: an upscale Chinese in the city center, main courses are
US$18-US$29 and banquets for 2 featuring more unusual dishes can be
arranged in advance. Has previously won the award for best restaurant
in Victoria. Further information:

Donovans:  A charming seafood restaurant situated right beside the sea
with a log fire and lots of appeal. There is a bar which is ideal for
watching the sun set.  Main courses are US$15-US$23.  Further

Le Restaurant: Australian restaurant Located inside the Sofitel in
Melbourne. A restaurant with a reputation for fine dining, good views
and excellent service.  Main courses are US$23-US$29 and reservations
are recommended.  Further information:

Stella: Modern Australian food, in the city center. This is a relaxed
restaurant renound for fabulous, but expensive desserts!  Main courses
are US$15-US$18. Further information:

Centro Café: An Italian located in South Melbourne, highly
recommended.  For further information, see their website:
For a more unusual eating out experience:

Spirit of Melbourne: Melbourne’s first 	riverboat restaurant, dine
whilst cruising down the Yarra River and seeing Melbourne by night. 
Further information -

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant: Dine whilst touring the streets of
Melbourne!  A first class restaurant inside a beautifully fitted
tramcar, a previous four time winner of the National Tourism Award. 
Costs from $66 AUD per person.  Further information- ,

There are far too many restaurants in Melbourne for me to be able to
pinpoint the ‘best’ one, if you are looking for a particular type of
restaurant and would like me to source one for you, please advise in
question clarification and I will get back to you.

You may want to experience clubbing in Melbourne later on in the
evening, Melbourne has an enormous number of clubs (and a huge number
of gay venues) and bars and it may be best to look at a specific guide
to find somewhere that caters to your tastes.
Some websites detailing some of the best clubs are: - Views on Melbourne nightclubs and pubs. -  Guide to Melbourne



If you can drag yourselves out of bed early enough you could take a
balloon trip and watch the sun rise over Melbourne followed by a
champagne breakfast.  This costs from $265 AUD for a flight of around
1 hours duration.  See the Balloon Sunrise website for further
information and booking:

Why not then visit the Melbourne Aquarium
( ), a fantastic aquarium which is
well worth a visit.  If you’re feeling brave, why not try diving with
the sharks! You will need to book and the cost is  $99.00 for
certified divers or $192.50 if you haven’t dived before.
For more information phone 03 9510 9081 or visit .


For lunch you could have, another!, champagne picnic in one of
Melbourne’s parks and gardens, the Botanic Garden is especially worth
a visit  ( ) and it has it’s own unique
Observatory Café to eat in, or you could hire a rowing boat in Studley
Park (see ).

When in Australia (and under the age of 30) it is almost compulsory to
do a Bungee Jump!!! What could be more romantic than a tandem jump
with your girlfriend???!   Victoria’s only jump can be done 20 minutes
outside of Melbourne and a tandem jump costs $170 AUD.  Just a

If you think that jumping from ridiculous heights is not for you and
something more serene is called for, you could take a trip out to
Phillip Island which is 90mins drive from Melbourne where you can meet
Koala bears face-to-face at the Koala Conservation Center . Apparently
the highlight of the island is the Penguin Parade - when the sun sets
or rises, you can watch the penguins en-masse returning or leaving
their burrows. ‘By booking, Phillip Island Nature Park allows a small
number of guests to experience the Penguin Parade at sunrise, followed
by a buffet-style breakfast’
) . You may consider this as an early morning activity for Wednesday


The best place to watch the sun set in Melbourne is from St Kilda
beach, try a cocktail in one of the bars or restaurants there if you
haven’t done so already.  Donovans beachside restaurant (mentioned in
the restaurant list above) is an ideal venue.
An evening meal at St Kilda or alternatively at another restaurant
mentioned previously.



Maybe try an activity you didn’t have time for on Tuesday (such as
sunrise at Phillip Island) or you could both indulge in some pampering
by taking your girlfriend to a spa and enjoying massage, pedicures,
manicures, facials etc… (This is acceptable for guys too!!) and will
relax you before your flight.  There may be facilities in your hotel,
or you could go to the Day Spa at the Park Hyatt (1 Parliament Square)
where they offer various ‘Pampering Packages’, see their website for
more information:

Some alternative suggestions for morning activities are listed below:

Swimming with seals and dolphins:  A full day tour exploring the
beaches and marine life off the coast of Melbourne.  For more
information see Kasbah Tours .

The Melbourne Museum: Australia’s largest and most interactive museum. with exhibits on a variety of
The Gold Treasury Museum: Explore Melbourne’s history, architecture,
art and contemporary life.

Melbourne Zoo: See the Australian exhibits and of course all of the
other animals.

Have lunch at Bourke Street (between Elizabeth and Swanston Streets
and reachable by tram) an interesting and vibrant part of Melbourne.
‘‘Street performers, buskers, trams, students, shoppers! ‘People’ is
what Bourke Street is all about. For a lunch with a difference, grab
yourself a meat pie, a well-deserved drink and sit in Bourke Street
Mall to take in the scenes.’

Most girls love shopping, so unless your girlfriend is an exception to
this rule, it might be nice to do a spot before heading home.

The best place to start would be Queen Victoria Market, the largest
open air market in the Southern Hemisphere and tourist attraction, see
their website for more information - .

With your girlfriend’s interest in jewellery, it would be worth
visiting Chapel Street .  This area is trendy and fashionable:
‘Fashion boutiques, homewear, jewellery, exquisite shoe stores, arts
and antiques. Hang out with the local DJ's of Melbourne's dance
culture at the record stores and enjoy fine cuisine. Chapel Street is
a lifestyle in one location.’

Melbourne’s biggest shopping complex is Melbourne Central right in the
center of the city and home to many of the big stores.  See the
website: .

At the Crown Entertainment Complex across the river,  you can find the
designer labels as well as a variety of restaurants and a casino.  See
the website:


Pack up your purchases then relax with a drink over sunset before
returning to the airport (and perhaps your pre-booked seat in the
airport lounge) and flying home.

Other Useful Websites about what to do in Melbourne:
The Official Site for Melbourne - 
Guide to the City of Melbourne - 
Melbourne City Directory -
Yahoo Melbourne Destination Guide -

Search Strategy:
Below are the search terms I used in :// 
Melbourne “Tourist Information” -
Melbourne Activities -
Melbourne "eating out" -
Melbourne restaurants -

I hope that this provides you with some inspiration for your trip to
Melbourne and I’m sure that you will have a fantastic time whatever
you end up doing.  If you would like me to clarify any points in my
answer to your question, please use the question clarification
facility before rating!

Kind regards and romantic travelling,

Subject: Re: What to do in Melbourne for 3dys&2nights for girlfriends birthday
From: jackburton-ga on 14 Mar 2003 03:08 PST
Walking On Water - Melbourne Style 
"Ever wanted to spend a lazy summer afternoon gliding on a Gondola
through the canals of Venice?............Tired of Taxi' drivers that
don't know where Swanston Street is? Prefer to pop a cork than a blood
vessel? Well, with a bit of imagination and a phone call, your next
mode of transportation could be on water! Jump aboard Melbourne Water
Taxi's and lie back and think of the Yarra! Offering a daily service
with pick-up and drop-down points throughout the Yarra River - if
there's a jetty, there's a service!! Bring your own bottle for some
fun in the sun, and take in Melbourne's breathtaking skyline scenery
to your next destination........................
(Bookings: Ph: 03 9686 0914 Mb: 0416 068 655.)
*Note: the closest Jetty to The Hatton is Punt Rd - Jetty - Just a
quick stroll down through the Botanic Gardens, turn right into
Alexandra Avenue cross over Hoddle Bridge, and just below you will
find Punt Rd Jetty. Our Suggestion - Take the water taxi to the
Docklands for a summery lunch, or a romantic dusk interlude!"
If the weather is fine, a picnic in one of the many parks and gardens
with a bottle of champagne is hard to match. The Botanic Gardens in
particular evokes the atmosphere of a Jane Austin novel. Keep in mind,
however, that Melbourne's weather may require a Plan B.
One of the best places to watch the sun set in Melbourne is from St
Kilda beach. You can wander along the beach and out onto the pier and
have a glass of wine at the pier kiosk . There are also several
restaurants and cafes on the beachfront at St Kilda which can provide
a great view of the sunset.
For a leisurely row on the river, you can hire a rowboat from one of
the two boatsheds in Studley Park.
For sheer class, it is hard to beat morning tea or high tea at the
Windsor. There are also numbers of fine dining establishments around
Melbourne that can produce an intimate romantic atmosphere and maybe a
log fire. For more information email:
Royal Botanic Gardens - Melbourne
"An oasis of tranquillity and beauty only ten minutes from Melbourne's
CBD. Renowned for magnificent vistas over rolling lawns & glittering
lakes, the Gardens are home to over 51,000 individual plants from
around the world & are abundant with native bird & animal life.
Facilities include lakeside tearooms & two garden specialty shops.
These gardens are recognised worldwide as one of the finest examples
of landscape gardens."
Royal Botanic Gardens
Birdwood Avenue, South Yarra
Free Daily 7.30am-5.30pm
Tel: (03) 9252 2300
Subject: Re: What to do in Melbourne for 3dys&2nights for girlfriends birthday
From: stressedmum-ga on 15 Mar 2003 00:37 PST
Welcome to Melbourne! A couple of things to remember: we're renowned
in Melbourne for having "four seasons in one day" and they're not
kidding. You'll be here in Autumn which means it might struggle up to
a max. temperature of just 15C with rain and hail (as it was the
weekend before last), or, as is predicted for Tuesday, 35C and hot,
hot, hot. The Bureau of Meteorology website will give you the current
temperatures so that you can keep an eye on what's happening
weatherwise > (Dunn's
Hill is the weather station for Dandenong Ranges). As every good mum
would tell you, dress for change when in Melbourne. Wear a light top
but take a jumper and a jacket, a small umbrella and a hat and some

Secondly, why not check out some of the Bed and Breakfasts in the
Dandenong Ranges. It's beautiful up here at this time of year and
there are many B&Bs ready and waiting to make your visit up here
special. The Loft in the Mill is really popular and rather gorgeous,
but there are heaps of them up here. Have a look at  Puffing Billy is
always popular, it's a really lovely journey through the rain forest
on the old steam locomotive. Also popular is a visit to the William
Ricketts Sanctuary. A hamper or breakfast or lunch from the incredibly
popular "Ripe" delicatessen in Sassafras will be a sure winner.
Sassafras and Olinda have some fantastic shops and Touchstone Gallery
in Olinda has some really beautiful, unique jewellery from local
crafts people.

And promise me that you won't go walking in Sherbrooke Forest (or any
forest) if it's a windy day.

Ahh, she's a lucky girl. Have fun.
Subject: Re: What to do in Melbourne for 3dys&2nights for girlfriends birthday
From: johnfrommelbourne-ga on 15 Mar 2003 06:11 PST
As another Melbourne person and probably the only one to comment who
actually lives in the heart of the city itself amongst the
skyscrapers(where I am now), i feel oblidged to add my little bit. The
researcher and the commenters provided excellent info/ideas for sure
but just a cupla things  from me may add value to those comments.

 Fitst of all  perhaps some of the reccomendations were under promoted
 just a tad I thought. For a start you would definately have to sample
 our food icon the Aussie meat pie. This is eaten in the millions each
day and is truly a treat if eaten hot and with tomato sauce(ketchup.
However there is high quality and low quality and the gap is huge. To
be safe search out for a Four n' Twenty brand and you should not go
wrong.  Secondly the penguin parade is not just another attraction but
the second greatest attraction in all of Australia after the Great
Barrier Reef which itslf was rated by Americans as the second greatest
 attraction in the world after the Grand Canyon.

 The tram( streetcar) tour with dinner is  world renowned and if you
cant afford that then the journey on the free tram that takes tourists
all around the edge of the city is  very well worth the cost. You
should definately head up the Dandenong Ranges just outside Melbourne
but if you have time go to the Grampians, one of God;s gifts to
Australia and its people. i just took someone from overseas there and
stayed in a secluded  cottage built for touists in the mountains and
it was  a fantastic experience. Kangarros literally on the front door
with their babies sticking  their heads up through thepouch and all
that. In fact the kangaros actuall hop through the main town there.
 Unfortunately you have missed the best weather as now Summer is over
and we only get teh occasional hot day and warm night. However the
warm nights if you strike one are beautiful in Melbourne city. In fact
only on Wednesdfay just gone it was still  28.1 celsius at around 9pm(
about 85 in your measure) and tonight is stil only open neck shirt
weather so you may be lucky

 All else fails call in on me for some advice, I both live and work
virtually next door to where the airport bus will drop you off in the
city; work for instance is next door at the  Australia Post facility.
Just ask for John, from the Management team
Subject: Re: What to do in Melbourne for 3dys&2nights for girlfriends birthday
From: wjj-ga on 11 Apr 2003 10:10 PDT
I won't comment on a whole agenda, but I would thoroughly recommend
dining in Delgany's hotel at Portsea.  I have eaten all over the
world, but I really enjoy returning there.  I have not stayed there
but if the accomodation is anywhere close to the restaurant / outside
impression it could make the foundation of a great weekend.
You could use the Ferry from Queenscliffe to the Mornington Peninsula
to make a trip of it as there is also good eating on the Q side.
You could also tour many of the boutique wineries cropping up in the
hills of mornington / main ridge / red hill.  You can probably also
link up an early morning ballon flight in there somehow.
There are plenty of links if you search google with <delgany portsea>.
The R seems to be called Peppers.

Best of luck.

PS.  My other suggestion is to fly her to Sydney, stay round the rocks
and create an agenda from there. Especially if your girlfriend is not
a big traveller.  That's what I did in your situation.

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