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Q: Sources for General Knowledge Trivia ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: Sources for General Knowledge Trivia
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: tuesdaytrivia-ga
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Posted: 24 Mar 2003 17:28 PST
Expires: 23 Apr 2003 18:28 PDT
Question ID: 180470
Which websites are able to provide me with free online general
knowledge trivia questions.  I currently produce trivia shows and
would like extra resources to assist in speedy prep of shows.  Also,
if you come across it, are there any businesses currently using an
online question.  The scenarion being that they must visit the website
to get an answer for that nights show at their local hotel?

Request for Question Clarification by revbrenda1st-ga on 24 Mar 2003 19:11 PST
Hi tuesdaytrivia,

I was working on your question when I a question of my own popped into
my head. I was assuming that you wanted sites which provide questions
AND answers. Is that correct? (As opposed to lists of just trivia
facts.) Also, how many sites would you feel is sufficient? One I found
has almost 450,000 questions! That one alone would keep you busy for

Also, I've not yet run across any business sponsored trivia.


Clarification of Question by tuesdaytrivia-ga on 24 Mar 2003 20:41 PST
thanks reverend brenda...

yep, sure would need the answers...correct ones too!

heres 3 q's from the show i am producing right now...

1  Which two South American countries do not border Brazil
2  What do pandas feed on?
3  What movie was Peter Finch posthumously awarded an Oscar for?

hope fully that gives you an idea...

cheers for ya help

Subject: Re: Sources for General Knowledge Trivia
Answered By: revbrenda1st-ga on 24 Mar 2003 20:48 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hi tuesdaytrivia,

Your interesting job provided me with a very interesting evening. I'll
be answering trivia questions in my sleep! It's simply mind-boggling
the number of trivia quiz sites there are, and the range of topics is
huge. There are quizzes about people, places, sports, eggs, monkeys,
cows, soup...  the list goes on an on.

I've found what might possibly be the grand-daddy of such websites. 
It has 447,917 questions spread among 36,001 quizzes in 5,253

Trivia Portal - World's Largest Trivia Site

"TriviaWeb is a FREE interactive trivia game which will allow you to
test your knowledge in several topic categories... We currently have
over 25,000 unique questions in our online trivia database."

Trivia Game With Thousands of Questions

"Test your knowledge in a variety of fields like Music, Sports,
Movies, History, Geography, Art, Animals and Astronomy. All Games are
completely free, so just enjoy it!"
TriviaZone66 Trivia Online

"Current quiz topics - general knowledge, classical music, the recent
past, ships, famous writers, famous quotes."

Egghead Trivia

"...a categorized archive of thousands of trivia questions."

Trivia Stampede

This one is not as large as most of the others.

Triviaplaza - The Trivia Quiz Site

"Syvum's Trivia and General Knowledge section has quiz games for
everyone interested in increasing his or her knowledge. Though there
is no hard and fast rule regarding the breakup into various levels,
suggested age groups for different levels are: Level I -- 6 to 12
years, Level II -- 13 to 19 years, Level III -- 20 years and above."

Quiz Games : Trivia & General Knowledge from Syvum

While this site is not as large as it title might imply, it distracted
me from my research for a while:

BIG Trivia Quiz

"As well as General Knowledge quizzes, categorized quizzes are also
published. You can play an Alexander the Great quiz or the more modern
'King' Elvis Presley quiz... There are 138915 questions available on
this site - all completely free!"

Interactive Trivia Quizzes

This page provides a list of 240 questions -- the answers follow. It's
not an interactive quiz like those above.

Trivia Questions to Test Your IQ: General Knowledge

After I posted my question clarification request, I re-read your
question and decided I was indeed on the right track, so I'm going to
go ahead and post this answer. Depending on our respective time zones,
it could be hours before you might respond.

I looked at dozens and dozens of websites during this research, but
still found nothing along the lines of the hotel scenario you
provided. I'm sorry about that, although if I do run across something
like it, I'll post it here as a comment immediately.

I hope this list meets your needs. If not, please use the
Clarification of Answer button and I'll follow up.


Search strategy:


trivia quiz

Clarification of Answer by revbrenda1st-ga on 24 Mar 2003 20:58 PST
Hi tuesdaytrivia,

Well, as luck would have it your response arrived about the same time
as I posted my answer. I think we're on the same page, but I'll be
here a little while longer to see if you need any clarification before
you rate the answer.

As for the trivia answers being correct, I won't vouch for the
accuracy of each and everyone. It would be a daunting task indeed to
check them all, since the list I sent you contains literally hundreds
of thousands of entries. Anything I did see -- including one about
pandas and bamboo -- looked good to me, though.

Thanks again,

Clarification of Answer by revbrenda1st-ga on 01 Apr 2003 06:17 PST
Hi tuesdaytrivia,

I was coming back here to add a site pointed out to me by another
researcher when I noticed your comment with a clarification.
Unfortunately, I am only notified when a 'clarify answer' request is
made, not when comments are made. For that reason, I didn't see it. I
assure I was not ignoring your clarification request, and will get to
work on it ASAP.


Clarification of Answer by revbrenda1st-ga on 01 Apr 2003 11:05 PST
Hi again, tuesday,

You say, "just need a couple of nice easy or pdf etc..."

After some hours, I'm afraid that 'easy' is easier said than done, but
I have managed to find some sites which do include answers to the
questions and are NOT interactive game sites. One is in .doc format,
but it's one of the smaller collections. Another has thousands of
questions, but currently states that .pdf formatting is coming soon.

I hope the following are more in line with what you want. Remember to
use the Clarify Answer button (rather than 'Comment') to catch my


I've found an encyclopedia of trivia answers. It's divided
alphabetically and the format is Answer first, Question directly
below. You can choose a letter at random from the string across the
top of the page, or use the 'next page' link at the bottom of each
page, once you've chosen 'A.' You can print out the questions quite
easily without having to do the whole page by highlighting the
questions text, choosing print, checking off 'selection' in the
printer dialogue box, then choosing 'gray-scale' from colour

Trivia Answers and Encyclopedia

This one provides answers, but you'll need to write the questions. For

"An ostrich's eye is bigger than its brain."
Perhaps, Which is bigger, an ostrich's eye or its brain?
Is an ostrich's eye bigger than its brain?

Animal Trivia

The same holds true for the following pages:

Trivia about Plants

Sample answers:
The world's tallest grass, which has sometimes grown 130 feet or more,
is bamboo.
One pound of tea can make 300 cups of the beverage.

Geography Trivia

Sample answers:
Hawaii is the only US state that grows coffee. 
The Atlantic Ocean is saltier than the Pacific Ocean.

Trivia about History

Sample answers:
Christmas became a national holiday in the US in 1890.
Richard Nixon was the 1st US president to visit China in February,

Famous Firsts is divided into four pages by century grouping.

"50 facts about each U. S. State"

U.S. States Fast Facts and Trivia

The next site takes you to free questions and answers in eight
categories. The webmaster says, "Feel free to use these questions in
your quizzes. This is not a game, there's no scoring, and questions
are provided as a service only."

You'll see the question - just click on answer to see that. The
answers will remain visible as you move along the list, so you can
print the page out or save it to your HD.

Madrid Pub Quiz

Here's a site from the Canterbury Prison Staff Club. 

The webmaster advises, "The links below allow you to download a
complete version of each Quiz Night featured on these pages Each
zipped download contains an answer booklet, all the questions, all the
answers, plus any additional rounds I have included and will give you
a Full Quiz Night - from start to finish."

Free Quiz Downloads

From a commercial site, a selection of 50 questions and answers -- 
primarily geared toward a British audience, but with many general

Free Quizzes

I think you'll like this: "There are currently 5,226 quiz questions in
the quiz-zone database."

Quiz-zone: Browse Questions

This set of of questions is presented in 11 files. It isn't an
interactive site. You'll see the question and find the answer hidden
below it. All you need to do is click on 'answer' to access it.

Wildstar Roadshow

Search strategy:
trivia answers


free online general knowledge trivia questions
tuesdaytrivia-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
after clarification of what i was after, we got there...
a big thanks to the revbrenda1st..!!
i now a major datbase of future questions that i can utilise in the
production of my trivia shows....the ole trivial pursuit is just a tad
too tough for some of my youthful players...
with many other sources of info, i can now select even better
(as for the english questions, well i always add a few in, cos we have
so many UK tourists at the pub, and many of our Aussies have been to
London and around...should test them!

thanks again
bevvo (as from 12 april '03)

Subject: Re: Sources for General Knowledge Trivia
From: voila-ga on 25 Mar 2003 09:18 PST
Subject: Re: Sources for General Knowledge Trivia
From: tuesdaytrivia-ga on 25 Mar 2003 14:58 PST
Hi All

Just want to clarify...Im dont need the online quizzes!
What Im after should have the questions and answers on the same page.

Like this:

5  MUSIC:  Who sang Every Day Is A Winding Road

6   What berries give gin it’s flavour?

7   What day of the week did Harold Holt go for his big swim?

8   What is the former name of Istanbul?

9  What film did John Wayne win his only Oscar for?

Thats the way I put my shows together...
I dont have the time to be clicking and answering online games, and
then getting spammed...

just need a couple of nice easy or pdf etc...

Cheers for ya comments

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