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Q: 'History of weapons sales to iraq" ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: 'History of weapons sales to iraq"
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Asked by: gunner2-ga
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Posted: 26 Mar 2003 20:59 PST
Expires: 25 Apr 2003 21:59 PDT
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I would like to know what countries have sold weapons to Iraq, and
what these weapons are.
Subject: Re: 'History of weapons sales to iraq"
Answered By: easterangel-ga on 26 Mar 2003 23:36 PST
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Hi! Thanks for the very interesting question.

I have found the following link, which provides a list of companies
and their country of origin, and the type of weapons they supply to
Iraq. It also has a legend on what types of weapons were supplied.


A = nuclear program, 
B = bioweapons program, 
C = chemical weapons program, 
R = rocket program, 
K = conventional weapons, military logistics, supplies at the Iraqi
Defense Ministry and the building of military plants.

So for example the American Company, Honeywell (an Iraqi supplier
according to the report), will be listed as follows:

1. Honeywell - (R, K). It means that this particular company supplies
both rockets and conventional weapons to Iraq.

"Full List Of US Weapons Suppliers To Iraq"

Another website with the same list could be found here:

"Corporate Suppliers for Iraq's Weapons Programs"

In this particular article, Germany is being accused as a supplier of
weapons in Iraq. In fact Germany is considered as one of the biggest

"Germany is home to the most major suppliers listed in Iraq's 1998
U.N. declaration."

"The German firm Preussag, since acquired by the travel conglomerate
TUI, supplied chemical precursors for sarin nerve gas, according to
Iraq's declaration."

Other companies mentioned in the report are the following:

"The Dutch company Melchemie denied that it supplied "strategic raw
materials" to Iraq. It has acknowledged improperly shipping chemicals
to an Iraqi agricultural producer once, in 1984."

"The Indian company Exomet Plastics, now part of EPC Industrie, said
the only chemicals it shipped to Iraq were for pesticides."

Our last article meanwhile deals with the discussion of the weapons
sold by The US and Britain to Iraq.

"How did Iraq get its weapons?"

Search terms used: 
Iraq weapons suppliers 
I hope these links would help you in your research. Before rating this
answer, please ask for a clarification if you have a question or if 
you would need further information. 
Thanks for visiting us.           
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Request for Answer Clarification by gunner2-ga on 27 Mar 2003 07:23 PST
Thanks for the info it was good, but what I was looking for is the
types of weapons systems like the Soviet T-72 tank or the French
mirage F-1. If these could be found that would be great. Thanks again.

Clarification of Answer by easterangel-ga on 27 Mar 2003 15:53 PST
Hi again and thanks for asking a clarification before providing a

I wasn't able to find a definitive list like the one in my original
answer to the initial question. But I have some tidbits of information
as regards to this matter.

"The Scud missiles that Saddam Hussein uses to terrorize Israel and
Saudi Arabia were manufactured in the Soviet Union. His ability to
deceive US spy satellites on the damage being caused by allied air
attacks comes from the United States. The six-story-deep bunker that
would keep Saddam Hussein safe from nuclear attack was constructed
with German equipment and manpower."

"The material included 2,300 Soviet and Chinese tanks, 64 Mirage F-1
fighters armed with Exocet missiles from France, 2,650 armored
personnel carriers from several European countries and more than 500
Scud-B surface to surface missiles."

"During the six years before Iraq's Aug. 2 invasion of Kuwait, the US
Commerce Department approved nearly 500 licenses to sell industrial
material in the belief that the equipment had only nonmilitary use."

"West helped Saddam Hussein build arsenal"

"NATO spokesperson refused to specify October 22 where the exports
were going, but U.S. officials reported the deals were with Iraq and
done in cooperation with Yugoimport, a company based in the FRY. An
additional report appeared a few days later in The Washington Post,
claiming that the United States also suspects FRY companies of helping
Iraq develop cruise missiles, but U.S. officials refused to comment on
the issue."

"Serb Arms Companies in Illegal Deals With Iraq"

"...the Reagan-Bush administration authorized the sale of poisonous
chemicals and deadly biological viruses, from anthrax to bubonic
plague, throughout the '80s."

"Subsequently, the Pentagon supplied logistical and military support;
U.S. banks provided billions of dollars in credits; and the C.I.A.,
using a Chilean conduit, increased Saddam's supply of cluster bombs.
U.S. companies also supplied steel tubes and chemical substances, the
types of material for which the Security Council is now searching."

"Dow Chemical (infamous for its napalm in the Vietnam War) sold large
amounts of pesticides, toxins that cause death by asphyxiation...
France also sent Hussein 200 AMX medium tanks, Mirage bombers, and
Gazelle helicopter gunships."

"A Time to Break Silence: U.S. complicity in Saddam's crimes against
"In April 1991, Iraq’s inventory of safeguarded highly enriched
uranium included fresh unirradiated fuel used for the Soviet IRT 5000
reactor, including 68 fuel assemblies of 80% enrichment with a U235
content of 10.97 kilograms and 10 assemblies of 36% enrichment with a
U235 content of 1.27 kilograms. In addition, there was a set of fresh
fuel plates for the French Tammuz-2 reactor with an enrichment of 93%
and a total U235 content of 372 grams."

"Iraqi Nuclear Weapons"

I hope these articles will also be of assistance to you.

Best Regards,
gunner2-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars
Thankyou for the great info. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount
and quality of info you provided. I will use Google/Answer again,

Subject: Re: 'History of weapons sales to iraq"
From: hlabadie-ga on 27 Mar 2003 05:57 PST
France has sold Mirage jets.

China has sold copies of the MiG jet and helicopters.

Russia (and the former USSR) has sold tanks, jets.

Pakistan reportedly aided the nuclear weapons program.

North Korea has transferred missile technology.

Subject: Re: 'History of weapons sales to iraq"
From: johnfrommelbourne-ga on 27 Mar 2003 06:19 PST
...........why the last commenter would leave out the most
controversial, topical and possibly the largest supplier of biological
type weapons to Iraq, i.e the USA,is beyond reason. Either the New
York Post or the main Washington paper made it perfectly clear that
the USA supplied gallons and gallons of Anthrax, Dengue Fever,
Botuli...whatever it is etc etc  etc back in the late 80s. This of
course was when Iraq was being groomed as a reluctant ally( from the
USA pertspective), compared to the other main choice in the area Iran
which unfortunately for us all now( in  hindsight perhaps??) was
clearly out of favour at the time
Subject: Re: 'History of weapons sales to iraq"
From: hlabadie-ga on 28 Mar 2003 14:50 PST
This is also pertinent, the contributions of Gerald Bull to the
improvement of Iraqi artillery, much of which had been acquired from

Project Babylon Supergun / PC-2 - Iraq Special Weapons


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