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Q: "Security services" in Miami ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: "Security services" in Miami
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: dogsbollocks-ga
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Posted: 28 Mar 2003 01:55 PST
Expires: 27 Apr 2003 02:55 PDT
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I am researching for a book I am writing and one of the characters
(this is based on the life a real person) is ex Israeli military who
has retired and is now in the "security business" in Miami.
I am researching about what this actually means. I assume he is not
selling alarm systems ! but rather securing the safety of VIPs or
other things that require ex military experience.
So I am looking for information to bring this topic to life -
descriptions, websites etc - must be Miami specific
For a good answer I will pay an additional $5 tip
Subject: Re: "Security services" in Miami
Answered By: j_philipp-ga on 28 Mar 2003 03:01 PST
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Dogsbollocks,

The services offered by your character could include following [1] [2]

- Executive and Personal Protection, Bodyguard services (covert/ overt
- VIP/ Celebrity Protection
- Witness Protection
- Surveillance
- Counter-Surveillance Detection, Wire Tap & Bug Detection
- Private Investigations, Background Investigation
- Pre-visit Planning 
- Chauffeured Transport (Protective Chauffeur), Victim Escort,
Security Driver
- Armored/ Bullet Proof Vehicles
- Travel Coordination, Travel Protection
- Security Advice and Consultancy
- Risk Assessment and Threat Evaluation/ Risk Analysis Reports
- Anti Stalking and Preventative Measures
- Events Security, Party Security, Hotel Security, Venue Security
- Aviation Security
- Court Escorts
- Crisis Management
- Property Protection
- Maritime Security
- Kidnap and Ransom, Recovery

The prior training/ experience/ education of him could consist of [3]:

- Threat Assessment
- Crisis Management
- Counterterrorist tactics
- Surveillance-Counter
- Surveillance measures
- Anti-terrorist Evasive Driving Course (BSR)
- Advanced Firearms Tactics.
- Former member of Rapid Response Assault Team (RRAT) (Police
- Member of a Force Cell movement team (Sheriff Department)
- Graduate of the Executive Security International (ESI)
- Advanced Executive Protection Course
- Bill Scott Racing (BSR)
- Anti-terrorist Evasive Driving and Surveillance Detection Course
- Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Defence Office/NCO Course (NBC)
- Police Academy
- Former Police Officer/Deputy Sheriff
- Retired U.S. Army
- Previous Top Secret Clearance (SCI)

His typical assignments might be (quoting from a Miami-based company

"- Personal Protection Detail for the "Screen Actors Guild" Awards
- Personal Protection for a High Threat Risk Client here in Florida,
with witness protection and secured relocation
- Personal Protection/Security Detail for "CONFIDENTAL" list of other
artist in the Entertainment Industry here in Miami, FL
- Personal Protection/Bodyguard Detail for Management of a Nation Wide
Company based here in Florida
- Video Surveillance Work for Theft Cases (auto dealerships); Divorce
and Workman Compensation Cases
- Security Consultant to Major Corporation here in Florida"

Quality in such a job for him would mean:

- Discretion
- Reliability
- Security
- Professionalism
- Urban Knowledge
- Social Connections, Crime Scene Contacts
- Fearlessness & Awareness
- Prior Expertise

His job titles might alternate [4]:

- Security Guard
- Bodyguard
- Private Investigator (PI)f
- Protection Specialist, VIP Protection Specialist
- Security Agent
- Security Consultant

Maybe your security agent would come across some of the gangs/
security threat groups in Miami, such as [5]:

- 10th Street Thugs
- 112 Avenue Boys
- 12 Nation Street Gang
- 205th Street Players
- 299 Street Boys
- 29th Street Players 
- 2nd Street Fellows 
- 35th Street Players 
- 56 Ave Players 
- Baby Demons 
- Blackheart 
- Dogg Pound
- Gang Colors 
- King Garden Boys 
- Latino Bad Boys 
- Latin Folk 
- Legion of Doom 
- Miami Boyz
- Side by Side Boys
- Skullheads
- Street Action Posse
- The Konneticut Kids
- Vados Locos
- Victory Park Zoe Pound
- Zoe Pound

I hope this information helps & inspires, and wish you good luck with
your book!

------------ Footnotes:

[1] Security Links

[2] 1st Executive Guards

[3] Bodyguards of South Florida
"We are Licensed, Insured and Armed Bodyguard(s) and Private
Investigators covering Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale (...)"

Protection & Investigation Services, Corp.
Attn: Walter Masterson, PO Box 6182, Stuart, FL 34997-6182
Phone: 866-301-8111/ 772-370-6411
Fax: 772-223-8945

[4] Security Terms

[5] Florida Gangs -- Gangs and Security Threat Group Awareness
"Every state and major city in the United States is plagued with
local, loosely structured, street gangs that are mainly motivated by
drug sales. Historically, disruptive incidents in our prisons have
been based on the geographic origins of the inmates involved (e.g.,
Miami gang inmates vs. Tampa gang inmates).

These local groups form based on common interests and a sense of
loyalty to individuals from their city, neighborhood, street, or
housing complex. They adopt generic names such as Players, Posse,
Crew, Mafia, Gang, and Bad Boys and attach their particular street or
avenue name to it.

Although they are loosely structured and tend to conduct their illegal
activities in a specific location, they are extremely violent and
develop bitter blood rivalries."

------------ Additional Resources:


Executive Protection : A Professional's Guide To Bodyguarding (Benny
"This book debunks the myths and stereotypes and describes the
realities of protecting celebrities, executives and foreign

Bodyguard Manual (by Leroy Thompson)
"Based on techniques of the U.S. Secret Service, U.S. State Department
Security, the Special Air Service, the Royal Corps of Military Police,
the Metropolitan Police, the KGB and its successor the FSB, France's
GSPR, and other protective units around the world, "The Bodyguard
Manual" details the steps a protective team takes to prevent attack as
well as the tactics that are employed when it is necessary to counter
an attack in progress. This priceless insight into this essential
profession draws on the experience of the world's finest operatives
and dispels the myths surrounding the work of these professionals.
From security aboard Concorde, the Orient Express, or the Queen
Elizabeth 2, to protecting a military general officer in combat, the
reader is allowed to "stand post" with the professional bodyguard."

Bodyguarding: A Complete Manual (by B. Rapp)
"A very detail "Manual" on VIP protection with almost most updated
information. Techiques are introduced in the utmost detail. A must
read book for those in the executive protection business."

Got Your Back: Protecting Tupac in the World of Gangsta Rap
Author "Frank Alexander is an ex-marine and professional bodyguard."
The book "is written from the point of view of [Tupac's] bodyguard in
the later years of his life."

Professional's Guide To Ending Violence Quickly : How Bouncers,
Bodyguards, And Other Security Professionals Handle Ugly Situations
(Marc Animal MacYoung)
"This book is a must for anyone interested in self defense. Regardless
whether you are a security professional or not. This book teaches you
how to end a fight quickly and effectively. Animal Mac Young, covers
everything from physical as well as psychological aspects of a fight,
and the best way to do it, if possible "legally" which I think is an
important aspect, most other books overlook."


Concerning the Bodyguard
"(dir: Brandon Wilson) 
Running Time: 10:00 (...)
What does the bodyguard think? This introspective film tries to pick
apart the mind of a bodyguard"


Nick Spill, VIP Protection Specialist,  Miami Beach Bodyguard and
Security Consultant
Contact information:
Nick Spill
NHS Inc.
4045 Sheridan Ave. #310
Miami Beach, FL 33140
phone: 786-299-6084

------------ Search terms used:

"security business" vip military
"bodyguard in miami"
"bodyguard in florida"
"life of a bodyguard"
miami vip security
"miami crime scene"
dogsbollocks-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $5.00

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