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Q: Compuserve & Roadrunner & 405 Method Not Allowed ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: Compuserve & Roadrunner & 405 Method Not Allowed
Category: Computers > Internet
Asked by: evomike-ga
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Posted: 30 May 2002 11:46 PDT
Expires: 06 Jun 2002 11:46 PDT
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I have TimeWarner Cable & had their Roadrunner high speed line
installed but have lost my Compuserve Access on the Web Browser.It
comes up 405 Method Not Allowed & even shows the Home Page & What's
New as a Blank Page.I have Netscape & Internet Explore & Windows
XP>How can I fix it back to the way it was when I connected via my
phone line & Compuserve came right on when connected.Thanks...Yvonne

Request for Question Clarification by xemion-ga on 30 May 2002 17:43 PDT
Are you currently paying for Compuserve internet access?
Subject: Re: Compuserve & Roadrunner & 405 Method Not Allowed
Answered By: nishka-ga on 30 May 2002 20:51 PDT
Hello Yvonne!

You asked how you can get your Compuserve Internet working again after
upgrading to a cable modem.  When you connect to the Compuserve site,
you are given an error 405, although you are able to see the
compuserve homepage.

I think I have found a solution to your problem that builds off of
what dmt2005 mentions in his/her comment.  Since you're no longer
dialing into the Compuserve network, their web server is denying you
access to their content.

Your computer is defaulting to the cable modem as its Internet
connection.  I suspect that your problem stems from the fact that
certain Compuserve functions are restricted for people not connecting
through the compuserve ISP.  My research has indicated that you will
need to first 'sign in' through the Internet using the Compuserve
software in order to be able to access their content.  The 405 error
is consistent with such a restriction being in place on the Compuserve
web servers.

You can learn more about this error here:

[ ]

Now onto business.  I suspect that this will solve your problem. 
Here's what you need to do:

1.  Go to
2.  Click on 'download 7.0', and then click on 'Compuserve members
click here to upgrade.'  It will be towards the bottom of the sign up
3.  Click on the first option to download version 7.0 for windows.
4.  Save the file to the desktop.  You can do this by clicking the
'save' button when you're prompted to download, and selecting desktop
at the top of the save as window.  There's a drop down menu next to
the text 'save in.'
5.  Double click on the setup file after it has completed downloading,
and follow the installation instructions.
6.  When the compuserve software comes up, you will need to configure
the compuserve client to connect through the Internet instead of your
telephone modem.  In order to do this click on 'Go to custom setup.' 
It will say this is for experts only, but after we're done you'll be
one! :).
7.  After clicking next, you want to change 'modem' on the drop down
menu to 'tcp/ip.'  This will make it so you are now logging in through
your cable modem's internet connection.
8.  After that, you should be done!  The client will connect up to
Compuserve and you should have access after that.  You may have to
enter your compuserve password and username to continue.

I am fairly certain that after you're connected through the compuserve
client, you should be able to use your current web browsers to access
content as before.  Additionally, you will be able to use the
compuserve software to access their content.

Should this answer not adequately answer your question, please do not
hesitate to post an answer clarification request. I will be more than
happy to help you troubleshoot things further if my suggestion above
does not work.

Good luck!!


Clarification of Answer by nishka-ga on 30 May 2002 21:40 PDT
I almost forgot to mention this:

You will need to log into the Compuserve software every time you wish
to use their content.  It's unfortunately not a 'one shot' deal.

Subject: Re: Compuserve & Roadrunner & 405 Method Not Allowed
From: dmt2005-ga on 30 May 2002 16:16 PDT
Many providers, and possibly Compuserve, only allow you to use parts
of their service when you are signed on through one of their servers. 
When you use a different method of signing on, such as Road Runner,
you may not be able to access the compuserve site you are trying to
reach because you did not directly dial up compuserve.
Subject: Re: Compuserve & Roadrunner & 405 Method Not Allowed
From: chellphill-ga on 31 May 2002 03:31 PDT
Let me see if I understand this correctly, you have roadrunner cable
as your primary connection to the internet, you also have Compuserve
(I am assuming its a version of CS 2000), which you now connect via a
tcp/ip connection? If you are using Compuserve 2000, you must be using
either the 6.0 that is compatable with XP or 7.0. I am sure you are
connecting to the service, otherwise you wouldn't be getting error
405, you would be getting something like "unable to detect modem" or
"unable to establish your tcp/ip connection" ect. To make sure your
Compuserve is set up to connect through a tcp/ip connection, on your
sign on screen in the "location" box, make sure it says something like
tcp/ip or isp connection, or tcp/ip lan connection. It should not say
"home" unless you named it that specifically.

If you are able to view all websites outside of Compuserve using
internet explorer then it is probably one of two things. Either you
have a firewall or proxy settings that are preventing you to view web
sites in Compuserve. Or your AOL adaptor is damaged. If everything
worked fine before you got the cable, and you are indeed connecting to
the compuserve service through a tcp/ip connection (meaning you can
still check your compuserve mail, you still hear "welcome to
compuserve" at sign on and your buddy list still comes up) but cannot
view web sites in compuserve, then I would almost bet it's a firewall
or proxy setting. I have seen that happen alot when someone switches
to connection through tcp/ip.

With the case of firewalls or proxy settings, the error message is
usually "page cannot be displayed" allthough I have seen them vary.
Sometimes it wont even list an error, it will just bring up blank
pages. Try disabling your firewall if you have one and see if it works

If not,  check to see if your internet explorer is set up to use a
automatic configuration script. To do this you would bring up internet
Then go to tools, internet options, connections tab, then click the
lan settings button. If there is a checkmark in "use automatic
configuration script" or "use a proxy server for your lan" then take
those checkmarks out. Click ok, then close IE and log on to Compuserve
and see if it works then.

If it still does not work, you can then try uninstalling the aol
adaptor, and let it rebuild itself. Compuserve, being owned by AOL,
uses the same software for their Compuserve 2000 versions as for the
America Online service. Both ISP's use Internet explorer as their
browser to view web pages, (although you can always minimize both AOL
and CS and use a different browswer like Netscape). There are a set of
files that "tie" internet explorer to compuserve so to speak, allowing
you to view web sites from the Compuserve desk top. These files are
contained in what is known as the AOL adaptor. By uninstalling the AOL
adaptor, it will rebuild itself, fixing any damaged files inside it.

 To do this, you need to bring up the Compuserve system information
tool. If you have a Compuserve Icon on your task bar (usually in the
lower right hand corner of your screen near your clock on most
systems) try right clicking it and see if there is an option to go to
"system information tool". If not, go to start, programs, compuserve
2000, compuserve 2000 system information tool. Once the system
information tool is up, click on the utilities tab. Click the button
that says "clear browswer cache" until it reads "current cache size 0"
then click the button that "uninstall adaptor". After that it will
probably tell you that windows needs to be restarted. If not, go ahead
and shut down the computer (start, shutdown, shutdown again). Once
Windows is loaded bring up Compuserve it might tell you Windows needs
to be restarted again. This is not abnormal. Sometimes it might
require to restarted up to 3 times. Once your able to bring up
Compuserve without telling you to restart you should be ok. Since you
are using XP, and depending on the version of Compuserve you might
have to set up your connection again. If that is the case it will say
it's going to auto detect your modem. Let it do so. I should see
either a tcp/ip or isp/lan connection or it might bring up the option
"dial up networking", that is ok, just click next. As soon as you are
able, try and sign on again and see if your home page and whats new
page come up then.

If it still doesn't work you might try installing a new copy into a
new directory (not an upgrade) or you might try deleting the software
and doing a fresh install.
Subject: Re: Compuserve & Roadrunner & 405 Method Not Allowed
From: chellphill-ga on 31 May 2002 04:00 PDT
I also wanted to comment on the theories mentioned of not being able
to access certain content on Compuserve if not connecting through
their servers. If one is already connected to the internet either
through cable, dsl or another dial up isp, you can still access all
the same Compuserve content as before. You must use the compuserve
software, and have it set up to connect through a tcp/ip (isp/lan)
connection. Compuserve and AOL call this "piggy backing" or BYOA
(bring your own access). Past the point of connection, there is no
difference, you can access the same content through a isp/lan
connection that you could access through using the Compuserve/AOL
access numbers. Compuserve and AOL users can of course also access
their mail and a few other services  via the home pages of AOL and
Compuserve if they desire to not bring up the AOL or CS software. By
accessing services from the the companys home page, there are some
restrictions as far as being not being able to use the personal filing
cabinet feature,favorites feature and other exsclusive content. But
when it comes to actually logging on using the software through a
tcp/ip connection, there are no restrictions on content and features.
For more information, Compuserve users may go to go word BYOA and AOL
users can go to keyword BYOA

You can also go to 
for more information about the Compuserve service.

For Compuserve Classic members who want to connect to Compuserve using
their isp.

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