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Q: Used PC ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Used PC
Category: Computers > Operating Systems
Asked by: sepia-ga
List Price: $10.00
Posted: 25 Apr 2003 22:51 PDT
Expires: 25 May 2003 22:51 PDT
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I am buying a Gateway 700XL. I presently own a Gateway Perfomance
1800. My 1800 came with Win-Me. I bought the Win-XP Home upgrade. I
want to give my old pc to my daughter. I would like to clear the
system completely. Will she be able to use my purchased upgrade? What
about register codes and numbers they are linked to me. What else may
be involved that I should be aware of. Thanks in advance.
Subject: Re: Used PC
Answered By: snapanswer-ga on 26 Apr 2003 11:04 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
There are two underlying points that need to be understood:
1.  Legally you can only use the Windows XP operating system upgrade
you purchased on one computer.  This appears consistent with what you
are doing.

2.  Windows XP Product Activation is for a particular machine, not a
particular user.  Since the machine/operating system combination is
not changing, it should not matter whether it is you or your daughter
using the machine/operating system.

It is not clear from your question what steps you have already
performed, so please allow me to present a couple different scenarios.

If you have not yet installed your Windows XP upgrade on the computer
you are giving your daughter, your product activation will be less
complicated.  What will happen is at some point following the
installation of the Windows XP upgrade, you will be asked to perform
steps for product activation by phone or over the Internet.  At that
time, you can give them your daughter's name to be associated with
that system, if you prefer.

In an alternate scenario, you may have already installed and activated
Windows XP on the computer you are giving your daughter.  If you have
already activated it once, but, now plan to clear everything and
reinstall, you will probably be prompted to reactivate.  At that time,
you can explain that you are giving your machine to your daughter, and
have her name associated with the system, if you prefer.

As long as you are using the Windows XP Upgrade on only one computer,
product activation should not pose a tremendous difficulty.

Piracy Basics:  Microsoft Product Activation

Microsoft Product Activation: Frequently Asked Questions

Also, it is important to check to make sure that your machine meets
the minimum system requirements to run Windows XP.  With a standard
configuration, the Gateway Performance 1800 should meet the
requirements.  However, since I do not know the details of your
particular configuration, here is a link to a list of system
requirements, just in case you have questions about that.

Windows XP Home Edition System Requirements

A final note about the upgrade process.  You may find that the easiest
way to meet your goal of clearing your system and installing Windows
XP is to use the "New Installation" option instead of the "Quick
Upgrade" option.  The "New Installation" option deletes existing data
as part of its setup process.

Search Strategy:  Find information about Windows XP product activation
and upgrades.

Search Terms:  Windows XP sell computer new registration transfer

I hope you have found this information useful and easy to understand. 
If you have any questions about the information provided, please do
not hesitate to post a clarification request prior to rating the

Request for Answer Clarification by sepia-ga on 26 Apr 2003 12:33 PDT
Thank you so much for your speedy response. I have not done anything
as of yet. Waiting for the new Pc to arrive.

1. Xp is already installed on the PC I'm giving to my daughter. I
understand that you are saying the registration codes are for the
particular PC not the individual user.

2.Using the XP already installed is a given and re-installing
XP will insure the set up will be associated to her.(Will visit sites
you recommended to obtain all details on just what do, transferring
owner name of registration,etc.) Am I correct?

3.I will also go through and un-install my programs and/or software.
Then I Will re-install or re-download software on my new computer,
using my registration codes and numbers for the software transfer to
the new PC. Is that correct?

4.Or Will the re-install for my daughter get rid of the programs
associated to me?

5.If not, is there a way to clean out all of my data on my hardrive? 

I have sometimes un-installed a particular software, only to find all
was not completely removed. I'll be searching for one thing and will
also see file names associated with what I thought was removed.

6.I would like to wipe out everything, to insure my daughter is able
to use the PC to it's full capacity. Not have things popping up
related to me and degrading "storage" and "memory" usage that she
could be using for herself.

I hope I've made myself clear...The PC illiterate that I am...Thank
God for people like You!

Clarification of Answer by snapanswer-ga on 26 Apr 2003 17:32 PDT
Glad I could help.  Allow me to address your questions.

#1 and #2:  Windows XP and Product Activation
The product activation has to do with a code generated by your unique
hardware.  When you reinstall Windows XP, you should be prompted for
product activation.  The web sites I listed provide additional
background information about product activation.  They simply explain
more about product activation and do not address the specifics of your
case, so I'm not sure that visiting them will provide much additional
help.  You probably do not need to visit the web sites, unless you are
curious.  Simply reinstalling and going through product activation
again should take care of everything, without requiring additional
research on your part.

#3, #4, and #5:  Uninstalling software / installing software 
The good news is that since you want to remove all data and programs
from the machine you are giving to your daughter, you can skip the
step of uninstalling software.  Instead, when you reinstall Windows XP
on the computer, choose the "New Installation" option which
automatically performs a "fresh" installation and removes old programs
and data.

Regarding installing software on your new computer, you are correct
that the best way to proceed is to install your software on your new
computer, using your registration codes.

#6:  The Easy Way to Wipe Out Everything
The "New Installation" option is what is often referred to as a "Clean
Install" so that you can start fresh.  This is the method I suggest
you use.  A purist might tell you to reformat your hard drive before
reinstalling Windows XP, but, I think this is overkill since the "New
Installation" option effectively meets your goals without extra
headaches for you.  In other words, it provides the benefits of
reformating the hard drive without requiring extra steps on your part.

If you like, you can read about the "New Installation" option at the
follwing web site (it appears on page 3 of 7).  If you are interested,
the next page (4 of 7) talks about product activation.  I list it here
in case you are interested or it provides you an added level
confidence.  However, you truly can proceed without reading anything

Microsoft Windows XP Install: New Installation

One thing that may cause a question when you perform your "New
Installation" is the question of file system:  NTFS vs. FAT32.  Feel
confident that either choice is safe.  Personally, I would choose
NTFS, since it is the modern file system for this operating system. 
You can also simply choose the file system that the installer

I hope that helps.  Please let me know if I can be of additional help.
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