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Q: Green Tea market in Australia ( Answered 4 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Green Tea market in Australia
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Asked by: charles2004-ga
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Posted: 30 Apr 2003 01:32 PDT
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I am looking for information on the size, structure and composition of
the Green Tea market, in each state and territory in Australia, from
1998 until today.

I also want to know who are the major manufacturers, importers,
distributors and retailers, together with a list of their most
successful products and the market share each company and each product
has controlled over the past 5 years.
Subject: Re: Green Tea market in Australia
Answered By: belindalevez-ga on 02 May 2003 14:40 PDT
Rated:4 out of 5 stars
<Overview of the global green tea market.

A report funded by the RIRDC examines the potential for value added
products made from green tea. There is an increasing market for the
use of green tea in world wide in the use of green tea in beverages,
cosmetics, nutriceuticals, medicinals and as flavours and fragrances.
The medical research industry is increasing its focus on potential
disease cures and preventatives.
Green tea has a number of cosmetic uses – as an antioxidant,
prevention of sun damage to the skin and as an antiwrinkling product.
The cosmetics industry uses it in sunscreens, moisturisers,
foundations, toothpaste and haircare products. Green tea is also a
natural preservative that can be used in products in place of
synthetic preservatives. In Japan, green tea is used as a flavouring
for cakes, sweets and biscuits.

There is increasing production of the ready to drink beverages (RTD).
The RTD market contains green
tea either as a single flavoured drink or as an ingredient in a
mixture of flavours, which are aimed at the health market. These
products can be packaged in a variety of containers including cans,
bottles and tetrapacs they are also either carbonated or still.

The health care market (both neutriceutical and medicinal) is
increasing its use of green tea in tablets,
capsules and health drinks. The tea used in the nutritional
supplements is either in an extract form or as a powdered leaf.

The benefits of green tea include the bacterial and viral infections
and the treatment of certain types of cancer.
World supply and demand for green tea is dominated by China and Japan.
They produce 65 per cent and 20 per cent of the world's crop and 85
per cent and 5 per cent of the world's exports respectively. Green tea
is also grown in Indonesia, Taiwan and other eastern Asian countries.
With the increasing interest in green tea for health benefits,
countries in Western Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia are all
increasing their consumption of green tea.

An overview of the Australian market for green tea.

There are a number of green tea products sold in Australia which are
blends of
imported teas or Australian grown tea. The major brands of tea are
sold through supermarket chains. This includes products under the
brands of Lipton, Tetley, Twinings and Dilmah. Green tea is classified
as herbal or speciality tea. In 1995 retail sales of herbal tea
through supermarkets were worth $15.8 million and speciality tea were
worth $23.1 million.

Several market opportunities have been recognised within Tasmania and
the other states. For example, there are specialty shops dealing in
different types of tea and tea extract products. Less well known
brands tend to be sold in health food and speciality stores.

Businesses operating in Tasmania and other states including
Queensland, New South Wales and
Victoria, use green tea as an ingredient for value added products,
such as soaps, skin care products, herbal products, medicinals and
food flavouring.

Although there appears to be a significant demand in Australia for
green tea and green tea extracts, Australian producers are unable to
meet the market’s demand necessitating ongoing imports from various
sources world-wide including China, Malaysia and


According to Euromonitor, the Australian hot drinks market is expected
to grow to A$1.3 million by 2006. It predicts that volume growth will
be restricted to some extent by the mature nature of the market,
nevertheless it will continue to increase as continued strong
marketing in all three product areas brings an increasing number of
consumers into the market.

Its full report on the market for hot drinks in Australia costs $1000.
It provides data on the latest sales, distribution, product and market
share trends and developments. Covering coffee, tea and other hot
According to AP Food the extracted beverage industry is increasing
with demand for convenient and exciting new products. The popularity
of tea is still growing with the innovation of ready to drink
The liquid green tea market in Japan grew by 46 percent per annum
between 1990 and 1999. Singapore has also experienced a year on year
growth of 30 percent.

Tea growing in Australia.

The Japanese green tea processor, Ito En, has contracts with 27
growers in Australia who cultivate on average 1000ha each. The company is planning
to set up extra production facilities in Victoria's Alexandra-Eildon
region. The additional plant is needed as the company had reached
acreage capacity at its Mount Beauty plant. By spring this year, the
company in conjunction with local farmers will have established 130
hectares of planted tea in Victoria. Its target is to produce 50,000
tonnes of tea a year by 2015 using the additional production
facilities. Ito En has been in Victoria since 1994. The company
produces and distributes a variety of green tea products, including an
innovative canned, green tea beverage known as Ooi Ocha.
Green tea was planted in Tasmania in 1993. There are trials in the
northeast with a further site to be planted in the south of the state.
Gordon Brown grows green tea at Allens Rivulet, south of Hobart in

The Tea industry forum provides a lot of information about the tea

There is currently 1,500 tonnes of processed black tea produced from
700ha of plantations in Australia.

A study shows that 30 percent of consumers prefer the ‘made in
Australia’ feature on the packaging.
Twinings predicts significant growth in the demand for green tea.
Green tea is found to have cholesterol reducing benefits.

Tea consumption in Australia.

The current consumption of green tea in Australia is about 2,000
tonnes per year. In contrast 17,000 tonnes of black tea is consumed.
Most tea drunk is Australia is imported, the country grows around 2000
tonnes of black tea and has recently begun production of green tea
which is mostly exported to Japan. Tasmanians drink the most tea.

Tea consumption is influenced by age and ethnic background.
According to a national nutrition survey, adults aged 25 and over were
more likely to drink tea. Adults born in the United Kingdom, Ireland
and New Zealand had the highest mean intake of tea. More coffee than
tea was consumed
by adults aged 19-44. Adults over 45 consumed more tea than coffee.
A full copy of this survey can be purchased from the Australian Bureau
of Statistics at a cost of $32, alternatively the publication can be
downloaded for free at some libraries.

Tasmanians drink the most tea

Australia produces 1,600 tonnes of tea each year.
83 percent of households use tea-bags. Each household uses 600 bags
per year.
Daily consumption of tea is 22 million cups or 44 tonnes per day and
16,060 each year.
Tea accounts for 18% of all drinks.


The Major manufacturers are Unilever, Tetley, Twinings and Dilmah.
Unilever with its Lipton brand is the market leader in the Australian
tea market. Tetley has the number two position. However newcomer
Dilmah which entered the market 12 years ago is now vying for second


Unilever is the worlds largest tea company. In Australia its brands
include Lipton, Bushells and Lanchoo tea. Unilever Australia also
sells ready to drink ice tea under the Lipton brand. Lipton is
Australia's number one Tea Brand. Unilever has a 24 percent share of
the Australian tea market. Lipton Tea Bags Jasmine Green are sold
through Woolworths supermarkets.

Unilever Australia
Cambridge Street
Epping NSW 2121
Contact: Garry West
Ph 02 9869 6100
Fax 02 9869 6300
Tetley Australia Pty. Ltd.
Tetley is the second largest tea-bag brand worldwide, with brand
leadership in the UK and Canada. In Australia it is the "number two"
tea packer and marketer. Tetley has been marketing its products in
Australia since 1963. Its products are now manufactured in India.
Although the Tetley brand has been selling in Australia since 1963, it
was in July 1988 that the company Tetley Australia was formed. It has
introduced new brands like Big Cuppa and relaunched Billy Tea. A
recent study by A C Nielsen has shown that Tetley is one of the
fastest growing tea brands in Australia
Tetley’s market share in Australia is 18 percent, up from 14 percent.
It is currently ranked number 2 after Unilever which has a 24 percent
share. Australia account for 4 percent of Tetley’s world sales. The
company predicts a rise in sales to 2005
In 1996, Tetley launched Emperor’s Garden Green Tea in Australia which
was aimed at the health conscious consumer. It is sold in packs of 10,
50 and 100. It is stocked by Coles supermarket.
Tetley Australia Pty. Ltd.
12 Yarra Street 
South Yarra Vic 3141 
Ph 03 9825 3300 
Fax 03 9827 3282 
The company has started production of organic green tea.


Twinings is one of the oldest tea companies and brand names in the
world. It leads the market in speciality teas. With the benefit of
nearly 300 years experience, a wide range of high quality blends in
tins, cartons and tea-bags are distributed and enjoyed in more than 90
countries throughout the world.
Twinings markets three green teas in Australia – Early Grey Green,
Jasmine Green Tea and Java Green Tea. The teas were launched in 2000.
Manassen Foods 
PO Box 2446 
Rowville Vic 3178 
Ph 03 9763 3044 
Fax 03 9763 3054 


Products - Green Tea Jasmine 50’s
Dilmah has an 8.6 percent market share of Australia’s speciality tea
Dilmah brand accounts for a 12 percent market share of the Australian
Dilmah is currently competing for second place in the Australian
The tea is one of the most expensive brands on the Australian market.
The company entered the Australian market 12 years ago.
It achieved its market share through promotion on radio, TV and the
print media

Onno Behrends
A German based manufacturer who markets their herbal teas in
OTG is the largest tea producer in Germany with a market share of 43
%. In the sectors of herbal and fruit tea bags - its largest segment
of the tea market – it achieved an increase in turnover of 26 %.
Sandra Kapp   
Abel Lemon Distribution PTY LTD
PO BOX 292
Concord NSW 2137
Products – A variety of herbal teas including Onno Behrends Lemon
Green Tea.
A traditional China green tea with a subtle lemon flavour.
Sold in health food stores and in major retail outlets like Woolworths
and Coles.

Funxion Enterprises Pty Ltd

Level 6, 38 York Street
Telephone +61 2 9290 2700
Mr Richard Sexton, Director 
Iced green tea with herbal infusions of Siberian Ginseng and Gingko
Biloba. All natural ingredients. Funxion

Background - Founded in 2001 to exploit the underdeveloped market for
herbal-enhanced non-carbonated functional drinks in Australia. The
first flavour (lemon) was produced in November 2001, and has enjoyed
considerable success. Based on the success of overseas iced tea
manufacturers, a mango flavour will be produced in June 2002.
Target market - young and busy 18-40 year olds who have a desire for
"easy health" and need a little extra out of their drinks, but don't
want an energy drink or fizzy soft drink.

The Kombucha House Pty Ltd

30 Climax Court
Queensland 4275
A family run business selling beverage products domestically and to
the European, Asian and U.S. market.
Products – Veronica’s Green Tea Kombucha – a beverage based on green

Madura Tea Estates

Madura Tea Estates, established in 1978, is a 25 hectare tea
plantation near Murwillumbah, NSW, where tea is grown in near-perfect
subtropical conditions.
Madura Tea Estates 
PO Box 702
Murwillumbah NSW 2484 
Ph 02 6677 7215
Fax 02 6677 7451 
Tea brands

Nerada Tea Company

Nerada Tea, established in 1959, is situated in the Nerada Valley on
the foothills of the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. It
is the largest supplier of Australian grown teas to the domestic
Nerada Tea Pty Ltd 
PO Box 1420 
Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109 
Contact : Andrew Weavers / Peter Jeffery 
Ph 07 3272 0444
Fax 07 3272 0243

Products - Nerada tea bags organic green, sold in Woolworths

Christie Tea Pty Ltd

Christie Tea is a specialist Australian manufacturer of tea bags for
supermarkets with their own brands and for other participants in the
tea industry. Christie Tea selects and blends teas from producing
Christie Tea Pty Ltd
Unit 1A
938 South Road
PO Box 235
Edwardstown SA 5039
Ph 08 8371 5311
Fax 08 8371 5322

George Payne & Co. (Ceylon) Ltd

Markets its brand of 
Alwazah Tea in Australia.

Stassen Group

Products include Stassen Jasmine Green Tea
Specialises in contract blending and packing teas to meet customer
requirements. Includes green tea products. Chunmee and Gun Powder are
the main grades produced by Stassen, and the entire production is
exported worldwide in bulk, in packets or as tea bags.

Importers of tea

Nepal Organic Tea
Buyers of organic tea.
Address: 28/3, Barton Road, Artarmon, Sydney - 2064, Australia
Phone: +(61)-(2)-94116494   Fax: +(61)-(2)-94391671
Nepal Organic Green Tea.
Nepal Organci Green Leaf Tea.
Packs of 25 and 100 tea bags and packets of 100 gram leaf tea, sold in
health food and organic stores across Australia.

Oz Oriental Organisation

Importers of various types of tea.
Address: Unit 2, 20-22 Bridge Road, Sydney - 2145, Australia
Phone: +(61)-(2)-96353587   Fax: +(61)-(2)-96353543

Global Infinity International

Importers of tea and coffee.
Address: 6/41, Memorial Av, Merrylands - 2160, Australia
Phone: +(61)-(2)-96374310   Fax: +(61)-(2)-96374310

Maxbal Pty

Importers of Heart Guardian A – Herbal Tea and Beiqishen Herbal Tea
Tetley – green tea products
8 Mittabah Rd, Hornsby, NSW 2077 Australia
+61 2 9987-1882
+61 2 9987-1886


Eco-Farms Pty Ltd - Cnr Park & Bedford, Homebush, NSW 2129    Ph: (02)
9764 2833
Horizon Foods - Unit 3, 1 Tasman Way, Byron Bay Industrial Estate,
Byron Bay NSW 2481    Ph: (02) 6685 8977
Melrose Health Supplies - 4 Redland Drive, Micham, VIC 3132    Ph:
(03) 9874 7800
Pagle Pty Ltd - 30B Hilly Street, Mortlake NSW 2137         Ph: (02)
9736 1800
Bio Distributors - PO Box 12, SHEFFIELD, Tasmania 7306 AUSTRALIA
Formosan Green Tea -
Trade Winds Tea & Coffee Pty Ltd- -
Distributes organically grown products from small producers.

New Green Tea Products.

Teazo Iced Tea
Rojina Green Tea

MajorAustralian supermarkets.

Operates 460 stores throughout Australia.
Stocks 118 tea products, three are types of green tea:
Madura Green Tea Bags $3.69 50 pack
Twinings Java Green Tea Bags $1.44 20g packet
Tetley Emporer’s Garden Green Tea $3.51 50 pack

Operates over 1400 stores throughout Australia.
Stocks 136 tea products, 8 are green tea products.
Dilmah Green Tea Bags $3.39 50 pack
Dilmah Tea Leaf $4.18 200g
Lipton Tea Bags Jasmine Green $2.40  25 pack
Madura Tea Bags Green $3.72  50 pack
Madura Tea Leaf Green $3.39  125g pack
Nerada Tea Bags Organic Green $1.46  25 pack
Tea – Leaf – Fair Trade – Universal Village – Organic Green Ceylon Cha
Tea  $4.99 100g pack
Twinings Tea Bags Java Green $1.45 10 pack

Operates 40 stores in Australia.

Specialist retailers.

Gray & Seddon Premium Tea Merchants
Shop: 173 Centre Road Bentleigh 3204
POSTAL ADDRESS: Box 12040 A'Beckett Street Post Office Melbourne 3000
+61 3 9557 1906
A wide choice of green teas.

Taka Tea Garden
320 New South Head Road 
Double Bay Sydney 
NSW 2028 Taka Tea Garden has the exclusive distribution rights of
green tea products made by a Japanese green tea company called
Chikumedio in Australia and New Zealand.

City Health Foods
Shop and online store.
Shop 2, 111 Hunter St, Newcastle NSW 2300 Australia
Stocks Formosan Tea products
Formosan Tea - Green Tea 250g RRP $6.00 $4.20
Formosan Tea -  Green Tea Powder 30g RRP $7.20 $5.04
Formosan Tea - Green Tea Bags 25 RRP $3.50 $2.51
Formosan Tea - Jasmine Green Tea Bags RRP $2.64 $1.65
Formosan Tea – Oolong Teabags 10 RRP 2.64 $1.85
Other products containing green tea.

Cha For Tea
389 Victoria Ave.
Chatswood N.S.W. 2067
Phone: 002-61-2-9410-0617 
Tea house aimed at young people.

Directory of health food shops in Sydney

Japanese green teas sold in Australia.
The average price of retail green tea including packaging is $71.76
per kg.
Sencha $85 per kg
Genmaicha $55-77 per kg
Bancha $64 per kg

Other uses of green tea.

Green Tea is also used in other health and cosmetics products. The
following are links to manufacturers.

Green tea powder
Face mask
Health products
Diet products

Further reading
Cadman, R. (2000). Report on the Prospects for Japanese Green Tea
Production in North East Victoria: An overview of a farmer study tour
of Japan, NRE Report.

O’Brien, K., Morgan, M., Clarke, R. (2000) Production and marketing of
green tea. NRE Report.

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<Hope this helps.>

Request for Answer Clarification by charles2004-ga on 03 May 2003 22:06 PDT
Well done Belinda! I've only scanned through your report but I will
respond in detail when I've had a chance to study it.
Apart from Ito En did you find evidence of other Japanese tea
companies operating in Australia.
PS Are you Australian?

Clarification of Answer by belindalevez-ga on 04 May 2003 03:16 PDT
The only other Japanese company that I could find operating in
Australia was Chikumedio whose products are sold in Taka Tea Garden.

I'm not Australian, I'm British and work in Belgium.

Request for Answer Clarification by charles2004-ga on 19 May 2003 15:45 PDT
I'm sorry it's taken so long to get back to you - audit time is always
a difficult period.
I don't know how a pommy living in Belgium can do what you do, but I'm
impressed. Let me know if you ever plan to visit Oz. Thanks for your

Clarification of Answer by belindalevez-ga on 19 May 2003 23:54 PDT
<I am pleased you are happy with the answer and hope you will continue
to use google answers if you need any further help in finding

Best wishes

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