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Q: Vampires-15-1600s ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Vampires-15-1600s
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: baven-ga
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Posted: 12 May 2003 07:45 PDT
Expires: 11 Jun 2003 07:45 PDT
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I need all information on a vampire named "Baven". Early 1600s he was
around 100 yrs. old. I believe in Scotland/Ireland...???

Request for Question Clarification by willie-ga on 12 May 2003 08:04 PDT
Hi there 

Being Scottish, and a writer of vampire fiction myself, the closest I
know of are the following:

Baobhan Sith (pronounced baavan she) are evil Scottish vampires who
appear as beautiful young women and dance with men they find until the
men are exhausted, and then feed on them. The baobhan sith can be
harmed and destroyed by cold iron.

Doesn't sound like your guy is one of these, but I have a lot of info
about them if it is what you are looking for. Let me know.


Clarification of Question by baven-ga on 12 May 2003 13:23 PDT
A person in my "Group" sees. Only at night until we met, then it was
day visions. The combo of the two, she finally heard his name,
"Baven", and she was called Kelica, by him. They kind of lived
together and fed on no-good people of the opposite sex...was just
looking for answers. i have a pic of a drawing of the Baobhan Sith,
but didn't know much about them. The one who gave Baven the Dark gift
was called Devon...she's pretty sure, anyway. We just need some
clarification on some of this stuff...Thanks a LOT, we appreciate it!!

Request for Question Clarification by willie-ga on 28 May 2003 00:41 PDT

Can't find any info for you I'm afraid....but all that means is that
Baven and Kelica have been good at concealing themselves :)

There's not going to be a real answer for you, but I could speculate
given what is known about Celtic vampires if that would serve as an


Clarification of Question by baven-ga on 28 May 2003 09:17 PDT
Well, Willie...your expert "speculation" would be better than my
trying to guess or interpret her visions. So, yes, speculate away,
please :-). Thanks again, Willie. I had a thought, maybe the Baobhan
Sith called themselves (Baavan) after the group starter, "Baven".?.
Since our last chat, she has seen something new. Baven was plotted
against by a very jealous vamp chic in the group, and somehow killed
him because she was jealous of his and Kelica's love for each other.
Like I said, though, speculate away my friend. Thanks again!
Subject: Re: Vampires-15-1600s
Answered By: willie-ga on 29 May 2003 06:04 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
OK you asked for it :)

This is a little off the wall, and I apologise it it seems a bit weird
to you. I experiment with "lucid dreaming", where I try to control my
dreams in a structured manner. I generally do it when I'm working out
plots for stories, but over the years I've also used it to try to find
answers to problems or as "remote viewing" on historical places and
figures. I've no idea how accurate the impressions I get are, but for
what it's worth, here's what I got when I concentrated on Baven and

First of all, I get the impression he is about the age you
thought...he was made what he is in around 1513. ( I keep coming back
to the battle at Flodden ( )
. There's a connection, but I'm not sure what.

Before he was turned, I think he was a blacksmith, or a blacksmith's
helper...I get the impression of a forge and see him using a hammer on
a horseshoe.
I'm pretty sure he was seduced by what we would call a Baobhan Sith
... he certainly thought she was a wraith. I get the feeling she
wasn't called Devon...but DEVONA, an old Saxon name meaning
"Protector.". I also get the feeling of great age when I turn my mind
to her...the picture I get looks like Cate Blanchett playing Galadriel
in Lord of the Rings, but I'm sure its not her :) The Baobhan Sith or
banshee traditionally is associated with a high-caste family, so maybe
the one your friend sees is a 'protector' of a noble family in the
Scottish borders. I keep getting the name "Ferniehirst". A bit of
digging led me to the castle described at "Traditions and Stories of
Scottish Castles" (

Baven was originally a David....David Beattie? David Baillie? not
quite sure of the name, and he came from the Scottish Borders
area....Moffat is the place I see, so he wasn't a highlander. He met
the Baobhan Sith after a nicht drinking with his friends, and she took
him on a road beside a small loch. This happened three times to him
over a period of time, before he finally turned.

He never saw the one you call "Devon" again, but he took the name
Baven because he thought he had been visited by a Baobhan Sith
(pronounced baavan she).

In around 1580 he became part of a group of beings like
himself....what these days would probably be called a coven. The
leader of the group is the one you called "Kelica". The name I get is
CLEENA...and I found this at the "Encyclopedia of the Celts" site ( )

"A Danaan maiden once living in Mananan's country. - One of the most
notable landmarks of Ireland was the Tonn Cliodhna, or 'Wave of
Cleena,' on the seashore at Glandore Bay in Co. Cork. The story about
Cleena exists in several versions, which do not agree with each other
except in so far as she seems to have been a Danaan maiden once living
in Mananan's country, the Land of Youth beyond the sea. Escaping
thence with a mortal lover, as one of the versions tells, she landed
on the southern coast of Ireland, and her lover, Keevan of the Curling
Locks, went off to hunt in the woods. Cleena, who remained on the
beach, was lulled to sleep by fairy music played by a minstrel of
Mananan, when a great wave of the sea swept up and carried her back to
Fairyland, leaving her lover desolate. Hence the place was called the
Strand of Cleena's Wave.

I feel this would be a good place to start more investigation by
yourself on her, given the closeness of her lovers name "Keevan" to

There were tensions in the group, as you say, caused by jealousy and
rivalry, and it split up, but I get the feeling that both "Baven" and
"Kelica" are still around....or at least were up to  somewhere in the
last century or so, since the last picture I get of them both is on a
steam train somewhere in Ireland.

Hope that all helps. 


If I were you I'd ask around for more info on the various vampire
newsgroups and forums such as the newsgroup at alt.vampyres

There's also a scottish forum on vampires at the Bite Me! magazine
site at their Chat Forum
( ) 
where you might get in touch with more people interested in Scottish
vampire lore.
baven-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $20.00
Willie was BEYOND HELPFUL!! I learned a great deal from him. Willie
also has very good insight to what the "Real" question may
be....thanks, Willie!

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