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Q: BABY NAMES STARTING WITH "Po.." ( No Answer,   5 Comments )
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Asked by: unclejohn-ga
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Posted: 15 May 2003 17:34 PDT
Expires: 19 May 2003 09:30 PDT
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we need to name our baby starting with "Po .. "  e.g. Pollock
Please suggest atleast 100 names ... 
Extra tip if you suggest Indian Hindu names more than 50 starting with Po

Request for Question Clarification by revbrenda1st-ga on 15 May 2003 20:11 PDT
Hi unclejohn,

A couple of quick questions. Is it necessary that the name begin with
the actual English alphabet letters 'Po' or is it the sound you need?
An example of an Indian name would be "Pausha(PO-sha)(Hin) - child
born during lunar month Pausha (Capricorn)." Also, Pausha is a girl's
name -- are you looking for boy or girl names or both? Anything I've
seen thus far (about India) indicates that if you are naming your
child according to astrology in an effort to benefit his/her future,
the sound is what's important, not the spelling. Could you expand a
bit so we researchers can get a better handle on what it you need?

Thanks, and congratulations on the family addition!

There is no answer at this time.

From: wolvies-ga on 16 May 2003 07:41 PDT
Some of those names are beautiful, but who would name their child
Poltergeist or Polythene???

wolvies, lol
From: feilong-ga on 16 May 2003 08:48 PDT
Hi Wolvies and thanks for the input. I noticed that too. lol
From: ntd-ga on 17 May 2003 13:47 PDT
Hi Uncle John,

Here is a list of names starting with "Po."  They are divided between
general names and Hindu names.  Many of them are varient spallings.

Here it goes...

General Names

Po-Ching, Po-Chu, Po-Hsin, Po-Kei, Po-Laine, Po-Lam, Po-Li, Po-Ling,
Po-Man, Po-Ning, Po-Po, Po-ra, Po-ri-n, Po-Rong, Po-Siann, Po-Tsung,
Po-Yan, Po-Yee, Po-Yi, Po, Poala, Poalina, Poaline, Poartia, Poay,
Pobari, Poblilia, Poca, Pocahontas, Pocha, Pochi, Pocholo, PocKet,
Pockets, Poco, Pocobella, Pocsi,  Pod, Podadera, Podarge, Poddy,
Podkayne, Podoula, Poduri, Podus, Poe, Poeetic, Poehler, Poeka, Poeky,
Poel, Poelique, Poem, Poema, Poeme, Poemiti, Poemless-Poet, Poemless, 
Poep,  Poepie,  Poepscheet,  Poernawatie, Poersha, Poertia, Poes,
Poesje, Poesy, Poet, Poeta, Poetcilla, Poetess, Poetic, Poetica,
Poetika, Poetje, Poetry, Pogany, Pogg, Pogge, Poggea, Poggs, Poggy,
Pogo, Pogobean Pogranyi, Pogue, Pohwah, Pohwai, Poi-Shan, Poidevin,
Poihaakena, Poijanka,  Poilin, Poinciana, Poindexter, Poinsetta, 
Poinsettia,  Pointer,  Poirier,  Poirot, Pois, Poison,  Poiu, Poivi, 
Pojlette,  Pojo,  Pok, Pokam, Pokebox,  Poki, Pokinar'ia, Pokinaria, 
Pokipsy,  Poko,  Pokos,  Pol,  Pola,  Poladia,  Polagea,  Polamreddy, 
Polan-Quilaco,  Polanco,  Poland,  Polar,  Polaris, Polarite, Polata,
Polavarapu, Polazhitsa,  Polcia, Polda, Poldi, Poldina,  Poldka, 
Poldy,  Pole,  Poled,  Poledra,  Poleen,  Poleet,  Polegubic, 
Poleksija, Polemic,  Polemusa,  Polen,  Polena,  Polenka,  Polenth, 
Polesta,  Poleste,  Polet,  Poleta,  Polete,  Poletta,   Polexeni,
Polexeny, Polexia,  Polexina, Polgara,  Polhuijs,  Poli,  Polia, 
Poliana,  Polibounce,  Policarpia Polichronia,  Polien, Polikia,
Polikriti, Polikseni, Polikseniia, Polikwaptiwa, Poling, Polini,
Polinia, Poliniki, Polita, Politemi, Polithime, Politi,  Politime,
Politimi, Politiqua, Politix, Polito, Poliuzhaia, Polive, Poliwag,
Poliwraith, Poliwrath, Polixani, Polixene, Polixeni, Polixenia,
Polixeny, Polk, Polka-Dot, Polka, Poll, Polla, Pollack, Pollah,
Pollard, Pollatou, Pollee-Ana, Pollee-Anna, Pollee, Pollekin, Pollen,
Pollete, Polley, Polli, Pollia, Pollianna, Pollie, Polline, Pollock,
Polly-Ann, Polly-Anna, Polly-Jean, Polly-Mae, Polly-Tsang, Polly,
Pollyam, Pollyana, Pollyann, Pollyanna, Pollyannashinna, Pollyanne,
Pollyclaus, Pollye, Pollygon, Pollyshot, Pollytimi, Pollyxeni, Polo,
PoLoBuNNi, Pologne, Polohu, Poloikul, Polok, Polokala, Pololena,
Poloma, Polona, Polonca, Poloneika, Polonia, Polonie, Polony, Polora,
Polotsk, Polotska, Poloud'nitsa, Poloudnitsa, Polovinova, Polpettina,
Polson, Poltergeist, Poludnitsa, Poluksiia, Poluta'u, Polvorosa,
Polvy, Polwattage, Poly, Polya, Polyana, Polyani, Polyanna, Polycaste,
Polychrome, Polychronis, Polydamna, Polydora, Polye, Polyester,
Polyethelyne, Polyform, Polyhymnia, Polykarpos, Polymed, Polymede,
Polymei, Polymnia, Polymod, Polyn, Polyna, Polyne, Polynesia,
Polyniki, Polypeta, Polyphe, Polypheide, Polyte, Polytemy-Mary,
Polytemy, Polythenia, Polytic, Polytie, Polytimi, Polytio, Polyvia,
Polyxen, Polyxena, Polyxene, Polyxeni, Polyxenia, Polyxeny, Pom-Pom,
Pom, Poma, Pomaika'i, Pomaika'ili'iuhane, Pomaikai, Pomala, Pomba,
Pomela, Pomeli, Pomeliina, Pomeroy, Pomi, Pomila, Pomme, Pommela,
Pommelina, Pommeline, Pommerening, Pommi, Pommila, Pommy, Pomnislavka,
Pomona, Pomonia, Pomorze, Pompa, Pompea, Pompeia, Pompeiana, Pompi,
Pompie, Pompinara, Pompliia, Pomponia, Pomposa, Pomptina,
Pompuanbohong, Pon, Ponamgi, Ponamutha, Ponar'ia, Ponar,
Ponarattanine, Ponaria, Ponce, Ponceca, Poncette, Poncho, Ponci,
Poncia, Poncy, Pond, Ponda, Ponder, Pondera, Pondie, Pondookie,
Pondrena, Pondrina, Poneshni, Ponette, Pong, Pongo, Poni, Poniece,
Poniesha, Ponilastri, Ponina, Poninten, Ponita, Ponmalar, Ponmani,
Ponmozhi, Ponmudi, Ponmugali, Ponnada, Ponnamal, Ponnamma, Ponnammaa,
Ponnammah, Ponnamperumage, Ponnana, Ponnarasi, Ponnazhagi, Ponnazhagu,
Ponnekanti, Ponnette, Ponni, Ponnie, Ponniyin-Selvi, Ponniyinselvi,
Ponnmalai, Ponnmani, Ponnu, Ponnudhaya, Ponnulakshmi, Ponnumani,
Ponnuthangam, Ponnvadivu, Ponny, Pons, Ponschke, Ponselle, Ponte,
Ponthip, Pontiac, Pontic, Ponvili, Ponvizhi, Pony, Ponya, PonyLou,
Ponyta, Ponytail, Poo, Pooanm, Poobathee, Poobavan, Poobidoo, Poobum,
Pooch-The-Haids, Pooch, Poochie, Poochy, Pood, Poodah, Poodevi,
Poodle, Poodo, Pooey, Poof, PoofusPie, Poofy, Pooge, Poogie, Pooh-Bah,
Pooh-Bear, Pooh, PoohBear, Poohbearlq, Poohdo, Poohette, Poohgams,
PoohLuvsRy, Pooi-Ling, Pooi-Mei, Pooi-Pooi, Pooi-Yuee, Pooi, Pooja,
Poojachopra, Poojadeep, Poojan, Poojani, Pooji, Poojit, Poojita,
Poojitha, Pook-A-La, Pook, Pooka, Pookah, Pookahontas, Pookerville,
Pookey, Pooki, Pookie-Pie, Pookie-Turtle, Pookie, PookieBearie,
Pookin, Pookster, Pooku, Pooky, Pookz, Pool, Poola, Poolak, Poole,
Pooler, Poologarambai, Pooma, Poomagal, Poomalai, Poombavai, Poon,
Poona, Poonam, Poonamtamboli, Pooncholai, Pooneh, Pooneke, Pooner,
Pooney, Poongavanam, Poongodi, Poongothai, Poonguzhali, Pooni, Poonie,
Poonkodai, Poonkothai, Poonkuzhalnayagi, Poontang, Poonum, Pooperina,
Poopers, PoOpEy-PoPs, Poopsie, Pooram, PooramMadhu, Pooran, Poorani,
Poorbi, Poore, Poorna, Poornachandira, Poornakala, Poornamala,
Poornashree, Poornika, Poornima, Poornimaa, Poornimadevi, Poorti,
Poorva, Poorvaganga, Poorvaja, Poorvasha, Poorvi, Poorwa, Pooshaa,
Pooshnickle, Pooshpa, Poosy, Pooter-Scooter, Pooter, Pootie, Pootle,
Pootul, Pootyboot, Poovalli, Poovammal, Poovarasi, Poovazhagi,
Poovazhaki, Poovendree, Poow, Pooya, Pop, Popa, Popcorn, Pope,
Popefuel, Popelbaum, Popelina, Popelinah, Popeye, Popi-Laurel, Popi,
Popia, Popiah, Popillia, Popita, Popkje, Popli, Popliia, Popo, Popoki,
Popoloco, Popomatiu, Popoula, Popova, Popp, Poppaea, Poppe, Poppea,
PoppenFresh, Popper, Poppet-Ann, Poppet, Poppey, Poppi, Poppie, Poppy,
Pops, Popsicle, Popsie, Popsy, Poptart, Populonia, Popuri, Popy,
Por'trait, Por, Pora, Porabi, Poralenthina, Porama, Poranee, Poranna,
Porate, Poratha, Porbjorg, Porcelain, Porcelina, Porcella, Porcellina,
Porcha, Porchae, Porchai, Porche, Porcher, Porchia, Porcia, Porcsha,
Porcshe, Pordis, Porean, Porena, Porenn, Porep, Poresha, Porey,
Porferio, Porfidia, Porfie, Porfiria, Porgy, Porhildur, Pori, Poria,
Porisha, Pork-Chop, Porkchop, Porker, Porkodinayaki, Porky, Porlleak,
Porn, Pornapas, Pornjun, Pornkamon, Pornpatou, Pornphen, Pornpiya,
Pornsri, PornStar, Pornthip, Porntip, Porolto, Porom, Poroska,
Poroskova, Porphyra, Porphyre, Porphyria, Porphyry, Porqueria, Porras,
Porren, Porrieh, Porro, Porscha, Porschah, Porsche, Porschea,
Porschee, Porschela, Porschella, PorscheVixen, Porschia, Porselvi,
Porsha, Porshai, Porshana, Porshanetta, Porshanna, Porshaona, Porshay,
Porshd, Porshe, Porshea, Porshette, Porshia, Porta, Portalena,
Portalene, Portalyna, Portapig, Porteous, Porter-Ann, Porter,
Porterfield, Porteur, Portia-Iris, Portia, Portiashla, Porticia,
Portiea, Portillo, Portina, Portion, Portis, Portisha, Portius,
Portland, Portley, Portly, Portralia, Portresia, Portugal, Portuna,
Portz, Porul, Porunn, Poryanne, Porygon, Porzia, Posala, Poseda,
Posedia, Posey, Posh, Posha, Poshadt, Poshaniya, Poshayitri, Poshia,
Poshpaws, Poshul, Poshya, Posie, Posio, Poski, Posoa, Posoula, Possum,
Post-Office, Post, Postema, Posthuma, Postimia, Poston, Posy, Pot,
Pota, Potamiaena, Potato, Poteat, Poteet, Potencia, Potenzia, Poterak,
Pothinea, Pothireddy, Pothiti, Pothong, Potina, Potitsa, Potjanart,
Potjanun, Potla, Potluri, Potnia, Potoula, Potpourri, Potriya,
Potrodiyaal, Pots, Potso, Potta, Potter, Pottle, Pottorff, Pottornyai,
Pottramarai, Potts, Potty, Potyncza, Poua, Poucette, Poudoues,
Pouilly-Fuisse, Pouka, Poul-Erik, Poula, Poulami, Poulara, Poulette,
Poulheria, Poulin, Poulina, Pouline, Poulkheria, Poulomi, Poulos,
Pounamo, Pounce-A-Daily-On, Pounce, Pouncer, Pounds, Pouneh, Pounnary,
Poupak, Poupe`e, Poupee, Poupella, Pouram, Pouran-dokht, Pouran,
Pourcha, Pourche, Pourchelvi, Pourheria, Pouri, Pourkodi,
Pourkodinangai, Pournami, Pournima, Pourscha, Pourschia, Pourtia,
Pouru-bangha, Pouruchista, Pouruchisti, Pouruchisty, Pourudhaxshtay,
Pourushaspa, Pourushtay, Pousha, Poushah, Poushali, Poushya,
Pousmawtee, Poutana, Pouthana, Pouttos, Pouy, Pouzia, Pov, Poved,
Povezh'ia, Povi, Povla, Povline, Powa, Powalisz, Powaqa, Powata,
Powder-Puff, Powder, PowderPuff, Powe, Powell, Power-Wucket, Power,
Powergal, Powerhouse, PowerPuff, PowerPuffGirl, Powers, Powgic, Powir,
Poxcram, Poy, Poya, Poyeh, Poyni, Poynter, Poyo, Poz, Pozhil-Arasi,
Pozhil-Azhagi, Pozhil-Nayagi, Pozhilarasi, Pozhilazhagi, Pozhilnayagi,
Pozne, and Pozsonyi.

Hindu Names
From: ntd-ga on 17 May 2003 13:48 PDT
Hindu Names

Male Hindu names

Poiyamozhi, Ponduraisami, Ponmani, Ponmudi, Ponmuthuramalingam,
Ponnaiyah, Ponnaiyan, Ponnambalam, Ponnazhagan, Ponnazhagu,
Ponnidanadan, Ponnivalavan, Ponnmudiyan, Ponnurangan, Ponnusami,
Ponnuvelan, Ponnuvelusami, Poojan, Poojit, Poojya, Poojyapad,
Poongannan, Poongavanam, Poongovan, Poongundran, Poonish, Pooran,
Poorna, Poornachandra, Poornamruth, Poornanand, Poornayu, Poorv,
Poorvaj, Poovan, Poovannan, Poovaragan, Poovarasan, Poovendan,
Porunan, Posha, Poshaniya, Poshayitri, Poshya, Pothagan, Pothichatvan,
Pothimadhavan, Pothirajan, Potriappan, Potrichelvan, Potrirajan,
Potriya, Poya, Pozhilan, Pozhilnambi

Female Hindu names

Pommi, Ponnamal, Ponnarasi, Ponnazhagi, Ponnazhagu, Ponni,
Ponniyin-Selvi, Ponniyinselvi, Ponnmalai, Ponnmani, Ponnuthangam,
Ponnvadivu, Poobavan, Poodevi, Pooja, Poojan, Poojit, Poologarambai,
Pooma, Poomagal, Poombavai, Poonam, Pooncholai, Poongavanam, Poongodi,
Poonguzhali, Poonkodai, Poonkuzhalnayagi, Poorani, Poorbi, Poorna,
Poornachandira, Poornakala, Poornamala, Poornima, Poornimaa,
Poornimadevi, Poorti, Poorvi, Pooshaa, Pootul, Poovalli, Poovarasi,
Poovazhagi, Porkodinayaki, Posha, Poshaniya, Poshayitri, Poshya,
Potriya, Potrodiyaal, Pottramarai, Poulomi, Pourchelvi, Pourkodi,
Pourkodinangai, Poushali, Poya, Pozhil-Arasi, Pozhil-Azhagi,
Pozhil-Nayagi, Pozhilarasi, Pozhilazhagi, Pozhilnayagi .
From: jbf777-ga on 17 May 2003 13:52 PDT
Here's a search string that might help you out:

"baby names" po*

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