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Q: The Music called "DUB" I want/need some on 12 inch Vinal. For clouseau-ga only! ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   2 Comments )
Subject: The Music called "DUB" I want/need some on 12 inch Vinal. For clouseau-ga only!
Category: Arts and Entertainment > Music
Asked by: bwll77-ga
List Price: $25.00
Posted: 21 May 2003 10:55 PDT
Expires: 20 Jun 2003 10:55 PDT
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Good Afternoon clouseau. My son is now requesting I purchase for him a
collection of
what he refers to as "DUB" music. Strictly dub...and only dub he
wants! Apparently
it emanates from this genreal area of Jamaica. To make matters a
little more challenging
for you clouseau-ga he want this "Dub-Music" only on 12 inch vinal
records. You know
the ones I/we(?) threw away by the hundreds in the sixties. The young
ones, or at least my
lad has gone "crazY' over them. (Thanks by the way for the Spell Check
thought of it. Have not had the chance to check that out yet ...but I
will) I digress!

Now firstly I need the names of these Dub Musicians and/or the titles
of their records.
And as I say they must only be on 12 inch vinal records. To give you a
starting reference
I have located one producer of these records (they make them brand
new) here in Kingston.
They are called "Sonic Records" here in Kingston. Probelm is I have
trouble communicating
with these "hip" young Island Lads. I cant understand a word they say
(hardly). They
really need for me to tell them the artists I want etc etc. Hopefully
with your assistance
clouseau I will be able to do that. There must be other producers of
these vinal records
as well as sonic (I imagine). Next week I shall be driving all around
the entire Island.

By the way I lost this note once and then remembered I had my
"MetaPad" which I have been
using all the time, and in fact right now. Now my question is three
(3) fold :

1. Where do I find a good definition of "Dub" Music.
2. Where do I find a good list of Dub Titles and or Dub Artists.
3. More importantly where do I find more wholesalers of Vinal Records
(like Sonic)
   that have stocks of 12inch vinal (dub) records in stock.
   (Can be anywhere in the world but Jamaica would be a good start.)
Note the required quantity my son wants is (believe it or not 1,001)
Yes that's one thousand and one. A bit like his father
..........slightly eccentric!

In due course he intends to put transpose these to CD or professional
tape; and keep
the 12 inch vinals as his "Masters" and for his "collection". He is
going to save these
vinals rather much like I used to save postage stamps as a kid. Ah
well I say, "the kid
could be doing worse (these days)." 

That's it over to you for now. And kind regards from: Roger

Clarification of Question by bwll77-ga on 21 May 2003 11:08 PDT
Hi again clouseau. I must apologise for the "messy" way I presented the
above question about "Dub". I was running late to collect a rental car.
I set it out nicely in Metapad but, obviously, had my margins too wide.
The one exciting thing I find about life is that the older I get the
more I can mangage to learn. I will leave the download of that Spellchecker
until I get back to civilisation and a broad band connection. The connection
here is as slow as you can get and they have the audacity to charge USD10.oo
connection and USD.10 per minute. Back in OZ we'd call that a "rip-off"
Catch up with you later and look forward to your Answer. Cheers from Roger

Request for Question Clarification by clouseau-ga on 21 May 2003 13:35 PDT
Hello Roger,

And thank you again for requesting me for this most interesting

This should be an interesting search. Had you said big band jazz (my
roots) or Grateful Dead, my answers would have most likely originated
from from memory. But, I am on the hunt. I have begun researching this
and should have a through answer tomorrow - Friday latest.

By the way, I think all you will need to do in MetaPad is engage "word
wrap" on the options menu and the formatting should no longer be a

I shall return with information on "Dub".

Kind regards,


Clarification of Question by bwll77-ga on 21 May 2003 14:02 PDT
Hi again clouseau. I rather suspected, or at least hoped,  you would
find the Dub Question challenging. There is no rush. I should point
out that I have
rented a 4wd and tomorrow or Friday will be heading off into the
It may take a few days before I find another connection. But fear not
"I shall
return" (who was it that is reputed to have that?)
It is my intention to drive around the entire Island stopping off, up
in the mountains, at the original birth place of the late Mr Bob
Marley, who apparently is the Jamacian verson of Bob Dillon. King of
"Reggae" they call him. Quite famous he is. I am  currently reading a
book about him and his belief in Rastafarian etc....most interesting
and fasinating. I'm planning on
meeting his mother who apparently still lives up in the mountains and
a few charitable organizations to look after the Jamacian version of
street kids. She doesnt know it yet but if she stacks up "fair-dinkum"
I might just
give her a generous donation, on behalf of my son. I am sure he would
that as no doubt she will/should. Never a dull day for me hey!

Over and out for now and I'll check this space tomorrow and Friday if
I am
able. Whatever, I will catch up with you at some time not too far away
hopefully. I am keeping my eye out for a good bottle of Jamacian Rum
for you. Would I be able to despatch it by Fedex to Google HQ; for
redirection to your goodself?? (seriously) If that is not possible
then you will have
to stick to the usual "virtual" stuff that will at least keep you on
straight and narrow. Bye for now, and I'll catch you later. From:

Clarification of Question by bwll77-ga on 21 May 2003 15:37 PDT
Hi Bob,
I thought I would pass these details
on to you which I just received from my son.

Dub Artists:

The King of them all (apparently) is : 
Osborne Ruddock affetionally known as "King Tubby"

Three other leads for you to follow are:
"Prince Jammy"
Lee Parry/Maybe Perry

and a guy called "Scientist"

With your research skills these leads may well be beneficial.

Kind regards from: Roger

Clarification of Question by bwll77-ga on 21 May 2003 15:48 PDT
Hi again clouseau-ga
Ha! Ha! you notice your "cover" is blown. I have it on good info from
one very knowledgable "undercover"  proboneno-person by the name of Brian
that your name also starts with "B", but it has less letters than "Brian".
It's gotta be Bob "my dear Watson" I postulated. That's just in case
you wonderded about my earlier salution. Never mind I know we have rules
and procedures to follow; but I inadvertently "blew" my cover the very 1st
day signing by Roger right from the start. Never mind after this trip to
Jamaica they might start calling me "Rasta". Catch ya later mate.
And looking forward to your forthcoming answer to my "Dub" Question..."R"
Subject: Re: The Music called "DUB" I want/need some on 12 inch Vinal. For clouseau-ga only!
Answered By: clouseau-ga on 21 May 2003 18:01 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hello Roger,

A most interesting search! I hope the information below will help to
build an impressive collection for your son. And do have him keep any
"live" Cuban cigars away from the turntable or you will soon be
seeking a record cleaning machine!

On to your current questions:

1. Where do I find a good definition of "Dub" Music?
A Brief History of Dub

"The word 'dub' today is used to describe a genre of music that
consists predominantly of instrumental re-mixes of existing
recordings. These re-mixes radically manipulated and reshape the
recording(through the use of sound effects). The production and mixing
process is not used just to replicate the live performance of the
recording artist, but audio effects and studio 'trickery' are seen as
an integral part of the music. The roots of 'dub' can be traced back
to Jamaica in the late 1960s, where it is widely accepted that
Osbourne Ruddock pioneered the style(1). Ruddock turned the mixing
desk into an instrument, with the Deejay or mixer playing the role of
the artist or performer. These early 'Dub' examples can be looked upon
as the prelude to many dance and pop music genres(2)...

...Young Jamaicans during the early sixties had been drawn to the
major cities in search of work. They had not found it, and the mood of
the ghetto areas had started to deteriorate. These youths or 'Rude
boys' as they were called, started forming into political gangs from
different ghetto's throughout Kingston. 'Rude boys connected with the
so-called 'underworld', a layer of people who lived outside the law,
and who had always patronized Jamaican dance music'(8). The 'Rude
boys' connection with the dance halls, as well as their style of
dancing (which was slower and more menacing) changed the style of
music being played from the more up tempo Ska(9) to the slower Rock
Steady beat(10) . While many producers(11) have claimed to have
pioneered the 'Rock Steady' groove it was Duke Reid who capitalized on
it, recording and releasing several tunes by a variety of performers
in this new style...

This is a rather complete article with an in depth history of this
music genre. You will enjoy the read, Roger.

A few of the recommendations from this article include:

"King Tubby, 1994, Dub gone Crazy(The Evolution of Dub), Blood and

Lee 'Scratch' Perry and King Tubby, 1974,Blackboard Jungle, Upsetter.

Compilation, 1975, The Roots of Dub, Grounation.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry, 1975, Revolution Dub, Cactus .

Massive Attack vs Mad Professor, 19??, No Protection, Wild Bunch..."

I shall locate more discography for you shortly.

A site called "The Interrupter" Has a discussion board and asks for
recommendations for the best of the best by aficionados:

"Imagine: A friend who is new to Dub music asks you which tunes he
should listen to as an introduction.

Which tracks would you suggest?...

Prowling Lion "Disciples" 
In fact almost everything by Disciples 

Mad Professor "Your rights / My rights" 
from - Dub My Cracy "1" - 1982 ARIWA 

I'd say essential tracks are: 

Disciples "Prowling Lion" (already mentioned) 
Dub Creator "Dub 303" (or "System Dub") 
Jah Warrior "Spiral Echos" 
King Tubby (no matter which song of him) 
Dub Syndicate "2001 Love (Iration Steppas Remix)" 
one of the old Zion Train tracks 
Mad Professor "Katmandu Dub" 
Creation Rebel "The Dope" 

There are numerous posts with members favorites here.

I spent some time at their discussion boards and learned you just
missed Lee Scratch Perry performing in Dublin on St Patrick's Day. He
even appears in an ad for Guinness.

I posted on their board seeking their recommendations.

2. Where do I find a good list of Dub Titles and or Dub Artists?


Most Famous DUB artists:

Osbourne Ruddock (better known as King Tubby)

There is an excellent history of King Tubby at this site:
Steve Barrow

"...ED NOTE: these excerpted notes come from the excellent compilation
Dub Gone Crazy on Blood & Fire which was also compiled by Steve
Today the remix and dub version are commonplace in popular music; less
widely appreciated is the fact that these techniques were pioneered in
a tiny studio at 18 Bromilly Avenue in the Kingston district called
Waterhouse. That pioneer of dub was an electronics engineer and sound
system operator named Osbourne Ruddock, but to the crowds who flocked
to his dances, and the countless singers and record producers who
utilised his skills, he was known as King Tubby....

And here:

King Tubby

An Influence on Practically More Genres Than Anyone Else
Except Perhaps Elvis Presley

by Paul Dickow (June 1997)

Lee 'Scratch' Perry (or Rainford Hugh Perry)

"Some call him a genius, others claim he's certifiably insane, a
madman. Truth is, he's both, but more importantly, Lee Perry is a
towering figure in reggae -- a producer, mixologist, and songwriter
that, along with King Tubby, helped shape the sound of dub, and made
reggae music such a powerful part of the pop music world. Along with
producing some of the most influential acts (Bob Marley and the
Wailers ..."

Augustus Pablo

"After the tragic passings of Prince Lincoln and Roland Alphonso
earlier this year the reggae world has lost another great artist. Born
1954, St. Andrew, Jamaica, Horace Swaby aka Augustus Pablo, often in
ill health, not only was responsible for putting the melodica on the
musical map, but he also played a key role in the musical history of
Jamaica. In his role as musician and producer he has helped to shape
reggae so much that his music can easily be described as 'the sound of
the Seventies'.

 The legend began in 1969 when a youthful Horace Swaby was standing in
Herman Chin-Loy's 'Aquarius' record shop at 9 Constant Spring Road in
Kingston, holding a melodica that had been lent to him by a young
girl. The instrument was used in Jamaica in school music lessons but
had never before been taken seriously by professional musicians.
Herman Chin-Loy, who had a much-deserved reputation for experimenting
with new sounds, asked the slightly-built teenager if he could play it
and was so taken with the musical response that he booked recording
time that same week at Randy's Studio 17 on North Parade in the heart
of downtown Kingston. With a tune entitled "Iggy Iggy" Herman Chin-Loy
gave the youth his recording debut and more significantly, a new name
- AUGUSTUS PABLO - which was not strictly new itself as for the past
few months Aquarius record labels had sporadically appeared bearing
the credit Augustus Pablo..."

Aba Shanti-I

"As mentioned in the 'WHO'S WHO' page, Aba used to deejay 'Jah
Tubby's' sound system and at that time he was known as 'Jasmine Joe'.
Those of you that were around the sound system scene in the eighties
will remember the slightly extrovert mic man that 'Jah Tubby's' had;
that was Aba.

When Joe embraced the Rastafarian faith he adopted a new and more
positive attitude and with his rediscovered faith a new name. That
name was and is 'Aba Shanti-I',pronounced ABA SHANTI-EYE not ONE. So
you see the name 'Aba Shanti-I' is not just the name of the sound
system, it is the name of the
person that is playing the sound..."


Hopeton "Overton" Brown (Scientist) 

"Second generation Jamaican dub mixer and a rival to Prince Jammy.
Notable for his theme albums (with lurid cover art) on which he would
meet and vanquish protagonists from off-world regions: ie Scientist
Meets The Space Invaders, Scientist Encounters Pac Man. Such meetings,
derived from the rivalry of the sound clash, are central to the
mythology of dub. For origins, seek out King Tubby Meets The Upsetter
At The Grass Roots Of Dub..."

Prince Jammy


b. Lloyd James, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Jammy, the undisputed
king of computerized, digital reggae music for the 80s, was interested
in little else but the sound system business from a very early age. He
began by building amplifiers and repairing electrical equipment from
his mother's house in the Waterhouse area of downtown Kingston, and
was soon playing live with his own sound system. His prowess earned
him a deserved local reputation and as Prince Jammy, he built
equipment for many Waterhouse sounds. He was even acknowledged by the
legendary King Tubby, another Waterhouse resident, with whom Jammy
often worked. In the early 70s Jammy left Jamaica to work in Canada,
where his reputation had preceded him, and he was soon working in live
stage shows, and employed in various studio activities and sound
system work. He stayed for a few years but returned to Kingston and
set up his first studio (with extremely limited facilities) at his
in-laws' home in Waterhouse..."

Prince Philip Smart

"...Tubby trained many disciples who were to become major contributors
to the dub music culture. Prince Philip Smart came to the United
States and founded the HCF reggae studio on Long Island. Lloyd James,
aka King Jammy, started his own label, Imprint, and supplanted Tubby
as the top Jamaican producer in the mid-eighties. Producer and
vocalist "Yabby You" Jackson and Overton "Scientist" Brown were also
Tubby pupils.

And U-Roy, who was a DJ for Tubby, influenced Clive Campbell who was
to go on to the Bronx, set up his own sound system, and become Kool

The Mad Professor

"Born in the Fifties, the Mad Professor (Neil Fraser) started his
career in music from the technical side as a service engineer for
mixing desks and amplifiers. The name Mad Professor, was first given
by friends at school who were amazed by the experiments he was
carrying out as a youth. By the turn of the Eighties, Mad Professor
launched the ARIWA label. It was about this time he launched the now
legendary Dub Me Crazy  series, which was started in Gautrey Road -

Jah Warrior

"Interview with - Jah Shaka 
  Here is an interview conducted by Steve Mosco with the legendary Jah
Shaka in 1984.

Q. How long has the sound been going?  
A. Since 1970. 

Q. When you started the sound, was it your intention for it to be the
same way it is now - a rasta dub sound?
A. Yes, it was always a dub sound. The sound came out of the struggle
in the 70’s which black people were going through in this country - we
got together and decided that the sound should play a main part in
black people’s rights & we would work hard at it & promote some better
mental purpose within the black race..."

The Disciples

"...1993 turned out to be an important year as it saw The Disciples
release their first self financed 12" single entitled ‘Prowling Lion’
on their own Boom-Shacka-Lacka imprint. Prowling Lion proved very
popular with its success ensuring further 10",12" and album releases.
Boom Shacka Lacka was also to be the christened name of their
phenomenal sound system which ran for the best part of six years. By
`97 however The Disciples had packed up their boxes and amps to
concentrate more on their studio works. Russ D has continued to DJ at
clubs on other sounds working with long time friend Jonah Dan, playing
sessions in Italy, Israel, Ireland, Switzerland, Czech Republic,
Poland, Holland and more. 1997 was also the year that saw the first
releases on a new Disciples imprint `Backyard Movements`, with its
inclination towards a more orthodox and contemporary reggae sound..."

Adrian Sherwood

"Adrian Sherwood 1958 - today
When British producer Adrian Sherwood started his On-U-Sound label in
1980 as an outlet for scruffy punks and righteous rastas infatuated
with reggae and its experimental spectrum of dub, he just wanted to
make good records. In the process, he influenced a legion of
producers, decimated the boundaries of funk, noise, and reggae, and as
a member of Tackhead, made the position of the live mixing engineer a
viable band member in terms of creative input..."

Of course, there are many other artists that may be of interest.


Recommended DUB tracks:

"King Tubby, 1994, Dub gone Crazy(The Evolution of Dub), Blood and

As a matter of fact, ANYTHING by King Tubby including:

 100 Of Dub: Select Cuts   2003   
 Dub Forever   2002   
 Dub Conference   2002   
 The Originator   2002   
 The Dub Master vol. 1 (Orange Street)   2002   
 In The Mix   2001   
 From The Palace Of Dub: Essential Smokin' Dub...   2001   
 Majestic Dub   2001   
 Foundation Of Dub   2001   
 Essential Dub   2000   
 King Dub: The Best Of King Tubby   2000   
 Fatman Tapes Vol. 2   2000   
 The Fatman Tapes   2000   
 The Dub Master Vol. 1 (Culture Press)   2000   
 The Sound Of Channel One: King Tubby Connection   1999   
 King Tubby's Hidden Treasures   1999   
 Dub Like Dirt (1975-1977)   1999   
 Dub From The Roots   1998   
 Megawatt Dub   1997   
 Dangerous Dub   1996   
 Meets Scientist At Dub Station   1996   
 Meets Scientist In A World Of Dub   1996   
 Dub Gone 2 Crazy   1996   
 Dub Explosion: 22 Roots Classics   1996   
 Freedom Sounds In Dub   1996   
 Greenwich Farm Rub-A-Dub   1996   
 Roots Dub   1995   
 Yah Congo Meets King Tubby & Professor At...   1995   
 Dub Gone Crazy   1995   
 Creation Dub   1995   
 Shining Dub   1994   
 King Tubby's Special 1973-1976   1989   
 Roots & Society - Reggae's Best   1978  


1 (1997) At Channel One Studio  
2 (1997) Strike Back  
3 (1996) Dub in the Roots Tradition  
4 (1996) Meets Roots Radics: Dubbing with Horns  
5 (1995) Scientific Dub  
6 (1990) Scientist Rids the World of the Curse of the Evil Vampires  
7 (1990) Tribute to King Tubby Dub  
8 (1984) Crucial Cuts  
9 (1983) High Priest of Dub  
10 (1982) Scientist Encounters Pac-Man  
11 (1981) Scientist Meets the Space Invaders  
12 (1981) Scientist Wins the World Cup  
13 (1981) Scientist in the Kingdom  
14 (1980) Big Showdown  
15 (1980) Heavyweight Dub Champion  
16 (1980) Scientist Vs. Prince Jammy  
17 (..) 1999 Dub  
18 (..) Kingdom of Dub 

Lee 'Scratch' Perry
Lee 'Scratch' Perry and King Tubby, 1974,Blackboard Jungle, Upsetter.
Lee 'Scratch' Perry, 1975, Revolution Dub, Cactus .
And here is a list of some known 12" vinyl for Perry in the

And one more at Live Daily:

Augustus Pablo 
A partial discography can be found here:

And another lists of his recommended albums here:

Aba Shanti-I

Jah Warrior

Click on Vinyl Albums

Jah Warrior "Spiral Echos" Recommended

The Mad Professor
Discography recommendations:

Mad Professor "Your rights / My rights" from - Dub My Cracy "1" - 1982
Massive Attack vs Mad Professor, 19??, No Protection, Wild Bunch..."
Mad Professor "Katmandu Dub" 

The Disciples

1987 - Deliverance; Commandments of dub chapter 6 ~ Jah Shaka King of
the Zulu Tribe
1989 - The Disciples ~ Jah Shaka King of the Zulu Tribe 
1991 - Addis Ababa; The Disciples chapter 2 ~ Jah Shaka King of the
Zulu Tribe
1993 - The Lion; The Disciples chapter 3 ~ Jah Shaka King of the Zulu
1993 - Storm Clouds;Dayjah meets The Disciples ~ Third Eye Music 
1994 - Hail HIM; Sister Rasheda ~ Roots Records 
1995 - Resonations ~ Cloak & Dagger 
1995 - Hail HIM in Dub ~ Roots Records 
1995 - For Those Who Understand ~ Boom-Shacka-Lacka 
1996 - Infinite Density Of Dub ~ Dubhead 
1997 - Urban Jungle; Dayjah meets The Disciples ~ Third Eye Music 
1997 - Rebirth; Rootsman meets The Disciples ~ Third Eye Music (*) 
1998 - Spangdubulous Dub: Jonah Dan buck up pon Disciples ~ Inner
Sanctuary (CD only)
1998 - Sacred Art Of Dub: Alpha & Omega meets the Disciples ~
Greensleeves (CD only)
1999 - Love, Faith & Belief: Wayne McArthur ~ Moonwave Music 
2000 - Revelation Time; Clive `Colour Red` Hylton ~ Jetstar / Charm 
2001 - Lion King; Tony Roots ~ Jet Star / Charm (CD only) 
2001 - Backyard Movements Dubwise 2001 ~ Backyard Movements 
2001 - Cry Freedom; Delroy Dyer and Disciples ~ African Crusader (CD
2002 - One Bright Day; Prince Allah ~ Backyard Movements  
2003 - Gift Of Life; Tont Roots ~ Jetstar / Charm 

Compilation, 1975, The Roots of Dub, Grounation.
Prowling Lion "Disciples" 
Dub Creator "Dub 303" (or "System Dub") 
Dub Syndicate "2001 Love (Iration Steppas Remix)"
Creation Rebel "The Dope" 

One site provides this list of best Dub of all time:

Lee Perry: Revolution Dub (1975) 
Scientist: Heavyweight Dub Champion (1980) 
Burning Spear: Garvey's Ghost (1976) 
Augustus Pablo: East of the River Nile (1977) 
King Tubby: Blackboard Jungle (1973) or Meets Rockers Uptown (1976) 
Mad Professor: Beyond the Realms Of Dub (1982) 
African Head Charge: In Pursuit of Shashamane Land (1994) 
Twilight Circus: In Dub Vol 1 (M Records, 1995) 
Automaton: Dub Terror Exhaust (Strata, 1994) 
Kit Clayton: Nek Sanalet (Scape, 1999) 

3. More importantly where do I find more wholesalers of Vinal Records?

Let's start with known retailers with selections in vinyl:

DUB Record Companies: (Vinyl may be the problem here, Roger. Most list
CD's. I have sent inquiries as noted.)

Echo Beach - Great Site

A German company. Email sent to see if they wholesale.

Dub Style - Select Cuts - The Label

Another German site, but here some titles ARE available on vinyl.

Trojan Records

A Uk supplier witha selection of vinyl. Just check "vinyl" at their
search box for a list of 137 titles.

BSI Records

A Portland USA company with what appear to be some rare finds in vinyl
such as:

CLOCKTOWER 085    LP $10     

  Produced by Augustus Pablo, and mixed by Errol Thompson & King
Tubby, this is probably the most crucial, recognizable, influential
and straight up must-have dub album of all time. Nuff said - just own,
listen & treasure!

GREENSLEEVES 010    LP $11     

  In this episode: Scientist and Prince Jammy alternate heavyweight
tracks featuring rhythms from Barrington Levy's "Englishman" album.
All of Scientist's early 80s albums for Greensleeves are all-time dub
classics, showing him to be more than just King Tubby's most gifted
disciple, but in a class by himself. Out of print on vinyl for years,
Greensleeves has finally put these gems back on the market, a boon and
a blessing to the dub afficionado. Scientist's All feature the
rock-hard rhythms of the Roots Radics (later to transform into Dub
Syndicate), immaculate production by Junjo Lawes, and priceless
comic-style covers by the legendary Tony McDermott. All are absolutely
Look at the DUB listings bottom right on this site.

Greensleeves Records

A great listing of vinyl including a selection of DUB and a mail order

Tanty Records

Several vinyl dubs form this UK vendor.

Motion Records

Good selection of vinyl

LKJ Records

Some DUB on vinyl. (Are you getting the idea that the UK may be the
vinyl motherlode for DUB?)

Different Drummer

Some DUB on vinyl, but not much.

Pressure Sounds

Very good selection of DUB vinyl - and surprise, in the UK!

Twilight Circus

Another collection on vinyl.
Their distributors are listed on this page:


Some classics available here on vinyl!

34 Whitehorse Lane
South Norwood

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8653 7744
Fax: +44 (0) 20 8771 1911

Blood & Fire

An excellent selection, but very difficult to tell if they are CD's or
vinyl. Click "discography". Site navigation is also very poor. But
they do have some of the classics.

Imperial Dub Records

A good selection of vinyl.

Ernie B's

Select vinyl and type in DUB for rhythm fo a selection of primarily 7"
vinyl dub discs.

Soundquake - Germany

Turntable Lab

Good Dub Slection in vinyl! Scroll down for dub in the left hand coumn
and click for this section.

The Dub Vendor

Yet another UK site with good offerings.

Jah Warrior
Available for purchase online:

Click on Vinyl Records

Ok, I decided to search more specifically for Jamaica and for
wholesalers, if available. Do note, wholesalers "usually" require
multiple copies of a selection to buy wholesale, but with a large
purchase they may wave that requirement.

Searching: jamaica +"dub record" +vinyl OR label OR company OR
wholesale, I found:

The Carribean Yellow Pages listing these wholesalers of records in

Anchor Recordings Co. Ltd. 
7 Windsor Ave. (5)
Jamaica - (876) 978-2711

Dynamic Sounds Recording Co. Ltd. 
15 Bell Rd. (11)
Jamaica - (876) 923-9138

Dynamic Sounds Recording Co. Ltd. 
13 Bell Rd. (11)
Jamaica - (876) 923-8824

G G Records Manufacturing Ltd. 
1 Torrington Rd.
Jamaica - (876) 922-7518

J R One Blood Recording Studio 
1B Lindsay Crescent (10)
Jamaica - (876) 931-0538

Life Productions Ltd. 
107 Constant Spring Rd. (8)
Jamaica - (876) 925-0524

Main Street Records Ltd. 
85 Hagley Park Rd. (10)
Jamaica - (876) 754-9980

Mixing Lab Record Distribution Ltd. 
58 Dumbarton Ave. (10)
Jamaica - (876) 929-0263

Sonic Sounds Record Manufacturing Co. Ltd. 
25 Retirement Rd. (5)
Jamaica - (876) 926-1204

Tappa International Records 
42A Eastwood Park Rd. (10)
Jamaica - (876) 960-7059

Other Jamaican Sources:

One Love Jamaica Int'l Distributors Ltd.
16 College Crescent
Kingston 20, Jamaica W.I. 
phone/fax: (876) 931-8756 

OJ36 Records
Port Antonio
876 7155946


Additional Interesting Dub links:

History of Dub

The mixing desk as an instrument and the DJ/remixer as an artist John
McCready - of course!

Hug a Dub Sound System

Good collection of links, many mentioned above.

Jah Acid Dub

Dub's Second Coming

What dub are you listen to ?
- the usenet dub survey -


I think this should get you going, Roger :) At the very least, if you
are unsuccessful finding a wholesaler in Jamaica, you will be able to
build a healthy collection from the UK and European vendors listed

As always, if you (or your son) need any clarification or additional
research, do not hesitate to ask. And do enjoy your time with Bob
Marley's mom and take a little time to listen to his music. He was a
classic and important influence on world music.

And alas, Google Answers powers that be prefer not to pass things
along, so virtual the rum shall be. But no less enjoyed and thank you
for the thought.

Best regards,

bwll77-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $100.00
Thank you clouseau. You've done it again! Exceeded my high expetations.
Have five brilliant stars and a bottle of "virtual" rum on me (and my son)
for a job well done. Kind regards from Roger

Subject: Re: The Music called "DUB" I want/need some on 12 inch Vinal. For clouseau-ga only!
From: clouseau-ga on 22 May 2003 07:56 PDT
Thank you so much, Roger.

I may yet have more information for you on this question. As
mentioned, I have posted in discussion forums on Dub and will monitor
the replies (if any). I also am in contact with a large German
retailer of Dub and have asked if they can fill a 1,000 album "best of
all time" Dub collection and what would be their arrangements. So if
anything looks like it would be of interest or value to you, I will
post again as a comment.

Do enjoy the islands and safe travels.

Subject: Re: The Music called "DUB" I want/need some on 12 inch Vinal. For clouseau-ga only!
From: bwll77-ga on 22 May 2003 09:01 PDT
Much appreciated clouseau. Interestingly, and coincidentially I
obtained most of my "elusive" Sharp Thermal Printers from Germany. I
would not mind travelling there (from London) if need be, to collect
the records from there. My favourite casino is in Germany
(BadenBaden). And there is a relatively new casino in Stasbourg which
I enjoyed last time I was there. I play only roulette and only(single
zero) roulette. And stop immediately I am 100 units in front or 500
units behind. (Usually use $25 chips) and play a very disciplined
game. But never play your Yankee "double-zero" rip-off game!!
(No personal offence meant!) Apart from the odd glass of chardoney,
it (roulette) is my only "vice" clouseau. I promise you.

Kind regards and thank you sincerely from : Roger

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