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Q: alternative cancer treatment ( Answered,   3 Comments )
Subject: alternative cancer treatment
Category: Health > Alternative
Asked by: phillade-ga
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Posted: 24 May 2003 20:11 PDT
Expires: 23 Jun 2003 20:11 PDT
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i would like to buy the latest cancer vaccination treatment.
cellgenesis, antigenics, or any other, us or euro.
got any leads ?

Request for Question Clarification by umiat-ga on 25 May 2003 07:38 PDT
Antigenics is the name of a company that is constantly researching new
cancer vaccines. It is not the actual name of a vaccine. Currently,
Antigenics has several clinical trials underway, as do other similar
companies. Are you actually looking to find someway to get a
"not-yet-approved" vaccine?
 Alternatively, are you interested in finding out the cutting edge
vaccines and treatments, and where you might find a doctor or hospital
dealing in these treatments? Are you looking for clinical trials?
 I would love to help you if you are trying to find access to
"legally-approved" treatments. If so, please clarify a bit more, and ,
if you are willing, please state the type of cancer you are dealing
 Anything more you can highlight will help in an answer. 


Clarification of Question by phillade-ga on 25 May 2003 09:57 PDT
the cancer is advanced metastatic prostate. currently receiving
hormone therapy. most clinical trials require the you are "hormone
refractory". i would rather not wait. I am willing to travel outside
the u.s.. i do not want to be the poor sap in the clinical trial that
gets the placebo. i would like to recieve the latest "cure" without
having to compromise for "statistical

Request for Question Clarification by guillermo-ga on 25 May 2003 23:35 PDT
Dear Phillade,

I've been researching for your question, and found several treatment
research organizations working on prostate cancer, which you might
make contact with, in order to find out of the latest treatments they
are developing, and the possibilities to access to them. But before
posting an answer I need clarification about a couple of things, in
order to make sure that I'll meet your needs:

1. Do they have to be in the USA or Europe, or would you consider
other places?

2. The reach of my research would be the organizations contact
information; making contact with them to find out about the
possibility of using the treatment would remain up to you (or your
doctor). Is this what you are expecting?

Thank you.


Request for Question Clarification by guillermo-ga on 26 May 2003 19:27 PDT
Dear Phillade-ga,

I'd appreciate your feedback, so I can confirm my searching approach,
or modify it. Anyway, in a few minutes I’ll have to stop until
tomorrow, because of a temporary programmed cut off of my Internet
connection. I look forward to your news.



Request for Question Clarification by guillermo-ga on 28 May 2003 13:50 PDT
Dear Philade-ga,

This is just to tell you that I'll be out of town, coming back
Saturday, just in case you communicate with me and find no feed-back.
Anyway, if you need an answer sooner than Sunday, I wouldn't mind if
any fellow researcher took the question. If that happens, I'll add as
a comment any information I had gathered so far, if it broadens the
information given in the answer.



Clarification of Question by phillade-ga on 30 May 2003 16:19 PDT
could be any country. would like to confine treatment to a "vaccine".
cellgenesis is one company working on a vaccine. approved clinical
trials or treatments are often too restrictive. i beluieve the
vaccination would work but i would like to receive the full procedure
without having to become part of a study. legal or illegal. thank you
for your help.

Request for Question Clarification by pafalafa-ga on 30 May 2003 17:45 PDT

Since the early 1990's (largely as a result of AIDs activism), the
Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. has had a policy of making
available investigational drugs (that is, drugs not yet approved) to
patients who are seriously ill, and who appear to have no other viable
medical options.

The process for making this happen is not easy, and can only be done
if the companies involved are willing to make their medicines
available outside of the clinical trial framework.

If you would like, I can answer your question by outlining the process
and putting you in touch with the appropriate officials at FDA to
begin exploring this possibility.  But you would need to have a clear
idea of what medicine you are interested in gaining access to.

Before beginning the process, I would suggest conferring with your
doctor(s) and finding out if they are familiar with FDA's policy of
compassionate use of experimental drugs.  (If they're not, they should

Best of luck to you.  


Request for Question Clarification by guillermo-ga on 03 Jun 2003 20:20 PDT
Dear Phillade-ga,

This question deals with a particularly serious subject, and I want my
approach to match its significance. I’m concerned about how likely it
is that my work (or any other researchers’ work) met your
expectations. I understand that you’re looking forward to try a
vaccine treatment, convinced that it will be your best chance, and you
want to do it through a direct understanding between you and the
producer of the vaccine, avoiding the restrictions of clinical trials,
including the possibility of not getting the vaccine at all, if you
were appointed to a supposed non-medicated group for statistical
purposes. And you ask for leads to it. I imagine your highest
expectation from this question to be an appointment (or at least a
facilitated approach) with a decision maker of no less than one of the
companies that produce these vaccines. I can’t offer you that, the
most I can do is giving you the contact information of several of
those companies, but I don’t have a faster track than yourself to get
to the right office. Now, several times in this thread the legality
issue regarding clinical trials has been mentioned. I’m not familiar
with those regulations, and how different they might be from one
country to another, but what the common sense tells me is that no one
of those companies would accept an arrangement against their
countries’ law. This service will not provide information to act in
discordance to the law, thus I can give you an answer if what you want
is to contact vaccine’s producers to ask them for a way to obtain
their treatment in accordance with their countries’ law.

Another issue I want to consider is the strictly medical one. I’m not
a medical doctor, I just search for information. And one thing I came
across in this search is that vaccines are being used, rather than as
a sole treatment, as a part of a procedure integrating different drugs
and techniques. That’s why I hadn’t restricted my search to
“vaccines”, as I started to do after your clarification. Maybe it’s
not my job to give an advice, but I do hope you’re being assisted by
an oncologist in this quest.

Finally, I want you to know that, in my opinion, it’s not very likely
that you could reach such an understanding with a vaccine producer.
I’ve been wondering if it was fair from my part to aspire to earn your
money offer by giving you something that I doubt if will be useful for
you. I finally decided to go ahead, just because an opinion is not a
certainty. But, nevertheless, I felt compelled to share my doubts with
you, as another input that may help you to make a decision.

That said, what I precisely need you to tell me is if a vaccine
producers contact information list will suffice as an answer to your
question. Thank you very much.

Subject: Re: alternative cancer treatment
Answered By: kyrie26-ga on 08 Jun 2003 23:12 PDT
Hi there phillade-ga,

Thank you for your question! This has been a favorite topic for me -
alternative cancer treatment - ever since the death of a relative due
to "conventional" cancer treatment.

Before we begin I must tell you that what I am about to disclose does
not carry the endorsement of orthodox "modern" medicine. However, it
has been tried and true, validated by science since the 1950s, and is
even practiced in many countries BUT the United States... because, as
you may well be aware of, there are vested interests in ensuring that
current allopathic (drug-based) treatments remain the status quo. It
has been said that more people make money from cancer than are dying
of it.

I don't expect you to believe me right off the bat, and therefore I
have prepared for you verifiable information that this treatment works
in both preventing as well as regressing cancers.

I notice that you mentioned the word "vaccination". Let's address this
first - since cancer is not caused by a microbe foreign to the body,
we cannot be "vaccinated" against it. However we can very successfully
prevent ourselves from getting it, and even treat it if so diagnosed.

I am talking about Vitamin B-17, also known as Laetrile, or Amygdalin.

I am going to cover several angles in presenting this to you :

1. Basic intro
2. How it works
3. Myth of toxicity
4. Testimonials
5. Treatment centers
6. Resistance from organized medicine
7. Scientific references
8. Your situation

Let us begin.

1. Basic Introduction

Welcome to

"What you are about to read does not carry the approval of organised
medicine. The Food and Drug Administration, the American Cancer
Society, and the American Medical Association have labelled it "fraud"
and "quackery". In fact, the FDA and other agencies of government have
used every means at their disposal to prevent this story from being
told. They have arrested citizens for holding public meetings to tell
others of their convictions on this subject. They have confiscated
films and books. They even have prosecuted doctors who apply these
theories in the effort to save the lives of their own patients.

The purpose of this web-site is to show that this great human tragedy
can be stopped now entirely on the basis of existing scientific
knowledge. The information you are about to read marshals the evidence
that cancer is a nutritional-deficiency disease, like scurvy or
pellagra. It is not caused by a bacterium, virus or mysterious toxin,
but by the absence of a substance that modern man has removed from his
diet. That substance is Vitamin B-17, also known as Amygdalin or
Laetrile. If that analysis is correct, then the treatment and
prevention of cancer can be made simple. All that needs to be done is
to restore that easily obtained and inexpensive food factor to our
daily meals. An increasing number of doctors all over the world are
now are testing and proving in their own clinics that the vitamin
concept of cancer is true."



[begin excerpt]

During 1950 after many years of research, a dedicated biochemist by
the name of Dr. Ernest T. Krebs, Jr., isolated a new vitamin that he
numbered B-17 and called 'Laetrile'. As the years rolled by, thousands
became convinced that Krebs had finally found the complete control for
all cancers, a conviction that even more people share today. Back in
1950 Ernest Krebs could have had little idea of the hornet's nest he
was about to stir up. The pharmaceutical multinationals, unable to
patent or claim exclusive rights to the vitamin, launched a propaganda
attack of unprecedented viciousness against B-17, despite the fact
that hard proof of its efficiency in controlling all forms of cancer
surrounds us in overwhelming abundance. Why has orthodox medicine
waged war against this non-drug approach? G. Edward Griffin, author of
the book World Without Cancer contends that the answer is to be found
not in science, but in politics, and is based upon the hidden economic
and power agenda of those who dominate the medical establishment.
Each year, thousands of Americans travel to Mexico to receive vitamin
B-17 (Laetrile) therapy. They do this because it has been suppressed
in the United States. Most of these patients have been told that their
cancer is terminal and that they have but a few months to live. Yet,
an incredible percentage of them have recovered and they are living
normal lives (see success stories). However, the FDA, the AMA, the
American Cancer Society, and the cancer research centres continue to
pronounce that Laetrile is fraud and quackery. The recovered patients,
they say, either had "spontaneous remissions" or never had cancer in
the first place. If any of these people ultimately die after seeking
Laetrile, spokesmen of orthodox medicine are quick to proclaim: "You
see? Laetrile doesn't work!" Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of
patients die each year after undergoing surgery, radiation, or
chemotherapy, but those treatments continue to be touted as "safe and

In the U.S. the FDA has tried to use strict regulations, not law, to
ban vitamin B-17 for over 18 years. Vitamin B-17, or Laetrile Therapy
is only used by some hospitals in Mexico, which treat cancer with
nutrition. These hospitals achieve nearly a 100% recovery rate with
virgin cases (localised tumours/cancers that have not yet been burned
up with radiation, poisoned with chemotherapy, or cut into with
surgery). A majority of Laetrile-treated patients report positive
responses, ranging from increase in the feeling of well-being and even
brighter outlook of life, to such noticeable reactions as an increase
in appetite, weight gain and, frequently, restoration of natural
colour, reduction or elimination of cancer-connected pain and
cancer-caused fetor. In thousands of cases, total regression of all
cancer symptoms has been confirmed.

Vitamin B-17, commonly known as "Amygdalin", or "Laetrile", is a
natural substance that can be found in a variety of species in the
Vegetable kingdom. The greatest concentration is found in the seeds of
the rosaceous fruits, such as apricot kernels and other bitter nuts.
There are many seeds, cereals and vegetables that contain minimal
quantities of vitamin B-17 and form part of our daily diet.

[end excerpt]


Vitamin B-17 as Preventative

[begin excerpt]

Vitamin B-17 is one of the main sources of food in cultures such as
the Eskimos, the Hunzas, the Abkasians and many more. Did you know
that within these tribes there has never been a reported case of
cancer? According to Dr. Krebs, we need a minimum of 100 mg of vitamin
B-17 (the equivalent of about seven apricots seeds) too nearly
guarantee a cancer free life. Foods that contain vitamin B-17 are as

KERNELS OR SEEDS OF FRUIT: The highest concentration of vitamin B-17
to be found in nature, aside from bitter almonds. Apple, apricot,
cherry, nectarine, peach, pear, plum, prune.
BEANS: broad (Vicia faba), burma, chickpeas, lentils (sprouted), lima,
mung (sprouted), Rangoon, scarlet runner.
NUTS: Bitter almond, macadamia, cashew. 
BERRIES: Almost all wild berries. Blackberry, chokeberry, Christmas
berry, cranberry, elderberry, raspberry, strawberry.
SEEDS: Chia, flax, sesame. 
GRASSES: Acacia, alfalfa (sprouted), aquatic, Johnson, milkweed,
Sudan, minus, wheat grass, white dover.
GRAINS: oat groats, barley, brown rice, buckwheat groats, chia, flax,
millet, rye, vetch, wheat berries.
MISCELLANEOUS: bamboo shoots, fuschia plant, sorghum, wild hydrangea,
yew tree (needles, fresh leaves).
Two rules of thumb: According to Dr. Krebs, the basic concept is that
sufficient daily B-17 may be obtained by following either of two

First, eating all the B-17-containing fruits whole (seeds included),
but not eating more of the seeds by themselves than you would be
eating if you ate them in the whole fruit. Example: if you eat three
apples a day, the seeds in the three apples are sufficient B-17. You
would not eat a pound of apple seeds.

Second, one peach or apricot kernel per 10 lbs of body weight is
believed to be more than sufficient as a normal safeguard in cancer
prevention, although precise numbers may vary from person to person in
accordance with individual metabolism and dietary habits. A 170-lb
man, for example, might consume 17 apricot or peach kernels per day
and receive a biologically reasonable amount of Vitamin B-17.

And two important notes: Certainly, you can consume too much of
anything. Too many kernels or seeds, for example, can be expected to
produce unpleasant side effects. These natural foods should be
consumed in biologically rational amounts (no more than 30 to 35
kernels per day).

[end excerpt]

2. How It Works

The use of Amygdalin (Vitamin B-17) in Metabolic Cancer Therapy -
Francisco Contreras, M.D., Oasis of Hope Hospital

"Metabolic therapy is a non-toxic cancer treatment based on the use of
Vitamin B- 17, proteolytic pancreatic enzymes, immuno-stimulants, and
vitamin and mineral supplements (see Phase I and II on page 28).
Laetrile (B-17) is the chief anti-tumour agent. It is a natural
chemotherapeutic agent found in over 1,200 plants, particularly in the
seeds of common fruits such as apricots, peaches, plums, and apples.
It is also a diglucoside with cyanide radical that is highly
"bio-accessible." This means that it penetrates through the cellular
membrane reaching high intra-cellular concentrations easily. This
cyanide radical is what once made the vitamin controversial, but over
the years, it has been proven that amygdalin is completely safe and
non-toxic. The normal cells in our organism contain an enzyme called
Rhodanese which "neutralises" the amygdalin. This enzyme does not
allow the amygdalin to release the cyanide. In this way, amygdalin
only serves as glucose to healthy cells providing energy. Malignant
cells do not contain this enzyme. In the absence of Rhodanese, the
amygdalin is activated liberating the cyanide radical inside the
malignant cell causing its destruction. This is the way God creates
things: Only cancer cells are destroyed but normal ones are not
affected. As the amygdalin attacks unhealthy cells, it transforms into
a silicate, which is much like aspirin. It contributes greatly to pain
control. The hundreds of clinical studies conducted by many competent
physicians around the world, including those directed by Dr. Emesto
Contreras Rodriguez at the Oasis of Hope Hospital hospital in Mexico,
give us complete confidence that there is no danger."


Please refer to the following Web page for a diagram of how B-17 works
at the chemical/molecular level :

Graphic on Action of Laetrile in Cancer

" Though it has limitations in certain cancers, vitamin B17 may be
extremely effective in the most common tumours such as carcinoma of
the lung, breast, prostate, colon, and lymphomas. A highly publicised
clinical trial conducted by the National Cancer Institute in 1981
tried unsuccessfully to prove Laetrile ineffective and toxic. Today,
Laetrile occupies a position on the "front lines" of alternative
cancer therapy. "We have found Laetrile to be effective in people that
have active cancer", says Dr. Contreras "but that is not its only
function, for the prevention of cancer and the maintenance of
remission there is nothing as effective as Laetrile. Its non-toxicity
permits its use indefinitely in the prevention of relapses and the
prevention of metastases. Surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy can
only be administered for a limited time, afterward patients are left
without any protection".  "

3. Myth of Toxicity

Laetrile and the Life Saving Substance Called Cyanide (by Philip
Binzel, Jr., M.D.)

[begin excerpt]

A doctor from the U.S. FDA once said that Laetrile contains "free"
hydrogen cyanide and, thus, is toxic. I would like to correct that

There is no "free" hydrogen cyanide in Laetrile. When Laetrile comes
in contact with the enzyme beta-glucosidase, the Laetrile is broken
down to form two molecules of glucose, one molecule of benzaldehyde
and one molecule of hydrogen cyanide (HCN). Within the body, the
cancer cell-and only the cancer cell-contains that enzyme. The key
word here is that the HCN must be FORMED. It is not floating around
freely in the Laetrile and then released. It must be manufactured. The
enzyme beta glucosidase, and only that enzyme, is capable of
manufacturing the HCN from Laetrile. If there are no cancer cells in
the body, there is no beta-glucosidase. If there is no
beta-glucosidase, no HCN will be formed from the Laetrile (1).

Laetrile does contain the cyanide radical (CN). This same cyanide
radical is contained in Vitamin B12, and in berries such as
blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. You never hear of anyone
getting cyanide poisoning from 12 or any of the above-mentioned
berries, because they do not. The cyanide radical (CW) and hydrogen
cyanide (HCN) are two completely different compounds, just as pure
sodium (Na+) - one of the most toxic substances known to mankind - and
sodium chloride (NaCl), which is table salt, are two completely
different compounds.

If the above is true, how did the story ever get started that Laetrile
contains "free" hydrogen cyanide? It was the Food and Drug

1. For a more detailed analysis of the theoretical action of Laetrile
against cancer cells, see G. Edward Griffin, World Without Cancer
(Thousand Oaks, CA: American Media, 1974).

I remember reading in some newspaper back in the late 1960's or early
1970's a news release from the FDA. This release stated that there
were some proponents of a substance known as "Laetrile" (I'd never
heard of it before) who were saying that this substance was capable of
forming hydrogen cyanide in the presence of the cancer cell. The
release continued by saying that, if this were actually true, we had,
indeed, found a substance, which was target-specific, and would be of
great value to the cancer patient. But, the news release went on to
say, the FDA had done extensive testing of this substance, "Laetrile,"
and found no evidence that it contained hydrogen cyanide or that any
hydrogen cyanide was released in the presence of the cancer cell.
Thus, they said, Laetrile was of no value.

When it was clearly established some time later that Laetrile did,
indeed, release hydrogen cyanide in the presence of the cancer cell,
how do you suppose the FDA reacted? Did they admit that they were
wrong? Did they admit that they had done a very inadequate job in
running their tests? No! They now proclaimed that Laetrile contained
hydrogen cyanide and thus was toxic!

So, here is a bureau of the Federal Government which, a short time
before, had said that the reason Laetrile did not work was because it
did not release hydrogen cyanide in the presence of cancer cells. Now,
when they find that it does, they say that it is toxic. When offered
an opportunity to present evidence of Laetrile's toxicity in Federal
Court, they admitted that they had none. (See Chapter One Alive and
Well by Dr. Philip Binzel, available at: or
see Contacts).

[end excerpt]

4. Testimonials

Credence Publications,Testimonials and News


Success Stories : Actual Cases of Cancer Victors


World Without Cancer - Success Stories


Success stories with laetrile apricot seeds amygdalin vitamin b17





+---- Books: Alive & Well One Doctor's Experience With Nutrition
in the Treatment of Cancer Patients

5. Treatment Centers

Doctors and Clinics that offer Laetrile - Vitamin B17

[please visit the page for actual links]

"Currently, the Cancer Cure Foundations data shows that the following
doctors and clinics are offering Laetrile / Vitamin B17 as part of
their therapy:

Advanced Medicine & Research Center - Dr. Lawrence Taylor in Chula
Vista, CA
American Biologics in Tijuana, Mexico 
American Metabolic Institute in La Mesa, Mexico 
Dr. Brodie in Reno, Nevada 
Dr. Callebout in London England 
Center for Natural Medicine - Dr. Martin Milner in Portland, Oregon 
The Edelson Center - Dr. Edelson in Atlanta, Georgia 
Harold Manner Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico 
Oasis of Hope Hospital - Dr. Contreras in Tijuana, Mexico 
Schachter Center for Complementary Medicine - Dr. Schachter in
Suffern, NY
Stella Maris Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico "

For a complete list of clinics by country and state, visit this link :


Oasis of Hope Hospital

A hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, run by Dr. Francisco Contreras, MD,
that practices Vitamin B-17 Metabolic Therapy.

6. Resistance from Organized Medicine

Why are natural alternative substances like Laetrile not approved by
the FDA?

" The short answer is that these substances are not approved by the
Food and Drug Administration. The full answer, however, is a bit more
complex. The reason they do not carry approval is that they have not
undergone the extensive FDA testing that all new drugs must pass
before being approved for common use. That's the law in the United
States. This process takes years of research work, requires tens of
thousands of pages of reports, and costs hundreds of millions of
dollars. The only firms that can afford this are large pharmaceutical
companies. Not even they will undertake such expense unless they can
eventually make a profit through sales, and that means they must
obtain a patent on the substance being tested. However, substances
found in nature cannot be patented, only man-made chemicals and
processes can. Since Laetrile and many other substances used in
alternative-cancer treatments are found in nature, they cannot be
patented. That means they will never be tested according to FDA
protocol. Consequently, they will never be officially approved no
matter how effective they may be. That is why you often hear it said
that alternative cancer therapies are "unproven." That is a very
misleading statement. They may not have been proven by FDA protocol,
but many of them definitely have been proven as both safe and
effective by actual clinical experience in the treatment of thousands
of cancer patients. Unfortunately, until the laws are changed, the
only officially approved substances we will ever have for the
treatment of cancer in the United States are man-made, patented
chemicals! "


World Without Cancer - - B17 Laetrile
Vitamin B-17

Q. Why don't medical doctors use vitamin B17?

" The answer to this question goes far beyond what we could possibly
answer in this small section. Mr. G Edward Griffin has dedicated the
entire second part of his book to "The Politics of Cancer Therapy",
which shows with great detail examples of dishonesty and corruption in
the field of drug research; a close look at the first major study
which declared Laetrile (vitamin B17) "of no value;" proof that the
study was fraudulent; the FDA's ruling against the use of Laetrile
because it had not been tested; and the refusal then to allow anyone
(except its opponents) to test it.

He also makes available an audio cassette titled "The Politics of
Cancer Therapy", a review of the science of cancer therapy; a summary
of the politics of cancer therapy; the early history of the I.G.
Farben chemical and pharmaceutical cartel; the cartel's early success
in the United States; and its "marriage" with DuPont, Standard Oil,
and Ford. The drug cartel's influence over the nation's medical
schools; the drug-oriented training given to all medical students; and
the use of philanthropic foundations to obtain control over
educational institutions. "



Why don't medical doctors use vitamin b17?

"Doctors are taught from the beginning that Laetrile is not effective.
On their own they are not allowed to use it and can only refer to
their book which holds the two false studies on Laetrile and not the
many positive true studies. If a doctor does use vitamin b17 he risks
losing his license and even imprisonment. After attending years of
medical school, internship and finally working in a hospital most
doctors only want to hear of the treatments that they're allowed to
administer, even if they are not successful. Only researchers can know
the truth, those that seek knowledge. Start with Mr. Griffin's book
"World Without Cancer". It can be bought at this web site in the
online store or at your local book store. This book is one of a few
that tell the true story of vitamin B17 and will guide you in further
research that proves the simple answer to cancer."

+---- Books: The Politics of Cancer Revisited

Excerpt from a review of this book :

"I can't remember when a book has cheered me the way this one has. As
a longtime worker in the field of alternative cancer treatment, and
one who has undergone his own battle with this disease, I rejoice that
a voice of authority has finally stated the truth in loud, ringing
tones -- the emperor has no clothes! The reiterated claim by our
government and its associated medical professionals that we are
"winning the war against cancer" is simply not true. And these
stalwarts in the Cancer Establishment are not the selfless servants of
humanity they have been portraying themselves as, either. Their ranks
are shot through with cronyism, conflicts of interest, and
subservience to the giant drug companies.

Masterfully, exhaustively, irrefutably, Dr. Epstein exposes this dirty
little game that has been snowing the American public for the last 25
years. And he makes a powerful case that, in the field of cancer as in
no other, an ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure.
Cancer, once contracted, is generally a very tough disease to treat
successfully. But, in very many cases, it can be prevented by avoiding
known cancer-causing agents in the environment, in the workplace, and
in consumer products."


Laetrile Another Suppression Story

" The implications of these findings are staggering of course. If we
managed to control Scurvy (vitamin C deficiency) centuries ago, how is
it we cannot do the same for cancer today? The fact of the matter is
that we could if our respective governments would allow it.
Unfortunately most governments have buckled under the pressure exerted
by the pharmaceutical multinationals, the American Food & Drug
Administration, and the American Medical Association. All three have
mounted highly successful 'scare' campaigns based on the fact that
vitamin B17 contains quantities of 'deadly' cyanide; conveniently
forgetting that vitamin B12 also contains significant quantities of
cyanide, and has long been available in health food shops world-wide.

Dr. Kreb's B17 Laetrile was derived from apricot seeds and then
synthesized into crystalline form using his own unique process.
Suddenly, the American FDA bombarded the media with a story about an
unfortunate couple who had poisoned themselves by eating raw apricot
seeds in San Francisco. The story made headline news across the U.S.A.
although several suspicious journalists never managed to establish the
identity of the unfortunate couple, despite many determined attempts.
But the multinational pharmaceutical/FDA boot had been put in with a
vengeance. From that point onwards eating apricot seeds or B17
Laetrile became synonymous with committing suicide... "

7. Scientific References

World Without Cancer - References (very long list!)




Scientific Facts Behind the Developement of Laetrile Therapy

[begin excerpt]

(The following is taken from the book, "World Without Cancer", by G.
Edward Griffin, published by American Media, Westlake Village, CA)

"As early as 1974, there was at least twenty-six published papers
written by well-known physicians who had used Laetrile in the
treatment of their own patients and who have concluded that Laetrile
is both safe and effective in the treatment of cancer.

Dr. Hans Nieper, of West Germany, former Director of the Department of
Medicine at the Silbersee Hospital in Hanover. He is a pioneer in the
medical use of cobalt and is credited with developing the anti-cancer
drug, cyclophosphamide. He is the originator of the concept of
"electrolyte carriers" in the prevention of cardiac necrosis. He was
formerly the head of the Aschaffenburg Hospital Laboratory for
chemical circulatory research. He is listed in Who's Who in World
Science and has been the Director of the German Society for Medical
Tumor Treatment. He is one of the world's most famous and respected
cancer specialists. During a visit to the U.S. in 1972, Dr. Nieper
told news reporters, "After more than twenty years of such specialized
work, I have found the nontoxic Nitrilosides-that is Laetrile-far
superior to any other known cancer treatment or preventative. In my
opinion, it is the only existing possibility for the ultimate control
of cancer."

In Canada there is N.R. Bouziane, M.D., former Director of Research
Laboratories at St. Jeanne d'Arc Hospital in Montreal and a member of
the hospital's tumor board in charge of chemotherapy. He graduated
magna cum laude in medicine from the University of Montreal. He also
received a doctorate in science from the University of Montreal and
St. Joseph's University, an affiliate of Oxford University in New
Brunswick. He was a Fellow in chemistry and a Fellow in hematology,
and certified in clinical bacteriology, hematology and biochemistry
from the college. He also was Dean of the American Association of
After the first series of tests with Laetrile shortly after it was
introduced, Dr. Bouziane reported:

We always have a diagnosis based on histology [microscopic analysis of
the tissue]. We have never undertaken a case without histological
proof of cancer...

In our investigation, some terminal cases were so hopeless that they
did not even receive what we consider the basic dose of thirty grams.
Most cases, however, became ambulatory and some have in this short
time resumed their normal activities on a maintenance dose. (Cancer
News Journal, Jan./Apr. 1971, pg. 20)

In the Philippines there is Manuel Navarro, M.D., former Professor of
Medicine and Surgery at the University of Santo Tomas in Manila; an
Associate Member of the National Research Council of the Philippines;
a Fellow of the Philippine College of Physicians, the Philippine
Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism; and a member of the
Philippine Medical Association, the Philippine Cancer Society, and
many other medical groups. He has been recognized internationally as a
cancer researcher and has over one?hundred major scientific papers to
his credit, some of which have been read before the International
Cancer Congress. In 1971 Dr. Navarro wrote:

I ... have specialized in oncology [the study of tumors] for the past
eighteen years. For the same number of years I have been using
Laetrile?amygdalin in the treatment of my cancer patients. During this
eighteen year period I have treated a total of over five hundred
patients with Laetrile?amygdalin by various routes of administration,
including the oral and the I.V. The majority of my patients receiving
Laetrile?amygdalin have been in a terminal state when treatment with
this material commenced.
It is my carefully considered clinical judgment, as a practicing
oncologist and researcher in this field, that I have obtained most
significant and encouraging results with the use of Laetrile?amygdalin
in the treatment of terminal cancer patients, and that these results
are comparable or superior to the results I have obtained with the use
of the more toxic standard cytotoxic agents. (Letter from Dr. Navarro
to Mr. Andrew McNaughton, The McNaughton Foundation, dated January 8,
1971, published in the Cancer News Journal, Jan./April, 1971, pp.

In Mexico there is Ernesto Contreras, M.D., who, for over three
decades, has operated the Good Samaritan Cancer Clinic (now called the
Oasis Hospital) in Tijuana. He is one of Mexico's most distinguished
medical figures. He received postgraduate training at Harvard's
Children's Hospital in Boston. He has served as Professor of Histology
and Pathology at the Mexican Army Medical School and as the chief
pathologist at the Army Hospital in Mexico City
Dr. Contreras was introduced to Laetrile in 1963 by a terminal cancer
patient from the United States who brought it to his attention and
urged him to treat her with it. The woman recovered, and Dr. Contreras
began extensive investigation of its properties and use. Since that
time he has treated many thousands of cancer patients, most of whom
are American citizens who have been denied the freedom to use Laetrile
in their own country.
Dr. Contreras has summarized his experiences with vitamin therapy as

The palliative action [improving the comfort and well?being of the
patient] is in about 60% of the cases. Frequently, enough to be
significant, I see arrest of the disease or even regression in some of
the very advanced cases. (Cancer News Journal, Jan./April, 1971, pp.
20. We must bear in mind that these are terminal patients-people who
have been given up as hopeless by orthodox medicine. Fifteen percent
recovery in that group is a most impressive accomplishment.)

In Japan there is Shigeaki Sakai, a prominent physician in Tokyo. In a
paper published in the October 1963 Asian Medical journal, Dr. Sakai

Administered to cancer patients, Laetrile has proven to be quite free
from any harmful side?effects, and I would say that no anticancer drug
could make a cancerous patient improve faster than Laetrile. It goes
without saying that Laetrile controls cancer and is quite effective
wherever it is located.

In Italy there is Professor Etore Guidetti, M.D., of the University of
Turin Medical School. Dr. Guidetti spoke before the Conference of the
International Union Against Cancer held in Brazil in 1954 and revealed
how his use of Laetrile in terminal cancer patients had caused the
destruction of a wide variety of tumors including those of the uterus,
cervix, rectum, and breast. "In some cases," he said, "one has been
able to observe a group of fulminating and cauliflower?like neoplastic
masses resolved very rapidly." He reported that, after giving Laetrile
to patients with lung cancer, he had been "able to observe, with the
aid of radiography, a regression of the neoplasm or the metastases."
After Guidetti's presentation, an American doctor rose in the audience
and announced that Laetrile had been investigated in the United States
and found to be worthless. Dr. Guidetti replied, "I do not care what
was determined in the United States. I am merely reporting what I saw
in my own clinic." (Cancer News Journal, Jan./April, 1971, p. 19)

In Belgium there is Professor Joseph H. Maisin, Sr., M.D., of the
University of Louvain where he was Director of the Institute of
Cancer. He also was President Emeritus of the International League
Against Cancer which conducts the International Cancer Congress every
four years.

And in the United States there are such respected names as Dr. Dean
Burk of the National Cancer Institute; Dr. John A. Morrone of the
Jersey City Medical Center; Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr., who developed
Laetrile; Dr. John A. Richardson, the courageous San Francisco
physician who challenged the government's right to prevent Laetrile
from being used in the United States (See John A. Richardson, M.D.,
and Patricia Griffin, R.N., Laetrile Case Histories; The Richardson
Cancer Clinic Experience published by Westlake Village, CA: American
Media, 1977); Dr. Philip E. Binzel, Jr., a physician in Washington
Court House, Ohio, who has used Laetrile for over twenty years with
outstanding success (Philip E. Binzel, M.D., Alive and Well: One
Doctor's Experience with Nutrition in the Treatment of Cancer
Patients, published by American Media, Westlake Village, CA, 1994);
and many others from over twenty countries with equally impeccable
credentials." (End of quote from World Without Cancer, by G. Edward

[end excerpt]

8. Your situation : advanced prostate cancer

Credence Publications,Testimonials and News

" After an active life-time of work and sport, at 69 years of age,
Gordon had not been feeling well for nine months, until finally he was
diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer at the Brisbane Royal Hospital
in April 2000. The tumour was large and his PSA (Prostate Specific
Antigen) reading was 1500.  Having been aware of Metabolic Treatment
for many years, Gordon refused the recommended treatments, and upon
release contacted the Narvaez Clinic in Juarez, Mexico. In great pain
and in a wheel chair, Gordon arrived in Juarez on 14 May. Immediate
tests showed the PSA now had a reading of 2400, and x-rays showed that
the cancer had made extensive inroads into his bones, which had become
quite fragile.  Gordon was advised by the clinic doctor that the
metabolic treatment would eliminate the cancer throughout his body,
but that in his experience only 30% of patients have a bone
regeneration. After one week of treatment, the PSA was down to 1700; 
after the second week the PSA was 600 and Gordon was advised the the
regeneration of the bones had commenced. After three weeks Gordon
returned home to Brisbane walking and free of pain.   He has continued
taking supplements as recommended by the clinic. Some 6 weeks later
the PSA was 48, and after another 6 weeks it was 4.9. Within three
months he had regained weight, and slowly the muscles were returned to
their normal strength and flexibility, allowing him to play golf twice
a week.  Nearly twelve months later, Gordon remains on a maintenance
regime of diet and supplements and has regular checks.  Without the
trauma of conventional treatment, his recovery has astounded all who
know him. "

" Dear Edward [Credence] I have twice been diagnosed as having
prostate cancer, and twice overcome the condition. On the 8th October
1998 and with a PSA of 22.7 was diagnosed as having prostate cancer.
Within a few days I had changed my lifestyle and my way of thinking, I
became a semi-vegetarian, eliminated fats and sugar from my diet and
wherever possible all artificial flavourings, colourings, E numbers
and chemicals. I also developed a daily protocol of vitamin and herbal
supplements. Three months later my PSA dropped to 1.3 and a biopsy
reported that no malignancy was found. A few months later and with a
PSA of 9 was again diagnosed as having prostate cancer. This time my
original healing program appeared not to have any affect and after
trying numerous other 'alternative' treatments my PSA rapidly rose to
25.2. At this time - November 1999 - by chance came upon a book
written by Phillip Day and titled 'Cancer, Why We're Still Dying To
Know The Truth' wherein it described the benefits of apricot kernels.
I immediately ordered a two-pound pack of kernels and commenced to
daily consume forty apricot kernels and half of a fresh pineapple.
Then in May 2000 my PSA dropped to 0.7 and a subsequent biopsy again
reported no malignancy found. Today my PSA is a steady 0.5 and I
firmly believe that this success is entirely due to the consumption of
the apricot kernels and now continue to take 10 daily as a maintenance
dose." "

" Mr. Co Baart from New Zealand was diagnosed with small cell
carcinoma of the prostate with metastasis to the liver and started
metabolic therapy on 09/28/00. After undergoing metabolic therapy
for two months his liver, which was swollen about 70% went down to
normal size and the tumor itself went down about 25%. His prostate
shrunk and his urinary and bowel functions returned to completely
normal. After being on 40 mg of morphine when first diagnosed he
is now completely off of it. Mr. Baart feels he is on his way to
recovery from this disease. "

" 11th January 2000 (Prostate Cancer) 
After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, Mr John Shown started
Metabolic Therapy with Laetrile on 15th July 1999. After only six
weeks on the therapy his PSA dropped from 6.6 to 1.7. Also, he noticed
that a number of skin lesions also went completely away. Carles Thomas
started on Metabolic Therapy with Laetrile on 16th September 1999. In
a recent phone call (4th January 2000) Peggy Thomas (his wife) tells
us that her husband's tumour in the neck has been shrinking
considerably since he started the treatment. His cancer was diagnosed
as melanoma.
Should you wish to speak with Mr. or Mrs. Thomas, feel free to e-mail
World Without Cancer Inc. for her phone number or address. "

" Dear Dr. Krebs. Thank you for giving me another birthday (May 17).
Please, again, remember November 15, 1979, when my doctor and four
other urologists gave me a maximum of four months to live with my
prostate cancer, and they set up appointments for radiation and
chemotherapy, which I knew would kill me if the cancer didn't, and I
refused their treatment. Then on a Sunday afternoon I contacted you by
telephone and went with your simple program. I am 71 years old and am
on my 13th year [of survival]. Three of the four urologists have died
with prostate cancer, and forty or fifty people are alive today and
doing well because they followed my "Krebs" simple program. Thanks
again for giving me back my life. Your friend, HM "Bud" Robinson "


Google search terms :

b-17 clinics
b-17 OR b17 OR laetrile testimonials OR success
b-17 OR b17 OR laetrile conventional OR orthodox OR establishment
b-17 OR b17 OR laetrile references OR documentation OR papers OR proof

I know this has been an extremely long answer... I am hoping that you
will take the time to sift through this information. I have tried my
very best to make it as to-the-point and as accessible as possible. If
you take the time to absorb all this I am sure that you will be
convinced that Vitamin B-17 is the answer to cancer.

I take apricot kernels myself, every day. I have found a tremendous
boost to my health since I started taking them. My ex-colleague who
took my advice, had several large moles on his back shrivel up and
fall off. He had them since his teenage years and right after a few
doses of the seeds, this happened. He couldn't attribute it to
anything else but the seeds. Imagine, having those moles for more than
20 years and one day they just fall off.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to post a
Request For Clarification and I will do my best to help. I hope this
has been a satisfactory answer!

Thank you for using Google Answers.

Best regards,


Request for Answer Clarification by phillade-ga on 09 Jun 2003 14:21 PDT
the answer was totally off the mark. ther is an oncophagis or
oncolytic vaccine. this is not a vaccine in the conventional sense
that it prevents cancer. it is a vaccine made from the individuals
cancer cells. one of the problems with the body's immune response to
cancer is that it doesn't recognize the cells as foreign. the vaccine
stimulates the body to do so.the california company called cellgenesis
is working on just such a oncologist agreed that it gave
the most hope but couldn't or wouldn't say how to get it before fda
approval. i was hoping you could find other researchers in other
countries that have more liberal policies. thank you for your
attention. phil

Clarification of Answer by kyrie26-ga on 09 Jun 2003 21:42 PDT

Thanks for your feedback. I took a look at Cellgenesys' site
( and did some reading. I also did some research
on the topic of "cancer vaccines".

Phil, first of all, let me state that I have your best interests in
mind. When I took on your answer I was prepared to risk being "off the
mark" with regard to an answer on cancer vaccines, in the interest of
finding you the ideal solution - the best treatment for your advanced
prostate cancer.

Please bear with me while I try to get a better understanding of your
situation :

Are you more interested in (A) treating your condition successfully,
or (B) following your oncologist's advice?

Western medicine has had a horrendous record of being overly focused
with just the symptoms instead of addressing the root cause of
disease. One of the catchprases I saw on Cellgenesys' site was
"Attacking serious diseases". The whole premise is that cancer cells
are to be "attacked" and destroyed because they are supposedly
"foreign to the body", even though the body doesn't recognize them to
be so. Could Western medicine be faulted in this approach? Is it any
surprise that the war on cancer has still not been won, and in fact,
we are on the losing side, with cancer rates set to double by 2020? We
have, for decades, been chasing the "cutting edge" of cancer
treatment, with the next big discovery always on the horizon - but
where are we now?

Have you heard of the "trophoblastic" thesis of cancer? It states that
cancer cells are not foreign to the body, but rather a "healing
process left unterminated" by the body. This theory was discovered by
Dr. John Beard, and subscribed to by Ernest T. Krebs, the founder of
Vitamin B-17. The results speak for themselves. I hope you had a
chance to look through the testimonials on my posted answer - there
must be some thousands or tens of thousands of people on those Web
pages who have had their cancers, including advanced prostate cancers,
successfully treated, regressed, and prevented on an ongoing basis,
without the need for "the latest drugs".

Which brings me to my next question. If a cure works for you, doesn't
cost that much, is low tech and natural, and is known and can be
proved to be effective, wouldn't you choose it over another approach
that is the latest experimental technique, sanctioned by your
specialist and touted by a hotshot pharmaceutical firm with promising
performance on the stock market?

Are you aware that doctors, oncologists, specialists, are not always
right? That most of the time conventional medicine can't see the
forest for the trees?

I believe that the "cancer vaccine" idea is faulted, and thus it goes
against my conscience to point you in that direction. The
trophoblastic thesis of cancer says that cancer cell reproduction is
very much like cell division/replication during pregnancy. It is part
of the body's own process. Any attempt to "poison" or "attack" it,
whether it be with radiation, chemotherapy, vaccines, genetic
manipulation or otherwise, will only do your body harm. It does not
address the root cause, only the symptoms. Western medicine likes to
"fight, block, attack"... that is the vocabulary. Wouldn't it better
to work with the body to heal it? If you had scurvy or pellagra, would
you have surgery? Of course not, you would eat right, correct the
imbalance in your body and the symptoms would go away. Ditto for
cancer! The results speak for themselves!


The Science of Cancer Therapy

" Griffin further adds, "A chronic disease is one which usually does
not pass away of its own accord. A metabolic disease is one which
occurs within the body and is not transmittable to another person.
Cancer, therefore, being all of these, is a chronic, metabolic
disease" (p. 56). He adds

Dr. Krebs has pointed out that, in the entire history of medical
science, there has not been one chronic, metabolic disease that was
ever cured or prevented by drugs, surgery, or mechanical manipulation
of the body. In every case — whether it be scurvy, pellagra, rickets,
beri-beri, night blindness, pernicious anemia, or any of the others —
the ultimate solution was found only in factors relating to adequate
nutrition (p. 57). "


The solution doesn't have to be complicated. The medical establishment
has brainwashed us into a culture of fear, thinking that only the
experts have all the answers.

Phil, before you take your oncologist's advice per se, I would highly
advise you to research Vitamin B-17 for yourself as a highly viable
and effective option that is not a "brute force" approach against your

Don't forget the many cases where patients ignored their doctors'
diagnoses that they only had X number of months to live, sought
metabolic therapy, and had "miracle" regressions and are still alive
and well today.

Phil - on this page - -
there are email addresses and phone numbers of real people who have
beat cancer through B-17 Metabolic Therapy. Also please have a look at
the list of other testimonial Web pages that I included in my posted
answer, if you haven't yet had a chance.

I am fully aware that you may not like this answer, as it is not
exactly up the alley you originially had in mind. However, knowing
what I now know about cancer treatment, as I mentioned, it would go
against my conscience to recommend you anything other than Vitamin
B-17 Metabolic Therapy, because this is what I would recommend if a
loved one was diagnosed with cancer. As such, I am prepared to accept
that you may be dissatisfied, and may request a refund. I will honor
any such request and welcome another Researcher to take over on this

On the other hand, if I have managed to persuade you that B-17 is the
way to go, and if you need further information, please do not hesitate
to post a Request For Clarification.

Thank you!



References :


Robert Cathey Research Source : 


The Science of Cancer Therapy

"In 1902, John Beard, a professor of embryology at the University of
Edinburgh in Scotland, authored a paper published in the British
medical journal Lancet in which he stated there were no differences
between cancer cells and certain pre-embryonic cells that were normal
to the early stages of pregnancy. In technical terms, these normal
cells are called trophoblasts. Extensive research had led Professor
Beard to the conclusion that cancer and trophoblast are, in fact, one
and the same. His theory, therefore, is known as the trophoblast
thesis of cancer."

" Orthodox medicine, on the other hand, is totally focused on the
tumor. To most oncologists, the tumor is the cancer. If they remove it
surgically or burn it away, they happily announce to the patient:
"Good news. We got it all!" They may have all of the tumor, but did
they get what caused the tumor? And, in the process, did they dislodge
some of those malignant cells, causing them to migrate through the
circulatory system only to find new homes elsewhere in the body? Is
that the reason so many cancer patients die of metastasized cancer to
multiple locations only a few months after hearing those ludicrous
words: "We got it all"? "


Google search terms :

b-17 OR b17 OR laetrile trophoblastic theory OR thesis cancer

Clarification of Answer by kyrie26-ga on 10 Jun 2003 15:45 PDT
Hi again phillade-ga,

I enquired on your behalf with the Oasis of Hope Hospital, and they
sent me a handbook. Here is an excerpt which you may find relevant :

You may consult your physician at the Oasis of Hope about adding the
cancer vaccine to your protocol if you are in the Contreras-Issels
Therapy or TMO.  Since 1955, as an important part of his comprehensive
immunotherapy program, Dr. Issels administered an autologous vaccine
to thousands of his cancer patients. The vaccine is prepared from the
patient's own blood following a procedure that favors the development
of antigenic peptides and other immunogenic compounds. The vaccine has
contributed to the remarkably high rate of complete long-term
remissions of various kinds of "incurable" cancers by helping to
restore the body's natural cancer fighting mechanisms.

Experience has shown that its effectiveness is enhanced when it is
administered within a comprehensive immuno-biological treatment
program, such as the Contreras-Issels Therapy, that corrects the
conditions that can lead to immune suppression. The vaccine is
non-toxic and sterile. It is injected subcutaneously once a week over
3 months, under medical supervision. Depending on the response, a new
vaccine is prepared for the patient every 3 months for approximately
one-year. "

Apparently this treatment is used in conjunction with Laetrile (B-17)
and other nutritional methods.

Here is the contact person's information :

Ana Lilia Perez

Oasis Hospital

011 52 664 66 31 6152 International

619 690 8403 from USA

619 690 8410 Fax

1800 700 1850

Hope that helps,

Subject: Re: alternative cancer treatment
From: guillermo-ga on 19 Jun 2003 11:16 PDT
Dear Phil,

Before posting my request for clarification, I had compiled some
information that is no longer useful for me -since the question has
already been answered- but maybe it's still useful for you, so I'll
post it as a comment. I must apologize for not having the time to
organize it better and to describe each part of it, but I think that
you will be able to use it all the same if you find it helpful.

Best of luck for you!



Cell Genesys, Inc.


Biomira, Inc.

Biomira Investor Relations Contacts:
Jane Tulloch
Director, Investor Relations
Phone: (780) 490-2812
Toll free: 1-877-234-0444 ext. 812
Fax: (780) 450-4772 

For printed information or to be added to our in-house information
Phone (toll-free): (877) 234-0444, ext. 241
Fax: (780) 450-4772 

For Public Relations information please contact:
Bill Wickson
Manager, Corporate Communications & Special Assistant
Phone: (780) 490-2818
Toll free: 1-877-234-0444 ext. 818
Fax: (780) 450-4772 

Biomira Locations:
Biomira Inc.
2011-94 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6N 1H1

Telephone: (780) 450-3761
Fax: (780) 450-4772

Biomira USA Inc.
70 South Main Street
Suite B and C
Cranbury, New Jersey, USA


Prostate Cancer Profiler

Hanson Centre

Medvet Science Pty Ltd. (Australia)

BresaGen Ltd (Australia)
8 Dalgleish Street 
Thebarton, SA 5031 
PO Box 259 Rundle Mall 
Adelaide, SA 5000 
P (+61) 8 8234 2660 
F (+61) 8 8234 6268 
111 River Bend Road 
Athens, Georgia 30605
P (+1) 706-613-9878 
F (+1) 706-613-9879

St. Vincent’s Institute
of Medical Research
ACN 004 705 640
9 Princes Street
Fitzroy Victoria 3065
Postal Address:
41 Victoria Parade
Fitzroy Victoria 3065
Telephone: 03 9288 2480
Facsimile: 03 9416 2676
Subject: Re: alternative cancer treatment
From: overseer-ga on 04 Apr 2004 04:21 PDT
Does PSA increase monotonously as the disease progresses? what would
be the statistical significance of, say, a 10% DROP in the PSA

If the PSA increases monotonously, then it would be relatively easy to
check out the effectiveness of B17 by taking them seeds for a week or
two. Seems safe enough, wouldn't you say?

Good luck!
Subject: Re: alternative cancer treatment
From: binevs40-ga on 18 May 2004 10:40 PDT
Hi there
If anyone needs bitter apricot kernels or 
bitter almonds for cancer
I advise you
That is very good source for it, 
I have their kernels and they are in very very good condition I ever had.
And they make it very professional trade

Binevs, UK

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