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Q: Spring like coil anti-theft device to prevent thieves from stealing car gas ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   3 Comments )
Subject: Spring like coil anti-theft device to prevent thieves from stealing car gas
Category: Miscellaneous
Asked by: boathaven-ga
List Price: $25.00
Posted: 26 May 2003 06:33 PDT
Expires: 25 Jun 2003 06:33 PDT
Question ID: 208855
I am looking for a anti-theft device to prevent thieves from syphoning
automoble gas. The security device that I am searching for is a type
of  coil/spring preventing gas thieves from running a hose all the way
down into the gas tank! We have a large unattended parking lot with
around 85 cars and its been like "easy pickins" around here. Thieves
just pry off the locking gas caps so that was not the solution. Police
told us about some kind of a spring like coil invented to fit inside
where you would add the gas thus preventing a syphon hose from
functioning.  I searched all through the net and can not come up with
anything. Hope you can help.

Request for Question Clarification by journalist-ga on 26 May 2003 09:07 PDT
Greetings Boathaven:

So far, I've not been able to locate anything like that either. I
found the following descriptions at

"Non-passive fuel cut-off device 
This is a shut-off device which operated to block the fuel line,
unless a switch is tripped upon re-entering the car.
The switch to open the fuel line must be well hidden from view. The
parking/service attendant override switch must be hidden in a remote

"Passive fuel cut-off devices 
This fuel cut-off device is engaged by turning the ignition key to the
Off position. The operator must trip a switch to open the fuel line
each time the car is started. This device must meet the following
The fuel line must be blocked when the power is off. 
The switch to open the fuel line must be well hidden from view, but
accessible to the driver from the driver's sear; alternatively, a
tubular key or an electronic device may be used.
A parking/service attendant override switch may be provided. It must
be well hidden from view. It must not be accessible from the passenger
compartment; alternatively, if the override switch is accessible from
the passenger compartment, a warning buzzer must sound (or the
operator must be distracted in some other way) while the engine is
running and the override switch is engaged. If the buzzer is
disconnected, it must result in disconnection of the entire anti-theft
Any under the dash wiring installed in connection with this device
must blend in color with factory-installed wiring."

Nothing about a coil or spring.  There are screens that are built into
gas tank lines but I couldn't locate one for purchase apart from a
pre-made tank.  Apparently the screen or steel gauze is placed at a
bend in the line and it prevents syphoning hoses from going to the
gasoline.  I wanted to post my search terms so another Researcher
would know what has already been tried.  Perhaps you should endeavor
to invent one!  :)

Best regards,


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Request for Question Clarification by wlk115-ga on 26 May 2003 09:22 PDT
I remember these from the U.S. gas shortages in the 70's when gas
theft was rampant. They were readily available in every gas station
and auto parts store, so, I know they exist. They were just a large
spring that was very easy to install, you simply twisted it in where
you add your gas.

Request for Question Clarification by wlk115-ga on 26 May 2003 11:27 PDT
These devices were similar to the one pictured at the US Patent Office website.
Go to:
and enter the number 02496992
I could not locate one online, hopefully another researcher will have better luck.

Request for Question Clarification by wlk115-ga on 26 May 2003 11:36 PDT
I just tried the link and patent number from my last post and it
didn't work, here is the direct link to the picture (it's a long one)
and you need QuickTime to view it.,496,992.WKU.%2526OS%3DPN%2F2,496,992%2526RS%3DPN%2F2,496,992&PageNum=&Rtype=&SectionNum=&idkey=6D795909E542

Clarification of Question by boathaven-ga on 27 May 2003 03:32 PDT
Hi. For some reason my quiktime will not work for me and open the
website that wik115-ga sent me. Is there just a phone number or some
kind of an address that I can call to talk to anti-theft gas coil
company directly??
I am really impressed with your prompt knowlegable response and I
thank you very much. I am not skilled enough to know how to find these
people who have this patent so I may obtain this smart invention! Can
please you steer me a little further in the right direction? I did
download anothr program and it said that that the website was too
long! (sigh) I just don't know what else to do. Please help me. I do
not think that maybe I am wording this email properly but I am doing
my best to explain. Thank you for your patience.

Request for Question Clarification by journalist-ga on 27 May 2003 09:10 PDT
Greetings again Boathaven:

This morning I phoned the local Pep Boys store and spoke with a
gentleman named Bill.  He recalled the device but he said they didn't
stock them.  He recommended calling JC Whitneys auto parts
(  I phoned there and spoke with a man named
J.R. and he checked their catalogue.  No luck.

He suggested I try and  I visited both sites but found nothing about
your coil/spring.  He also suggested I try RV parts places so I looked
in that area.  No luck there.

I located a device called PermaCap but the diagrahm shown doesn't
show/mention anti-syphon.  I called the Permacap number and left a
message asking if it did prevent syphon and, if not, did the person
know about a coil or spring that prevented syphoning. If my call is
returned and I have a positive lead for you, I'll post it.  The
PermaCap site is located at

I'll let you know if I discovere where you may purchase the item. 
There's a truck stop nearby my home and I'll be driving down there to
see if they carry anything like it in their store.

Best regards,

Request for Question Clarification by wlk115-ga on 27 May 2003 15:48 PDT
Try this
Go to: 
and enter the number 2496992   ...(no 0 this time)
then click "Images" on the results page
Subject: Re: Spring like coil anti-theft device to prevent thieves from stealing car gas
Answered By: redhoss-ga on 27 May 2003 16:10 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Hey boathaven-ga,
     Hope you haven't given up. I had to wait for an e-mail to come
from .  Nels Cross says that they have the part in
stock for $9.50 and you can read his comments below:

The device you are looking for is a spiral spring that fits in the gas
We sold a million of them in the gas crisis in the 70's.  The problem
is, that I
don't think they will work with today's filler neck with the small
hole for the
gas nozzle and emission containment.  In order to work, they need to
be as big
as the neck itself, and it seems to me that the filler neck system
would have to
Cost is $9.50 plus S&H.

Nels Cross
ASE Certified Parts Specialist
System Administrator
"Fastest Parts Online"

I believe that this answers your question and hope that you are able
to use the device.

boathaven-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $10.00
Do Dee Do Do Wow! You guys are fantastic! Thank you forever. 
Redhoss & Journalist .... yes I will find tomorrow
and see if I can get that handy little gizmo sent to
Canada so we can get a good look at it. I also have the patent search
info coming by snail mail. I will order the coil
from citylineauto and hopefully once we get a good loook at it perhaps
we can get it to adapt. Maybe see you on chat.
Be Well 
Always A Treasure

Subject: Re: Spring like coil anti-theft device to prevent thieves from stealing car gas
From: journalist-ga on 27 May 2003 21:42 PDT
Thank you for your kind words!  I'm SO happy someone found it for you!  :)
Subject: Re: Spring like coil anti-theft device to prevent thieves from stealing car gas
From: boathaven-ga on 28 May 2003 08:34 PDT
To wik115-ga
My manners are a discrace! In my haste I forgot to mention you in my
last eamil.
 I want to thank you for all your hard work on my dilemma. I think you
do very nice work.

Warm Smiles
Subject: Re: Spring like coil anti-theft device to prevent thieves from stealing car gas
From: boathaven-ga on 06 Jun 2003 15:48 PDT
Hi guys! I hope this is not back to the old drawing board ..... I
talked to Nelson at cityline and the company that he ordered the coil
from did not send him the right one. He said that they misunderstood
what he wanted completly! :-( Nelson said that he would get back to me
but that was over a week ago. I do not know what in the heck to do.
Got any solutions??

Warm Smiles

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