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Q: My web page disappeared from the searches. ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   1 Comment )
Subject: My web page disappeared from the searches.
Category: Computers
Asked by: gyuszi-ga
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Posted: 31 May 2003 09:46 PDT
Expires: 30 Jun 2003 09:46 PDT
Question ID: 211151
We are a leading laptop Online store selling used and refurbished
notebook computers worldwide. We had very good positions for our most
important keywords on Google and Yahoo. A few days ago our web page
disappeared from the searches. I don't understand what happened, since
we didn't make any major changes on the web page for more than a year,
How can I find out why my web page was removed from the searches? How
can I fix the problem fast?  Julius L Kluger
Subject: Re: My web page disappeared from the searches.
Answered By: webadept-ga on 31 May 2003 14:41 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars

You are probably caught in the Google Dance. Every month, Google does
some re indexing of websites in their databases. There is not just one
Google data center complex, nor is there just one computer in those
complexes doing all the searching. There are several hundred
computers, and to keep all of them working together takes some
maintenance. Hence what we call the Google Dance.

Your fastest measure of success is to write to Google at :

You can also read these pages to get some idea of what is going on
with Google and how to best set your site up for the engine.




Request for Answer Clarification by gyuszi-ga on 31 May 2003 16:41 PDT

I'm sorry, but I don't understand the answer. What it means to be
"caught in the Google Dance:?
Is my web page benned for any reason? If it is, I would like to know
why, because I didn't do anything wrong. The web page didn't change
position in the Search, but it disappeared.

Sincerely: JLK

Clarification of Answer by webadept-ga on 31 May 2003 17:08 PDT

No. I'm sorry, I guess I should have been more clear. The problem your
page is having is probably temporary, during the Google Dance, in
other words, during the re indexing of the databases, you are not
showing up, for whatever internal Google Base reasons that might be.
It happens quite a bit to websites, mine included. One day the PR is
5, the next it is 8 the next I'm not there at all, and then everything
is back to normal.

The largest possibility is that this is temporary, since you have not
made any changes. But, I would send a note off to Google at the address, and read the page I linked for you, to make
sure that you havn't inadvertently done something.

One thing that does come to mind is the Web Position Gold program and
programs like it. Using these position programs will often get you
banned from Google. I don't know if you are using those, but if you
are, then stop and write Google letting them know that you won't use
them any more. Those programs run reports against Google's database,
causing them to work much harder, for no real service to anyone.
Google's Terms of Service describes these and lets those that use them
know the consequences.

So, write them a note, read the linked page, and give it about a week.
You will probably be back up by then.


Request for Answer Clarification by gyuszi-ga on 01 Jun 2003 05:30 PDT
We used some Submiting Services. There is a way to find out if we are
banned, or this is a temporary situation, because the Google Dance? I
did write the, but I was told that they don't answer
for weeks. My business will hurt very bad, if I was banned.

Request for Answer Clarification by gyuszi-ga on 01 Jun 2003 05:59 PDT
I'm sorry, but I mentioned before that my web page disappeared from
the Yahoo searhes at the same time. Yahoo has anything to do with the
Google Dance?

Sincerely: Julius

Clarification of Answer by webadept-ga on 01 Jun 2003 16:40 PDT
Yahoo, AOL, Ask Jeeves, all use the Google as the main search engine
behind the other workings they have going on. So if you are not listed
on Google, then you won't show up there either.

You mentioned the the submission service, which one did you use and
I'll search around to find any known problems with them.

Google doesn't report banned sites, nor do they release why a site may
have been banned. If you wrote to them, and are not using a program
which goes against the TOS. Here is a page to read,


And this is the Terms of Service


As far as the "weeks" go, I doubt that it will take much longer than
Friday. I would in fact be very surprised if you don't come back on by
Wednesday, depending on what you put in your email of course :)


Clarification of Answer by webadept-ga on 04 Jun 2003 22:14 PDT

Noticed this morning that your webpage was back up, but couldn't get
to my laptop long enough to post it then. Glad everything worked out
for you, and you appear to have a PageRank of 5 which is very good for
a .com website.

Key in mind the comment below by aceresearcher-ga, and watch future
usage of placement services. You were caught in the Google dance this
time, but you do have some questionable websites linking to yours.



Request for Answer Clarification by gyuszi-ga on 05 Jun 2003 04:47 PDT
I was very happy, but only for a few minutes. A made a search for some
keywords and even on the URL, but my web page is
not in the system. This comes up when I search for the URL: "Sorry, no
information is available for the URL" I thank you
for still looking into my problem, but I would like to know where did
you see my web page! Sincerely: Julius L Kluger

Clarification of Answer by webadept-ga on 05 Jun 2003 08:32 PDT
Here.. you show up with this search. 


Your PR is back and you are listed. It is only the 5th of the month,
so the "Dance" is still going on.

Here is a list of searches on some of the Google servers, as you can
see, some are showing you and some are not.

It's working out..Also, you apparently have several names pointing to
the same IP address with the same content, the same website under
different names. This will slow things up a bit, and some of the names
may be dropped by Google, as redunant information. Having several
names doesn't help your listing on Google by the way, but it can cause
this type of thing to happen more often than normal.



Request for Answer Clarification by gyuszi-ga on 05 Jun 2003 09:25 PDT had a #5 Ranking and it is the important web page for
me since we use that to find dealers and international wholesale
buyers. What you found is, what I never wanted to
show up on Google! It is very similar, but since we are expoerters
doing retail and wholesale business, we used it as a marketing
strategy with different prices and different warranty conditions. 
Thank you for working this much on my case, but the web page what
disappeared id

Sincerely: Julius L Kluger

Request for Answer Clarification by gyuszi-ga on 05 Jun 2003 16:59 PDT
I would like to pay for the extra time what you spent with my question
and I would like to pay for the time is involved to help me find out
what happened and how can I fix the problem! Julius

Request for Answer Clarification by gyuszi-ga on 05 Jun 2003 17:08 PDT
I just noticed some Addwork advertisement on the top of this page.
Very likely showed up there, since I was advertising
a lot with Google using that URL. The other URL,
wasn't used in advertisements, but had good position in the regular
Search. The two web page were made for different markets, with
different prices and different warranty conditions. Could that be the
problem? I wouldn't mind if would be taken of from
the searches, but brought the Reseller customers for
us from many countries and that was the web page what was Ranking #5.

Clarification of Answer by webadept-ga on 05 Jun 2003 17:15 PDT
Yes, the IP addresses are different, but they are the same website,
with the same pages. What you have here is something called url
spamming. Same site on different IP's with different names.

as well as

with link farms here

Okay, those, with several more are the obvious finds. I'm sure that
the Googlebot found many more. This tactic that your company has used
is against the TOS, and not recommended. Now that I've found these, it
is obvious why your site is not being listed. The
URL is in the index, and PageRanked at 5, though still not showing on
a search. I'm guessing at this point it will either show up soon (in a
day or two) or will drop from the index because of all the other sites
with the same pages on them, and the link farm sites pointing to this
URL. Someone has been very busy because there are a lot of them.

You can see that the URL is in PageRank by getting a
GoogleBar here:

I can not get you re-listed or improve your listing, or change the
outcome of this Google Dance. I can only tell you what is going on,
which I have now. If the site does come up banded, it may take a month
or more to get it back on the index, if it gets back on at all. I know
this is bad news for you.

The amount of effort your company has put into creating this small
empire of websites and link farms is obvious. Unfortunately none of
these tactics are in your best interests where the Google search
engine is concerned. I would suggest reading the links I sent you
before, carefully, and adjusting your tactics accordingly.


gyuszi-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $100.00

Subject: Re: My web page disappeared from the searches.
From: aceresearcher-ga on 02 Jun 2003 02:56 PDT

It looks at least one source of your problem is the site
which has 119 pages linking to you.

The Googlebot is very unkind to websites which participate in what it
considers to be "link farms" (which usually have pages with hundreds
of links), and it's assigned a Page Rank of 0 to a LOT (if not all) of
the TabletPCLinks site's pages which link to your site, so I'd say
it's a pretty good bet that they have something to do with your loss
of status:



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