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Q: List of UK English spellings ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   4 Comments )
Subject: List of UK English spellings
Category: Science > Social Sciences
Asked by: spurious-ga
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Posted: 01 Jun 2003 02:39 PDT
Expires: 01 Jul 2003 02:39 PDT
Question ID: 211486
I'm looking for a list of common words in UK English spelling where
the US English spelling differs.  The purpose is to override MS Office
spell check error identification for UK English spellings (see
Question id=209700).

There must be a Scrabble list or British Council or other teaching
list available somewhere.  I don't need the US spelling equivalents,
just a list of UK words.  It doesn't have to be exhaustive; most of
the common ones would do.

Subject: Re: List of UK English spellings
Answered By: skermit-ga on 01 Jun 2003 03:34 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Here is a long list of just over 400 words along with historical
references, and broken down by word parts very neatly. I hope this is
what you're looking for. The original page is long dead, but I found a
copy of it on the Wayback Machine (an internet cache of old pages,
this one from early 2002).

Search Strategy:

"english spelling" colour on google:

Additional Links:

American and British Spelling Differences:


Clarification of Answer by skermit-ga on 01 Jun 2003 03:35 PDT
Here's more "why" from another page:

spurious-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $1.00
Thanks; just the thing!

Subject: Re: List of UK English spellings
From: synarchy-ga on 01 Jun 2003 03:39 PDT
Hi - it seems like it might be simpler to select the UK dictionary in
Office rather than using the US dictionary - a page telling how to do
this (for WinXP and 2000):
Subject: Re: List of UK English spellings
From: spurious-ga on 01 Jun 2003 19:15 PDT
synarchy-ga, yeah thanks.  You're completely right.  That was my
first, second and third option (see id=209700).  This is my option of
almost-last resort, and AFAIK, the only safe one.
Subject: Re: List of UK English spellings
From: spurious-ga on 01 Jun 2003 20:57 PDT
I append here the edited list of words from skermit-ga's link,
including only those that threw up a spell check error under the US
English language disctionary, plus one or two that were already in my
custom.dic file.

{Editors, it's possible you might wish to remove this list if it
throws off the Google Answers internal search engine.  If so, that's
fine by me.}

aeon, aeroplane, accoutre, aether, aggrandise, acquiror, aluminium,
amortisation, amortise, anaemia, anaemic, anaesthesia, anaesthetic,
anaesthetist, analyse, apologise, apophthegm, appal, arbour, ardour,
armour, armourer, armoury, arse, artefact, barelled, barelling,
behaviour, behavioural, behove, biassed, biassing, boracic, boult,
bureaux, burglarise, caesium, calibre, calliper, callisthenics,
camomile, cancelling, candour, cantaloup, capitalisation, capitalise,
capitalised, carburettor, carcase, cashflow, cashflows, catalyse,
catchup, categorise, centre, centreboard, centrefold, centreing,
centring, characterise, cheque, chequer, chilli, cissy, citrous,
clamour, clangour, clarinettist, colonise, colour, connexion,
corporatisation, corporatised, cosy, councillor, counselled,
counselling, counsellor, counterparty, criticise, criticised, defence,
deflexion, demeanour, demutualisation, desensitised, desulphurisation,
diaeresis, dialogue, dialyse, diarrhoea, disc, dishevelled,
dishevelling, dolour, doodah, dramatise, draughthy, emphasise,
enamour, encyclopaedia, endeavour, enrol, enthral, enure, equalise,
equalled, equalling, extemporise, faecal, faeces, favour, favourable,
favourably, favourite, favouritism, fervour, fibre, fibreboard,
fibreglass, finalise, flavour, fledgeling, focussing, foetal, foetid,
foetus, fulfil, fulfilment, furore, gaol, gaolbird, gaolbreak, gaoler,
garotte, garrotte, generalism, genuflexion, glamorise, glamourise,
gonorrhoea, gramme, goitre, grey, grovelled, groveller, grovelling,
gybe, gynaecology, haemoglobin, haemophilia, haemorrhage, haemorrhoid,
harbour, honour, hostelled, humour, inclose, instil, instalment,
investibility, jeweller, jewellery, judgement, kerb, kilogramme,
labour, leukaemia, levelled, leveller, levelling, libelled, libelling,
libellous, liberalisation, liberalise, licence, licences, liquorice,
litre, louvre, lustre, manoeuvre, marvelled, marvelling, marvellous,
maximise, meagre, menorrhoea, metalled, metalling, metre, minimise,
minimising, misdemeanour, misjudgement, mitre, mobilise, modelled,
modeller, modelling, mollusc, monetisation, monetise, motorise,
moulding, moult, naturalise, neighbour, neighbourhood, neighbourly,
nett, nitre, normalise, nought, nurseling, odour, oedema, oenology,
oesophagus, oestrogen, oestrus, omelette, organisation, organisations,
organise, organised, orthopaedics, paedagogy, paederast, paediatric,
paediatrician, paediatrics, paedophile, paedophilia, palaeobotany,
palaeoclimatology, palaeogeography, palaeography, palaeolithic,
palaeomagnetism, palaeontology, panelled, panelling, panellist,
paralyse, parametrise, parenthesise, parlour, pasteurised, pavior,
paviour, pedlar, philtre, piccaninny, poenology, politicise,
politicised, polyethene, popularise, practise, premiss, primaeval,
privatisation, privatisations, privatise, privatised, programme,
programmed, swop, programmer, programming, propellent, pupillage,
pyjamas, quarrelled, quarreller, rancour, realisation, realise,
realised, recognise, recognises, reconnoitre, refinancings, reflexion,
refocussing, releveraging, renegue, reorganisation, reorganised,
reorganising, retroflexion, revelled, rigour, romanise, rouble, ruble,
rumour, sabre, saltpetre, satirise, saviour, savour, savoury, sceptic,
sceptical, scepticism, sceptre, securitisation, sepulchre, smoulder,
snowplough, sombre, specialised, specialising, speciality, spectre,
splendour, stabilise, standardise, storey, succour, sulphate,
sulphide, sulphur, sulphuretted, summarise, summarised, summarises,
surprise, swob, symbolise, synaeresis, synaesthesia, syphon,
tantalise, tho', thraldom, tiro, titbit, titre, totalling, tranche,
tranches, travelled, traveller, travellers, travelling, trisulphate,
trowelled, trowelling, tumour, tyre, unfavourable, utilisation,
utilised, utilising, valour, vaporise, vapour, vigour, wilful,
woollen, waggon
Subject: Re: List of UK English spellings
From: owain-ga on 02 Jun 2003 14:14 PDT
Of spurious-ga's list of words, some may not be recognised by a US
English spell checker, but that doesn't mean they're standard British
English - such as "burglarise". The British verb is burgle, burgling,
burgled. There are probably a few others.


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