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Q: Pharmaceutical Industry - English and German versions ( Answered 5 out of 5 stars,   0 Comments )
Subject: Pharmaceutical Industry - English and German versions
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Asked by: tom136-ga
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Posted: 12 Jun 2003 09:45 PDT
Expires: 12 Jul 2003 09:45 PDT
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I need a good German version of text below. Please try to make a
highly accurate translation of the first 5 sentences, which are job
positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry (well, I understand that this
is hard because sometimes the equivalence is not really complete, but
at least a good translation of the meaning of the positions). The
remaining sentences (#6 to #14) are description of a job. Here,
although I also need a good translation, the researcher/translator can
be more flexible, although mantaining the meaning of the sentences.
I would prefer a bilingual researcher for this question, if possible.
Only one more thing: I need it a.s.a.p.!!
I will be on the Internet for a long time, so please let me know if
you need some clarification.

1-Medical Adviser
2-Knowledge Analyst
3-Medical Intelligence Manager
4-Medical Information Manager
5-Medical Information Specialist

6-Assist top management in the decision making process by providing
medical and business intelligence advice related to existing or
potential medical products.

7-Assessment and proposal of new drug products or new drug treatments
for the company’s portfolio

8-To thoroughly analyze the product portfolio of competitors

9-Coordination and supervision of tasks related to Medical
Intelligence activities.

10-Giving support on medical issues, taking also into consideration
the commercial aspects of the company’s activities

11-Searching and analysis of scientific and/or business information
using specialized scientific and business data bases (e.g. Dialog and

12-Train staff on Medical Intelligence issues and in the use of
pertinent data bases and other information sources or systems, like a
Document Management System software.

13-Improve existing (or design new) PowerPoint presentations or
brochures, integrating medical and business information for several
purposes (e.g. marketing, training, etc)

14-To setup a new (or improve an existing) Medical and Business
Information Center, and coordinate its activities
Subject: Re: Pharmaceutical Industry - English and German versions
Answered By: gwagner-ga on 12 Jun 2003 10:38 PDT
Rated:5 out of 5 stars
Dear Tom,
Thanks for your challenging question. I am bilingual in
German/English. Here are my suggestions in how to translate your
1 - Medizinischer Berater
2 - Informationsanalytiker
A term often used for this kind of job would also be
"Datenbankspezialist" (database specialist).
3 - Medizinischer Informationsmanager
["Intelligence" and "information" in the sense you imply here both
translate to the same German word. "Intelligence" by itself would be
"Intelligenz," but "Intelligenzmanager" doesn't make much sense. If
you want a literal "translation" of this term, you could just use
"Medical Intelligence-Manager."]
4 - Medizinischer Informationsmanager
5 - Medizinischer Informationsspezialist
[In German, the term often used to depict "medical" is not
"medizinischer" but rather "medizinisch-technischer"
(medical-technical). You could replace every mention of
"Medizinischer" in 1-5 above with "Medizinisch-technischer" to use
this more idiomatic German expression. Similarly, you could replace
any mention of "medizinischen" below with "medizinisch-technischen".]
6 - Unterstützung des Topmanagements in Entscheidungsprozessen durch
die Bereitstellung von medizinischen und betriebswirtschaftlichen
Informationen im Bezug auf bestehende und potentielle medizinische
7 - Evaluierung und Vorschlagung von neuen Medikamenten und
medikamentösen Behandlungsmethoden für die Produktpalette des
8 - Genaueste Analyse des Produktsortiments der Mitbewerber.
9 - Koordination und Kontrolle von Aufgaben im Bereich der
medizinischen Informationsbeschaffung.
[See my comment above. You could also use "im Bereich der Medical
10 - Unterstützung im medizinisch-technischen Bereich unter
Berücksichtigung der betriebswirtschaftlichen Aspekte der
11 - Beschaffung und Analyse von wissenschaftlichen und/oder
betriebswirtschaftlichen Informationen mit Hilfe von speziellen
wissenschaftlichen und betriebswirtschaftlichen Datenbanken (z.B.
Dialog und Datastar)
12 - Ausbildung des Personals im Bezug auf Medical Intelligence [or
"medizinische Informationsbeschaffung" instead of Medical
Intelligence] und in der Anwendung von relevanten Datenbanken und
anderen Informationsquellen und ?systemen, wie beispielsweise einer
Dokumentmanagement-System Software.
13 - Verbesserung bestehender (oder Gestaltung neuer)
PowerPoint-Präsentationen oder Broschüren, welche medizinische und
betriebswirtschaftliche Informationen für diverse Verwendungszwecke
(z.B. Marketing, Training, usw.) integrieren.
14 - Aufbau eines neuen (oder Verbesserung eines bestehenden)
medizinischen und betriebswirtschaftlichen Informationszentrums, sowie
die Koordination dessen Aktivitäten.
Please note: There are quite a few judgements calls involved in these
kinds of translations. I tried to stick to your directive of
attempting to provide literal translations of 1-5 and I took a bit
more freedom for 6 - 14. For instance, German is pretty noun-heavy.
This is particularly true for job ads, which usually don't use verbs
but nouns to describe certain activities (e.g. not "Assist..." but
"Assistance..."). Hence, I transformed most of your verbs at the
beginning of sentences into nouns.
One source I used for helping with some of the medical terms was a
German site for medical-related job postings:
This might also be a good place for your job announcements.
Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.
Best wishes,

Request for Answer Clarification by tom136-ga on 12 Jun 2003 11:11 PDT
Dear gwagner-ga:
Would you please, if possible, clarify the following points?
Item #1:
Datenbankspezialist. How could I imply that the position is related to
somenoe who uses the database and also analyzes the contents of the
database (an expert on the content of the database, for example a
medical doctor), and not to the IT (information technology) database
specialist, who develops the software or creates the actual database?
Or Datenbankspezialist is a term that could be applied to both
professionals, a-the person who uses the database and is an expert in
its contents; and b-the IT proffesional who creates the database or

item #2
I would like to imply that the Medical Information Manager is also a
physician (a medical doctor), not a technician. In this case, it
appears to me that medizinischer or medizinischen are more appropriate
terms, because it appears to me that medizinish-technischer is not a
medical doctor, but auxiliary personnel. Am I right about this?

Note that my above cited comment is based on your comment:
[In German, the term often used to depict "medical" is not
"medizinischer" but rather "medizinisch-technischer"
(medical-technical). You could replace every mention of
"Medizinischer" in 1-5 above with "Medizinisch-technischer" to use
this more idiomatic German expression. Similarly, you could replace
any mention of "medizinischen" below with "medizinisch-technischen".]

Thanks a lot,

Clarification of Answer by gwagner-ga on 12 Jun 2003 12:37 PDT
ad 1) Yes, Datenbankspezialist refers to both the IT person and the
user. To be completely clear that you don't mean an IT specialist, you
might want to use both terms in the description; i.e.

ad 2) Correct again. If you are referring to a doctor, only use
"medizinisch[suffix]." "Medizinisch-technisch" refers to auxiliary

tom136-ga rated this answer:5 out of 5 stars and gave an additional tip of: $3.00
An excellent and very accurate answer! Also thank you very much for
your prompt reply!
Kind regards,

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